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Of the creations of the God among the birds chicken is beautiful
Alas! cruel man feels chicken is an ideal non-veg dish wonderful!
Chicken soup, chicken biryani at all times everywhere nice
Easy victim in the world is the lovely chicken for the dish with spice!

May fourteenth today is Dance Like A Chicken Day to enjoy and dance
Observed -a day to perform the “Chicken Dance” and not chickenery
A day for those Who like “Chicken Dance” an oom-pah song and
connected fad dance A contemporary dance throughout the Western world!

Song composed by accordion player Werner Thomas from Davos, Switzerland,
In nineteen fifties. name of original Swiss song was “Der Ententanz”
The Duck Dance.Let them dance but not kill and eat -poor creature
Let us allow them to happily roam, wake us up early morn its feature!

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Poor chicken turned Biryani!!!!!!Sacrificing its precious life and freedom for satisfying  the taste buds the cruel man!.


What a great look these little penguins have-so pleasing and perfect beauty
Indeed God’s creations are wonderful- humans and animals- lovely,
Blend of colors, height and size, weight amazing creation is penguin
April Twenty Fifth is today the World Penguin day for all to think!

Annual northward migration of penguins is on or around today.
They are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living more or less
Exclusively in the southern hemisphere, in particular in Antarctica.
Highly adapted for life in the water,they have countershaded dark and white
Plumage, and their wings have evolved into flippers.

Largest living species is the Emperor Penguin average adults are about
Three feet seven inches tall and weigh thirty five kilograms or more.
Smallest species is the Little Blue Penguin-the Fairy Penguin,
Stands around sixteen inches tall and weighs one kilogram.

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Our children indeed are our pets even when in teens and above!
God’s will and creations are unique and many can be our pets!
If we consider our pet a member of the family, we
Are normal humans. Millions have dogs and cats as lovely pets!
Fish, birds, gerbils and turtles are also deemed to be so by many.
We love pets and National Pet Day is the purr-fect our furry,
Feathery, or scaly friends on April Eleventh- today our pet day!
Here isaa what Mahakavi Bharathiyar expresses his love for pets as if he advises his pet children!

சின்னஞ் சிறுகுருவி போலே-நீ
திரிந்து பறந்து வா பாப்பா
வன்னப் பறவைகளைக் கண்டு – நீ
மனதில் மகிழ்ச்சி கொள்ளு பாப்பா!
கொத்தித் திரியுமந்தக் கோழி – அதைக்
கூட்டி விளையாடு பாப்பா.
எத்தித் திருடுமந்தக் காக்காய் -அதற்கு
இரக்கப் படவேணும் பாப்பா!
பாலைப் பொழிந்து தரும் பாப்பா! – அந்தப்
பசுமிக நல்லதடிப் பாப்பா!
வாலைக் குழைத்துவரும் நாய்தான் அது
மனிதற்குத் தோழனடி பாப்பா!
வண்டி இழுக்கும் நல்ல குதிரை நெல்லு
வயலில் உழுதுவரும் மாடு,
அண்டிப் பிழைக்கும் நம்மை ஆடு – இவை
ஆதரிக்க வேணுமடி பாப்பா!


Sinnanchiru kuruvi poalae – nee
Thirindhu parandhuvaa paappaa
Vannap paravailgaLaikkaNdu – nee
Manadhil magizhchi koLLu paappaa! (2)

Koththith thiriyumandha koazhi – adhaik
Kootti viLaiyaadu paappaa.
Eththith thirudumandhak kaakkaay – adharkku
Irakkap padavaeNum paappaa! (3)

Paalaip pozhindhu tharum paappaa – andhap
Pasu miga nalladhadi paappaa
Vaalaik kuzhaiththu varum naaydhaan – adhu
Manidharkkuth thoazhanadi paappaa! (4)

VaNdi izhukkum nalla kudhirai – nellu
Vayalil uzhdhu varum maadu.
ANdip pizhaikkum nammai aadu =ivai
Aadharikka vaeNumadi paappaa! (5)

Like a small pigeon that plays around–you
Here and there, everywhere run and play my child.
Looking at the colorful birds around –you
Have all joy ever in your mind my child! (2)

The hen that goes and picks its food-make
Friend and play with that my child.
The crow that stealthily hps and eats-you
Have to sympathize with it my child! (3)

The cow black that gives milk white-that
Indeed is a nice and good cow my child;
The dog that comes around with its wagging tail it
Is a great friend of a man my child! (4)

The good horse that pulls the cart – paddy crop
Tilled by the bull in brown nice;
The goat that depends on us for life – all these
To be taken care of by us, my child! (5)

Let us enjoy this National Pet Day ith our pets at home!

