4th July 2022- PPP 35- FALLEN FLOWERS!

Fallen Leaves beautiful

Fallen flowers more beautiful

Flowers fallen make

A nice carpet on the road

Under the tree!

Nature always nice

Unfolds beauty in a


Dr. N V Subbaraman, this Blogger, Chennai, India, 9840477552


With the 87th view at 20.00 hours yesterday- third July 2022 ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress crossed a splendid over all view score of THREE LAC SEVENTY TWO THOUSAND on its- 3038th post on 2709th day- from our esteemed viewers from more than 210 countries of the Globe which please continue. By God’s grace and friends wishes and encouragement quality and regularity of the BLOG will continue!

2 thoughts on “4th July 2022- PPP 35- FALLEN FLOWERS!

  1. Nature plays magic!

    While the flowers help make a tree or the plant look beautiful when being their inseparable part for a while, they fail not to decorate the area when as a natural course detachment takes place and withered ones fall on the ground!

    It is nature’s way of blessing the mankind with its multifarious benefits!


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