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This week’s Sunday Story is of different type (Post Number 2650) – normally should have been a Tale of a Blogger! Exemption in the case of Kannadasan as I still even now read his ARTHAMULLA INDHU MADHAM- “Meaningful Hindu Religion”.

Poet Kannadasan was born on Twenty Fourth June Nineteen Twenty Seven at Sirukodalpatti

And passed away on October Seventh, Nineteen hundred and Eighty One at Chicago, Illinois, United States,. was an Indian philosopher, poet, film song lyricist, producer, actor, script-writer,

Editor, philanthropist, and is heralded as one of the greatest and most important lyricists in India.  His original name was Muthiah. His children are Revathi ShanmugamKalaivanan Kannadasan,  His important book  was Cheraman kadali

Indeed a great film lyricist, writer deeply involved in religious study

Wrote ARTHAMULLA INDFHU MADHAM- “Meaningful Hindu Religion”

Who lived opposite to my house in Karaikudi during Nineteen Fifties!

Noted lyricist Kannadasan visited Maha Periyava and as usual they discussed Aanmeegam. Kannadasan was earlier an atheist and wrote articles criticizing religion.

Slowly he changed due to the effect of Maha Periyava who weaned him from useless rationalism. But the basic nature of criticism still Continued.

He asked Maha Periyava when milk is White then how come the Parkadal is shown as Megavarnam? Has the colour of Mahavishnu dissolved in the ocean of milk.

Acharyal gave a smile. He just said ‘Enjoy you will get the reply by noon’.

Kannadasan was perplexed. He dare not sat anything. Vummidi Bangaru Chetty visited the Sri Matham that afternoon. Both Kannadasan and Vummidiyar belonged to the same Chettiar community and greeted each other in their traditional way. Afterwards Vummidiyar placed a Large Green Emerald at the Acharyal’s feet pleading him to accept . The sage had no discrimination for a gem and a monolithic rock.
He asked the staff member of the mutt to bring milk in a vessel. After it was brought he asked Vummidiyar to immerse the emerald in milk.
Now this was a shock to the Jeweller. This is the process used to check the genuineness of emerald in his field.

Did the Kanchi seer suspect his intentions or the gem. Silently he did. Acharyal then Called Kannadasan to see. Kannadasan was shocked. The milk turned pale green and a tinge of light emanated from the Emerald immersed in milk.

Kannadasan was speechless. How did this happen? The Acharyal explained the reason in a scientific way about the change of colour and drew parallel with Parkadal “When Parandaaman is lying in the parkadal,he too emits such radiance. Hence it is Megavarnam’.

Tears filled Kannadasan who then immediately composed the famous song ‘Tiruparkadalil pallikondar Sriman Narayana……….’

As for Vummidiyar, Acharyal Blessed him requesting him to take the Emerald to the Varadaraja perumal kovil and make a Magudam for the Perumal’.

He too wept for his ignorance that he had felt humiliated earlier when Acharyal told him to immerse the emerald in milk. It was not to test the Genuineness of the Gem.

It was the greatness of this Gnana Guru to drive away ignorance and guide people.

Jaya Jaya Sankara Hara Hara Sankara!

Here is one of his poems in THamizh and my English translation of the sdame:

  1. சக்தியொரு பாதியாய்

சக்தியொரு பாதியாய்ச் சிவனுமொரு பாதியாய்த்
தர்மத்தில் இணைந்து வாழ்வோம்
கத்திவழி நேர்மையாய்ப் பண்புவழி மேன்மையாய்ப்
பாரெல்லாம் வணங்க வாழ்வோம்!
பள்ளியறை கொள்வதில் பரமனடி சேர்வதில்
பக்கத்தில் பங்கு கொள்வோம்!
பாதாதி கேசமும் சீரான நாயகன்
பளிச்சென்று துணைவி வாழ்க!
படுவதொரு துயரேனும் வருவதொரு சுகமேனும்
பாதியாய்த் துணைவன் வாழ்க!
தாய்வீடு விட்டபின் தன்வீடு தாய்வீடு
என்றெண்ணியே தலைவி வாழ்க!
சமகால யோகமிது வெகுகால யாகமென
சம்சாரம் இனிது வாழ்க!

Translation in English

2.Goddess Parvathy as half

Goddess Parvathy as half and Lord Siva ass half

In justice let us live together!

Knife way honestly culture way nobler

As the world adorns let us live!

In sleeping place and to reach the feet of Almighty

Just in the side we participate!

From the foot to head, with the noble Lord

With lustre the better half live!

Whether suffering or pleasure to come

As better half live!

After mother’s house, self’s house is mother’s house

So treating may the house lady live!

As contemporary luck and as long time prayer

As sweet the family life pass!

I hope that our esteemed viewers would have enjoyed reading this Sunday Story. We shall meet tomorrow with our usual Blog and till then may Kanchi Acharya bless us all! GOOD BYE till then!

On this day, I happily recollect the award that I received in the name of KANNADASAN from “ILAKKIYACH CHOLAI, Chennai.

Maha Periyava | Kanchi Mahan | Kavingnar Kannadasan | Episode 1 |  #templedarshan - YouTube

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