December 11th-International Mountain Day

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Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Lord Almighty
In HIS ocean of compassion created the whole world with all
Living beings, humans and animals, high mountains and deep valleys,
All to coexist for the mutual peace and plenty, joy and health!

”Mountains Matter” – theme for this International Mountain Day
Crucial role they play in providing key ecosystem goods and services
To the planet and their vulnerability due to climate change,
We all of us have to step up and raise attention to mountains.

Mountains Matter for Water as mountains are the world’s ‘water towers’
All glaciers in mountain ranges around the world retreat and disappear.
Mountains Matter for Disaster Risk Reduction as climatic variations trigger disasters.
Avalanches, mud flows and landslides tumble downstream, strip bare forests.

Mountains Matter for Tourism as mountains attract global tourism
Mountains Matter for Food as centers of biodiversity
Mountains Matter for rural Youth as life in the mountains is tough.
Abandon their villages in search of employment elsewhere.

Mountains Matter for Indigenous Peoples as mountain areas host
Ancient indigenous communities with precious knowledge, traditions.
Mountains Matter for Biodiversity as half of hotspots are in mountains
Mountains are home to rare animals such as gorillas, snow leopards etc.

Large social movement can bring mountain issues through a global campaign
Social media strategy and events around the world, to tell the world
That the current neglect of mountains and mountain peoples must stop.
Let us use the hashtag Mountains Matter in all our social work.

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Blessed with human life on this earth, we have to EXIST!

In HIS great creations there are human beings, animal beings, hills and dales, mountains and rocks, seas and rivers, tanks and lakes!

Because of religions, castes and sects a feeling has come in us that peaceful coexistence refers only to the people belonging to the different religions inside or outside their countries living and coexisting peacefully!

The following quotes will stand testimony!

Yes at a time when religions -a great unifying factor- sow the seeds of division, disharmony and distrust!

“Do not be overcome by hate. But conquer hate with love.”


“The pathos of the human life teaches one that idolatry of the ego is a sham. Only by living in harmonious accord with the entire world can a person distill happiness that flows from cultivating a state of mindfulness.”

“Our actions reflect the distilled wisdom that we possess of the innermost self. Our personal philosophy is an activated way of living. A peaceful person delves the truest definition of the self by maintaining an attentive state of conscious awareness and ceases escaping from reality with mindless diversions. Self-inquiry is the principal method to remove ignorance, increase self-awareness, and abide in a tranquil existence


“See that the most essential thing is life and that killing or oppressing one another will not solve anything.”

I firmly believe that the mission of religion in the 21st century must be to contribute concretely to the peaceful coexistence of humankind.

Daisaku Ikeda

“India is a living museum of different ethnicities and religions peacefully co-existing. This process is going on for centuries. Shia, Sunnis, Sufis, Hindus, Sikhs and others are living together,” Rouhani said.


“When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.


Jagath Guru: “Hatred and conflict are often rooted in differences between people of different races and religions. We all need to respect people of different races as well as people of different faiths and religions. We need to unite by recognizing our common desire and need for a harmonious society — a society in which we and our children and families and friends and communities can all live our lives in peace and harmony. Regardless of our race or religion, we all want and need such social harmony.”

“Without respect for people of different races or ethnicities or religions, how can we have a peaceful and harmonious society or world? And without a harmonious society, how can there be the necessary economic development and atmosphere conducive to spiritual happiness and self-realization?”


Ramakrishna, a Hindu mystic: “God has made different religions to suit different aspirations, times and countries…one can reach God if one follows any of the paths with wholehearted devotion.”


Ancient Japanese saying: “There are many paths up the Mountain, but the view of the moon from the top is the same.”

The main purpose of this Sunday story is PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE with the other non-human beings like birds and animals, trees and plants, hills and dales, oceans and lakes!.

It is indeed sickening to see the trees being cut for selfish purposes.Trimming is OK and not cutting. When we think of global warming, we have to ensure the trees are protected at any cost.

Again the birds and animals! We have to coexist peacefully with them whatever the inconveniences to which we are put to.

