October 9th- WORLD POSTAL DAY!

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This week’s Sunday Story (Post Number 2643) is on a very great and significant theme which I have been seeing and experiencing right from my childhood days! That is WORLD POST DAY normally observed on NINTH OCTOBER.

At age past Eighty, with the same enthusiasm and interest I look forward for the coming of our ward POSTMAN every day, not withstanding the fact that I get and send hundreds of messages through What’s App and Gmail! Nowadays, writing letters have become rare thanks to fast developing electronic communication system in vogue. Yet, I eagerly await the magazines and books in which my poems-articles- find a place!!

Here he is:

Our loving Postman to deliver in front of our Block.-with more than 3 decades of service!

Today there are POSTWOMAN also giving the essential service.

No day passes off sans expecting the arrival of the POSTMAN!

My observation and experience from my boyish days- Seventy years ran!

Great Village postmaster a God for the villagers even today!

Not only delivering the TAPAL but also reading and

Explaining the content to the receivers poor un educated!

World Postal Day is celebrated on 9 October every year to raise awareness among people about the role of the postal sector for people and businesses every day. In 1874, the Universal Postal Union was established in Bern, Switzerland and its anniversary is declared as the World Postal Day by the Universal Postal Union Congress in Tokyo, Japan in 1969.

Government plans to transform India Post into a multi-service agency - The  Economic Times
Indian Postal Service.

Other services include:

  • Post boxes and post bags for mail receipt.
  • Speed Post.
  • Identity cards for proof of residence.
  • India Post ATM.
  • RMS (Railway Mail Service)
  • Post office Passport Seva Kendras (POPSK)
  • Aadhaar Enrollment and Updation.
  • Western Union.

For more than 150 years, the Department of Posts (DoP) has been the backbone of the country’s communication and has played a crucial role in the country’s social economic development. It touches the lives of Indian citizens in many ways: delivering mails, accepting deposits under Small Savings Schemes, providing life insurance cover under Postal Life Insurance (PLI) and Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) and providing retail services like bill collection, sale of forms, etc. The DoP also acts as an agent for Government of India in discharging other services for citizens such as Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) wage disbursement and old age pension payments. With more than 1,55,000 post offices, the DoP has the most widely distributed postal network in the world.

On this SIGNIFICANT DAY let us pay our tributes to all those connected with the POSTAL SERVICES throughout the WORLD!

Essential services!

Why Oct 9 is celebrated as World Post Day? - Oneindia News



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