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Here is the Part XIV of the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India,  which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivanganam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sending a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in the current year.

An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.

Part XIII covered upto 1/4/17. Here it is uptodate.

A nice definition of a POEM in your Rhyme and Rhythm or Theme and Content today!
The lyric of a poem loses its lustre and goes hiding from the eyes – physical and mental – of a reader hungry for its content and flow, if it is bereft of the requirements set forth for the purpose!
We reach the ecstatic heights when our heart and soul are sought to be elevated with the powerful aid of fertile imagination flowing graciously as they are from the careful creation of the poet!
The Rhyme and Rhythm and, Theme and Content, referred to in your post are the heart and soul of a poem worth its name, and quite indispensable to perform its function effectively!
The Lord will only be happy to see His devotees’ prayers in words right, playing music to His ears sharp!
Happy to hear the figure 93000- CONGRATS.
Your post today on Cancer Survivor Day ( 4th June) is a nice note to create an awareness on the disease!
A most deadly and destructive condition it’s that the word cancer by itself sends shrill down one’s spine!
The shift in food habits from the one traditionally followed may be one of the main causes that contributed to the enormity of the problem we face today!
What we consume happily is palatable to our taste buds, but not at all taken kindly by our body system, which in turn results in unhealthy physical conditions such as cancer we’re dealing with!
The disservice we render to the original environment compounds the problem to unimaginable proportions!
We’re in a commercial mode that whatever we do invariably consists of the element of returns in financial terms!
What’s ideal for our healthy living is ignored to our peril!
Once cancer enters into our homes uninvited, we become panic, and everything under the sun becomes a thing of dismay, and we begin to lose the purpose of life altogether;
But then, we need to reconcile ourselves to the situation, and face it boldly with its attending inconveniences in order that we may tolerate wholeheartedly and aid in lessening the adverse impacts to the extent possible!
Such a survivor can extend the hope needed by the cancer-suffering people, and be of helpful to them in perceiving the condition as less painful and therefore manageable!
Nice reviews of Prasad on Envius Thoughts -Part 4 on 21/5/17!
I thank him for his appreciation, referring to my comments!
It’s fine that he’s shifting to daily reviewing and reporting on your blogs- from weekly basis earlier!
I’m afraid I’m drifting from my daily sharing- must turn to him for regularity!
His reviews are total and complete in themselves, and can well be followed close to your daily posts for full clarity!
I’m of the humble opinion that he shares your wavelength, as found in his feedback to yours!
God bless him!

Nicely presented is the voice of Rajeev Jha under the series VISITOR’S VOICE-Part 6!
Kudos to Rajeev!
A voice powerful enough to wake us from the deep slumber, and make us enjoy his comments coming afresh straight, with the early morning nice-to-enjoy breeze!
Commenting on his comments may be simply superfluous , for his observation and expression are complete in themselves!
I heard you commented on the effectiveness of sharing and commenting on your daily posts!
Now I fully understand the truth behind your opinion that is as valuable as your posts themselves!
Your post on Young Rajiv the Great appeared on 22/5/17 is a good read!
Leaders are for sure a great boon to a country!
They are a guide to our future leaders in the making!
An exemplary leader represents his / her country, spreads the culture overseas, and brings accolades to his/her motherland!
India can really boast of such leaders to our credit!
We’ve had Mahatma Gandhi who stood for values in life, and spearheaded our war of independence!
Who can forget Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was the long-serving and successful Prime Minister of our country?
And Rajiv, the youngest Prime Minister of India, and the architect of modern India, remains a living example for our youngsters today!
We’ve inherited leaders of such calibre and fail not to follow their dictates for building a cleaner India, and show the way to other nations of the world!


Your International Family Day post on 15th instant is a nice read!
The small family norm we’ve adopted with the sole aim of making our life self-sustaining has turned out to be a folly, given our pathetic situation, wondering as what to do in our challenging times, often groping in the dark, on the look-out for the right solutions, which otherwise would have been readily available due to the presence of our elders around us!
Realization dawned on us to conclude that our wrong attempt was born out of sheer financial expediency that could only fulfill our wants as and when they occured, losing in the process the all-important peace and mental well-being!
Let us therefore revert to the good old joint family system, and adore our elders by fulfilling their needs in their old age, thereby keeping the family values in tact!

Much more refreshing is your Haiku on Summer on 13/5/17!
Summer may be the hottest season of the year, nevertheless, most welcome for reasons obvious!
For the old and the sick, it’s most unwelcome due to the inconvenience that goes with the scorching sun that is characteristic of heat during the season!
But, for children and adults too, summer promises amusement, fun, and frolic during its presence!
Notwithstanding the aversion due to the heat produced, it brings showers pleasant and presents greenery most appealing to the humans and other living beings!
In winter, we expect to enjoy summer with all its paraphernalia ;
Alternately, we expect summer to exit soon to prevent ourselves from the ill effects of summer- which is mostly to do with the heat and, of course, nothing more than that!
Nature has its own way of treating its creations, and there’s no escape from its impact, favorable or unfavorable!
May we enjoy all seasons whatever they are worth for, and remain thankful to Nature for all the gifts we’re endowed with!

Part 12 of your Journey to Freedom that appeared on 10/5/17 emphasizes the impact of Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 on the successful execution of the strategies adopted for attaining our freedom from the foreign yoke!
The coming together of all sections of people added strength to our war of independence, making the British government dwell on the proposition of slowly yielding to the designs of our freedom fighters, and think in terms of their exit once and for all from India!
The grit and determination, and the perseverance shown by our leaders was really challenging to the invader, who could no longer pursue their cruel rule on the foreign soil!

