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Bhanu bhakta Acharya Nepalese poet and writer
Born this day thirteenth July in Eighteen Fourteen translated
Great epic Ramayana from Sanskrit to “Khas language” !
Born in Chundi Ramgha, Tanahun, Nepal.First to translate the epic!

Though many contemporary great poets in the country
He is honored as Adikavi -First poet of Nepal. bounty
He received education at home from his grandfather-scholar.
His birthday is celebrated as Bhanu Jayanti! holy day with flavor!

Various literary festivals organized to honor him
Programs of recitations, art, academic and poetic!
Ramayana in original Sanskrit- now in languages
Several! Indeed a  great wealth of India that is Bharat!



ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,56,000  views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 105th  view at 13.10 hrs yesterday viz Thursday  the Twelfth (12th) July 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed  ONE LAKH  AND FIFTY SIX THOUSAND (1,56,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1230th day and 1283rd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



In the course of gradual evolution of humanity
Language- a great landmark as a facility in society
To communicate with each other indeed an innovation
Different languages In the domain of communication!

One’s mother language is more sacred and important than others
The day the child is able to hear and understand language
Mother language gets ingrained in its mind to last for ever

The day to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural
Diversity and promote multilingualism. Though there are
Six thousand nine hundred and nine languages approx.
One’s Mother language has its own charm and beauty to be proud of!




Music is Divine; enthralling, ennobling and entertaining!
All over the world music has its own ehalted position offered by the music lovers.
Music world around has hundreds of shapes and sounds, varieties varying from ethnicity to languages, country to country. Let us have look at some of the classifications just as an example.



_Australian_music”>Indigenous Australian Chamorro Maori Palestinian Russian Samaritan Ukrainian Music of Western Eurasia

  • Immigrant communities]


International ethnic groups

Native Sub-Saharan African ethnic groups

Native American ethnic groups

Indigenous Caribbean, Mexican, South and Central American people

By religion



By country]

By continent or other international region

By province, region or other sub-national entity

Genres and
·         Classical and art music traditions

·         Classical music

·         Opera


·         Electronic

·         Breakbeat



In certain countries in fact Music is worshipped- as for example in India what is called “NAATHOPAASANAA”. That is worshipping NAADHAA –Sound- as God and worship regularly and religiously by rendering or listening..

In that way, great Karnatic music composers and musicians- a great galaxy of them practiced the worship which culture and tradition continue till this day despite this age is fast food age where man has no time to stand/sit and listen to music.


