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Poets indeed are the ambassadors of peace created by God
All over the world-in all languages-mighty force made by the Lord!
Endless list of poets worth keeping in mind for eternity sure
Rumi, Yeats, Dante, Milton, Shakespeare, Shelly,Keats and all pure!

Tagore, Sarojini Naidu, Ezakiel, Aurabindo Ghosh
Tulsidas, Vemana, Ghalib,Tikkanna,Kambar, Arunagirinathar!
The greatest-national-patriotic-king of poets was born this day Eleventh December eighteen eighty two-a holy day!

MAHA KAVI-Subramanya Bharathiya-born in Ettayapuram
Wielded his SWORD OF NATIONAL and Divine poetry effectively
People began to live and serve patriotically in a noble way
On this sacred day we pay our obeisance to the KING OF POETS!

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Homage to Bharati with five gems

JATHI PALLAKKU-Bharathi Palanquin coming in a procession.

With Bharthiyar’s -my mentor from his heavenly abode-grace and blessings, my poem in Tamil has been selected by Vanavil Cultural Center to be presented  in a poets Meet being held at Barathiyar’s Memorial in Triplicane Chennai today at 10 am after the JATHI PALLAKKU-Palanquin  with Bharathi’s portrait-reaches from Triplicane Parthasarathy temple .

Mahakavi Barathiyar’s Death Day-11th September

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Ninety Seven years ago this day fell an Institution
Great movement he was-the patriotic poet of the Nation
A poet par excellent, writer and speaker fell a victim
To a temple elephant whom he used to feed while in Madras!

From politics to religion, freedom to womens liberation
He wrote poetry and prose in thousands including education
Multi linguist he was, handled all languages with felicity
Poverty struck poet and politician of the days of yore!

After a near century, on all national occasions
His songs are sung- vibrant and young they are all
May be on the nation, Gods and religions, nature tall
His writings inspire the young and old, read and unread!

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Poetry indeed is the index of the greatness of a language
Poets of all hues are the invaluable wealth of the language
There are many known and unknown in all languages and countries
MANA KAVI cannot be many and rarest among the poetsi

In Tamilnadu MAHAKAVI refers to the great national
Patriotic Poet who inspired and instilled patriotism
In all the people through his immortal poems-in journey to freedom
Subramaniya Bharathiyar entered HEAVEN on that holy day!

Scholar in languages several, learned and the one who loved
The country more than his Mother-injecting love in all who lived!
We salute the one who died almost a century ago whose songs
Are sung even today on all occasions-songs immortal! Man throngs!



The Lord Almighty in HIS compassion for the human beings
Created great men with vision to serve all the living beings
Called poets to help men and women enjoy peace and harmony
Through their creative writing in poetry in all symphony!

Milton and Homer, Shakespeare and Shelly, Keats and Coleridge
Sarojini Naidu and Rabindranath Tagore over the bridge
Valmiki and Kamban, Omar Khayyam and Kamala Dass great
Hundreds of poets all over the globe a wonderful treat!

Bharathiyar-patriotic poet and nationalistic from South
Born on eleventh December hundred and thirty four years ago
Raised the people against the British rule under Mahatma Gandhi
We salute the great Bharathi for his songs excellent and mega!


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POETRY my first love – my first child
I breathe, live and love you mild and wild
Expression of myriad hues in myriad forms
Exposition of million thoughts in mighty norms
Consoling thoughts for the confused minds
Divinity through choice words
Eternal message in elegant form
Essence of life in exploding words
Ecstatic experience of enlightened soul
Enthralling episodes of ever lasting words
Emotional outburst of earthly soul
Infinite thoughts in finite terms
Nobility in fertile form
Sharing of experience in soul stirring stanzas
Source of strength to a worn out mind
Inspiration to the defeated and depressed
Subtle thoughts in sublime words
Song Divine in soft images
POETRY my last love and last child
I breathe, live and love you mild and wild!

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(91) ரீதி தவறேல்

Reethi thavarEl.

