22 09 20 22! ROSE DAY!

I for one who is deeply wounded by the death of my BELOVED

Due to that deadly disease called CANCER – years EIGHT passed.

Look at her inspiring face!

God Almighty has HIS own designs.

HE wanted her to be in HIS world

A convenient cause was her CANCER. .

Highly qualified and loved by many

All were in tears when she fell sick

And ultimately succumbed to killer CANCER.

Let us pray on this day – 22nd September-WORLD ROSE DAY

And pray for the welfare of the CANCER PATIENTS.

Also rush to help wherever and whenever possible.

What a day.

5 thoughts on “22 09 20 22! ROSE DAY!

  1. It’s more of a psychological impact than the physiological that cancer patients and their family suffer from! Words of encouragement and wishes from their near and dear ones go a long way in alleviating the pain related to the condition! Rose Day inspires hope in cancer patients on their road to recovery!


  2. Of course, the sufferer knows the intensity of pain while the onlookers can empathise with and stand shoulder to shoulder in dousing the flames of suffering!


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