GOOD HAIR DAY- 26th March, 2023.


Curly hair, Short hair, Long hair, Black Hair, Brown Hair, White Hair, !

Bald heads with NO HAIR! So is SHAVED HEADS! Shaved in THIRUPATHI, Kunnakkudi,and several pilgrim towns!! !

The above is this week’s Sunday Story Number 3796. Though looks funny, I mean it a serious one.

The beauty lies on one’s hair and hair style. In a saloon, one heard “you have nothing either over your head nor inside. What am I to do?”

I do hope I have something inside at least.

This GREAT BLOGGER’s GOOD HAIRED HEAD!!!!!! My photo by Kumar my eldest son with me!

Thus we end this week’s Sunday Story and we shall meet tomorrow with our Monday Post. Till then GOD BYE! May God be with you.

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