01/12/2022: N V S!!!

Here it is N V S and not ENVIUS!

A few years ago I was interviewed by INDIAN PERIODICAL and I give below a PORTION of it for the kind read and response of my ESTEEMED READERS:

“Dear Readers,

In this interview series where we ask few questions to people who are making a difference, it can be big, it can be small it doesn’t matter what matters is their contribution to our society. It can be anyone from any walks of life and from any country. Please, do send us suggestions of people whom you think we should interview for this series.


  Mr. N V Subbaraman from Tamilnadu is a trilingual poet, a Versatile Blogger, writer, scholar, trainer and communicator with thirty seven books to his credit including 16 translated works in prose and verse. Following are his thoughts on some of the questions we asked him.

Tell us something about yourself?

I am N V Subbaraman, was born on July 31st 1941 in Tamilnadu. My mother tongue is Telugu. Having been born, brought up, educated and employed for long and living in Tamilnadu I know Tamil well in addition to my mother tongue, English, Hindi and Sanskrit to an extent. I am a graduate in Mathematics and a Fellow in Insurance. I served the premier Public Sector Undertaking Life Insurance Corporation of India for four decades, served as a part of my Central office, in the States of Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan. I retired in 2001 as Deputy Zonal Manager and post retirement served as a Director in an HR Training Organization and as a Managing Director of a company.

Since the age of seventy, I have given up all my gainful employment and concentrating on literary activities.

I am a bilingual poet in Tamil and English. I am a communicator, writer, speaker, and a trainer.  I am a small time writer and I have thirty seven published books to my credit. I am a translator from English to Tamil and vice versa.  Totally I have to my credit translated works numbering 16 in prose and verse.

I am a Blogger-keeping ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com where I post an English poem original or translated every day from Monday to Saturday and a Sunday story right from 28/2/2015 till this day without a single break; my 545 posts in 508 days have a total VIEW Score of more than 49000 from 198 countries.

I am a Haikuist and I have written more than 1000 Haiku poems strictly in 5-7-5 pattern, with first and third line rhyming. I have ten awards for my literary activities including the latest to be awarded on 16th September UWA ADMIRABLE ACHIEVER AWARD 2016/17 by the United Writers Association of India “an Association formed to kindle the light of love and compassion among all nations and whenever possible, in areas of conflict, the Association will act as counseling body for equalizing the flow of knowledge, for reducing aggression and of generating attitudes of fraternization, and an Association of Truth to lend meaning to the pursuit of excellence with a view to forging an endless alliance and a more perfect Union among the people of the Earth”.

I am a simpleton, out and out a humanist and a Universalist keeping strictly to certain principle of life. I wrote long back and I hold to that.

                                                                                               I know no God

                                                                                                  no religion

                                                                                                no philosophy!

                                                                                              I know no Bible

                                                                                                     no Quran

                                                                                                no Dhammapada

                                                                                                no Mahabharatha

                                                                                                    no Ramayana!

                                                                                                I follow and practice

                                                                                              “Help ever, hurt never

                                                                                                  Love all, Serve all

                                                                                                 Be kind, be friendly!”

                                                                                 That is all what I know on earth and

                                                                                     That is all what I need to practice!

I am greatly attached to Saint Tamil Poet Thiruvalluvar, Mahatma Gandhi and Tamil national poet Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathi.  I use to say that whenever I leave my flat all these three take me by their hands and bring me back home safely.”

I am always fond of visiting TEMPLES! There is a THOUISAND YEAR OLD GURUSTHALAM- Home of Lord of LEARNING Guru Bhagwan in PADI near by my residence – 20 minutes walk one way. At the instance of one of my well wishers I started visiting that temple on NOVEMBER 30th 2019!

One can find HUNDREDS of DOVES in the TEMPLE as we see above!

By JAGADAMBIKA SAMEDHA THIRUVALLEESWARASWMI grace and blessings I have been visiting DAILY EXCEPT for TEN DAYS- 9 days to attend a THIRUKKURAK CONFERNCE at Mysore and 1 day to attend a POETS MEET at Thirukkoviloor, Villupuram District organized by PAVARASU, KAVIMAMANI, KALAMAMANI BHARATHI SUKUMARAN.

Due to certain physical defect, WITH TODAY’S VISIT, I have resolved to visit this TEMPLE from FIRST DECEMBER ONLY ON ALL THURSDAYS, and PRODHOSHAM DAYS in a MONTH!

I do hope it was interesting to READ. Please INFORM or CONFIRM! Thanks.

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