Guru Ram Das Birthday: His childhood name was Jetha, used to sell boiled  chickpeas | NewsTrack English 1
Of the numerous Saints and Seers, Bharathamatha our Mother had
One is Guru Ram Das ji.- born on this day Ninth October in Fifteen

Hundred Thirty Four and lived up to September sixteenth Fifteen Eighty one.

A great and noble saint

Sri Guru Ram Das Ji composed 638 holy hymns in 30 different ragas of Indian classical music. These hymns are compiled within the sacred scripture Sri Guru Granth Sahib. Through his writings, Guru Ram Das ji shared a common message for the entire humankind, to live a disciplined life full of humility, and to be forever and ever thankful to the True Guru (God).

Guru Ram Das ji spread the message of selfless service to the humanity without any discrimination of gender, caste, color, creed and country. He emphasized on leading simple living and high thinking. He introduced the concept of ‘Four Lawan’, the meaning of marriage to a Sikh couple.

Let us on his birth day solicit his grace and blessings a great boon indeed!

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