Day of Respect for Cultural Diversity-September 12th.

Day of respect for cultural diversity around the world in 2021 | Office  Holidays

It is indeed unfortunate that CORONA plays spoilsports’ in the area cultural activities:

Impact of COVID-19 on the Cultural Sector

Cultural events cancelled, cultural institutions closed, community cultural practices suspended, empty UNESCO World Heritage sites, heightened risk of looting of cultural sites and poaching at natural sites, artists unable to make ends meet and the cultural tourism sector greatly affected… The impact of COVID-19 on the cultural sector is being felt around the world. This impact is social, economic and political – it affects the fundamental right of access to culture, the social rights of artists and creative professionals, and the protection of a diversity of cultural expressions.

The unfolding crisis risks deepening inequalities and rendering communities vulnerable. In addition, the creative and cultural industries (CCI) contribute US$2,250bn to the global economy (3% of GDP) and account for 29.5 million jobs worldwide. The economic fall-out of not addressing the cultural sector – and all auxiliary services, particularly in the tourism sector – could also be disastrous.

Protecting the diversity of cultural expressions is more important than ever

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed and magnified the creative industries’ pre-existing volatility. Due to the complex nature of their work, cultural professionals are particularly affected and lockdown measures around the world directly impact the entire creative value chain.

UNESCO has launched a page that aims to serve as a reference for those seeking to draw inspiration from best practices in the development of appropriate responses adapted to national contexts. UNESCO has also launched a weekly “Culture & COVID-19: Impact and Response Tracker” to provide an overview of the rapidly evolving situation.

Let us hope this situation changes and the cultural activities restart.

It is a matter of joy and satisfaction that

One of the biggest, and longest festivals that’s celebrated  ..

One of the biggest, and longest festivals that’s celebrated  ..

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mylapore is hosting the annual Navaratri Music Series” now as its first major event after the Covid time regulations were eased.

These are held under the late Smt. Saroja Parasaran Memorial Endowment this October. The shows are in the main hall and open to all.

Senior artiste O S Arun was on stage on Tuesday evening but the audience was limited, perhaps due to the steady rain.

The concerts are from 4  to 15 October.

Let us enjoy the season! Great Days indeed!

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