One of the greatest Tamil poets Mahakavi Bharathiyar would say:

.  சின்னஞ்சிறு குருவி போலே-நீ

            திரிந்து பறந்து வா பாப்பா!

வன்னப் பறவைகளைக் கண்டு -நீ

           மனதில் மகிழ்ச்சி கொள்ளு பாப்பா!

கொத்தித்திரியுமந்தக் கோழி -அதைக் கூட்டி

          விளையாடு பாப்பா.

எத்தித் திருடு மந்தக் காக்காய்-அதற்கு

          இறக்கப் பட வேணும் பாப்பா!

பாலைப் பொழிந்து தரும் பாப்பா!-

        அந்தப் பசு மிக நல்லதடி பாப்பா!

வாலைக் குழைத்துவரும் நாய்தான்-அது

         மனிதர்க்குத் தோழனடி பாப்பா!

வண்டி இழுக்கும் நல்ல குதிரை-

        நெல்லு வயலில் உழுதுவரும் மாடு,

அண்டிப் பிழைக்கும் நம்மை ஆடு,-இவை

           ஆதரிக்க வேணுமடி பாப்பா!

In a poem addressed to the children he lists out a few of the animals and birds like sparrow, hen, crow, cow, dog, horse, goat, buffalo,  and so on and it is our duty to help, nurture, and live in peaceful coexistence with all domestic and non domestic!

Very interesting happenings are there in a big residential colony where there are about 5000 residents in about 1000 flats. Pet dogs and stray dogs are seen and the residents are unhappy with the residents feeding the stray dogs and allowing them inside the colony. They urge their Association to arrange with the Municipal authorities to catch them in their dog vans and see that the colony is rid of them. I am an early riser and take my morning walk at 3.00 am for an hour within the colony roads  and again for an hour in the evenings at 16.00 hours. There are half a dozen dogs just following me- some of them may be barking under the impression a-stranger I am why should I walk in the morning hours!!!!!

I don’t find any reason why these stray dogs are to be driven out of the colony!  We have to learn to live in PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE with this community of dogs- my creator and the creator of these dogs being the same ALMIGHTY GOD!

In a place where I was working for three years in Andhra Pradesh, for several years  there was a SNAKE Burrow, in our compound spanning dozens of acres There are about 300  employee- families residing there. . To my knowledge and information, there was no case of snake bite at any time in the past. One day on my return from my official tour, I found the burrow razed to the ground and I felt so bad and the result is the following.

                        SNAKES AND MEN

Snakes and men nature’s  creation.

Nothing created sans purpose of action

All to coexist with mutual appreciation

Alas!Many work to mutual destruction!

Survival of the fittest law of nature

Not for humans to make it a structure

To help each other and start nurture

Sure paves the path for glorious future!

Pity it is to see the stronger

Sit in judgement over the weaker

Brutal strength makes the other poorer

Keeps lives in agony or destroy altogether!

Man and serpent wonders of creation

Funny it is both in constant fears

Trying to provoke others extinction

Stronger is the man puts snakes in tears!

Lovely serpent made  molehill its home

Made its young ones sleep in foam

Taught its toddlings prey and roam

Fell the evil eyes fell on this zon!


Fear and panic razed the molehill to the ground

Parent snakes on return from their round

To their horror and sorrow razed home they found

And dead were their offsprings with misery around!

Living in harmony all with nature


All living and let living without torture

How to ensure for  glorious future?

So my esteemed viewers this brings us to the end of this Sunday Story. We shall meet tomorrow as usual. Till then GOODBYE!  

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It is WORLD SPARROWS DAY today Nature Forever Society
And organizations several sponsoring with purity
Of hearts and souls to bring an awareness in all in unity
And conserve the Sparrow and birds others with love and sympathy!

What a pity? A beautiful creation is lovely sparrow
Mindlessly the cruel man kills in thousands with his sharp arrow
Arrow of cellphone towers , high rise concrete jungles all over
The areas urban -unfortunate we lose birds by waves power!

My mentor from his heavenly abode National,patriotic Tamil Poet Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar’s poem on SPARROW in original Tamil and my English translation are as below:

விட்டுவிடுதலை யாகிநிற்பா யிந்தச்
சிட்டுக் குருவியைப் போலே.

