Labour Day has its origins in a movement mobilised by the labour union at the time of rising industrialization

May Day-Labor Day- to honor the working class who labor for a cause
The cause to make the people live in peace and harmony, and be happy
They sacrifice their pleasures and health, care not for comforts and suffer pain!
Right in the days when they were subjected to exploitation and strain!

Unfortunately the labor class exploiting the society becomes
Order of the day and the people are put to inconveniences!
Both seem to be at fault- expectations high among all pathetic.
Rights and duties go hand in hand and society to be sympathetic!

On this holy holiday let the blue or white colored-working class resolve
To be faithful to all and selves and do their duty with all their heart
Government and employers to take care of the employees, workers of all
Cadres -treating honorably, paying decently, respecting  humanly!

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March 28th-Weed Appreciation Day!

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To be weeded out to enjoy the world is commonly understood word weed
Unfortunate understanding as good as any other creation of God!
A weed is any plant that is not in a place where we want it to be.
Even edible, medicinal, herbal plants, and flowers, considered weeds
To those who don’t want them where they pop up beyond their actual needs~

Flowers can make their way into our vegetable garden,and we pull them out,
Common flower, vegetable or herb deemed a weed, in the cracks of side walk
When we are lost in the woods for days with no food or water. purslane,a weed
in the vegetable garden- leafy, nutritious green, edible, helps to save our life.

Weeds offer food and shelter to birds and wildlife- producing a lovely flower
Some offer medicinal value someday becomes a cure for cancer or the common cold.
Common weeds provide oxygen that we breathe taking in the carbon dioxide we exhale
Many weeds offer food and shelter for birds and animals-lovely wildlife.
Today let us hug our weeds, water our weeds, fertilize our weeds
Enjoy weeds to have a very happy Weed Appreciation Day!

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March 26 National Spinach Day


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March Twenty Sixth today is National Spinach day all over
Great Spinach  is  green, leafy vegetable in the world  a rich
Source of minerals, vitamins, pigments, and nutrients.
Spinach good as a part of  salads,  be cooked or sauteed down

We Can  take as a side dish vegetable or added in  recipes
For soups, stews, and casseroles.

A bowl of spinach leaves on a grey background

Minerals, vitamins, pigments, and nutrients,  Potasium, zinc,magnesium, iron, calcium in spinach give health benefits.

Green leafy vegetable has  vitamins like folate, niacin,vitamin A, B6  C and K,thiamine, riboflavin it has a low-fat content.

 When that patients with age related Macular degeneration ,  consume fresh green leafy spinach are relieved from glaucoma and  degeneration.

 spinach  influences cognitive function,  reduces the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease, increases blood flow to the brain and heightens cognition,concentration, and neural activity.

spinach, strengthens heart muscles, which continuously pump blood to all parts of the body.  heart failure, hypertension, and coronary heart disease.

Spinach is a good for bone mineralization.  helps in building up strong bones.  maintaining healthy teeth and nails.

spinach  decreases the occurrence of gastric ulcers. strengthens the digestive tract lining,  prevents any unwanted inflammation

spinach  reduces the occurrence heart attacks, and strokes.  spinach proteins  reduce cholesterol and other fat deposits in the blood vessels.

Spinach maintains Blood Pressure

Health benefits of spinach - infographic

Spinach  prevents various kinds of cancers including bladder, prostate, liver and lung cancers.

The leaf protects patients suffering from cancer.

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Lui-Ngai-Ni 15 February 2019

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Great indeed are the culture and traditions of India-that is Bharath
In different States and many a time all over the country as a whole.
Climate, nature, people language differ yet we see unity in diversity
Including fame and name, glory and greatness that enhance the Nation’s dignity!

Fifteenth February is today – a day great for Manipuris
Lui Ngai Ni is the seed-sowing festival for the Naga tribes of Manipur
The festival heralds the season of seed sowing and marks the start
Of the year for the Nagas -a holy day indeed on their part!

Agriculture a noble culture and the agriculturalists great tribe
Who toil and till in sun and rain, to feed others- we have to imbibe
Their spirit of service for the humanity! Vagaries of monsoon hitting
Them hard and harsh. Let us wish Naga season all success this year flourishing!

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February 2nd-World Wetlands Day

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Wonderful world created by the Lord Almighty- Omnipotent
Humans and animals, lands and oceans, hills and dales-significant
Wetlands, dry lands, marsh lands, deserts,-all created for the good of all
In the God’s beautiful creation all are equal and stand quite tall!

Every bit of land on earth has its immense value and use
It is for us to make the best use for peace and plenty profuse
Alas! Man in his selfishness converts wetlands into plots for flats
Unfortunate development in our society to put an end to..

Today is the WORLD WETLANDS DAY to raise awareness about values
And benefits of Wetlands for humanity and the planets like biologically
Diverse ecosystems to provide habitat for many species,
Serve as buffers on the coast against storms and flooding, and
Filter water by breaking down or transforming harmful pollutants.

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SUN -the great giver of light and life- to be revered and thanked
Today is the day Pongal -Sankaranthy day rightly earmarked
By one of the oldest religions of the world-Hinduism
A festive day for prayer, feasting and socializing!

Pongal a delicious preparation with rice, ghee and sugar candy
Offered to Sun God with sugarcane- result of HIS grace to all
Socialization with warm visits to kith and kin and greet
“HAPPY PONGAL”-poor and rich, old and young, men and women all!

Personally the day marks the start of fifty ninth year
As a teetotaler- at the instance of Kanchi Maha Swami
As a final year Degree student of Alagappa College,
Karaikudi-not tempted to even in Ooty or minus temperature places! –

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November 1st WORLD VEGAN DAY

Family cooking a vegetarian meal.

The world knows well the PLEA FOR VEGETARIANISM
Advocated by Mahatma Gandhi as an expression
Of compassion and love for animals-yet another
Creation of the Lord almighty!- The Omnipotent!

Compassion Towards Animals-noble mission
Of veganism- refrain from using anything made
From animals- meat, eggs, milk, and honey avoid products
That use animal labor! What a great mission vegans have!

November first World Vegan Day is today-no animal
Racing or fighting be allowed! Non-violence, compassion
Towards all of nature’s creatures- heart of their philosophy.
All such activities are exploitative and cruel
Vegans, feel it is an issue of ethics and health.
Plant-Based Diet-advocated and practiced-
Their diet high in fiber and low in cholesterol reduce risk of
Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.!

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