11th January Thiruppur Kumaran’s DEATH Day

Tirupur kumaran.jpg

One of the great freedom fighters against the British is Thiruppur Kumaran whose death day is today- ELEVENTH JANUARY.

Kumaran  known as Tiruppur Kumaran or Kodi Kaatha Kumaran (4 October 1904 – 11 January 1932) was an Indian revolutionary and freedom fighter who participated in the Indian independence movement.

Kumarasamy was born in Chennimalai in Madras PresidencyBritish India (present-day Erode district in Tamil Nadu) His parents were Nachimuthu Mudaliyar and Karuppaayi. He founded the Desa Bandhu Youth Association and led protests against the British.

He died from injuries sustained from a police assault on the banks of Noyyal River in Tiruppur during a protest march against the British government on 11 January 1932. At the time of his death, he was holding the flag of the Indian Nationalists, which had been banned by the British giving rise to the epithet kodi Kaatha Kumaran in Tamil which means “Kumaran who protected the flag”.


A commemorative stamp was issued by India post in October 2004 on his 100th birth anniversary. A statue has been erected in Tirupur in his honor which is often used as a focal point for public demonstrations.

Tamilnadu Tourism: Tirupur Kumaran Memorial Statue, Tirupur
Kumaran’s statue at THIRUPPUR

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