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Last two photos are by S. Nivetha and these are her past pets.



Photoed by S.Nivetha in our Balcony.

MY dear and beloved crow, I love you sure
I love your color-praised by Bharathiyar
I love your alarming * voice to wake me up
I love your beak strong enough to break hard nut
I love your hospitality-sharing a morsel
Of food with all your kith and kin-which I don’t!
I love your punctuality-to rise up early morn
Taking your food at seven thirty in my bolcony
Attending your classes in the evenings perching
On the branches of a tree very regularly learning!
I love your sharp sight to see my placing your food
In my balcony and coming in seconds to taste the good!
I admire your intelligence that makes you carefully see
Whether the food kept is right and good; when you doubt
By its shape or size, you call your friends to ascertain
Whether it is harmless and then only you take!careful certain!
My people call you sky scavengers as you clean the earth quite nice
I call you as earth beautifiers sans any salary what a great grace!
You are a fine creation by the Almighty God- Omniscient
Lovely bird beloved crow created by the Omnipotent!
I love you so much, but you make me guilty of jealousy
I feel jealous of you-I am unable to swim in air like you!

*alarm clock like.

Some Indian crows sitting in a row , flying , playing , fighting enjoying freedom on the roof of a house black silhouette landscape, wallpaper copy space for paste text beautiful isolated

CROWS- Teacher and the Taught!

March 19th-POULTRY DAY

National Poultry Day - March 19

Great Saint Poet, author of the Tamil magnum opus Thirukkural
Two thousand years ago appealed to the people to shun and
Give up meat eating!
Chapter Twenty Six


How can be graceful
One who takes animal’s flesh
To keep his flesh fresh!                                      (251)

For the meat eaters
No grace left; wealth of no use
Who cares not but fritters!                               (252)

The one who takes flesh
Sees not the grace of life great
Killer minds his knife!                               (253)

4.Non-killing is grace
Killing graceless; eating meat
Sure a sin – disgrace!                                       (254)
Bye to meat! Lives saved!
Hell welcomes the meat eaters
Path to hell well laid!                                      (255)
Killing life for meat
Selling flesh for money – sin
No more flesh to eat!                                       (256)
Flesh – another’s sore
Realized one avoids meat
The world can’t ask for more!                           (257)
Free from ignorance
Will abstain from meat eating
Meat – another’s life!                                      (258)
Better than penance
Is giving up meat – a life
Killed for our pleasure!                                    (259)
Who abstain from meat
The world salutes with respect
They kill not and greet!                                     (260)

Here we have NATIONAL POULTRY DAY today Nineteenth March
Eggs and turkey bacon for breakfast, an open-faced turkey avocado sandwich for lunch and then perhaps a good, ol’ fashioned fried chicken dinner to finish off the day. Poultry is the theme for March 19th as it is National Poultry Day.
Poultry refers to domestic birds that are raised for meat and eggs. These birds include chicken, turkey, ducks, geese, quail, and pheasant.  Poultry is farmed in large numbers with chickens being the most numerous.
Poultry can be prepared in many different ways including roasting, baking, frying, grilling, sautéing, steaming and roasting.

Look at these ignorant and innocent looking hen and rooster
Not knowing its fate in a minutes few at the hands of the men
Great creation of the Almighty, my great Lord Omnipotent
To be at peace and harmony with all HIS creations!

Let us try  and make efforts to follow the Tamil Poet Valluvar
And take to vegetarianism in all spirit good and valuable
And spare the valuable lives of all birds and animals
Live to the traditions of India that is Bharath our homeland!

