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National UnFriend Day has been an annual celebration commemorated on November 17th of each year. In the world of the digital era, almost all people use social media to communicate with others. Staying in touch with anyone from anywhere in the world is made easy as with the development of several applications like Facebook. There will be so many friends listed, and for whom it is essential to identify some untrue friends and it essential to unfollow and unfriend them. Get rid of those persons from whom you no longer need to stay in touch by unfriending them on the National UnFriend Day. It is the perfect Day to take off those personalities from your everyday digital life whom you never wanted to see.

“You got nothing to lose. You don’t lose when you lose fake friends.” – Joan Jett


On November 17, 2010, Jimmy Kimmel went on his nightly talk show to announce that it was National Unfriend Day. In this digital age, we’ve reached a threshold of social connections. 

Does your friend from elementary school who you haven’t spoken to in twenty years really need to be your Facebook friend? Do you really want to see the Instagram posts of that guy you met in line for the bathroom at that party in college? How about even that center for your favorite basketball team that you follow on Twitter who retired three years ago – is it important to see how they’re handling being retired at 35?

These questions and more have been building slowly over the past twenty or so years since social media was created and we’ve been collecting friends online as if they were the latest trend in fashion. But after years of adding social networks and hoarding friends and follows, in 2010 we reached a cultural terminal velocity in how many connections we can sustain. Now it’s time to cleanse. 

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2 thoughts on “17/11/2022.- NATIONAL UNFRIEND DAY!

  1. More than the numbers, it’s essentially the quality of friends that count in deciding their continuance in the long list we are used to boast about!
    And it’s for us to choose the National Unfriend Day to unfriend those contacts that deserve a sure exit from us for good!


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