October 24th | ITHAKA POEM 703 | New Books Release

Here is a communication received from my Spanish Poet friend:

Dear Tamil friend, 

In so far I remember we did not yet publish a poem from Canada. So I selected one. Huguette Bertrand is also a promotor of modern international poetry and a well known (French speaking) poet from Canada.   I did not write any poem since July. I am trying again this month. Because politicians think more about being voted again  than about the welfare of the people, in several European countries where the measures against covid have been reduced or abandoned completely, the number of infections and deaths is increasing again dramatically. Spain is an exception, only 40 infections per 100.00. But here people keep wearing masks in crowded places like super markets and many even in the streets.

But as we have seen recently all over the world, inundations and fires prove that nature takes revenge of human’s climate irresponsibility.  The first poem I wrote reflects my concern.  See enclosed for your reading pleasure.

Best wishes



Overcrowded again
as if nothing had happened
the alleys and the streets
the beaches by the seaalso cloudless the sky
as if the air were not contaminatedbut the water is wrinkled
because it is worried
as it experiences
and knows.

Germain DroogenbroodtIthaca 12.10.2021  


Translation to Tamil

ஒன்றுமே நடவாததைப் போல
மீண்டும் வழிந்து நிரம்பிய மக்கள் கூட்டம்
சந்துக்களும் தெருக்களும்
கடல்லுக்கு அருகில் கடற்கரை
மேகங்கள் இல்லாத ஆகாயம்
காற்று களங்கப்படாததைப் போல
ஆனால் சுருங்கிய தண்ணீர்
அனுபவமும், அறிந்ததும் கொடுத்த
வேதனையும் வருத்தமும்!
ஆக்கமும் மொழியாக்கமும்


The above are some of my recent publications and the the Books on BHARATHIYAR are released today in a function in Amutha Balakrihnan School in West Mugappair, Chennai in the Forenoon.

Miss S. Nivetha is getting a shield in the same function for her poetic talents.

This blogger is also getting a shield for his literary contributions .

With this this week’s Sunday story Number 2658 is over, We shall meet as usual tomorrow morning.

Till then GOOD BYE! All the best!

May God be with you!

With the 29th view at 07.00 hours today Sunday-the 24th October 2021- Envius Thoughts overall view score has crossed thrilling THREE LAC THIRTY SEVEN THOUSAND on the 2458th day and 2658th post of the Blog sans a day’s break, thanks to the support of viewers from more than 210 countries of the Globe, which kindly continue assuring that the quality and regularity will be maintained by God’s GRACE AND BLESSINGS. Thanks.

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