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Of the million creations of the Almighty-Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent – Flamingo is one nice and beautiful bird! Flamingos are seen in several parts of the world but there is no history of any individual or organization  celebrating  as FLAMINGO POETRY FESTIVAL  anywhere except in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh  where at the initiative of International Poet Shri Perugu Ramakrishna of PEN.India and the Tourism Development Department of the Government of Andhra Pradesh  FLAMINGO POETRY FESTIVAL is being conducted. This year’s that  took place in Nellore is the IV th Edition- first three conducted in the years 2015, 2016 and 2018. I had the fortune and privilege of attending the Festival in 2016 in ShulurPeta, Nellore District A. P.

This IV th Edition was conducted in the Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management,   (An autonomous body under the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India)  situated at Golagamudi village and Post), via Sarvepalli, SPSR Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh.

Sarvepalli is the home village of our Professor- Philosopher- President of India Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan to be deemed as a holy place.

Of course reasons are not far to seek!.

Lot of migratory birds-flamingos add  natural charm to Nellore District in various tanks and lakes. Have a look at two of the important habitats  for Flamingos  here.

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary:  Pulicat is a small seashore township which offers an invigorating and thrilling experience of expedition. Sited on the barricade island of Sriharikota which divides the Pulicat Lake from the Bay of Bengal, it is located at a distance of 60 km from Chennai and 3 km from Elavur, It is the second leading brackish lagoon in India–covering a total area of 720 sq km of which 84% comes in Andhra Pradesh and 16% in Tamil Nadu–following the Chilka Lake in Orissa. It extends to a length of 60 km.. They serve as breeding grounds for migrating birds and resident amphibians, permanent homes for fish species, social interaction amongst mammals who congregate there for water, and an escape from the heat of the sun for countless reptiles, amphibians and mammals.

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, Nellore Renowned for being one of the most significant pelican habitats that can be found in entire south-eastern Asia, the Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary in the Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh in India is every bird watcher’s dream come true. This mesmerizing sanctuary is located just near the village of Nelapattu and is spread over a total area of about 459 hectares. The sanctuary is also a crucial breeding site for the spot-billed pelicans and is also home to significant plant communities like the Barringtonia swamp forests and the southern dry evergreen scrub.

Other than the spot-billed pelican, the sanctuary is an important breeding ground for other birds as well, such as white ibis, open-bill stork, night heron and little cormorant. In all, 189 different species of birds can be found at the Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, of which 50 species are migratory. These migratory birds include common teal, shoveler, Spot-bill duck, grey heron, black-winged stilt, and garganey gadwall.

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary got its name from its neighboring village, located in the Nellore district. It was declared as a sanctuary in the year 1997 by the government of India. The famous festival ‘Flamingo’ is also organized here by the government every year in January and witnesses huge footfall. What adds to the beauty of the sanctuary other than the breathtakingly beautiful bird species found here is the strategic location of the sanctuary. The Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary is located just near the Pulicat Lake, which is the second largest salt lake in all of India. The easy accessibility to the sanctuary from nearby major towns and cities is a bonus, which makes this destination on the top of the list of places to visit in Andhra Pradesh.

Coming back to the topic of this Sunday story, I had the honor and proud privilege of being invited to present Tamil poem in the FLAMINGO POETRY FESTIVAL which I give below in Tamil and its English translation for the benefit of my esteemed viewers:

அழகுப் பறவை நீர்க்கோழி!


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பறவைகள் பலவற்றைப் பரமன் படைத்தான்
இறவாத பெருமைதனை அவன் அளித்தான்
தெரியாத பறவையினம் எத்தனையோ
அறியாத மக்களும் அறிவதற்கு வாய்ப்பு இங்கே!

நீர்க்கோழி எனும் பறவை அழகுப் பறவை
பார்ப்பவர்க்கு மகிழ்ச்சி தரும் அதன் பார்வை
கேட்பவர்க்கு இனிமை தரும் அதன் குரலும்
நேர்த்தியாக அதுகுறித்து இன்று மகிழ்வோம்!          (8)

ஃப்ளேமிங்கோ  பொயட்ரிஃபெஸ்டிவல் என்ற பெயரில்
நீர்க்கோழி கவிதைத் திருவிழா இன்று காண்போம்
பார்ப்போரைப் பரவசமாக்கும் பறவை பார்ப்போம்
கேட்போரை மகிழ்விக்கும் கவிதை கேட்போம்!

