24th. May: Commonwealth Day.

Twenty Fourth May today an important day-COMMONWEALTH DAY

The great Common wealth day is today to cherish

Nice wealth indeed of the common man to nourish

All the nations under its roof sure to flourish

Member countries work for success- not to perish!

Queen Elizabeth’s birth day – the May twenty fourth

Though now celebrated on different days- put forth

With this year’s nice theme “INCLUSIVE COMMON WEALTH”

BY countries fifty three- came together since birth!

Commonwealth games youngsters look forward to witness

Once in every four years- this July August in Birmingham

To show their mettle in the field of games and sports

We wish Commonwealth countries all wealth and success!



With the 19th view at 07.00 hours today- 24th May 2022- ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress crossed over all view score of THREE LAC SIXTY SEVEN THOUSAND from our esteemed viewers from more than 210 countries of the Globe which please continue. By God’s grace and friends wishes, quality and regularity of the posts will be maintained.


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