Part 10 of your Journey to Freedom shows how our patriotic leaders and followers had viewed their sacrifices an enjoyment in their mission towards freedom for our Motherland!

On return from South Africa, Mahatma made Sabarmati Ashram his home, and also the home to many important decisions concerning our Freedom Struggle!

Dandi March was one among the many programmes launched by M K Gandhi to make unity among the people the cornerstone behind the movements that was baffling and irritating to the British raj!

Considering the goal of independence, the sacrifices made were not an issue at all for the fighting band of truthful soldiers!
And this exactly acted as a morale booster for the leader, who was none other than Mahatmaji,to go ahead with the fight relentlessly!
Your Journey to Freedom (Part 9) is a nice read!
The name that comes before us when a reference is made to Andaman& Nicobar in connexion with our freedom struggle is Sarvarkar and his role in the mission towards independence!
How cruel was the torture meted out to our freedom fighters, can be seen in the special shows being exhibited in the Andaman cells!
To understand the sacrifices, and to revere them, the youngsters must visit Andaman and know for themselves what could be the nature of atrocities undergone by the fighters on the field!
This is one instance that stands as the proof for the activities of our patriotic people under the leadership of M K Gandhi, in arriving at the goal of independence for our Motherland!

A nice post on Press Freedom Day!
A tied press never helps in adoration of democratic principles!
Freedom of speech and expression is a constitutional requirement that must never be defied!
Indifference to this aspect is otherwise a death knell to democracy!
Nowadays political interference in press freedom kills the spirit behind a free and fair press!
Paid news has become the order of the day, and the famously called fourth pillar of democracy has lost its power to the political class – a worse trend indeed!
People have the right to true news, and this should never be sought to be crushed in the name of dancing to the tunes of powers that be!
Let the press be instrumental in creating a harmonious society, putting an end to sensationalism in news reporting!

World Penguin Day post on 25/4/17 is a nice read!
Whatever created in this world has a definite purpose to fulfill for the humanity to prosper with love, peace, and harmony nicely embracing it!
We must be happy about it for its sheer power of making co-existence with all other living beings, a definite possibility!
All the 18 species of penguins are found in the southern hemisphere , and according to the scientists, their population and well being are the indicators of Antarctica, the earth’s most frozen continent in the world.
Like us the humans, penguins too get threatened due to the erratic climate!
And again, it’s a social being like us, and would like to live and swim in groups!
Its power of recognition is great to the extent that it can easily recognise its mate and young ones, say in a large group!
It’s reported that most of the penguins practice monogamy, and stick to one partner even in situations where they are separated and living thousands of miles away – a lesson for us to practice diligently!

Your World Malaria Day post on 25/4/17 serves to create an awareness on the deadly malaria and how to avoid it for a healthy living!
Health is wealth – so goes the adage to remember and get benefited!
We must be healthy to enjoy the fruits of life;
But little we do care about our surroundings, and as a result, render it unhygienic to live!
And our careless attitude becomes the cause of many diseases we suffer from!
We’re responsible for the stagnant water, a breeding ground for the mosquitos to attack us with malaria ;
25th April being the Malaria Day observed through the length and breadth of the world , is a day for us to be aware of the healthy way of living and endeavor to make the theme of the year” End Malaria for Good “, a reality and live happily for ever!

Journey to Freedom( Part 8 ) on 27/4/17 is a good read!
History of our freedom struggle against the British has a lot to convey especially to the youngsters!
An awareness on the sacrifices behind our freedom will make one realize the need for love of the nation to be able to take responsibilities in right earnest for the common cause of our Motherland!
Good governance is the need of the hour and so it’s pertinent that our leaders do not forget the integrity -factor while running the affairs of the State!
M K Gandhi through his selfless activities, rose and successfully fought against the invader, and in this long process , launched the Satyagraha movement in Champaran to support the cause of farmers when confronted with poverty due to the indigo plantation issue!
The examples of the likes of Mahatma Gandhi must boost the spirit of of our leaders, current and future, in ensuring the right governance for the common weal of the people!

I enjoyed your post on MOUNTAINS on 28/4/17!
We cannot and should not blame the Nature’s creations!
Everyone of them contributes to the wellness of all living things !
Mountains for that matter, are a calm destination that ensures a peaceful mind , with no deviations to disturb the serene state!
Living in and around a mountain is a gift bestowed on the humankind by the great Almighty!
Environmental degradation is the prime cause of many problems we face today ;
It’s therefore our responsibility to guard against all sorts of exploitation to keep it as it’s, for all of us to enjoy the beauty of mountains, otherwise known as the natural borders!
Our encroachment in nature’s ways is bound to backfire and leave us wondering how to get out of the situation and lead a peaceful life!
Let us therefore think it over and mend ourselves for the better!

Your post on Rivers on 29/4/17 explains how they are a gift to all living beings!
Can we imagine our life sans water?
Obviously we cannot, and also according to Thiruvalluvar, the saintly poet of Tamil Nadu!
Rivers are a great source of our sustenance through their supply of abundant water- of course, in anticipation of nothing in return from the beneficiaries!
In the absence of sufficient water, getting our daily quota of food will remain a dream never to be fulfilled!
It’s for the mankind to ensure the sacredness of rivers through non-interference in their course of flow!
May we not obstruct its journey, by dumping garbages in rivers, as often resorted to unscrupulously by us in the name of keeping our own homes neat and tidy!
This much is for this Sunday story.

