20th September,2022:Paradoxes Indeed!

Air kindles fire
The same air puts of the flame!
Water gives life
The same water destroys life!
Earth provides the place to live
The same earth swallows thousand lives!
Man builds the world
The same man destroys it cold!
Flowers waft sweet scents
The same fragrant flower later stinks!
Electric power rotates fast the fan
The same power kills by shock kills the man!
Waves caress our feet gently
The same waves consume lakhs fiercely!
Penetrating paradoxes
Unpredictable occurrences
Sure beyond the man’s control
Gift of God and the whip of nemesis!


Subbaraman N V

2 thoughts on “20th September,2022:Paradoxes Indeed!

  1. Endless is the paradoxes we come across every day!
    It’s like the coin having two sides to it!

    Same thing serving different purposes adding beauty to the creations of God!


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