15th August,2022: SACRED DAY!

Six thousand years of civilization
Seventy Five years of independent nation
Sacrifices of millions with patience
Brought high glory with satisfaction!

Great country and great people
Noble thoughts and noble souls
Splendid efforts and splendid results
Hallowed Himalayas and revered rivers
Fertile fields and priceless minerals
Forest wealth and unlimited opportunities
Godly saints and sacred seers
Mera Bharath Mahan!

In this
Abode of truth and peace
Happy home of Mahatma Gandhi
Heaven of plenty and piety
Holy land of Buddha
Home of Harishchandra
Sacred soil of non-violence

Who infused
The Venom of war
Poison of perjury
And pain of poverty?

Who injected the Virus of violence?
Pangs of paralysis
And practice of immorality?
Who inflicted the Senseless killings
Heartless murders
Perilous practices? In the name of

Religion and language,
caste and creed?


Faithless people
Spineless leaders
Terrible terrorism
Aimless youngsters
Endless struggles
Brutal behavior
Cruel minds
Inhuman hearts
And empty promises!

Who glorifies
The murderer of Mahatma?

May the citizens patriotic
Honestly introspect quite hectic,
On this day quite H O L Y and S A C R E D
Resolve to restore Our Motherland
To Its glorious past majestic
In Gandhian methods fantastic!

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Great occasion truely

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