We shall meet on Monday as usual, till then all the best.

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Shri OKR Sivanganam whose views on ENVIUS THOUGHTS, the esteemed readers have above.




The seen and known only through my inward eyes – Shri Rajeev Jha of Bilaspur.

This week’s Sunday story carries the VISITOR”S VOICE PART VI on ENVIUS THOUGHTS-the voice of my great unseen friend and unheard voice to my physical body(!) Shri RAJEEV JHA of Bilaspur has been a regular viewer of the Blog. He sends his view through Face Book almost every day. His part V was published on 5/3/2017 covering his voice up to 1-3-2017.Here is Part VI covering up to 30th April 2017. The esteemed viewers of these five parts so far would have happily enjoyed his scholarship, deep knowledge of Sanskrit and the great religion of Hinduism- a way of life and living. I am sure this part will also be found to be as great as earlier ones.
Season changes .. Mosquitoes, unique creation of God, have special organs to whine or buzz as they fly, to annoy us, other mosquitoes can hear the noise, and attract others.
They are not dead; Their memory is warm in our hearts, Comfort in our sorrow. They are not apart from us, But a part of us For love is eternal, And those we love shall be with us Throughout all eternity.”
National Safety Day is annually organized to enhance the safety awareness among people. It is a national movement carried out on annual basis to prevent and lessen the loss of life including various human being problems and their financial loss through availing them with safety, health and environment related support services
The rich rewards come when you add values and represent collective comments of viewer. I feel very happy to find such place. .
The festival of color shows that good wins over evil. It’s also believed that God always saves their devotees when they get stuck in any problem. “O! Adorable Lord, set forth your vigor, as a hunter speeds his capacious snare, and go like a compelling king on his elephant with his orderlies. You are the scatterer of dark forces. May you swiftly follow and transfix the knaves with your dash that blazes more fiercely. ” Nice note, Sir. Wish you and family a very Happy Holi.
Iconic genius and legendary theoretical physicist he is, who formulated the Theory of Relativity and the mass-energy equivalence formula. Einstein’s theories of special and general relativity drastically altered man’s view of the universe, and his work in particle and energy theory helped make possible quantum mechanics and, ultimately, the atomic bomb
The day is to raise awareness about the important role vaccines play in preventing serious, sometimes deadly, diseases. Vaccination protects children from serious illness and complications of vaccine-preventable diseases which can include amputation of an arm or leg, paralysis of limbs, hearing loss, convulsions, brain damage, and death. Vaccine-preventable diseases, such as measles, mumps, and whooping cough, are still a threat. So the commitment of the remembrance
The day is to make the people aware of the basic and essential knowledge of tuberculosis, causes, prevention and cure of this disease to get prevented and eradicate this disease from the world. It is very necessary to aware people of all group and field about this epidemic disease to take precautions. All the people at workplace or at home should be encouraged about their health maintenance and must know about the prevention from tuberculosis. People must know that it is a completely curable disease
Life is a theatre ” All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; Act well your part; there all the honor lies. We do on stage things that are supposed to happen off, which is a kind of integrity, if you look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else. Music blows lyrics up very quickly, and suddenly they become more than art. They become pompous and they become self-conscious. An actor must never be afraid to make a fool of himself.
.Humans have used weeds for food and as herbs for much of recorded history. Some are edible and nutritious while other weeds have medicinal value. Common weeds do offer some benefits. They provide the very oxygen that we breathe. Weeds take in the carbon dioxide that we exhale. They also offer food and shelter for birds and wildlife.
ओ३म् । ऋतं च सत्यं चाभीद्धात्तपसोध्यजायत। ततो रात्र्यजायत ततः समुद्रोअर्णवः ।। १।। समुद्रादर्णवादधि संवत्सरोअजायत। अहोरात्राणि विदधद्विश्वस्यमिषतो वशी।। २।। सूर्याचन्द्रमसौ धाता यथापूर्वमकल्पयत्। दिवं च पृथिवीं चान्तरिक्षमथो स्वः।। ३।। ऋग्वेद १०.१९०.१-३ This Ugadi, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji’s trunk, wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse. Happy Ugadi !!!
“Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, among other Indian leaders, was extremely critical of this Act and argued that not everyone should get punishment in response to isolated political crimes. The Act annoyed many Indian leaders and the public, which caused the government to implement repressive measures. Gandhi and others found that constitutional opposition to the measure was fruitless, so, a “hartal”
was organised where Indians would suspend all business and fast as a sign of their opposition and civil disobedience would be offered against specific law. This event is known as the Rowlatt Satyagraha.”
“The conquest of India, which could be said to have begun with the Battle of Plassey (1757), was practically completed by the end of Dalhousie’s tenure in 1856. Again, the Mutiny of 1857, which began with a revolt of the military soldiers at Meerut, soon became widespread and posed a grave challenge to the British rule. ”
“Jainism is one of the oldest living religions of India. It predates recorded history as per references indicated in Hindu scriptures. It is a religion of purely human origin. Mahavir preached non-violence and prohibited any kind of killing. He also believed that the most virtuous life is spent sitting still and fasting, as then a man does not run the risk of injuring life even involuntarily, by swallowing or treading upon insects. On his birth anniversary, every Jain resolves to follow his teachings.
This special day offers an opportunity to raise the public’s awareness about the diversity of cultural heritage and the efforts that are required to protect and conserve it, as well as draw attention to its vulnerability. World Heritage is the shared wealth of humankind.
The idea is to eat fast food as an appetizer or as breakfast. Pigs in Blankets are tasty little treats children and adults scarf down at family get-togethers and big bashes. Perfect for breakfast or served as an appetizer, these popular snacks are little sausages or wieners wrapped in a pancake, biscuit or croissant dough or bacon.
