A communication from my Spanish friend

Dear Tamil friend,  

The new year did not have a good start for me, not only the coronavirus is infecting more and more every day and most of the international poetry festivals will probably be postponed again. Also my dear Belgian friend, one of the biggest fans of my poetry and the Ithaca poems left this world. He was also an artist. I enclose one of his sculptures and a recent poem, written for him the day he died.   

One of the Estonian readers I met years ago at a poetry festival suggested – sending it in several languages – a poem by Juhan Liiv, a prominent Estonian poet. I think the poem is quite appropriate for this time of the year and we published so far only one poem from Estonia, a country with only 1,33 million inhabitants.  Please translate and promote.

With my best regards


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Winter Evening

A mild winter evening
dressed in dark silk,
through the mist a star
glimmers, then sleeps.
The heart stirs briefly,
then it, too, grows calm:
It has become one
with the winter evening.

JUHAN LIIV, Estonia (1864–1913)
Translation H. L. Hix


Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai, India

குளிர்கால மாலைநேரம்

ஒரு மிதமான பனிக்கால மாலை

கருமையான பட்டில் உடையணிந்து

பனியின் விண்மீன் வழியே

பளபளத்து, உறங்குகிறது.

இதயம் சற்றே சுழல்கிறது

பிறகு அதுவும் அமைதி அடைகிறது

தானும் குளிர்கால மாலையுடன்




ஜுஹான் லீவ் எஸ்டோனியா (1894-1913)

மொழி மாற்றம்

எச். எல். ஹிக்ஸ்

Here is a tribute to my Tamil writing!!!! Two certificates from THAMIZH THAAI TRUST, of THANJAVUR edited by Udayaar koil GUNA.

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