M. S. Subbulakshmi                  Died at 88 (1916-2004)

2   M. Balamuralikrishna             age     86

3    Lalgudi Jayaraman                    Died at 83 (1930-2013) – violin

4    Bombay Jayashri

5   T. N. Seshagopalan                     age 67

6    Maharajapuram Santhanam     Died at 64 (1928-1992) – singer

7   T. N. Krishnan                            age   87

D.  K. Jayaraman                       Died at 63 (1928-1991)

Dr. N. Ramani                           age 81

10  Sudha Ragunathan

  1. K. J. Yesudas age 77

12  D K Pattammal                     Died at 90 (1919-2009)

13  Upalappu Srinivas               Died at 45 (1969-2014)

14  A. Kanyakumari

15  L. Subramaniam               age 69 – Most accomplishedviolinist

16  Kunnakudi Vaidyanathan  died at 73 (1935-2008) – violin

17   Chitti Babu                      Died at 60 (1936-1996)

18   Nithyasree Mahadevan    age 42

19   Kadri Gopalnath                age 66

20   E. Gayathri                        age 56 – Veena

21  Sirkazhi Govindarajan      Died at 55 (1933-1988)

22  P. Unni Krishnan              age 51

23   Suchindrum R.S. Hariharan  Carnatic Nagaswaram Musician from  South India

24 N. Ravikiran                  age 48

25  Shashank Subramanyam       age 37

26  V. Selvaganesh              age 49

27  M K Thiagaraja Bagavathar.

28  Thetakudi Harihara Vinayakram     age 73

29 Prasanna

30  Shoba Chandrasekar

  1. Vijaya Siva

32  Karthik

33  Mambalam Sisters.

34  Madurai Ranganayaki Sachidanandam

35 Sachidanandam Violin

  1. Dr. M. Thiyagarajan Mridangam

37 T V Rajagopal Pillai    Nadaswaram

38 Suguna varadachari

39 Mahati- Sudharaja-Anil Srinivasan

40 Rajesh Vaidya – Veena

  1. Neyveli Santhana Gopalan
  2. Aruna Sairam
  3. S. Sowmya
  4. P. Unnikrishnan

45 Priya sisters.






The list indeed is endless!




There are several music academies regularly conducting music programs all over the country and in particular my home state of Tamilnadu which has as summer, winter like nature’s seasons, has an additional SEASON called MUSIC SEASON which normally sets in November-December and lasts till January!. Like migratory birdsd flocing Pulicat and Mudumalai sanctuaries , Musicians and Music Lovers from all over the countries and many countries abroad flock to Chennai  for the season and enjoy music, dance, discourses etc all through the Season!

Just as an example:


Thirteenth year this year, programs started on  18th December and concluded on 25th December after the continuous music feast-festival- for eight days right from Morning 7.00 to Night 10.00! Totally there were SIXTY programs!


Year 2017 is the 66th ART FESTIVAL commencing on 11th December to last upto17th January 2018- for 38 days and 158 programs!!

 I also attended two programs one in each. I was happy to note that audience were delighted with all programs and enjoyed. Auditoria were decently full.


Ever year Thiyagaraja Swamigal’s aradhana is conducted in Thiruvaiyary, in Thanjavur District of Tamilnadu for four days in January on the occasion of the poet-composer’s Samadhi.

Practice here is on all the four days from morn till night musicians young and old from all parts of the world assemble and they have to render only the compositions of Thiyagabrammam. Most of his thousand and odd keerthnas are in Telugu and on Lord Rama and some are in Sanskrit. One John Higgins from England came to attend the aaraadhanaa and so immersed in Thyagaraja Krithis, learnt and performed. He was named as John Higgins Bhagavathar!

The first session will be devoted to group singing by all the singers from different parts of the Globe assembled-the Pancha Rathna Keerthanas of the Saint Composer. It meens FIVE GEMS OF Lyrics.



In the world of Karnatic music -the term MUSICAL TRINITY- refers to the greatest three composers Thyaga Brahmam, Muthuswami Deekshithar and Shyama Sastrigal. Thyagayya of Thiruvaiyaru-Tamilnadu has written hundreds of Keerthanas in praise of Lord Rama in Telugu and of them five pearls like compositions are called PANCHA RATHNA KEERTHANAS which are rendered by all Carnatic musicians wherever they are.

In the year 1963 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India, while inaugurating the “Thyagabramma Aradhana” in Thiruvaiyaru expressed his desire that the Telugu keerthanas should be translated into other languages for greater and deeper appreciation of the songs all over India. It would appear that no efforts were made in this area.

In the year 2012, on a request by a great scholar from Kanchipuram, I translated the Telugu Pancha Rathna Keerthanas into Tamil which was greatly appreciated by our former President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who called on the musicians in Madurai, who brought out a CD of it and heard them sing in person. A detailed account of his visit to the residence of the musicians in Madurai was posted in this Blog under the title “A GREAT DAY WITH Dr. ABDUL KALAM” on 15th March 2015 which is reproduced below:

Yes; it was a great day in the life of these music couple of Madurai and their colleague musician! A historical day, an exhilarating day, an inspiring day to remain evergreen in their minds throughout their life time!

It was Friday the 13th February 2015- the day on which former President of India His Excellency Dr. Abdul Kalam visited a humble musician couple living in Madurai to personally hear the great Pancharathna Keerthanas of Thiruvaiyru Thiyagaraja swamigal – Thyagabrammam-in Telugu translated into Tamil from the lips of the karnatic musician accompanied by her husband in violin and a co-musician in Mridhangam.