A chance to promote or learn about the efforts made to prevent and reduce Malaria around the world. World Malaria Day is all about celebrating the successes there have been in the drive to eradicate malaria from the world as well as raising awareness of the disease and its prevention.
The reason why mountains and hills signified the goods of celestial and spiritual love, is that they are prominent above the earth, and by things prominent and high are signified those which are of heaven, and in the supreme sense which are of the Lord. We should respect and protect these gifts of God.
Water is of special significance in Hinduism, not only for its life-sustaining properties, but also because of its use in rituals and because of the stress given to cleanliness. Bathing also has religious significance, especially in God’s creation “rivers” considered sacred
It is very interesting to read all comments of Mr Ramamurthi Thupakula, who is well-steeped in his subject matter and who has deep knowledge of entire subject.
International Workers’ Day is an occasion that pays tribute and respect to workers and their contribution towards making our lives easier. A cause close to the heart of many socialists, Communists and the labour movement, May Day celebrates and honours workers. A public holiday of much importance to labour rights’ activists, it is also an ancient northern hemisphere spring festival
Freedom of information and freedom of expression are the founding principles for open and informed debate. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers. Today is a date to encourage and develop initiatives in favour of press freedom, and to assess the state of press freedom worldwide.
When fire is cried and danger is neigh, “God and the firemen” is the people’s cry; But when ’tis out and all things righted, God is forgotten and the firemen slighted
The Andaman and Nicobar islands , an archipelago of islands situated in the middle of the Bay of Bengal is more than 700 kms away from the Indian Mainland but still it holds great significance in our independence struggle. Before independence these islands , especially Andaman was just a penal colony with the dreaded prison Kalapani or Cellular jail at its midst. The infamous cellular jail was a place for inhuman torture and confinement of freedom fighters from mainland India and as such this jail became a symbol of colonial oppression. Ironically this island of oppression was the first part of Indian land to be liberated.
The Sabarmati Ashram was home to Mohandas Gandhi and served as one of the main centres of the Indian freedom struggle. Originally called the Satyagraha Ashram, reflecting the movement toward passive resistance launched by the Mahatma, the Ashram became home to the ideology that set India free. Sabarmati Ashram named for the river on which it sits, was created with a dual mission. To serve as an institution that would carry on a search for truth and a platform to bring together a group of workers committed to non-violence who would help secure freedom for India
Internationally known as the ‘Bard of Bengal,’ Rabindranath Tagore’s genius is seldom understood completely by the common man. A poet, novelist, musician, painter, educationist, and a social reformer, Tagore has worn multiple hats in eighty years of his life. He is considered as a cultural symbol for not only his home-state, but also nationally. Tagore is in fact best known for being the first person from Asia to have ever won the Nobel Prize.
“A mother is special, she’s more than a friend. Whenever you need her, she’ll give you a hand. I think God made Mother like He’d make his own. A praiser, a helper, an encourager too, nothing in this world that she wouldn’t do. To help us succeed she does all that she can…” Very nice poem by Nivetha.
Gokhale was an indispensable link in the transformation of the freedom struggle to a more informed one and for the commitment to bring Indians on parity with the Britishers in terms of knowledge and administrative skills and to prove that Indians too can govern and can govern more efficiently. Gokhale gave voice to the aspirations of millions of Indians who were looking for freedom from the British rule. Gandhiji considered him as his political guru
Florence Nightingale (the foundational philosopher of the modern nursing) was born on 12th of May in 1820. International Council of Nurses established the day in 1974 to be celebrated every year to highlight the importance of nurses’ role in providing the best health care services. She became an important figure of the nursing since Crimean War during 1850s. She, stationed at the Barrack Hospital, Scutari, reformed the health care services and nursing and opened “the Nightingale School of Nursing” at the St. Thomas Hospital, London in 1860
The learned will follow the way of life, to enjoy nature and its warmth so rife
World Telecommunications Day is celebrated to increase awareness about the positives of communication technology among public. It also aims to make information and communication more accessible to people residing in remote and rural areas. It is mainly to increase the awareness of crucial communications in every life and the stimulation in a field like the development of technologies
The food’s here of the first crow to arrive, numbers two and three at a safe side, then approaching the hand-created taste What if to taste and see, to notice things, to stand each is up against emptiness
“The Rajiv era” can be regarded as the most distinguished period of initiating sets of break through reforms involving, India’s modernization, economic liberalization, inclusive growth, democratic decentralization, co-operative federalism, technological advancement, resource-based agricultural growth; economic reform and the concept of India as an emerging and independently great power. Nice remembrance,
: World Turtle Day:: Here people are encouraged to learn more about turtles and help protect them and their habitats, which are rapidly disappearing around the world. Turtles are a type of reptile that exists in many environments through the word and have found their way into literature, poetry, and parable throughout the world’s history.
Donkey is an introvert he has never ever let out a complete bray. Donkeys can sing and donkeys can bray a distress bray. Just like dogs can sing along with their human and dogs can bark when stressed so can donkeys. A high-pitched sound like the violin can make a donkey bray and this is singing, similar to a dog who will sing along when we encourage them with high notes. The donkey has amazing hearing. When the donkey hears another donkey braying with the distress bray they understand the distress sound as it is their language

I do believe that you would have enjoyed this part of Visitors Voice and we shall meet as usual tomorrow. Thanks.


