HINDI DAY- September 14th.

Hindi Day in India in 2021

My holy Motherland great India that is Bharath
With diverse languages, culture, people and climate on earth
Yet one people, one nation and one flag- great country sure
Language not a barrier-there is UNITY IN DIVERSITY pure!

HINDI with its grammar and literature vast and lovely
Spoken by a vast majority of my sacred land nicely
Recognized as chief official language with English
Happily going hand in hand with-ever nice and fresh!

September fourteenth is Hindi Day in this learned land
Every one to be proud of and learn faster and grand!
Politics not to stand in between and every one free
To learn as many languages as possible wealth spree!

That is good for us! Happy Hindi Day!

Vishwa Hindi Divas 2021 Date, History and Significance: How Is World Hindi  Day Different from Hindi Diwas? Here's Everything You Should Know of | 🙏🏻  LatestLY

It is indeed a pleasant experience to listen to the online Hindi classes taken at my home to the very young by my daughter in law- ISC school PG Teacher for Biology!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS overall view score crosses 3,31,000!

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2 thoughts on “HINDI DAY- September 14th.

  1. A nice post on Hindi Day!

    Each language is unique in its own way, how can Hindi be different?

    That it’s politics that is responsible for the aversion created somewhere for some cannot be disputed!

    Why one should stand in the way of its growth?


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