24th January: National Girl Child Day

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Great national poet Mahakavi Bharathiyar declared
“To be born as a woman on earth, great penance one should have made”!
That is the veneration our Motherland shows for woman
This day we observe as “National Girl Child Day”-respect by man!

Bharathi said:”Burn the idiocy of denouncing womanhood”
Alas a pity in a land that reveres Woman as Goddess
In forms many- sad we get news of insults on women each day
In one part of the country or other to be ashamed of-sad!

Equal they are in HIS creation -distinct role they have to play
Noble family they make and more responsible than the menfolk
Today’s GIRL CHILD is tomorrow’s WOMAN- let us celebrate the day
And resolve to take care of the girl child much more than the boy!

National Girl Child Day 2022 Slogans
A proud mother with her two girls.
S. Nivetha, young poet, National Book of Record holder for children for having attended the international multi lingual poets Meet held in Vijayawada six years ago. Student of MBA final year, a poet, a cartoonist, a writer

Here is her latest poem

Forgot Where You Parked? Good - Ulrich Boser


22SaturdayJan 2022

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Forgot Where You Parked? Good - Ulrich Boser
Always give without remembering…and received without forgetting..!

I keep forgetting the books where I kept ,

I keep forgetting the place where I swept,

I keep forgetting what for I leapt,

I keep forgetting the reason for why I wept,

I keep forgetting things still could not accept,

when I came to remember everything,

Everything was untidy and messed up…

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