Here is a communication from my Spanish poet friend

Poetry Without Borders / By: Germain Droogenbroodt | ATUNIS GALAXY POETRY

Dear Tamil friend,

My Dutch editor, who a few months ago, published my last volume “The Restlessness of the Word“, bilingually Dutch-Spanish, also sends the Ithaca poems to the Flemish and Dutch readers and has suggested to publish one poem from that book as Ithaca 702. Actually he will add 2 more poems as well as  a picture of the cover as publicity for the book. He published several of my books, never asked any money for the publication and pays me royalties. The cover and illustrations of the book are done by my dear friend Satish Gupta, one of the most important Indian painters.The French title of the poem is from a French movie (1991 with beautiful music by the famous Spanish cello player Jordi Savall) and means “All the mornings of the world…”.Best regards

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Tous les matins du monde…

Tous les matins du monde
sont seuls au retour.
All the mornings of the world
are alone at their return

There is no sunrise that knows a past
or a future sunrise
as its equal.

Minute by minute
life strips itself
of its own being,

an ephemeral flower
that knows no return.

Germain Droogenbroodt

from “The Unrest of the Word”

***Tous les matins du monde …//Todas las mañanas del mundo /están solas en el regreso // No hay amanecer que sea un pasado / o un futuro amanecer / que se reconozca igual // Minuto a minuto / se deshace la vida / de su propio ser // una efímera flor / que no conoce re



Envius Thoughts – Page 90 – by NV Subbaraman -“NVSR's ENVIUS THOUGHTS “for  greater catholicity and nobility.

உதயம் இல்லை

கடந்த கால

வரும் கால

சூரிய உதயத்தை அறிந்த

தனக்கு நிகரான

சூரிய உதயம் இல்லை!

நிமிடத்திற்கு நிமிடம்

தனது வாழ்வை

தானே உரித்துக் கொள்கிறது!

திரும்பி வருவதை


தற்கலிகமான மலர்!

Looks a nice view!

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