Dr. Kalam has already heard the renderings in Tamil through the CD which he came across through a common friend. He said that he was so impressed by the translation and the rendition that he used to hear one gem each day. Now utilizing his visit to Madurai he wanted to hear right from the troupe directly! Of course the musicians who with great efforts brought out the CD were making efforts to render the Keerthanas in the presence of the former President who loves Karnatic music, our culture, our traditions, our literature et all with all his heart.

After fulfilling a few engagements in the city of Madurai, he planned to visit the musicians in the night and accordingly he arrived at their humble residence at 9.30 in the night and spent an hour. The musicians were in an ecstatic mood and delighted to have a great and noble personality in their humble residence. As the public saw the former President’s convoy entered the street, there was a big surge to have a glance of Dr. kalam who indeed is “காட்சிக்கு எளியவன், கடுஞ்சொல்லன் அல்லன்” எனவே சிறந்த ஆட்சியாளனாக விளங்கியவர், உலகமே வியந்து பாராட்டப்பட்டவர்.


Dr. Abdul Kalam being recieved at the residence of Smt. Ranganayaki, vocalist who rendered Tamil Pancharathna Kirthanas along with her husband Shri Sachidanandam, Violinist and Dr. Thiyagarajan, Mridhangist.

As Dr. kalam arrived he was received with a shawl and the team that rendered the “five gems” of the Saint composer was duly introduced. As he was eager to hear the melodious rendering of “ENTHARO MAHANUBAVULU”- “எத்தனையோ மகான்கள் அத்தனை பேருக்கும் வந்தனம்” it was rendered by the team-vocal accompanied by violin and mridhangam. The prestigious guest heard the rendering with great attention and his body language expressed it all- he was so enthralled with the translation and the rendering. Then he openly appreciated the artists profusely and said the translation was ideal. For decades he has been hearing this ‘keerthana’ without understanding the full meaning and import of the song. He enquired about the person who translated the ‘keerthanas’ and he was shown the profile of the translator and Dr. kalam read it with great joy. He requested the artists to convey his appreciation and compliments to the translator.


A small memento Dr. Kalam

Then was his time for dinner. Knowing his taste ‘hot dosa and kuzippaniyaram’ with ‘coconut chatni and sambar served in hygienically cleaned plates. The guest relished the items and enquired as to who prepared such delicious food. When he was told that it was by the vocal artist, he made a comment: “Your rendering was so sweet and nice as is your dosa and kuzippaniyaram with tasty accompaniments. .You are a great musician and also a great cook. Your kuzippaniyaram and chatni a great combination as ypur melodious rendering perfectly matched with the mridhangam and violin!”

After a few snaps with the artists and others former President – dignitary Guest- left the house by 10.30 in the night.


(left to right) Dr. Thiyagarajan, Dr. Abdul Kalam , Shri Sachidanandam, Smt. Ranganayaki


Naturally the hosts could not sleep ruminating over the dream like visit of the former President His Excellency DR. Abdul Kalam to their abode in Madurai.

Yes: who are the dramatic personae- in this lovely event on that happy night of 13th February 2015? That is the team of three musicians who with great efforts brought out the CD of Tamil Pancharathna Keerthanas at the instance of Dr. Meenakshi Pattabiraman, former English Professor, a poet, writer and scholar of Madurai.

Mrs RANGANAYAKI SACHIDANANTHAM B.Com, M A, M Phil (Music)- Vocal: B High grade AIR artist, TV artist, teaching music to a large number of children, has participated in the NADHA NEERAJANAM” program of TTD Devasthanam; Thirumala, Widely travelled in Singapore and Malaysia for spreading the great carnatic music.

Mr. D Sachidanandam Violinist: AIR ‘A’ Grade artist; Kanchi Mutt Asthana Vidwan. TV artist. Has widely travelled in America, Singapore and Malaysia and rendered Solo violin and accompanied famous vocalists. Has trained a large number of students.