Fail not in the method of doing things.

(92) ருசிபல வென்றுணர்.

Rusi pala vendruNar.

Discern the different tastes.

(93) ரூபம் செம்மை செய்.

Rupam cemmai sei.

Make the image perfect.

(94) ரேகையில் கனி கொள்

Rekaiyil kani koL.

Take fruits in the nights.

(95) ரோதனம் தவிர்

Roadhanam thavir.

Avoid weeping.

(96) ரெளத்திரம் பழகு

Rowththiram pazagu.

Learn to show anger.

(97) லவம் பல வெள்ளமாம்

Lavam pala veLLamaam.

Million minutes make many months.

(98) லாகவம் பயிற்சி செய்.

Laagavam payirchchi sei.

Practice nicety.

(99) லீலை இவ்வுலகு.

Leelai ivvulagu.

This world is a sport.

(100) உறுத்தரை இகழ்

Uruththarai igaz.

Decry pseudo Godmen.

(101) உலோக நூல் கற்றுணர்.

Uloaga nool katruNar

Learn the books of the world.

Learn metallurgy

(102) லெளகியம் ஆற்று.

Lavkiyam aatru.

Practice worldliness.

(103) வருவதை மகிழ்ந்துண்.

Varuvadhai makizndhuN

Enjoy what you get.

(104) வானநூல் பயிற்சி கொள்

Vana nool payirchi koL.

Learn Astronomy.

(105) விதையினைத் தெரிந்திடு

Vidhaiyinaith therinthidu

Select the right seed and sow

(106) வீரியம் பெருக்கு

Veeriyam perukku.

Develop strength and valor.

(107) வெடிப்புறப் பேசு

Vedipppurap pEsu.

Speak openly (transparently)

(108) வேதம் புதுமை செய்

Vedham pudhumai sei.

Interpret the scriptures anew.

(109)வையத் தலைமை கொள்

Vaiyath thalaimai koL

Acquire world leadership.

(110) வெளவுதல் நீக்கு

Vavvudhal neekku.

Give up stealing.


The entire Bharathiyar’s New AATHI CHUDI in Tamil and my English translation have been published in ENVIUS THOUGHTS in VII parts. I earnestly hope this when practiced, the whole world will be a heaven on earth. Thanks in millions for my dear viewers from over 175 countries.







(76) மானம் போற்று

Maanam poatru.

Extol self respect and greatness.

(77) மிடிமையில் அழிந்திடேல்

Midimaiyil azindhidEl.

Perish not in poverty.

(78) மீளுமாறு உணர்ந்து கொள்

MeeLumaaru uNarndhukoL.

Perceive the way to extricate.

(79) முனையிலே முகத்து நில்.

MunaiyilE mugaththu nil

Face boldly in the battlefront.

(80) மூப்பினுக்கு இடங்கொடேல்.

Muppinukku idam kodEl.

Give no room for senility.

(81) மெல்லத் தெரிந்து சொல்.

Mellath theridhu sol.

Understand and speak gently.

(82) மேழி போற்று.

MEzi pOtru.

Praise the plough (its immense value.)

(83) மொய்ம்புறத் தவம் செய்

Moymburath thavam sei.

Pursue penance with all your strength.

(84) மோனம் போற்று.

Moanam pOtru.

Cherish silence.

(85) மெளட்டியந்தனைக் கொல்

Mauddiyandhanaik kol.

Get rid of ignorance.

(86) யவனர்போல் முயற்சி கொள்

YavanarpOl muyarchi koL

Work hard as sculptors.

(87) யாவரையும் மதித்து வாழ்

Yaavaraiyum madhiththu vAz

Live respecting all.

(88) யெளவனம் காத்தல் செய்.

Yavvanam kaaththal sei.

Sustain youthfulness.

(89) ரஸத்திலே தேர்ச்சி கொள்

RasththilE thErchchi koL.

Acquire mastery in all arts.

(90) ராஜசம் பயில்

Rajasam payil.

Learn kingly qualities.