WORLD FOOD DAY-October 16th.

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“FOOD FOR ALL” important aim and endeavor of all Governments in the world
Most difficult goal to achieve- how indeed is a nagging question!- untold
Obstacles and difficulties in providing – leaving none to go to bed hungry
Need urgent is to eliminate hunger all over the world forever!

World Food Day is today the sixteenth October- action dedicated to
Tackling global hunger. people from around the world come together to commit
To eradicate worldwide hunger from our lifetime. Celebrating the creation
Of the Food and Agriculture Organization events organized in more than
One hundred and fifty countries across the world, making it the most
Celebrated days of the United promote worldwide awareness
And action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure
Food security and nutritious diets for all. food basic and fundamental
Human right and need. several million people worldwide suffer
From chronic undernourishment, five million children under five die
Of malnutrition every day. Let us dedicate ourselves to implement
The theme for the year “Our actions are our future”!.

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WORLD FOOD DAY-16th October.





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World Food Day is today the sixteenth October all over
Day marks the significance of agriculture to emphasize
That the food produced and consumed by us is safe and healthy.
This food day celebrated with great enthusiasm in India!

Several lovers of food in Delhi joined hands and vowed
To keep their food hygienic and safe opposing Genetically
Modified crops as it is unhealthy causing hazards rightly
Natural food indeed – fresh vegetables-probably unfried!

People in Delhi celebrate the occasion at Craft museum
Of Dastakar Mela; they make rangoli and perform street plays
And acts on the matter of genetic modification- its effects.
Several non-voluntary organizations highlight importance
Of eating healthy food and avoiding fast food in urban
India. Volunteers also stage street plays to focus!
Ours a vast country with diverse culture and tradition.
Tradition varies festivals go with food sumptuous!

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Falling standards cry of the society -unfortunate
On creation of the World, the Almighty willed that fortunate
People must enjoy -and all should be honest, fair and faithful
What we see is customers and clients taken for a ride!

Maintaining standards always is moral and ethical
Aim of World Standards Day is to raise awareness critical
Among regulators, industry and consumers as to
The importance of the issue to the global economy.

Fourteenth October was chosen to mark the date,
In nineteen Forty Six when delegates from twenty five
Countries gathered in London and decided to create
An international organization focused to facilitate.

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Theme for “World Consumer Rights Day” today is ‘Making digital
Marketplaces fairer’- chosen with the aim to promote digital
Marketplaces more accessible, safer and fairer for consumers
Across the globe- consumer satisfaction became consumer delight!

Days were there and continue at times -consumers taken for a ride
In cost and quality, measure and means. Dawned consumer right thoughts
In the Society- laws were made, consumers/customers made aware of rights
They enjoy. The world is changing fast and thoughts and actions quite right!

On line marketing, anything sitting in front of all powerful
COMPUTER-making use of internet facility from any part of the globe
Whatever we need, reaching our door steps in a couple of days,
Risk is always there with anything on earth- not an exemption here!



HUMAN RIGHTS DAY is 10th December.


All living beings created by the Lord Almighty
Have basic rights- known or unknown-humans or animals
Right to live, earn, eat and to be at peace all the life time
Alas! Many times human beings have to fight for rights!

Universal Declaration of Human Rights- Human
Rights Day observed on this day as per UNO-
Political, social, economic, cultural and
Civil rights- constitute human rights for all to enjoy!

Slavery, torture, genocide and war crimes haunted all
A just society cannot tolerate- to stand quite tall
Came the United Nations to the rescue of the world
At least in theory we have with violations bold.


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“World Consumer Rights Day” is this day to awaken

Their conscience of rights and duties to strengthen

Consumerism all over world to thrive and protect

Humans from exploitation from all sources direct!


This year’s theme is “Anti biotic resistance”-great

Tackling   international public health crisis fast

Stop serving meat from animals routinely given

Antibiotics used in human medicine –bad!


Antibiotics more than fifty percent used in

Agriculture that feeds animals and purchased in

More than a lack of restaurants worldwide-leading to

Consumers’ resistance to anti biotic- strong!


Important medicines may stop working much sooner

Common infections, minor injuries kill faster!

Time to resist and stop the killer meat in hotels!

Theme of the year to be carried out in earnest!

WCRD 2016_th

World Consumer Right Day and its 2016 theme.-Meat with antibiotic medicine



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Chapter 29

அதிகாரம் 29



  1. எள்ளாமை வேண்டுவான் என்பான் எனைத்துஒன்றும்

கள்ளாமை காக்கதன் நெஞ்சு.

ELLaamai vaeNduvaan enbaan enaiththuonrum

KaLLaamai kaakkathan nenju.

Indulge not in fraud

If not to be insulted

Guard from evil deeds!

One who does not desire disgrace has to ensure that his mind does not yearn to covet even the most valuable thing from others by fraud. (281)

2. உள்ளத்தால் உள்ளலும் தீதே; பிறன்பொருளைக்

கள்ளத்தால் கள்வேம் எனில்.

