About Envius Thoughts

I hear you saying “stop Mr. Subbaraman, take care of your ENVIUS spelling!”. Thanks my dear friend- this is not ‘jealous’ meant envious’ this is in fact “EN VI YES” –abbreviated form of “N V S”- which stands for Nagapattinam Viswanathan Subbaraman!

Thanks, N. V. Subbaraman, sorry N. V. S. — sorry N V S , “ENVIUS”!

Yes, my esteemed viewers- existing and ensuing-

ENVIUS THOUGHTS will provide you with sumptuous food for thought on a daily basis! On Sundays we will have a Sunday Story and Monday through Saturday poems in English in a veritable manner-on nature, human nature, happenings in life and society, translations of epical works of great thinkers and philosophers, poets and writers from other languages into English.

Kindly see- sorry VIEW- and let the Blogger have your valuable feed back to enable him to IMPROVE on his writing.

Thanks in millions for your VIEWS and VIEWS!



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