Dr. K Thiyagarajan, B. Com; M A (Music) Ph.D- Mridhangist:  Serving as Assistant Professor Mridhangam in the Sri Sadguru Sangeetha Vidhyalaya Music college, Madurai.Awarded the titles “Miruudhanga Vadhyamani”, “Kalaivalarmani” etc. Kanchi aasthana vidhvan. AIR, TV artist. Visited Singapore and Malaysia. A large number of students have been trained by him.

All the three have founded an organization called “THISRADWANI” in Madurai to promote Karnatic music in the Society. It is rendering very effective, efficient and excellent service in the cause of Karnatic music in its third year now.

N V Subbaraman –Translator of the Telugu Pancharathna Keerthanas intoTamil – a desire that was expressed by the then Prime Minister of India Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1963 while inaugurating the annual Thiyagabramma Aradhana Festival in Thiruvaiyaru. Saint Composer’s period is 1767- 1847.

Narayanamurthy – Common friend of former President Dr. Abdul Kalam who gave the copy of the CD to him. Mr. Murthy served with Dr.Kalam as a Director in ISRO. He is the brother of the violinist D.Sachidanandam, husband of the vocalist Smt. Ranganayaki.


The innovative translation of the keerthanas from Telugu to Tamil attracted the attention of the media – most powerful instruments-.and the leading Tamil monthly magazine named KALAIMAGAL made a review of the CD in one of its issues-February 2013.

On 22nd of this month THE HINDU-India’s National Newspaper since 1878 made out a news about this CD with tremendous response from the readers of Hindu interested in Karnatic Music and in particular Thyagayya’s keerthanas.

In one of the ongoing music festivals organized by the first referred CHENNAIYIL THIRUVAIYARU I was honored on 25th December with a shawl and sandal garland for my translating the Keerthanas to Tamil.

In the second one a reference was made to the translation work.

A neighborhood news paper ANNA NAGAR TIMES in a story on ENVIUS in detail referred to this translated keerthanas which evoked the curiosity of the readers.



In this way MUSIC AROUND THE WORLD is exhilarating, ennobling and entertaining. This much is for this Sunday story today and we shall meet tomorrow. Thanks.



ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,22,000 views

I am glad to share with you that with the 83rd view at 15.00 hours yester viz Saturday the 30th December 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS crossed ONE LAKH AND TWENTY TWO THOUSAND (1,22,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1037th day and 1084th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty


BYE TO 2017!

Stock taking of the year-positives only!

(NEGATIVES many not to be shared and disturb the peace of my esteemed Viewers.)

Participated in the FLAMINGO FESTIVAL in Sulurpeta and presented  my Tamil poem SIBERIAN BIRDS


Participated  in several POETS MEET including the National Seminar organized by CHENNAI POETS CIRCLE and presented my poem “DANCE OF WIND”


The HINDU and ANNA NAGAR Times carried news and story in their respective news papers.

It is not decent to trumpet what I GAVE TO THE SOCIETY in the year and hence I don’t but only gratefully recollect what THE SOCIETY HAS GIVEN ME with all HIS GRACE AND ELDERS BLESSINGS!


Let me welcome the TWO THOUSAND EIGHTEEN tomorrow!









On Facebook, President APJ Abdul Kalam's Aide Recalls His Last Day

Dr. Abdul kalam with his aide Srijan Pal Sing on the last day of his life-27/7/2015.


Strange coincidence though it was two great leaders  died
Twenty Seventh day of a month- May Nehruji entered
And July Doctor Kalam reached heavenly abodes
Two of the tallest leaders served the holy land!

A lover of Karnatic music Kalam was loved
My Tamil translation of Thyagayya’s gems five proud
Listened personally sung by great artists at night
Ten at Madurai at the artists’ humble homes- a delight!

A noble first citizen of Bharath – our homeland
Moved so freely with all in simple style- made wonderland
Lives ever in the minds of all- on this sad day
We pay our respects to him in all humility.


In this regard kindly read the  connected posts to Dr. Abdul Kalam viz
1. A great day with Dr. Abdul Kalam -on 15/3/2015
2. A great Day with Dr. Abdul Kalam on 27/7/2015.
3. A strange paradox on 2/8/2015.
4. Thyagaraja Aradhana Is Today. on 17/1/2017.

all available in the archives of this blog.