Blogger N V Subbaraman addressing an audience.


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ENVIUS THOUGHTS author in his work table

Out of more than 85000 views from more than a couple of hundreds of countries of ENVIUS THOUGHTS in many are by Shri N. Jaganathan who is in charge of PR and Publicity wing of my beloved organization SEVALAYA about which I have posted a poem on 3rd August 2016 and a Sunday story under the title TEMPLE OF SERVICE (SEVALAYA) on 7th August 2016 in this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
Mr. Jagannathan has become so fond of ENVIUS THOUGHTS that he not only regularly views them but also makes his comments often. I am sure they are quite interesting and hence they form this week’s SUNDAY story; I am confident that you will enjoy them. Part I was posted on 8th January 2017 covering his views upto 7/1/2017.


Jainism’s Karma theory is considered to be a scorecard of one’s life. Lord Mahaveera, the 24th and the last Tirthambara. His great sermons are considered not only just holy but also considered to be sacred by the followers and the whole world as well. Rather than viewing them in a narrow religions connotations, they should be seen as a way of life in real term

The great epic Ramayana, is a perpetual pride of India, its culture and ethos. Avatharapurush Rama’s life is a teaching to the whole world, on how a human being should lead his life. Sage Valmiki, once asked Narad, to tell him who possesses all the 16 Gunas, that our scriptures stipulate m(as he did not know). Pat he replies it is only Rama. What more, we Bharathiyans want?
Yes. It is a great initiative that the present generation and the youth to be are to be re-told our glorious freedom movement. The uniqueness of the struggle, resistance, defy the ruler’s atrocities, valiant struggle, untold miseries our freedom fighters underwent at the hands of Britishers, an unparalleled sacrifice, and above all the great leadership of our Mahatma, who spearheaded the movement across the length and breadth of our great land, – which only had resulted in the orderly withdrawal of the British. Unfortunately all are now confined to text books, which are read, and forgotten with their examinations! So I repeat that your initiative will go a long way in remembering our great history.
The very introduction to the series is fine. India, which had suffered at the hands of invaders, has been told. The viewers must be waiting its continuations. I wish the youth, particularly the students should start viewing.
Yes, it is not just associated with Telugu language, although this marks the beginning of the year. I supplement that this is also celebrated by Pandits of Kashmir with great enthusiasm and fervor. There is an official custom in Tirupati Tirumala Devasthanam to read Panchangam on this day for the benefit of all.
The Draconian Rawlatt Act, was, in our history, regarded as height of Britisher’s atrocities against Indians. Our Mahatma resisted, and on the day along with our Mahatma, Dr. Satyapal and Dr. Saifudin were arrested and added to that there taken to unknown places. Due to Our freedom fighters’ consistent resistence, confronting their oppression, the British regime repealed the law in the year 1922. Generations should remember the great sacrifices made by our freedom fighters, under the leadership of our Mahatma Gandhi, which only got independence to us.
Yes, the Nobel Laureate Albert Einstein’s contributions to the Science world are spectacular. Prominent of them is his theory of special relatively. One interesting parallel, our Swamy Vivekananda also was developing his theories on E=mc2 and by the time he announces to the world, he passed away. I remember to have read this in a popular daily, as told by a speaker in a function, addressing the students. Persons like Mr. Subbaraman should throw light on this.
Yes, women were (not are) suppressed, even subjugated by the by their men-counterparts, to the detriment of exploring their potential. In the preceding few decades, particularly Israel’s PM and our Indira Gandhi at the help and asserting, world started recognizing the potential in women. The inspiration for all these, needless to say, is our Mahakavi Bharathi. At the time when our women were suppressed, he categorically declared that they are capable of attaining great degrees and legislating, etc (pattangal aalwadhum, sattangal seivathum…..) . So, with our poet’s assertion, the present theme given is considered to be relevant.
Our Mahatma gave clarion call to his fellow countrymen to satisfy themselves in every action, particularly his advice to them in the matter of their being a true citizen of the nation. Just as Rama is revered for His uprightness, seeker of Dharma, an avathara to teach all virtues to the world, our Mahatma, in his every action, in every speech and every sermon he served, we see our Mahatma as Avathara Purush to save our nation and its people. He not only preached “path of duty is way to glory. Mother Bharath is proud to have such a son!
It is a fitting tribute. Yes, The Father is an important institution, for the very reason that one derives Gnana from him. No manthra could be bigger than that of father.
How interesting! Let me also supplement a couple of things to Mr. Subbaraman’s great thinking. In our great epic Ramayana, FOUR siblings, represent and signify the FOUR Purusharthas, the great Rishis aver and interpret. The directions are FOUR. Regarding our contributions to the Mathematics, Ramanujan gave hundreds of solutions on his own. An anecdote to explain his innate genius: “As he saw Registration number in the number plate of a car, instantly he commented that number is the highest when added”. It never struck to anybody.
Mr. Subbaraman’s blog viewers are delighted to note it shares with people over 200 countries across globe. A great achievement! It has crossed stupendous milestone, and everyday it is refreshing, inspiring, informative and thought provoking. The author has stated certain things as ‘weakness’. Not at all!, I am afraid, I have to totally disagree. A septuagenarian, with lifelong experiences, commands a great knowledge, skilled to apply in an apt manner, known for humility, deserve praises from all quarters. I am too small, a less competent person, even to give him encomiums. All that I pray Him is to grant him a long, healthy life.