1,எட்டு திசையும் பறந்து திரிகுவை
ஏறியக் காற்றில் விரைவோடு நீந்துவை
மட்டுப் படாதெங்கும் கொட்டிக் கிடக்குமிவ்
வானொளி யென்னும் மதுவின் சுவையுண்டு (விட்டு)

2.பெட்டையி னோடின்பம் பேசிக் களிப்புற்றுப்
பீடையி லாததொர் கூடுகட் டிக்கொண்டு
முட்டை தருங்குஞ்சை காத்து மகிழவைதி
முந்த உணவு கொடுத்தன்பு செய்திங்கு (விட்டு)

3.முற்றத்தி லேயுங் கழனி வெளியிலும்
முன்கண்ட தானியம் தன்னைக் கொணர்ந்துண்டு
மற்ற பொழுது கதைசொல்லித் தூங்கிப்பின்
வைகறை யாகுமுன் பாடி விழிப்புற்று (விட்டு)

In English:
Leave bondage and be free -like
This Lovely sparrow!

Go free in all the directions eight
Get into the air and glide fast
Limitless flowing all over
Drinking the honey of Divine light! (Leave)

Speaking joyfully with your young ones
Building a nest comfortable sans any flaws
Keeping the young one coming out of the egg safe and happy
Showering all your love feeding the young!(Leave)

In the field and in the yard at home
Bringing the grains of food and taking with thy young ones
At other times telling story and making it asleep
Getting up in the early morn singing in praise (Leave)


FRIEND OF TREE Part 2-Banyan tree!


The tree in Kadiri near Anantapur in Andhra Pradesh!

In the creation of God. the Lord Almighty
Great plants and trees , leaves and fruits, stems and trunks mighty
All over the world, all over the hills and plains
Varieties in thousands- valuable in crores!

Here is a banyan tree my friend today and ever
Divinity we see in the tree-of high repute!
Asked the Divine tree: gigantic I am have you seen?
Told I: Biggest guinness record holder in Kadiri!

“Thimmamma Marrimanu” near Kadiri,
Canopy covering nineteen thousand square meters
Recorded as the largest tree in the world
In the Guinness Book of World Records in!

You are the seat of Lord Shiva, I bow in reverence!
Said the Banyan: Under me the world resides!
On me birds of all kinds and varieties, monkey too!
Under my shade devotees take food and rest!


Thimmamma Marrimanu is the largest, known tree in the world by area of canopy coverage.





Robin proudly said: Do you know that I am the  national bird of several American states?

Said I : I know congratulations; I love your color and features great!



Rooster in joy said:





Stork asked me: Why do you say stork reality?

Replied I :That is stark, you are stork-yet we love you for your color and actions!



Swallow asked :Will you swallow us?

Replied I: certainly not, I know when I tattoo you in my chest you will carry me to heaven!



Swans with a sense of pride asked : How do you like us?

Replied I: I am NVS, I am envious of you. You are so beautiful and swim in water quite gracefully!



Swift asked: Why you have a car “SWIFT”?

I as a proud owner of a SWIFT said: My car swift as swift as you are in movement!


Tailor Bird

Tailorbird ith a pride said: Did you see my nest; I have tailored it with leaves!

I said appreciatively: Beautiful a high style tailor u r. !





Turkey Do you know more than four hundred species we are from Turkey!

With  surprise largely writ on my face I said: Indeed I am delighted -how beautiful , colorful you look!



Vulture  sadness writ large in its face mourned: We vultures are amazing birds, but we are often misunderstood.  We are destined to be so.

I soothingly said: You are great in your own way; don’t feel sad. I love you.



Hope you all enjoyed
Let us talk to something else
At some time later please!


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Even in the wildest of imaginations one cannot say
Precisely the percentage of birds to total living beings!
Very, very, very small. Like one blade of grass in a
Forest of trees, bushes and creepers -greatest creation of God!

Birds wonderful creation of the Almighty on earth
Is indeed the greatest manifestation of nature worth
Beyond millions for the society to take care nice
And enjoy their shape and voice, color and composure wise!