அழகுப் பறவை, அருமைப் பறவை, அந்தப் பறவை
பழகும் பாங்கினைக் கேட்டு மகிழ்வோம்
வெள்ளை நெஞ்சு நீர்க்கோழி, கம்புள் கோழி
சம்புக்கோழி என இனப்பெயர்கள் கேட்பீர்!

அன்னைத்திரு நாட்டில், ஆசியக் கண்டமதில்
நெஞ்சும் முகமும் வெள்ளை நிறத்தில்
கொஞ்சும் உடலதுவோ சாம்பல் நிறத்தில்
பஞ்சு போன்ற அதன் உருவம் நிற்கும் மனத்தில்!  (20)

குட்டை குளங்களில் குளுமையாய் வாழுமவை
எட்டி நின்று பார்த்தாலும் அழகுப் பறவை
தொட்டுத் தொட்டுப் பார்க்கவுமே ஆசை தோன்றும்
மட்டிலா மகிழ்வதனை அவைகள் தந்திடும்!       (24)

இதன் வால் நடக்கையிலே மேல்நோக்கும்
மெதுவாக குலுங்கும். அலகினால் நீரினைத்
தோண்டி உணவினைப் பார்வையால் தேடும்.
ஆழமான நீரில் காட்டுக்கோழி போல் இரைதனைஉண்ணும்!.

வயிற்றைவிட அலகில் உணவை அதிகமாய் வைத்திருக்கும்
உலர்ந்த சதுப்பு நிலத்தில் கூடு  உற்சாகமாய்க் கட்டி நிற்கும்.
ஆறு ஏழு முட்டைகளை அதிலே அன்போடு இட்டுவிடும்.
வளைந்த தன் வாய்ப்பகுதியால் உணவினைக் கடிக்கும். முட்டைகள்  நாட்கள் பத்தில் குஞ்சு பொரிக்கும்
ஆணும் பெண்ணும் முட்டைகளை அடைகாக்கும்
குஞ்சுகளைப் அன்போடு பராமரிக்கும். பாதுகாக்கும்
வயதுக் கோழி, அமைதியுடன்அடைகாக்க
பறவைக் கூண்டு அமைத்து இளைப்பாறும்.!
இறைவன் காட்டிய வழிதனிலே இனிதாய் வாழும்!. (36)

நீர்க்கோழி எனும் பறவை அழகுப் பறவை
பார்ப்பவர்க்கு மகிழ்ச்சி தரும் அன்புப் பார்வை
கேட்பவர்க்கு இனிமை தரும் அதன் குரலும்
நேர்த்தியாக அதுகேட்டு இன்று மகிழ்ந்தோம்!      (40)


God the Lord Almighty created birds many
HE bestowed on all the pride and joy in plenty
Unknown birds and their tribes we know not how many
Here is a chance  for all to know in harmony!

Pelican is  nice bird on water beauty bird
Very look gives joy and happiness –not a third
Very voice provides joy to the one who listens
Knowing full today let us enjoy unbitten!                         (8)

In the name of “Flamingo Poetry Festival”
We shall enjoy the pelican poetry festival
We shall see the beauty bird that is delightful
Let us enjoy  poetry that makes us joyful!

Beautiful bird, lovely bird that enchanting bird
Let us enjoy the way the bird behaves-not tired
Phaethontiformes, herons, ibises, spoonbills,
The hamerkop, and the shoebill have now been
The home of  India our Motherland in Asia.
Chest and face in white color great and bright quite sure
Caressing body in brown color  very pure
Shape and size ever remaining green in our mind!                  (20)

In the ponds and lakes happily in coolness they live
Beauty birds they are to see from a distance active
Desire arising to touch and enjoy again
Gives  joy beyond limits again a great grand gain!                   (24)

When it walks its tail looks up beautiful and graceful
Slightly jostles; with its beak peeps into water i
Gently looks for food majestically with its eyes
In deep water, takes food like forest hen nice!

