Nos. 67th to 69th Triple Issue – January 2022
Presenting over … poems in structured verse
by Poets representing around 45 countries.
Edited by Dr. H. Tulsi
Founder-Leader: World Renaissance for Classical Poetry
………..By the Editor (H. Tulsi)
Dr. H. Tulsi
(At the age of 85+)
(Petrarchan Sonnet – Sestet rhyming cde-cde)

This is one of the best English Poetry journals edited and published from Vishakapatnam by 85 year old English poet madam Dr. H. Tulsi.

The following two poems find a place in this issue which we hope our esteemed viewers will enjoy:

  1. S. Nivetha, India

    The white moon was hidden behind the dark clouds,
    Fearing about ghost that were wearing the white shrouds,
    I entered into the dense area having a dark sky,
    Seeing the beauty of moon which was so high,
    I was surrounded by lots of bushes and trees at the dark,
    In the middle of the forest looking at the blinking spark(s),
    Travelling throughout the forest without anyone,
    Waiting near the mountains for the rise of sun,
    Barking of the wolfs made me fear a lot,
    Without any food and water in the forest spot,
    Eagerly waiting for someone to help me out,
    Nearby I found a river were I found a trout,
    There I saw mermaid sitting on a stone,
    She was just like me all alone,
    When I went near her I was reflected into the water,
    She was sitting there and waiting for her daughter,
    I just meet her and left the place and started moving,
    There I saw a black cat with green eyes mewing,
    I walked for long distance in search of my home,
    In the dark light Here and there I Rome,
    There I found a treasury at a distance,
    And touched it which was at its existence.

2. Dr. N V Subbaraman, India


Great Indian Republic Seventy Two
Sure going fast and hefty!
On this day – a solemn day
Services displayed might and strength
To all in the world – breadth and length!
To the pride of many and the pain of a few
President to unfurl the majestic National Flag!
PM sees and thanks all from his heart
Martyrs known and unknown revered.
In all the States the tricolor unfurled
Speeches made, parades held
Awards presented, copters soared!
For the white collared, perfect holiday enjoyed.
Forgetting the flag, children enjoyed the day
In the scorching sun, cricket they play !
Vigilant warriors watched the borders
Terrible terrorists planned their next!
In the biting cold and shivers
Sweepers swept the roads
Scavengers cleaned the drains
Milkmen brought the sachets
Vegetable vendors sold their stocks!
Building workers carried concrete on heads
Half clad ladies brought bricks and sand
Labourers dug the pits to earn their daily bread!
R-Day comes and the R-Day goes
Security beefed here and there, everywhere
Keeping vigil over the land and air!
Like water I came and like wind I go!
When, how and who to find lasting remedies
For the evils of terrorism, poverty, ignorance
And lack of education?
Nice poems

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