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Flow of Time in the Timeless World

If deemed imagination, imagination
If deemed illusion, illusion
If deemed REAL, Real!
For human life it is TRUTH
Since it beholds the earth
On the earth, described as TIME
Day, hour, month and year!
TIME is submitted to calculation!
Found beneficial to human life
Has come into practice and usage!
Biology knows no ‘present’
Past, present and future
Sure different from each and varied
Calendar tells us the TIME
Wrist watch shows us the TIME
Make us conscious, gives us awareness
Various units of time,
Various measures of time
Different and varied!

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Even to think
Of Sun and earth
Exploding and
Becoming a memorial,
Both may take years million
To role by and pass!
What is there inside
The earth’s belly?
Await the chater next
And see what the heat can do
Fire can lead
Surprises may visit us!
May be, we are enthralled!

That was born about
A thousand five hundred crore
Years ago, generously pours
Power and heat unlimited
Till this day!
A magnificent philanthropist!
Real evolution is
The evolution of the living beings;
Along with the Universe!
Along with the living beings!
That great Universe
Keeping a tab on
Actively growing into
Magnificent Universe
Expanding, revolving
Revolving fast and rotating
Rotating big
Gaining length, breath and height
Active, gigantically active!
Goes fast and strong!
Developed with the power of heat
Passing through the flood of TIME
Moving through the cyclone of TIME
Later Limitless heat began subsiding
Vibrating heat reverberated
Sprout and blossom!

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,28,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 51st view at 13.45 hrs yesterday viz Friday   the Twentieth  December 2019, (20/12/2019) , total views of the BLOG  crossed    TWO LAKHS AND TWENTY  EIGHT THOUSAND (2,28,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1784th day and 1818th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



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Not here, in this place
Nor stands back to back
In elliptical shape
In beautiful form
Beauty personified
Are the active objects
Bundle of objects
Groups of objects
Embracing each other
Playing with each other
Gallery of objects
Gallery of beauty!
Group of fast moving images
Parts, continuations
In density
In energy
In volume
In its weighty weight
In its softy softness!
Objects in the Cosmos
Their energy
Have ups and downs!
Though not having
Directions definite
They follow mathematical laws.
It searches for the search!
Galaxies adopt
Makes wonders
Brings surprises
Of the planets and their deputies
Derive the authority from the LIGHT
And rule and reign!
Throw the waste in the cosmos
Add to the garbage
And form families!

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Prompted by the weekly prompt of Blogging Meet here is prompted poem:
RAINY DAYS have made grand arrival! Yes the great gift of Nature alias God!
PAINY DAYS are these to many-going to schools and offices and outside home
With umbrellas failing to protect from rains heavy, Rain coat
Out of its place from the cupboard helps walking or driving two wheelers!
Getting cold and fever as a result of getting drenched in rain-a pain!
Even after the RAIN stops, drizzles continue through TREE LEAVES and branches!
RAIN essential for the world as the Saint Poet of Tamilnadu says in his Magnum Opus THIRUKKURAL written years two thousand and three hundred ago!:
Chapter Two
On rain, rests the world
Sure for its prosperity
Treat rain –nectar bold! (11)

It helps grow great food
Sans water no agriculture
Quenches thirsty world! (12)

Water all in sea
Helps not life on earth so well
Rain water gives glee! (13)

Rain sustains the world
Makes the fertile land yield more
Sans farmers can’t mould! (14)
By absence, rain destroys
Life, living, people and the world
By care it creates! (15)
If rain fails to grace
The earth with its compassion
No grass you can trace! (16)
Ocean becomes dry
When the sky bears not the clouds
People made to cry! (17)
Rain – gift of nature
Whenever denied to the world
Bleak – nobles’ future! (18)
When powerful rain fails
Noble charity gets failed
Nobles’ penance falls! (19)
Sans water no life
When the Lord of Rain conspires
Virtue faces knife! (20)

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,20,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 26th view at 07.00 hrs today viz Friday  the First November 2019, (01/11/2019) , total views of the BLOG crossed    TWO LAKHS AND TWENTY THOUSAND (2,20,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1736th day and 1769th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



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Man from the milky moon
Great people of the celestial world
Set in rocket on a pleasant noon
To glimpse the world in a different mould!

Set his feet on Indian soil
Saw its splendour in numerous hues
Marvelled at the effect of people’s toil
Wondered at her glory in all its muse!

Temple and mosque, parishes and churches
Lifting people from the mundane clutches
Mountains and valleys, lakes and rivers
Carrying people on to nature without shivers
Flora and fauna, labs and factories
Providing joy and rendering life satisfactory
Schools and colleges, Temples of Learning
Dispelling darkness in all our dwellings!

Man from the milky moon
Gone back to his lovely home
Happily through the marvellous spaceship
Nicely built with Indian leadership
To build a Bharath of his dream in his world
And make his home, a world of gold!

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The long waves
Great energy
Is in the speed of the light!
Act a little speedier than the light!
They are
The energies
Equal to Light,
In the action-reaction,
Among neutrons-protons,
They have a role,
An important role
In bringing out a change
Change in action.
They contribute
They distribute!
They keep in stage!
With mathematical precision
Arithmetical accuracy
Mathematical brain
Arithmetical seeds
Acts with forces
Direct and opposite!
Spreads actions.
Nothing in fact
Even repulsing forces
Cannot equal the speed
Speed of the light!
The great scientist
Who propounded the
Law of Numbers
Who tilled the Universe
Processed the soil
Sowed the seeds
Reaped the harvest
Increased the produce
Tribal Jew Einstein
His theory.
Newton and his
Kepler and his
Work even this day
Gives credence to
The Universe
Its wrath and spill-outs
Their power and energy
Adds credence!
Stands as a model!
In tomorrow’s Universe
May be objects
Speedier than light
May go right and left!
Theory of Einstein
May move this way or that
May slip and disappear
Pushed to the back ground
May be faulted and discussed!

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Total gravitational measures
And scales
Of the Universe
Had been at cross ways
Or disproportionately
Increased or decreased
Could not have
Come into being!
Sans mathematical rules and laws
Scientific discipline
There is no Universe!
No Microwaves either!
All these are of course
Bound by laws
Controlled by rules!
If today Microwaves are there
They act under the particles of
Opposite energy
Of direct power,
It is because of
The powerful neutrino waves
Right from the birth of Universe!
Struck with wrath
They are elements
They are energies
This came from the space!
Basic particles found in the
Power of the space!
Accelerated particles!
When dashed in the space
With the rays of the Sun
Energy generated and entered inside
They become large particles of
Energy enormous
And released in big volumes
As treasures.
Pushed out
Pushed in
Go out
Come in
Wonderful phenomena!

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