22nd. May: International Day for Biological Diversity.

International Day for Biological Diversity is observed on 22 May every year to increase awareness and understanding of the issues of biodiversity. 

Biodiversity concerns “Sustainable agriculture”
“Desertification” Land degradation”drought; “Right to water”
“Sanitation” health , energy;  technology Innovation,
“Knowledge-sharing” capacity-building;”Urban resilience”
And adaptation;  Climate change””Disaster risk reduction”
Oceans and seas; forests;  “Food security” and all!

International day for Biological Diversity
Day is today-the twenty second May -United nation
Sponsored day- to think, discuss take care of the issues
Concerning the world as such! Let us and take care!

“Celebrating twenty Five years of Action for Biodiversity”
The theme of the current year Twenty Eighteen-universally
Let us keep in mind and celebrate with all spirit in action!

Image result for International day for Biological diversity =2018 theme

Today I am attending


Organized with great and commendable efforts by Tamilnadu Government’s BHARATHI AWARDEE and who has completed FIFTY YEARS in the LITERARY WORLD SHRI PAAVARASU BHARATHI SUKUMARAN of several Tamil Development organizations!

Great day

2 thoughts on “22nd. May: International Day for Biological Diversity.

  1. Biodiversity implies growth everywhere and in everything….

    It’s incumbent on us to take care of biodiversity and achieve sustainable development….

    Growth in one area at the expense of others defeats overall growth….


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