23rd.May: World Turtle Day.

Out of the millions of God’s creations, one fine is TURTLE

Twenty Third May today is World Turtle Day – great with nice title

There is no animal more beloved by humans than turtle.

These shelled creatures are found in all corners of the globe and have found

Their way into parables, mythology and all forms of media.

Each year, this day is dedicated to turtle, and tortoise.

It is not only showing love, adoration towards turtles

But also making sure we can protect them and their habitats.

There is a difference between a turtle and a tortoise!

They both belong to the same family but turtles spend their time

Near or in the water while tortoises are mainly land creatures.

Both turtles and tortoises are creatures who play tremendous roles

In their respective ecosystems. Whether it’s by digging

Holes that are habitable for other creatures or cleaning up

Dead fish from beaches, there are reasons to ensure their protection.

Nice day

3 thoughts on “23rd.May: World Turtle Day.

  1. A nice story on turtle and tortoise!

    Turtles are known to move slowly and steadily…. Yet, we get to recognise what matters most by being relaxed and slow!

    Each creation of God is thus purposeful and hence useful in any way!


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