Yes Sir, Mother tongue plays a dominant role in the lives of the people – across globe. Contemporary history tells how battle for his/her language got twists in political or national life. One glaring example is that people of East Pakistan waged a relentless battle for over 30 years for their glorified mother tongue – Bangla, against the ruling party’s (the then) Pakistan’s assertion over Urdu. The struggle witnessed twists and resulted in the birth of a nation – Bangladesh. In India, we have seen Linguistic states, which saw majority of people’s languages were the local language. However, the Eastern part of India, where more than one language is spoken the decision was different. Thus a situation of imbroglio was seen and it was handled by our Government in a sagacious manner. The message all these convey is that one’s attachment and love to his mother’s tongue is sensitive. Everyone has his/her legitimate pride over his/her language. One should know to respect the sentiments.

Our nation has produced a galaxy of great people – spiritual, national, social – at all times of need. One such great soul was our Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, revered by the entire world. I take a legitimate pride to say that I am a product of Ramakrishna Order. His contributions in the fields of Social, educational medical, spiritual and many more are immense. The mission, though founded by him, commanding a perpetual succession to serve the nation in all spheres. Sainthood in its hierarchy is an hallmark in its successful functioning. The nation should recognize Ramakrishna Order for its immense contributions with impact in high order.
Oh ! How many facts, which many do not know? Yes, knowledge seekers should definitely know these important astronomical marvels. Kudos to Mr. Subbaraman, the author, for bringing these rare facts. Viewers stand to benefit.

Mr. Gautham Karmakar’s interview with you gives almost a full account of your long drawn inspiring, well-meaning life. Several information contained is really news to us (at least to me). The magnitude of your knowledge, which is the direct blessing of our Godess Saraswathi, your philosophies and principles and the inspiration you have drawn from many, galaxy of great lived in this great land – are all
ever inspiring

No way, I am a competent person even to praise, but immensely proud of associating with you and personally I stand gained.

You have chosen to mention Sevalaya for which I should thank you.

I wish to read the excerpts more times to understand and keep several things in mind.

Saint Ramanujan lived for 120 years, as Vedas bless us. Paramacharya lived in our midst, lived exactly for a century to bless us all. No doubt, He rejoices persons like you who possess great thoughts and imbibe great qualities. I pray He should grant you a longer life to serve all.
It is yet another inspiring poetic write-up captioned, “Song of a Serpent” May I supplement that He, on the plea and prayer from Serpent Karkotaka, dwelled on him in Namakkal Kshetra?

Our inspiring mythology goes to say that the Serpent remains not only to be His bed, and also an umbrella and thus serves (Kainkaryam) Him all round and at all times.

Those who, out of sheer ignorance think that the serpent is just poisonous, should know that it is a creature with umpteen philosophies, and in fact meant to serve sermons to the human beings only. Kudos to Mr. Subbaraman’s well meaning choice of the theme.
Oh! What a song on squirrel!
The episode in our epic Ramayana, seeks to teach us morals and lessons.
The tiny creature’s contribution is a symbolic one that everyone should think in terms of what they can contribute, however small it may be. Several drops thus collected can make an ocean.
Like this wherever we touch our epic, it is only Dharma, and nothing else. All the 24 K convey us. We are rich on this and so we are proud.
Mr. Subbaraman’s write ups are information to me. It is excellent and useful that everyone should know. I learn from the blog posted, that several firsts are there to her credit. Again it is true and to be conceded that British’s contribution to the Science world is spectacular and the whole world owe them and even indebted to them.
Alas, what a loss that our nation suffered in snatching away the precious life! The world mourns on the tragic death of 7 young. In Kalpana’s achievement, it was proved again that there is no dearth of talents. On this day, let the youth, particularly the knowledge industry in India resolve to rise, achieve and prove the world that India is a a land of talents. This should be a fitting remembrance to the astronaut.
Yes, the nation has lost a leader, a great leader, and friend-philosopher-guide and above all as fondly and aptly called Father of the Nation. But for the assassination, the nation would have further benefited at least for a couple of decades, by his sagacious prescription of counseling, cautioning in every single matter that assumes importance in the national life and character. Alas! Fate had snatched the pious soul forcibly. Instead of weeping, it will be desirable that all the 1.21 billion people take pledge to follow his ideals and contribute for the construction and reconstruction of our holy motherland. This only will be a fitting tribute than other mere rhetoric talks. As Shakespeare had said, if we have tears, shed it.

