Dear friend,

This year is going to be for me a historic poetry year. In addition of about a dozen of my poetry books foreseen to be published this year, my chileno publisher who just published three of my books in one volume informed me that he wants to publish ALL my poetry books, English – Spanish, as well as ALL the Ithaca poems, also bilingual English-Spanish, each time one book with 100 poems.

Our Sicilian translator recommended Ithaca 737. I use to translate as close as possible to the original. In my translations of Ithaca 737 I translated the title SERENO not as Fair Weather but as SERENE.
The first verse – which the translator translated as Your mother’s here to comfort you says literally : Sleep, little onethat the mother comforts you. Not that she is here. In Dutch I translated:  Sleep, little one, let your mother comfort you. I also added a few dots. This only for your information.

I plan an “Ithaca vacation” during the whole month of September as we will take 3 weeks vacation, driving from here by car through France to Belgium where I am invited to give a poetry recital the 29th September
with presentation of my latest poetry books.

Please let me have your translation.

Best wishes


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Una persona con una tabla de surf en el mar

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Fair Weather

Sleep, my little one, your mother is here to comfort you

The storm whitened the night with lightning

and the dark fog blinds the mind

but the heart knows one last magic spell

and the grass grows…

roses bloom,

sweet morning dew embroidering orange blossoms

and stimulates the soul

I raised you from the sea, light and beauty,

the sea is cradle, wind

is my own breath…

Maria Nivea Zagarella (Sicily)

English translation by Gaetano Cipolla


Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai, India, 9840477552

அழகான வானிலை

புயல் மின்னலோடு வெளுமை ஆயிற்று

கருமையான மூடுபனி மனத்தை குருடாக்குகிறது

ஆனால் இதயத்திற்குத் தெரியும்

ஒரு இறுதி மந்திரம்

புல் வளர்கிறது

ரோஜாக்கள் மலர்கினறன

இனிமையான காலைப்பனித்துளிகள்

ஆரஞ்சு மலரவதை எம்ப்ராய்டரித்து

ஆன்மாவை கிளரசசியூட்டுகிறது

கடல், ஒளி, அழகு இவற்றிநின்று உன்னை எழுபபுகிறேன்

கடல் தொட்டில், காற்று எனது சொந்த மூசசு


Maria Nivea Zagarella (Sicily)

ஆங்கில மொழிமாற்றம்

Great weather

2 thoughts on “ITHAKA POEM737-FAIR WEATHER!

  1. Fair weather – fair mind – fair thoughts – everything tends to be fair!

    Everyone is bound to appreciate and enjoy it to the brim…

    Only the unwise prefers to be indifferent to the serene atmosphere and they are conclusively fools incapable of understanding the nature of ‘Nature’….


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