11th August,2022: UPAKARMA IS TODAY!

Today is Eleventh August, it is AAVANI AVITTAM Day in a way Rakshabandhan Day!

Avani Avittam also known as ‘Upakramam’, meaning beginning or commencement, marks the beginning of study of vedas and is a significant ritual for Brahmin community in Kerala and Tamil Nadu (Tamil: ஆவணி அவிட்டம்). It is observed on the Shravan Purnima (full moon day) of the traditional Hindu calendar, which is the also the day of Raksha Bandhan in North India. Today is Avani Avittam

Avani Avittam

The word Avani implies the Tamil month and Avittam is one among the 27 Nakshatras. Many communities in all corners of the world observe the Avani Avittam ritual with full dedication and devotion. The Yajur Vedic people begin reading Yajur Veda on this day for next six months.

On Avani Avittam, they are bestowed with a holy thread and it is believed that the third eye (eye of wisdom) opens up. Avani Avittam is celebrated with immense zeal in Orissa, Maharashtra and southern states of India and is also known as ‘Janeyu Purnima’ or ‘Jandhyala Purnima’.

Rituals during Avani Avittam:

On the day of UPAKARMA a sacred vow or ‘Mahasankalpam’ is taken for compensation of the sins committed in the past year. Sacred mantras are chanted during this time.

Observers get up at sunrise and take a holy dip. On Avani Avittam they wear a new sacred thread called as ‘Janeyu’ or ‘Yajnopavit’. It is the most important ritual on Avani Avittam and Vedic mantras are chanted during this time. It is usually a community observance that is performed on the banks of a river or pond.

After wearing the new thread or Janeyu, the older one is discarded to signify a new beginning.

WE wish a HAPPY SACRED and GREAT UPAKARMA – AAVANI AVITTAM for all those who observe.

Avani Avittam 2021 | Upakarma | 22nd August 2021 | Rakhi
AAvani avittam

Great occasion.


One thought on “11th August,2022: UPAKARMA IS TODAY!

  1. Taking a vow to give up practices forbidden instills a sense of responsibility in us that is capable of pestering our conscience religiously to stick to the promises made!
    Certainly there is reasoning behind a ritual and better it is observed for good!


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