Shri Subbaraman deserves all praises from all quarters for his consistent initiative on the matters of national importance and pride.
Yes, Nation celebrated its 68th Republic Day yesterday. True, under the stewardship of our Mahatma got liberated from Britisher’s yoke and on 26th January 1950 the nation gave its valuable Constitution. On this great day, every Indian should remember Tilak, the man, who’s every word, action, deed, was only national integration, sans any differences amongst them on any consideration of Caste, colour, creed, religion, faith, language, etc. It is also equally important, that several lakhs of unsung heroes, sacrificed everything at the altar of Mother Bharath.
Yes, born as our 18th State, it commands its legitimate prestige. Pleasantly a chill state, apple is the mainstay agricultural economy. Beauty is its uniqueness. It is a jewel and crown on our Bharath Matha.
Subhash’s velour and sacrifice have been captured in a capsule. History records his great deeds, notwithstanding the fact some differ on his path. Nation will remember forever. Zillion salutes!
Our Indian Army has been rated 4th best in the world in several parameters, viz. valor, grit, patriotic fervor, zeal, commitment to the nation, accomplishing with responsibility dedication, and above all sacrifice. They displayed all the qualities of highest order in all the wars imposed on us. Yes, India has got a history that it never invaded any country. So we had to defend and face the wars to protect our sacred land, people and sovereignty While we hail all the victories in the wars, the greatest one to recall, remember and to be pride should be the 1971 war, spearheaded by our then Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi. Nation remembers and gives its zillion salutes to her for taking the entire nation to win the war, which had raised the eyebrows of the world. It is evident that the then opposition leader Vajpayee, piloted praising slogans on Indiraji, as she entered Parliament after the war was over. He hailed her saying, Makali, Durga and saviour. A political comment on this: Indiraji returned to Parliament with two third majorities in the elections held after the war. This was the prize given by the people on her victory.
Anything is just habits cultivated. It is nothing to do with body system. Even without Coffee or Tea one can be active and in fact more active. It is an unwise myth without coffee the does not start. No doubt there are people addict to it. They can gradually give up in the best interest of their health and pure blood system. It may not be as bad as other intoxicants. However there should be strong opinion to be led that milk habit should replace this. There could be large number of benefits one can derive,
health, savings, etc. If people can’t give up at least they can reduce the number.
In Mr. Subbaraman’s initiatives, no good thing would be left untouched. His sharing his views are either new information to the persons do not know or triggers their enthusiasm to those knows the details to some extent. In case of Vaikunda Ekadhasi, it seeks to give large information from our glorious mythology. None can afford to miss. Those who prostrate before Him on this great day, derive immense benefits, like peace, plenty, prosperity in copious measure and in abundance.


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Image result for Images of ENVIUS blog.


Displaying IMG_20170129_164321.jpg

A group photo taken in the Seminar.


Yes, I mean a great day I had “AMIDST THE AMBASSADORS OF PEACE”-lovely poets and members of the scholarly CHENNAI POETS’ CIRCLE in their ANNUAL SEMINAR on English Poetry in India and the release of EFFLORESCENCE 2016-An Anthology of Poetry at the World University Service Center in Chennai on Sunday the 29th January.

It all to me and Nivetha started with an email communication of December 5th, 2016 from Ms.Hema Ravi soliciting poems to the forthcoming Anthology EFFLORESCENCE. I had in my stock “DANCE OF WIND” but poor Nivetha sat right earnest on her return from the school and created her “SISTER OH, SISTER”. She was indeed delighted that her poem was accepted for the Anthology and our wait for the day 29th January 2017 started! And then the day dawned to be ‘AMIDST AMBASSADORS OF PEACE.’


A few years ago, I was a part of Chennai Poets’ Circle and due to several personal reasons, I could not attend and I was delighted to meet my old friends after I long time in the Seminar. My mind went back to the days of our contacts with Poet Dr. Srinivasa Rangaswamy an active member of the CPC who is no more and Dr. Krishna Srinivas of the POET who was Bhishma Pithamaha for many, many poets –seniors and in the making. His more than half a decade poetic journal “POET” inspired me to launch my “YOUNG POET” as a millennium gift to the young poets –by definition less than 25 years of age-. It was in the year 2000 and now it is 2017 and gets published as an e-zine!

I was particularly happy to meet respected Poet Madam Padmaja Aiyengar who created a history in November 2016 by wonderfully organizing an INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUAL POETS’ MEET in Vijayawada and releasing the India Book of Records recognized Anthology AMARAVATI PRISM with 527 poems in 53 languages ! I could also meet a few of the poets who attended that Meet on November 13th and 14th. Mrs.Hema Ravi told me earlier that Madam Padmaja Aiyengar was indeed an inspiration to them!


Well, a good number of poets assembled in the hall on time with Invocation followed by a nice Welcome address by Dr. M Thirumeni, Chairman of the CPC- who retired as the HOD and the Principal of Rajah Serfoji College, Thanjavur. His short and sweet address brought certain points for deliberations later based on the discussions in a convention in Nagpur recently.

CPC President Dr. S. Kannan in his presidential address after introducing the Chief Guests gave a clue on the matters to crop up in the Seminar.

Then came the Chief Guest’ address delivered by the sweet voiced Dr. T. Sriraman, formerly Professor of the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. He discussed a wide spectrum of English language, evolution of Poetry etc. I enjoyed his words “I am not a poet but I taught poetry”! Some of the points he described in an interesting way to the ordinary listeners like me: Defamiliarization, Stylistics, Language-standard and poetic, Foregrounding as a dominant literary device, Deviant syntax, Deviant Collocation- quoting examples from John Milton, John Dryden, Kamala das, K. Pankajam, Dilip Mohapatra and others.

His explanation for “Literary language is an aesthetically purposeful distortion of standard language” indeed was quite interesting.

“Style as an exploitation of all the resources of the language” was very informative.

He also dealt with a few other literary points that were well received.

Dr. K. Ganesh, HOD, Department of English, Madras Christian College in his resounding, scintillating voice gave the history of the evolution of English poetry at the global and our national level.

After release of the anthology “EFFLORESCENCE 2016” by Dr. Sriraman, a few other books were released.

EFFLORESCENCE 2016 is a very qualitative anthology of English poems-with beautiful lay out and a good quality of printing comprising 97 poems by 57 poets from different parts of India.

Joint Secretary Mr. Jayaram Seshadri presented the Annual Report.

The CD of Nursery Poems by Mrs. Hema Ravi was also released.

With a pleasant Vote of Thanks by Treasurer B. Jayaraman, the first session came to a glorious end.