I am glad to share with you that with the 124th view at 19.15 hours yesterday viz Wednesday  the 26th July 2017, total views of ENVIUS THOUGHTS  crossed NINETY NINE  THOUSAND (99000) on the 859th day and 924th post from more than 210 countries around the world, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty.

MY ‘E books’ in Amazon!

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Amazing Amazon published my books through KINDLE
Five in number very interesting-thoughts kindled
Fifty percent of Royalty when received will go
To the orphanage as is the practice to show!


Here are the book names with links for easy access

1. Voice of Ramana: Fragrant Garland of Letters –
2. Mystic Moon Marvels: A collection of haiku –
3. Cuckoo’s Song: Kuyil Pattu by Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar –
4. Envius Poems Volume 1: 50 poems on the significant days of the year –
5. Envius Poems – Vol II: 44 poems for various occasions  –




Envius Poems Volume 1: 50 poems on the significant days of the year Kindle Edition

by Subbaraman NV (Author)

A collection of poems written to ruminate on the significant days of the year.

Amazon E booksKindle edition Rs.64/-

Product Description

A collection of poems written to ruminate on the significant days of the year.



Envius Poems – Vol II: 44 poems for various occasions (Prayer series) Kindle Edition

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A collection of poems that includes prayers for many professions and occasions. Thousands of Envius Thoughts readers have found succor in reading and re-reading these poems. Now collected in a book.


Kindle Edition Rs.64/-





Mystic Moon Marvels: A collection of haiku Kindle Edition

by NV Subbaraman (Author)


“The poet Subbaraman’s haiku are exactly haiku originating in Japan. But in Japan, there is no concept of rhyme; thus his rhymed haiku surpass Japanese haiku in beauty. The beauty of both the contents and the form ogf his haiku is worth esteeming very highly.”
~ Prof. Dr. Kazuyosi Ikeda Ph.D; D. Sc; D. Litt; D. Cult; D. Envir. Sc; Osaka, Japan



Kindle $ 1.85


Cuckoo’s Song: Kuyil Pattu by Mahakavi Subramanya Bharathiyar Kindle Edition

by Subramanya Bharathi (Author), NV Subbaraman (Translator)

Mahakavi Bharathiyar,( 1882-1921) one of the greatest national poets from Tamilnadu is a multi faceted personality. Through his inspiring poems raised the people of Tamilnadu against the British which ultimately resulted in Indian Independence. He has to his credit a number of epics and “cuckoos song” is one such. The readers especially English knowing devotees of Bharathi will enjoy every bit of this epic poem translated into English.




Voice of Ramana: Fragrant Garland of Letters Kindle Edition

by NV Subbaraman (Author)

Bhagawan Ramana, the Saint of Thiruvannamalai, world renowned philosopher saint is the repository of all wisdom and has many works to his credit. One is his Akshara Mana Mala which has been acclaimed as one of the best. Here is the work translated into English in Haiku/ Tanka format for Ramana’s devotees to read and enjoy.

NV Subbaraman (1)


Kindle price$.93

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Customers can now buy over 3 million Kindle books on with Indian credit/debit cards, net banking and Gift cards.


50% of the Royalty will be donated as per the practice of the author, to an orphanage/old age home near Chennai.




Thyagaraja Aradhana 2017 Is today.


Greatness of a country depends on the quality
Of its people- culture, knowledge and nobility.
Culture and literature it has produced for long
Greatly valued and recognized by the world along!

India that is Bharath with its hoary culture
Intellectual and spiritual literature
Add greatness and earn place of pride among the nations
One great Saint Poet was Thyagabrahmmaml- in admiration!

Telugu poet in Tamilnadu- whose hymns in thousands
All in praise of Lord Rama and her consort-profound
Sung with reverence by all devotees all over the world
Today is his aradhana at Thiruvaiyaru- a holy place in fold!

