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Wonderful is the creation of Omnipotent Lord Almighty!
Of His creations Coconut – great help to the thirsty.
Today observed as World Coconut Day across the globe-
To thank Him for the life saving drink so kindly chose!

Every part of human body is useful in a way
So is coconut tree is useful-every part any day
The Flesh-food, Milk, and Flour, rich in vitamins, minerals,
Powerful antioxidants help in aspects several.

Young, tender coconut water sweet and its flavor best
Nothing quenches severe thirst in the mid summer heat most
La- uric acid in coconut oil is excellent for health
It improves the immunity and protects from ill health!

Husk helps in making ropes and aesthetic things colorful
Leaves and sticks, trunk and all things in man’s life God’s gift useful
Coconut flowers have medicinal uses many
God’s creation ever wonderful, a day to cherish!

13 Different Types of Coconuts that Grow Around the World | Coconut palm tree, Coconut tree, Coconut varieties

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LAND AFTER HARVEST!- Chinese poet’s

Land At Rest After Harvest Waiting To Be Plowed In Israel. Stock ...

The Land After Harvest

அறுவடைக்குப்பின் விளைநிலம்

Crows caw while wheeling toward the setting sun
மறையும் கதிரவனை நோக்கி காக்கைகள் கூவுகின்றன
To face the land after harvest
அறுவடக்குப் பின் விளை நிலம் நோக்க
To listen to the pleasant voice of domestic animals
வீட்டு விலங்கினத்தின் இனிய குரலைக் கேட்க
Fathers are dim in the soft dusk light
தந்தையர் மென்மையான மாலை வெளிச்சத்தில்

The land
Is shrunken like Mother’s breasts
தாயின் மார்பைப்போன்று சுருங்கி
A withered tree is dancing in autumn wind
இலையுதிர்ந்த மரம் இலையுதிர்கால காற்றில் நடனமிடுகிறது
Roots grow in quiet harmony
வேர்கள் ஒற்றுமையில் வளர்கிறது
Like Father’s beard
தந்தையின் தாடி போல!
(Translated by ZHANG Zhizhong)

About the author:

ஆசிரியரைப்பற்றி ஆங்கிலத்தில்

DUAN Guang’an, born in 1956 in Tianjin, as a famous poet and scientific worker in in contemporary China,he is the chairman of the Association of Tianjin Lu Li Study, vice-director and secretary general of Tianjin JulyPoetry Society, associate managing editor of Tianjin Poets, and a member of the Chinese Writers Association. Hehas published over 600 poems on newspapers and periodicals including Poetry Periodical, Selected Poems, The
Star Poetry Periodical, The Forest of Poetry, Digest, and Xinhua Wenzhai (or New China Digest), etc. He has

published two collections of poems: The Poems of DUAN Guang’an and Selected Poems of DUAN Guang’an. He

has won several prizes for his poems, some of which have been included into various poetry anthologies and, some

have been translated into English, Russian, Arabic, Romanian, Italian, Bosnian, Nepali, Spanish, Japanese, French,

Malay, and Nederlands, etc.



Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai, 9840477552


Eat Your Vegetables Day

Eating is a part of all living beings on earth including oceans
Eating – when, what, how and how much a matter of one’s will and choice!
God has created a plenty of items for the humans and
Animals to eat! Vegetables are one that is great for all and a must!

So many things to consider when it comes to improving our life
A  balanced and healthy diet. We have a lot to think about when it
Comes to making the most of what we put in our body, and
Something that we need to make sure we get right. many factors
Play a role to have a healthy and balanced diet, and the best thing
Is to ensure we eat our vegetables as much as we  can. Let us make the most
Eat Your Vegetables Day today the Seventeenth June.