Stores food more in its long beak than in its belly
In the shallow, dry and marsh lands builds its nest rightly
With love and affection leaves eggs six or seven
With its curved mouth it bites its food – in its heaven
Eggs yield little, cute pelican birds in days ten
Male and female pelicans take care of little ones
Aged pelican builds its own bird’s cage to rest
Happily enjoy living as the Creator guides!     (36)

Pelican is  nice bird on water beauty bird
Very look gives joy and happiness –not a third
Very voice provides joy to the one who listens
Knowing full today we enjoyed right unbitten!               (40)

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The Poetry festival started at 10.00am. With the lighting of the lamp by the Chief Guest Sri Abdul Azeez, Hon’ble Mayor of Nellore Municipal Corporation  to the accompaniment of invocation in Sanskrit  seeking the blessings of Lord Vigneshwara.  Shri Perugu Ramakrishna, International Poet and  Executive Member of PEN.India (An Apolitical Association of Indian Writers who sponsored Flamingo Poetry Festival  once), convener of the Poetry Festival presided  over. He traced the history of  the Festival  from the first Edition in 2015 to the IV the Edition on 31st January in a graphic manner.

Chief Guest Shri Azeez, in a scholarly manner, spoke about the home of Flamingos, viz Nellore, its significance, economic impact of tourism and traveland the role the students and public can play in development and so on.

Shri Srinivasa Kumar, District Tourism Officer explained the various programs of the Department.

Ten senior poets and ten students presented their poems on the theme”Migratory Birds” in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi and English by the poets participating from different Southern States.

Shri Vinodan Assistant Professor of IITTM proposed Vote of Thanks. Dr. S. Meera Nodal Officer of the Institution was thye co convener.

In connection with the Festival a nice Photo and Art exhibition was put up. 15 photos and 12 artistic hand drawn pictures were presented by the students. Photos on the theme by Shashi Mouli, Sanjana and Vishal were adjudged top three. In the matter of drawing presentation, Sanjana, Shiv Hari and Rizwana were  the top three.

Power Point Presentation was made by Vinay and Kulsum and Sanjana as a group and the second group comprising Hasya and Sameera . Three papers were also presented by them.

Wide publicity was given by the Telugu newspapers and two of the specimens are produced below:



All the covereges mentione about the participation of Malayalam Poets Shri Unnikrishnan and Janardhan and Tamil poet N V Subbaraman.


N V Subbaraman being honored by the Chief Guest.

Nodal Officer Madam Dr. S. meera addressing.


Convener International Poet Shri Perugu Ramakrishna with Mr Unnikrishna to his right and N V Subbaraman and Janardhan  on his left.


Convener Perugu Ramakrishna to present bouquet to the Chief Guest.

Chief Guest Mayor of Nellore addressing the Festival.

Thus was the FLAMINGO POETRY FESTIVAL –IV Edition on 31st January at Nellore. The blogger carrying the happiest memories returned home eagerly expecting the V Edition next year!

This Sunday Story comes to an end with this. We shall meet tomorrow morning. Till then GOOD BYE!

December 11th-International Mountain Day

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Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent Lord Almighty
In HIS ocean of compassion created the whole world with all
Living beings, humans and animals, high mountains and deep valleys,
All to coexist for the mutual peace and plenty, joy and health!

”Mountains Matter” – theme for this International Mountain Day
Crucial role they play in providing key ecosystem goods and services
To the planet and their vulnerability due to climate change,
We all of us have to step up and raise attention to mountains.

Mountains Matter for Water as mountains are the world’s ‘water towers’
All glaciers in mountain ranges around the world retreat and disappear.
Mountains Matter for Disaster Risk Reduction as climatic variations trigger disasters.
Avalanches, mud flows and landslides tumble downstream, strip bare forests.

Mountains Matter for Tourism as mountains attract global tourism
Mountains Matter for Food as centers of biodiversity
Mountains Matter for rural Youth as life in the mountains is tough.
Abandon their villages in search of employment elsewhere.

Mountains Matter for Indigenous Peoples as mountain areas host
Ancient indigenous communities with precious knowledge, traditions.
Mountains Matter for Biodiversity as half of hotspots are in mountains
Mountains are home to rare animals such as gorillas, snow leopards etc.

Large social movement can bring mountain issues through a global campaign
Social media strategy and events around the world, to tell the world
That the current neglect of mountains and mountain peoples must stop.
Let us use the hashtag Mountains Matter in all our social work.

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