Musicians Karnatic and devotees of all faiths
Converge on the banks of river Cauveri in Thanjavur
From morning till night programs in divinity sure
The audience entire in ecstasy and nobility pure!

Scene from the Aradhana at Thiruvaiyaru, Thanjavur District.


PS: “Pancha rathna keerthanas” of Thyagaraja in Telugu- “Five gems of verses” of Thyagarajaswami were translated by this  Blogger into Tamil and they were brought out as a CD -Vocal Smt. Ranganayaki Sachidanandam, Violin Sri Sachidanandam and Mridangam Dr. K. Thyagarajan and it was very much liked and appreciated  by former President of India Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam who visited the artists’ home at Madurai and heard their music personally rendered. For a story on this, please view from the archives.


Oct 10 FESTIVAL OF “NINE NIGHTS”- Saraswathi puja Day/ World Mental Health day.


Image result for Images of Saraswathi Goddess o0f Learning-Ujjayni

Here is the poem of National Poet, Mahakavi Bharathiyar on the FESTIVAL OF NINE NIGHTS-Navrathri- Dusserha. Today is the day dedicated to the Goddess of Learning-SARASWATHI-Let us invke HER Grace on this holy occasion.

Original in Tamil
1 உஜ்ஜயினீ நித்ய கல்யாணி!
ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி ஓம் சக்தி   (உஜ்ஜயினீ)

2 உஜ்ஜய காரண சங்கர தேவீ
உமா ஸரஸ்வதி ஸ்ரீ மாதா ஸா                       (உஜ்ஜயினீ)

3. வாழி புனைந்து மஹேசுவர தேவன்
தோழி, பதங்கள் பணிந்து துணிந்தனம் (உஜ்ஜயினீ)

4. சத்ய யுகத்தை அகத்திலிருத்தி,
திறத்தை நமக்கருளிச் செய்யும் உத்தமி. (உஜ்ஜயினீ)


1 Ujjayinee nithya kalyaaNi
Ohm sakthi, ohm sakthi, ohm sakthi, ohm sakthi (ujjayinee)

2.Ujjaya kaaraNa sankaradhaevi
Uma sarasvathi srimaathaa (ujjayinee)

3. Vaazhi punaindhu mahesvara dhevan
Thoazhi padhangkaL paNindhu thuNindhanam (ujjayinee)

4. Sathya yugaththai agaththiliruththi
Thiraththai namakkaruLich cheyyum uththami. (ujjayinee)


1.Mother in Ujjain, ever resplendent
Om sakthi, on sakthi, om sakthi, om sakthi. (Mother in Ujjain.)
2 Goddess of Ujjain, Consort of Shankara Shiva
Umasaraswathi-thou art my holy Mother
3. Hail to Thee, Consort of Lord Maheshwara
We bow to Thy feet Holy soliciting Thy grace
4 Keeping the sathya yuga-era of Truth in heart
Great Goddess granting skills and wisdom to devotees.

Image result for Images of ENVIUS THOUGHTS wordpress blog

Saraswthi pooja at the Blogger’s home in those days- Photo Srivalli.



Image result for World Mental Health Day 2016. images.

God creates all human beings with all faculties in tact
For reasons unknown he loses one or the other in fact
Unfortunate he suffers and that makes near and dear
Also suffer; horrible if it is mental disorder.

Incumbent on all is maintenance of Mental Health ever
Bringing up well, nice environs, develop strong will power
Help Mental Health strong and sturdy;”WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY” this day
Theme of this year covers “psychological first aid”.paves way!

To make efforts in support by those to give psychological aid
Whether health staff, teachers, firemen, social workers never paid
But help with all great intention to serve the affected sure
On this day holy, resolve to help the unfortunate pure.


Image result for World Mental Health Day 2016. images.


Image result for Images for depicting the Universe.

