BHOGI indeed is one of the very important Hindu festivals in ever January.

About Bhogi Pongal 2022

The Bhogi festival is celebrated in honor of Lord Indra who is also known as the God of rain. Lord Indra is worshiped by many farmers as he is expected to bring prosperity and happiness to the land. Furthermore, farmers in the country worship Indra to receive a good harvest thereby bringing wealth and prosperity. They also worship their ploughs and other farm equipment on this day.

In 2022, the festival of Bhogi is today Thursday, 13 January.

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The Bhogi Mantalu ( Bonfire )

On the occasion of Bhogi, people discard their old and useless household items, wood, and clothes among others. These items are thrown into fire which is made of wood and cowdung cakes. The ritual is called as “Bhogi mantalu” and is aimed at getting rid of old and negative things from your life and focus on new beginnings. Women wear new clothes and chant mantras around the holy fire.

WE clean their house and draw rangoli of colors and flowers in front of our house. People also decorate their house with marigold garlands and mango leaves. It is also said to drive away all the negative energy from and around the house and make way for positive energy. A lot of agriculture waste is also burnt in the bonfire which is expected to offer heat during the cold weather which is about to end.

Bhogi 2021: What bhogi means? How is it celebrated? - Oneindia News

Today is a sacred day in another way:



Image result for Images of Srirangam Vaikunta Ekadasi festival

                                Vaikunda Ekadasi in Srirangam, Tamilnadu

India that is Bharath- our holy Motherland
Indeed is a punya bhumi- very sacred land
Vasudeiva kutumbakam- universe our home
Accommodating all faiths and religions wholesome.

All religions have their principles and practices
Aimed at making the people noble and human
All to follow meticulously with advantages
A boon indeed to the humans through tradition.

Vaikuntha Ekadashi is today
Shukla paksha Ekadashi the holy day
Of Dhanur month December –January; all
Devotees enter the gate to Lord’s Sanctum tall!

Image result for Images of Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple sorgavasal opening.

Gate of Vaikuntam opening in Triplicane, Chennai on the holy day of VAIKUNTHA EKADASHI.

I vividly recollect my school, college days in Karaikudi when on this Vaikunta Ekaadasi day, I used to go to the famous Vishnu Temple in ARIYAKKUDI along the pleasant paddy filds and enter the SORGA VAASAL and in the evenings in Naganathahpuram PERUMAL KOVIL enter the SORGAVAASAL. Todai I entered SORGAVASAL in our TVS Siva Vishnu Temple at 07.00 am. An exhilarating experience sure!.

Great festival occasion

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