This week’s Sunday Story Number 8083 is a unique REPEAT!!!

He was just six at that time seventy seven years ago
Partition of India worried him along with his father’s Oh!
He of course joined the celebrations next day happily
Enjoys that freedom his Motherland got very joyfully!

Later when he came across the Indo-Pakistan war he
Felt as bad as at the time of partition poor man was he!
Envius felt sad when in Cricket matches with us, they won
If not partitioned, team should have been formidable one!

Yes the person who feels sad and bad is none but thy friend
N. V. S who meets you all daily with his Envius Thoughts!
Let us pray and work towards perfect peace and harmony
Second largest viewers of this Blog after India is PAKISTAN!

Thus the Sunday Story comes to an end. As usual we shall meet tomorrow morning with yet another post on on Independence Day!!! – MOST SACRED AND SIGNIFICANT OCCASION!!!!! Till then BYE!


**************************************************************************************** BLOG CROSSES SPLENDID OVERALL VIEW Score of 3,78,000

With the 46th view at 09.15 hours today- FOURTEENTH ASUGUST 2022 ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress crossed a splendid over all view score of THREE LAC SEVENTY EIGHT THOUSAND on its- 3083rd post on 2751st day- from our esteemed viewers from more than 210 countries of the Globe which please continue. By God’s grace and friends wishes and encouragement quality and regularity of the BLOG will continue!


2 thoughts on “14th August,2022: PAKISTAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!

  1. Partition brings with it sadness and loss of peace of mind!
    How sad you felt at the partition of Pakistan is quite revealing!
    And your poignant feeling born out of the partition necessitating split of one cricket entity into two is understandable too!
    But no experience is comparable to that of independence one’s nation achieved after sacrifices many by all sections of the population!


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