25 January- National Voters Day

25 January| National Voters' Day 2022: Theme, Essay, Pledge, Quotes,  Slogans, Drawing and Speech Competition

Indeed a boon to be born as a citizen of a democratic nation

Enjoying the fruits of democracy- freedom of thought, speech and action

One is the freedom to elect a Government they like by voting

Not to be frittered away by wasting vote by not voting!

Every year on 25 January National Voter’s Day or Rashtriya Matdata Diwas is celebrated to encourage young voters to take part in the political process. In 2011 the first time this day was celebrated to mark Election Commission’s Foundation Day.

Let us therefore fail not to vote at any cost – after all once in a few years!!

Voting is our democratic right to be exercised without fail. Let us not FAIL!!

Our failure may be exploited by the interested party

Making some one else of its choice to vote in other names!

We shall VOTE, we shall note, we shall vote under any circumstances!

Especially YOUNG VOTERS!

National Voters' Day observed on 25 January

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