25th May.- TOWEL DAY!

Towel is a part of the humans attire- there is a day for that

Today Twenty Fifth May is TOWEL DAY!!!! indeed wonderful fact!

It has much more than a SIMPLE TOWEL! Let us see !

Towel Day on May 25 is an annual holiday in USA created to celebrate author Douglas Adams by his fans. Adams wrote the classic sci-fi novel, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.” This day was organized in memory of him after he suffered a sudden heart attack at the age of 49. His fans wanted to find a way to commemorate his life’s work, and after having one towel day, its success made it a yearly event. On this day, fans carry towels around everywhere they go. Today, they are celebrating this holiday with a towel wrapped around their necks because, they too, love Douglas Adams!

How about you and me here!!!!

Guess who????
With shawl!!!!
with TOWEL!!!!


Unique day

With the 19th view at 07.00 hours yesterday- 24th May 2022- ENVIUS THOUGHTS in  crossed over all view score of THREE LAC SIXTY SEVEN THOUSAND from our esteemed viewers from more than 210 countries of the Globe which please continue. By God’s grace and friends wishes, quality and regularity of the posts will be maintained.

3 thoughts on “25th May.- TOWEL DAY!

  1. A nice post on Towel Day!

    The mention of ‘towel’ brings to us the conduct of functions and meetings where the special invitees occupying the dais and the those present to be honoured for the achievements in their respective fields grace the moment!

    Needless to say, the monetary value of the towel is immaterial!

    What matters is the celebration mood that sets in motion the proceedings of the occasion to the fruition of the grand finale!


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