                                                         Edges of the Universe


In this hastening
Flood of time
Speed of time
Planets and stars
Elements celestial
Their power and energy
Born of the
Excessive impulse
Of the Universe,
Move bound and unbound
Move controlled and uncontrolled!
Elements all and energy
Spin, revolve, and rotate
Each takes its own time
Sans vain or rancor!
It takes time as per its
Needs and standards
Blinking their eyes in joy!
Universe moves
Exploding, expounding
Imploding, inspiring
Creating space and time
Goes on a procession!
Pierces through the atmosphere
Dashes, clashes, crush,
Just as the waves hit against the rock,
Returns thin and lean,
Contracts into an atom.
Looking blank and nothing!
Melts into nothingness!
Thins into the vacuum!
That will be the end of
The God of Time!
That indeed is the Truth,
Truth of Truths!


What to do till then?
What can be done?
In the TIME domain of the Earth
We shall bind and be bound,
Travel with the TIME,
In the ship of the TIME
We shall rest and relax!
In the almanac developed
By the lay Indian
We shall calculate
Time of ‘Raghu’ and ‘Kethu’
And their rounds and turns,
Our ups and downs,
And its effects and impacts!
Keeping that apart,
Look at the fact
Our ancestors, seniors
Almanac developers
The lay Indian of yore
Specialists, viswanaths, naagars
And those trend setters
Precursors, leading lights
Made out the Universal Time
For today’s astronomers,
To search and research
To make an attempt to explain
Science- scientific Universe!
We have to take
They were the firsts
First to define the
Impacts of the Earth
In the Universe that is rotating
Its purpose and goal
Its importance and significance!
Let us, therefore,
Focus on that layman’s’ view
Of the earth- deemed God
God turned earth,
Put in the enquiry stand!
We shall find out where
The Mother Earth in the cosmos
Is and seek the gravitational point!


World! Yes;
the world made of metals!
What to say and
How to admire
The illiterate Tamil
The Science-ignorant Tamil
The ancestral Tamil
Who named the World as world
In his wisdom and knowledge
Native wisdom and knowledge!
There can be minerals and minerals
Metals and metals, gases and gases
Other than what we know-
Iron, gold, aluminums,
Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Oxygen
All made of small particles and elements
In the earth, of the earth!
Yes; that is the Universe!
Common for all
Laws –Written or unwritten
Rules- written or unwritten
Only sixteen- basic elements
In this Universe! Yes; that is
The finding of the scientists
After search and research
Of the whole universe!
Hail those innocent laymen
Of the days of yore!
That philosopher,
That Scientist declared
“Let us be blessed with those sixteen
And live our life- life of
Plenty and prosperity!

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                                           UNIVERSE -Space and Time.

*Originally written by my good friend Poet. Narana. Manivannan and translated by me into English.



In the wonderful creation of God, the Almighty
Humans born great and become great quite morally mighty
By hard work, devotion and dedication all through life
Society remembers eternally and honor high!

Born of a humble background rose to the sky high level
By sheer hard work and God’s grace- scientist, philosopher novel
Firmly entrenched in the minds of all- youth in particular
First citizen of the country dreamt of developed India!

Space scientist overwhelmed with love for Karnatic music
Loved my translation of Keerthanas of Thyagayya in Tamil
Visited the home of the vocalist at Madurai
Heard them sung in person, paid respects to the Saint Poet!

Today is Abdul Kalam’s death anniversary first
To follow his ideals in our day to day life fast
Greatest tributes Indians can pay to the noble soul
Strive hard to make developed India by twenty- tall!


Dr. Abdulk Kalam spends time with the musicians in Madurai who rendered Telugu Thyagayya’s Pancharathna Keerthanas in Tamil translated by N V Subbaraman.   


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மலைமருந் திடநீ மலைத்திட வோஅருள்

மலைமருந் தாயொளிர் அருணாசலா.                              (76)

மலை மருந்து இட நீ மலைத்திடவோ அருள்

மலை மருந்தாய் ஒளிர் அருணாசலா.

Malaimarun dhidanee malaiththida voaaruL

Malaimarun dhaayoLir AruNaachalaa.

Serve me drugs that heal

Illusions, my Lord! Why grudge

Make my soul a steal!

Lord of Holy Hill! I am in a fix not knowing how to get rid of illusion about me. Without grudging kindly be a drug on me and remove my illusions.

