PATEL’S BIRTH DAY- 22nd October.

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Jayanti Wishes Quotes Images, birthday, slogan

Many in thousands were in the forefront on the journey
To Indian Freedom which indeed was not sweet honey
But quite  arduous- tumultuous journey -with Gandhi
One was great Sardar Vallabhai Patel born on this day!

First Deputy Prime Minister of India he was
With Nehru as Prime Minister. Patel a Barrister
Statesman,  a leader of Indian National Congress-
Founding Father of the Republic of India-success!

After his leading role in the journey to our freedom
Guided its integration into a united and
Independent India -was called Sardar-the Chief
Let us pay our respects to him on this day -at least in brief!

A great and sacred Day indeed is this day!

There is a road named after him in our area- Padi area -which I use every day passing through the road on my way to Padi Shiva Temple!

Great day indeed!

National Unity Day: 31 October

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