They come in every color of the rainbow, almost every believable shape
And size, and the flavors they bring to the table are absolutely astounding.
May be staple vegetables like carrots, potatoes, and onions  or different
Range of vegetables  from around the world. Eat Your Vegetables Day
Is to get people eating their veggies, and also in spreading awareness of
Diversity and necessity in a healthy diet.Have a vegetable with every meal,
And for a snack each day. Perfect food for a perfect health!

NATIONAL EAT YOUR VEGETABLES DAY - June 17, 2020 | National Today



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Seeds indeed are the greatest gift of God alias nature for the people
For their healthy and happy living-from the seeds sprout their lives!
Exchanging seeds with friends and among the gardeners and farmers
A healthy practice to follow to enjoy different vegetables and fruits!

Today Twenty Fifth January is National Seeds Swap Day
On the last Saturday in January serves as a reminder to
Gardeners that spring is on its way.  an ideal time for gardeners to
Gather and swap seeds in preparation starting seeds indoor.

The seed swap is a fundamental part of human history.
Seeds  one of the first commodities valued and traded.
Today, modern gardeners collect and exchange seeds
For many reasons ranging from cultivating rare, heirloom varieties
To basic thrift. The exchange of seeds perpetuates biodiversity.
An act of giving and the ultimate form of recycling.!

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FARMER’S DAY – 17th January

None can give greater tributes to the farmers and Farming other than Tamil Saint  Poet Thiruvalluvar whose day was celebrated  on 16th including  a post in this Blog! The following ten couplets -chapter 104 of the Magnum Opus:

Farming though hard is foremost trade
Men ply at will but ploughmen lead                 kural 1031

Tillers are linch-pin of mankind
Bearing the rest who cannot tend.                 kural 1032

They live who live to plough and eat
The rest behind them  bow and eat.                 kural 1033

Who have the shade of cornful crest
Under their umbra umbrellas rest.                  kural 1034

Who till and eat, beg not; nought hide
But give to those  who are in need.                kural 1035

Should ploughmen sit  folding their hands
Desire free monks  too suffer wants.               kural 1036

Moulds dried to quarter-dust ensure
Rich crops without  handful manure.                kural 1037

Better manure than plough; then weed
Than irrigating , better guard.                    kural 1038

If landsmen  sit sans moving about
The field like wife will sulk and pout.            kural 1039

Fair good earth will laugh to see
Idlers pleading poverty.                            kural 1040


(English translation by Kaviyogi Sudhdhananda Bharathi)


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2010 FarmersDay AshantiRegion Ghana 5262946799.jpg

Farmers Day  also called Kisan Divas  celebrated today
Twenty Third December every year  on the birthday of the
Fifth Prime Minister of India, Choudhary Charan Singh,
A farmer’s leader, who introduced many policies to improve
The lives of the Indian farmers. of great significance to them.

Saint Poet ThiruvaLLuvar in his magnum opus ThirukkuraL
Pays glowing tributes to farmers in this way:
Farming though hard is foremost trade
Men play at will but ploughmen lead.

Tillers are linch-pin of mankind
Bearing the rest who cannot tend.

They live who live to plough and eat
The re4st behind them bow and eat.

Who have the shade of cornful crest
Under their umbra umbrellas rest.

Who till and eat, beg not; nought hide
But give to those who are in need.

Should ploughmen sit folding their hands
Desire-free monks too suffer wants.

Moulds dried to quarter-dust ensure
Rich crops without handful manure.

Better manure than plough; then weed;
Than irrigating, better guard.

If landmen sit sans moving about
The field like wife will sulk and pout.

Fair good earth will laugh to see
Idlers pleading poverty.

No greater tributes can be paid to the farmers and their farming better than the Tamil Saint Poet THIRUVALLUVAR.

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November 28th THANKS GIVING DAY!

Our (Almost Traditional) Thanksgiving Dinner.jpg

A North American Thanks Giving Dinner!!

Known or unknown, young or old, educated or uneducated, men or women
Who ever does something big or small saying THANKS is a  courtesy.
November twenty Eighth today  is THANKS GIVING DAY in America
What for, to whom, by whom and why? an interesting question!