To remove the physical ailments, doctor dispenses certain medicines. Medicine for the inner conflicts and illusions God himself is not only the dispenser of drugs but also the drug itself. Bhagwan pleads with the Lord of Holy Hill to remove his illusions and ignorance by being a medicine without any hesitation or grudge.

மானங் கொண்டுறுபவர் மானத்தை அழித்துஅபி

மானமில் லாதொளிர் அருணாசலா.                               (77)

மானம் கொண்டு உறுபவர் மானத்தை அழித்து அபி-

மானம் இல்லாது ஒளிர் அருணாசலா.

Maanang koNdurupavar maanaththai azhiththuabi

Maanamil laadhoLir AruNaachalaa.

Transform me like you

My Lord, let the bondage go

Make me pure as Thee!

Lord of Holy Hill! Just as you are free from all bondages, transform me also like you.

However much a seeker is devoted to Him, due to certain bondages like desires and selfishness, which he is unable to give up, chooses to surrender to the Almighty. It is for the God to remove such bondages in the seeker and transform that jeevaathmaa into paramaathmaa and as pure as the God Himself. This is Bhagawan’s pleading with the Lord of the Holy Hill.

மிஞ்சிடில் கெஞ்சிடும் கொஞ்ச அறிவின்யான்

வஞ்சியாது அருளெனை அருணாசலா.                             (78)

மிஞ்சிடில் கெஞ்சிடும் கொஞ்ச அறிவின் யான்

வஞ்சியாது அருள் எனை அருணாசலா.

Minjidil kenjidum konja arivinyaan

Vanjiyaadhu aruLenai AruNaachalaa.

Unstable I stand

Unique be Thy way my Lord!

Behold with Thy grace!

Lord of Holy Hill! Unstable I am; beyond a point I plead with you. With Thy grace, take care without letting me down!

Normal human psychology is to show ones might before the meek and to be meek before the mighty! That attitude is unfortunate indeed and betrays his instability of mind. But it is not right for a seeker. Bhagwan pleads with the Lord of the Holy Hill to bless him with His grace before such an attitude sets in. Ramana does not want to be let down by HIM. Once we get His grace, we will not have that attitude.

மீகாமன் இல்லாமல் மாகாற் றலைகலம்

ஆகாமல் காத்தருள் அருணாசலா.                                 (79)

மீகாமன் இல்லாமல் மாகாற்று அலை கலம்

ஆகாமல் காத்து அருள் அருணாசலா.

Meekaaman illaamal maakaat ralaikalam

Aagaamal kaaththaruL AruNaachalaa.

Vexed I am my Lord!

As anchorless ship in sea

Save me as a guard!

Lord of Holy Hill! Save me from getting tossed like an anchorless ship in a rough sea.

In the sea of life, a person is tossed asunder by the desires, ego, arrogance, selfishness, jealousy and similar negatives. He feels miserable as a ship that is tossed terribly without an anchor in a rough sea and naturally gets vexed. On behalf of such people Bhagwan Ramana requests the Lord of the Holy Hill to save the seeker as a life guard.

முடிஅடி காணா முடிவிடுத் தனைநேர்

முடிவிடக் கடனிலை அருணாசலா.                                (80)

முடி அடி காணா முடி விடுத்தனை நேர்

முடி விடக் கடன் இலை அருணாசலா.

Mudiadi kaaNaa mudividuth thanainEr

Mudividak kadanilai AruNaachalaa.

Wisdom sees no knot

Entangled in ignorance

Thy duty to cut!

Lord of Holy Hill! Beginning and the end of the knot entangling the self and the ego are not seen. Thy grace, I seek to untie the knot.

Ego, jealousy, selfishness, ignorance, illusions etc.entangle the self and disables the jeevaathmaa to realize the bliss of merging with the paramaathmaa. The knot that has been formed can not be easily untied with ones wisdom and knowledge. Ramana is certain that only the grace and compassion of the Lord of the Holy Hill alone can untie the knot and enable the seeker to reach his goal.  . .