ULLaththaal uLLalum theedhae; piranporuLaik

KaLLaththaal kaLvaem enil.

It brings awful woes

Very thought of defrauding

Coveting others!

Even the thought of defrauding amounts to defrauding. Hence coveting others things by fraud indeed brings all woes and sufferings.    (282)

3. களவினால் ஆகிய ஆக்கம் அளவுஇறந்து

ஆவது போலக் கெடும்.

KaLavinaal aagiya aakkam aLavuirandhu

Aavadhu poalak kedum.

Wealth through coveting

Disappears in no time

A sin – demeaning!

Wealth earned through fraud though appear to be increasing, will disappear at any time. Indeed is a sin and disgraceful.       (283)

4. களவின் கன்றிய காதல் விளைவின்கண்

வீ யா விழுமம் தரும்.

KaLavin kandriyakaadhal viLaivinjkaN

Veeyaa vizumam tharum.

Fruits of fraud and greed

Though seem sweet, bring bitter woes

Attempt and get freed!

The desire to covet others things through fraud, though appear to be sweet at the beginning, will turn into bitter woes at the end. (284)

5. அருள்கருதி அன்புடையர் ஆதல் பொருள்கருதிப்

பொச்சாப்புப் பார்ப்பார்கண் இல்.

AruLkarudhi anbudaiyaar aadhal poruLkarudhip

Pochchaappup paarppaarkaN il.

To show love and grace

Is not the wont of a fraud

He covets and falls!

The one who wants to covet through fraud, can never even externally show love and grace.                            (285)

6 அளவின்கண் நின்றுஒழுகல் ஆற்றார் களவின்கண்

கன்றிய காத லவர்.

ALavinlaNnindru ozugal aatraar kaLavinkaN

Kandriya kaadha lavar

Whose life uncontrolled

Go with love and lust for fraud

Get bad uncontrolled!

Those who want to covet from the hard earned people, by fraud cannot have a controlled life.    (286))

  1. களவுஎன்னும் காரறி வாண்மை அளவுஎண்ணும்

ஆற்றல் புரிந்தார்கண் இல்.

KaLavuennum kaararivaaNmai aLavueNNum

Aatral purindhaarkaN il.

Those who know their strength

Know well the evils of fraud

Indulge not a length!

Those who want to lead a life of simplicity and frugality will never indulge in fraudulent activities.                     (287)

8. அளவுஅறிந்தார் நெஞ்சத்து அறம்போல் நிற்கும்

களவுஅறிந்தார் நெஞ்சில் கரவு.

ALavuarindhaar nenjaththu arampoalnirkkum

KaLavuarindhaar nenjil karavu.

Fraudulent mind stands

As a virtuous thought holds

Hold to virtue strong!

Virtue will be with those who lead a simple and frugal life; those who indulge in fraud will have fraudulent mind.        (288)

9. அளவுஅல்ல செய்தாங்கே வீவர் களவல்ல

மற்றைய தேற்றா தவர்.

ALavualla seythaangae  veevar kaLavalla

Matraiya thaetraadhavar.

Evil thoughts bring doom

They sure suffer and perish

Shun fraud, avoid gloom!

Those who indulge in fraud will suffer and perish and hence one should shun fraud and avoid woes.          (289)

10.கள்வார்க்குத் தள்ளும் உயிர்நிலை கள்ளார்க்குத்

தள்ளாது புத்தேள் உலகு.

KaLvaarkkuth thallium uyirnilai kaLLaarkkuth

ThaLLaadhu puththaeL ulagu.

Fraudulent falls sure

Liability on earth

Heaven greets the pure!

To those who commit fraud, even their body will not help and they perish; those who are not and lead a life virtuous will surely go to heaven.  (290)


Pebbles in the rice
Surely not a spice
Housewife’s slice
Every day’s prize!

Accident or deliberate
Adulteration is unfortunate
Physically seen or unseen
Adulteration is atrocious!

Consumer is killed
Gradually is grilled
Laws do not prevent
In all fields present!

Sinners are adulterators
Greater are abettors
Passive are officials
Evasive are politicians!

Conscience should prevail
Consumers should assert
Abettors should resent
Adulterates should relent!

“Wow, this explains it all, doesn’t it? As an American just visiting Kolkata, India, I ran into this problem first-hand. I think it is no ‘accident’, though, ‘Consumer is killed’ for sure, and how can the politicians just  evade the problem? So as a consumer, I AM going to ‘assert’ here. I wrote up a story of my experience, ‘A Call to Indian Merchants and/or their Suppliers to Stop Putting Rocks into their Rice! ‘ (http: // . I’ve also included photos there, what I think should be done about it, as well as a little research on the subject, even quoting this poem here. It all goes together.”

This is a response to this poem from an American  
Tomorrow’s special post is on “LIC DAY TODAY”