Here are some speaking with human friend which please enjoy
Question and answer session to start here and now-great joy!
For a change birds reply and the human I ask with rejoice!


A bird lover I asked: Such a lovely look you have, I don’t see you near my home
Macaw with a pride said: I am native to central America, and Norh America  and your friends I see and they see!


With joy I asked: I came nearer you with Keat’s ode to you !
With pride Nightingale said: What a great poet and still his words ring  in my ears!
3. Ostrich

I sadly asked: Did you ever feel that you cannot fly and feel inferior?

With a complex superior said:With my long neck and legs,I can run at about                                             seventy  kilometers an hour fastest among our species right!

4. Owl

Derisively I said are you not unhappy about your eyes?

With a proud look it said : I am proud of my binocular vision which none else has!

5. Parakeet


I asked in a low voice: Beautiful birds you are but you are in France!

Bird proudly said: My adopted home is your VedanthangaL I am above and there!

6. Parrot

I said joyfully: Our little children at home love you!

Said Parrot with poise: We  equally like and love you all! You are great!

7. Peacock

Reverentially I said: You carry on your back my beloved Lord Muruga! Nice of you.

Peacock with  a smile said: That is my luck and blessed we are to be HIS vehicle!

8. Pelicon

With envy I asked: In summer I suffer; you joyfully spend time in water coolly!

Pelican with a laugh said: My long beak, large throat pouch help for catching  food, draining water from the scooped up contents before swallowing. Great we are.


I said in a lighter vein: You are my teacher; I read from PENGUIN READERS!

Penguin proudly said: We are grateful to Pearson Educationists for their readers!

10. Pheasant

I asked with curiousness: Why do they call you “game birds”?

The game bird said :We enjoy love making with our male counterparts!

11.  Pigeon


Joyfully I asked: Can you sing for me?

Responded instantly: Please enjoy here and now!

12. Quail


On its own it suggested my listening to its  voice melodious. Please enjoy the California Quail. mo


(This series will end with Part IV!!!!!!- I hear you saying “Thanks God”!!!????)


Birds wonderful creation of the Almighty on earth
Is indeed the greatest manifestation of nature worth
Beyond millions for the society to take care nice
And enjoy their shape and voice, color and composure wise!

Here are some speaking with human friend which please enjoy
Question and answer session to start here and now-great joy!

Goose asked in agony:Why do you call me with contempt!
Replied I soothingly: No we pity the one who is a simpleton!

(Heermann’s Gull)


Gull gleefully asked: Are you proud of our tribe?
Replied I with joy: We are proud of you and enjoy your movements great!


Hawk with a pride on its characteristic curved beak, rounded short wings and a long tail looked majestically at me
I said: ” what a majestic look God has bestowed on you!”


Hen with a surprise enquired: walk at three in the morning!
I replied seriously:Yes I wanted to score a point over you!


Long legged and with long shaped necked heron: How do you find me?
I with admiration said: Within your tribe you are special and I love you!

Humming bird

Humming bird with pride asked: have you enjoyed my songs?
Admitting admiration I replied: humming sound you make me humble!


Jackdaw from the temple premises said: I am always with the Divine!
I told with reverence{ You are indeed fortunate to my envy.


Jay proud of its vivid pinkish-brown, blue, black and white plumage just looked at me
Jay walking I told: you are a great creation of the Lord  supreme!


King fisher

Kingfisher with its long sharp beak, diving for fish in river had no time to talk
I with admiration was just enjoying its shape and color-beautiful creation-tall!


Kite proud of divinity in it gave just its darshan
I looked at it with reverence and sought the grace of GARUDALVAR!


Kiwi-a flightless New Zealand bird with hairlike feathers and a long bill: Do you pity  me?
Said I : Why should I? I only envy you as you can walk faster than me!


Lark happy about itself- with brown plumage elongated hind claws and tuneful song-attracted me
I in silence was immersed in the ode to a skylark of Keats the great!


My day with these  birds passed off  joyfully on the “JOY OF GIVING DAY-
Waiting for a delightful day for Part three- waiting for that golden day!



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