ITHAKA 732- DELIRIOUS! – மயக்கம் .

Dear friend,

After the good news that after Guatemala, three volumes of my poetry will also be published in one volume in Mexico, two books in Colombia and one in Iceland, I had nothing but trouble. I waited in vain for the missing information about the poet I had first chosen for Ithaca 732. So I had to find quickly another poem.

To my horror, when I opened my computer this morning, all the information, emails, recordings, photos, etc. stored on the monitor had disappeared. With the help of my son (who lives in Belgium), it took us hours to get most of the information back.  So the whole morning was wasted and I still have to prepare my reading for tomorrow in nearby city as I have been invited to open the book fair there with a reading of my poems in Spanish, English, German, Dutch and French.

We will expose at the book Fair a dozen of books and offer 100% of the money we receive to the Red Cross for the refugees of the Ukraine.

Kind regards



The night will find me in the midst of a poem
calmUna imagen de un videojuego

Descripción generada automáticamente con confianza baja

but with the fury of the poet
delirious over all the sane
like wanting to heal a sick society.

The night birds of my mind
will write what has not yet occurred to me,

gigantic beasts of oblivion will weigh on my brain.

Sureness won’t be necessary
let alone the uncertainty
of knowing
may happen tomorrow?

I plant
a word 

green oxygen.

Fernando Alonso, Uruguay (1975)

Translation Germain Droogenbroodt – Stanley Barkan

from the book: “Furiosa Calma


Me encontrará la noche en medio de un poema
en calma
pero con la furia del poeta
delirante sobre todos los cuerdos
como querer sanar a una sociedad enferma

Los pájaros nocturnos de mi mente
escribirán lo que aún no se me ha ocurrido

pesarán sobre mi cerebro gigantes animales del olvido.

Ya no será necesaria la certeza
y mucho menos la incertidumbre
de saber
qué pasará mañana?

una palabra 

verde oxígeno.Fernando Alonso, Uruguay (1975)

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Me encontrará la noche en medio de un poema

en calma

pero con la furia del poeta
delirante sobre todos los cuerdos
como querer sanar a una sociedad


Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai, India 9840477552,




நோயுற்ற சமுதாயத்தை சரிப்படுத்த

விரும்பும் தெளிந்த அறிவுடைய

சினத்தில் இருக்கும் கவிஞ்ன்

இரவில் ஒரு கவிதைக்கு இடையே என்னைக் காணும்

இதுவரை எனக்குப் புலப்படாத தைப் பற்றி எழுதுவேன்

மறக்கப்பட்ட பிரம்மாண்டமான மிருகங்கள்

எனது அறிவில் அமரும்

உறுதிநிலை தேவையில்லை

நாளை என்ன நடக்கும்

என்பதைத் தெரிந்து கொள்வதை


இப்பொழுது நான் பசசை பிராணவாயுவை




Fernando Alonso, Uruguay (1975)

Great poet.

2 thoughts on “ITHAKA 732- DELIRIOUS! – மயக்கம் .

  1. Being in sick makes one unmoved and deals bad to the individual being!

    The same is true for a sick society with all its attendant evils affecting everyone in all ways!

    Cleansing it is a prime responsibility placed on its members to do what is necessary and discard the rest!


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