The solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth.

Eclipses -solar or lunar – are not religious beliefs but scientific facts! Today 4th December 2021 is SOLAR ECLIPSE DAY!

The last Solar Eclipse of 2021 occurs -today December 4- and it can also be seen in India. The upcoming Surya Grahan will have an impact on different zodiac signs. As per Hindu astrology, Surya Grahan is considered an important astronomical event along with scientific significance.

This solar eclipse will be seen in Antarctica, South Africa, South America and Australia, so its Sutak period will not be valid. It is also being said that this solar eclipse will have an impact on all 12 zodiac signs.

The solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes between the Sun and the Earth. This next solar eclipse will be an annular eclipse in which the Moon partially covers the Sun. The solar eclipse this time can also be seen online. The positions of solar eclipse are of three types, including partial eclipse, total eclipse and total eclipse.

Here’s how the eclipses have occurred in 2021 so far: E

Lunar Eclipse – May 26, 2021

Second lunar eclipse – November 19, 2021

Total 2 solar eclipses in the year 2021

First Solar Eclipse: June 10, 2021

Second Solar Eclipse: December 04, 2021

Solar Eclipse Timing: As per astrology, the solar eclipse on December 4 will start from 10:59 in the morning and last till 03:07 in the afternoon.

Impact on Zodiac signs

December 4 will be a new moon day for Krishna Paksha. A solar eclipse occurring on this day will mainly impact five zodiac signs — Aries, Cancer, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. The transit reaching these zodiac signs can be both positive and negative.

The time of the solar eclipse will start from 10:59 am and will go on till 3:07 pm. (Representative Image: Shutterstock)

Eclipse will start at 7 am and end by 9.37 am- duration 2 hours and 37 minutes.

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