Prayers of thanks and special thanksgiving ceremonies are common among
Almost all religions after harvests and at other times.
Thanksgiving holiday’s history in North America based on
English traditions dating from the Protestant Reformation.

It indeed is a harvest festival, Thanksgiving the Lord for
Successful harvest. Pongal is the Harvest Thanksgiving Festival celebrated
In India, Sri Lanka and Malaysia.  celebrated as Makar Sankranti.
Four-day festival, from January fourteenth to sixteenth,from the last day of
Tamil month Maargazhi to the third day of the Tamil month Thai, to
Convey Thanks to the Sun God for a successful harvest.Indeed a holy day!

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Prompted by the weekly prompt of Blogging Meet here is prompted poem:
RAINY DAYS have made grand arrival! Yes the great gift of Nature alias God!
PAINY DAYS are these to many-going to schools and offices and outside home
With umbrellas failing to protect from rains heavy, Rain coat
Out of its place from the cupboard helps walking or driving two wheelers!
Getting cold and fever as a result of getting drenched in rain-a pain!
Even after the RAIN stops, drizzles continue through TREE LEAVES and branches!
RAIN essential for the world as the Saint Poet of Tamilnadu says in his Magnum Opus THIRUKKURAL written years two thousand and three hundred ago!:
Chapter Two
On rain, rests the world
Sure for its prosperity
Treat rain –nectar bold! (11)

It helps grow great food
Sans water no agriculture
Quenches thirsty world! (12)

Water all in sea
Helps not life on earth so well
Rain water gives glee! (13)

Rain sustains the world
Makes the fertile land yield more
Sans farmers can’t mould! (14)
By absence, rain destroys
Life, living, people and the world
By care it creates! (15)
If rain fails to grace
The earth with its compassion
No grass you can trace! (16)
Ocean becomes dry
When the sky bears not the clouds
People made to cry! (17)
Rain – gift of nature
Whenever denied to the world
Bleak – nobles’ future! (18)
When powerful rain fails
Noble charity gets failed
Nobles’ penance falls! (19)
Sans water no life
When the Lord of Rain conspires
Virtue faces knife! (20)

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WORLD FOOD DAY-October 16th.

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“FOOD FOR ALL” important aim and endeavor of all Governments in the world
Most difficult goal to achieve- how indeed is a nagging question!- untold
Obstacles and difficulties in providing – leaving none to go to bed hungry
Need urgent is to eliminate hunger all over the world forever!

World Food Day is today the sixteenth October- action dedicated to
Tackling global hunger. people from around the world come together to commit
To eradicate worldwide hunger from our lifetime. Celebrating the creation
Of the Food and Agriculture Organization events organized in more than
One hundred and fifty countries across the world, making it the most
Celebrated days of the United promote worldwide awareness
And action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure
Food security and nutritious diets for all. food basic and fundamental
Human right and need. several million people worldwide suffer
From chronic undernourishment, five million children under five die
Of malnutrition every day. Let us dedicate ourselves to implement
The theme for the year “Our actions are our future”!.

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Labour Day has its origins in a movement mobilised by the labour union at the time of rising industrialization

May Day-Labor Day- to honor the working class who labor for a cause
The cause to make the people live in peace and harmony, and be happy
They sacrifice their pleasures and health, care not for comforts and suffer pain!
Right in the days when they were subjected to exploitation and strain!

Unfortunately the labor class exploiting the society becomes
Order of the day and the people are put to inconveniences!
Both seem to be at fault- expectations high among all pathetic.
Rights and duties go hand in hand and society to be sympathetic!

On this holy holiday let the blue or white colored-working class resolve
To be faithful to all and selves and do their duty with all their heart
Government and employers to take care of the employees, workers of all
Cadres -treating honorably, paying decently, respecting  humanly!

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