After tea, Second Session started. It was the reading of poems coordinated by Dr. S. Radhamani, Vice-President of the CPC. First to present the poem was the youngest poet delegate- as rightly described by Ms. Hema Ravi- STAR of THE MEET 17 year old 12th standard student of local Velammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School Miss. S.  Nivetha, who presented her poem titled SISTER OH, SISTER which was well received and appreciated by other poet delegates from Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu and Kerala.


After lunch, there was the next session on the presentation of papers by Prof. Rasupathy, Central University, Prof. Sharmila of Loyolo College, Pushpalatha of Presidency College, Dr. Padma Priya from Karnataka under the Chairpersonship of Dr. Reddy.

Dr. Reddy fondly remembered the Bishma Pithamaha Dr. Krishna Srinivas who edited the monthly poetic journal POET for more than five decades. He was responsible to bring out the poetic talents of the young and old all over the globe as the Editor of Poet and the Anthologies, Founder President of World Poetry Society Intercontinental and the Co founder of the World Congress of poets.


After the papers were presented on the evolution of Poetry- as Indian Writing English- English Indian poetry, second session of poetry reading started under the coordination of the Poet Shri RM Shanmugam Chettiar.

The poets in alphabetical order of names presented their creations in an attractive manner.

After vote of thanks and National Anthem, the Seminar came to a grand finale.

Yes, it was indeed a great day in the midst of Ambassadors of Peace-viz poets from the East and west, north and South of my Motherland India that is Bharath.


In this story, I have tried to present a fair picture of the proceedings of the CPC Annual Seminar and Release of EFFLORESCENCE 2016 on my own that is unasked and unsolicited by any. Quite possible that due to age, I might have failed to present a more clear and comprehensive report of the Seminar that will remain ever green in the minds of the poet delegates and others who had the fortune of attending!


A personal point: as I have already referred to earlier, I was an active member of the CPC till a few years ago. I hope I will continue that association now on wards.

I must thank Shri B. Jayaraman, the Treasurer of the CPC who expecting my presence brought and handed over to my great delight and surprise two of the photographs taken quite a few years ago – one my presentation of  poem in a similar Meet organized and the other one when I offered a shawl to Dr. Krishna Srinivas.

Displaying 20170129_195428.jpg

 Subbaraman offering a shawl to Dr. Krishna Srinivas..



Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, stripes, plant and outdoor


I am indeed grateful to the God Almighty who guided me to WordPress and with HIS grace I picked up, launched my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in, gradually built up the viewership and I am indeed proud of my esteemed viewers from more than 200 countries. As of now total views have exceeded 76000 and one of my regular viewers is Shri Ramamurthi Thupakula my former colleague in the great Life Insurance Corporation of India of which I was a part and parcel for more than four decades. He lives in Bangalore and regularly sends his responses on my posts. Here is a compendium of his responses as my Sunday story this week. I am sure my friends will enjoy the same.


On Oct 8 Indian Air-force day
Thank you sir for reminding the mighty force and its continuous service to the nation. I had the opportunity of being in the force as civil educational instructor for a short span of one year before being taken in the lap of LIC of India. I am very much influenced by way of their communication in points 1,2 ,3 during 1971



A nice treat to the noble teacher who ignites the real spark of life who failed his son for not getting pass marks for another year and made him to learn. I still remember the teacher.

Enlightened to the broader and subtle meaning of guru. Thank you once again sir.



On The great samskara of leader is what he preached he actually practiced. Gandhiji before advising a boy to restrain consumption of more jaggery, he himself observed the practice.



Universe, power. And the objects, human approach well brought out. Your hyku is encouraging me to give many readings to understand thoroughly.



Well brought out the significance of water. Live and let live alone will solve the crisis.


Tomorrow -Sept 25 Social Justice Day

Let us understand and welcome social justice making a beginning from outside.


ON 16/1/17


Good appreciations to lead ploughmen from Tiruvalluvar’s saintly words. All professions have to bow before the main axis of economics namely agricultural sector. This day is aptly followed by pongal. Nice of you sir!



The self restraint starts not from big sacrifices but from mini conditionings like avoiding sweets, coffee etc. Coffee or tea is external stimulants for inner relief. If our minds are programmed to achieve internal bliss then nothing stops from being happy within. Great for maintaining this habit as a token of respect for Kanchi Acharya!.


Thanks for introducing Kumaran which i had no opportunity to know. We have to salute unknown gems that were hidden in the cruel opportunistic politics.


Heartiest recording on 9 th at 9.00 hrs. With greetings!



It is a great delight to have Sevalaya capsule in Kavi Nilavu. My regards to both of you Jagan and yourself for your noble thoughts and gestures.



Very nice to be reminded of Vaikunta Ekadasi. During childhood we used to be with our teacher Mr.Saida, a Muslim who used to make us chant Hare Rama Hare Krishna throughout the day even in night also. Nowadays such things are very rare!



I am reminded of Bharathiar song in Tamil picture Kai Kodutha Deivam Sivaji’s’ dream song before he falls sick. There also some Telugu lines. Are they creation of cine poet or Bharatiyars ?

Can you please let me know the lines you refer to in the film?

Sindunadhi mennisai …..choramannatinil pengaludane ..isaiaamaipol ….kankanamidhi nee kosam. Exact song I do not remember. Because it is a long time since. Please excuse me if I am not exact.

Sir, the song starts with Sindu nadhiyin isai. TheTelugu words are. Manasidhi nee kosam. Manugad neekosam. Mamathavesam. Nee madhi anuraagam . By young couple the song is pictured in Kerala boats.

NV Subbaraman YES, This is Bharathiyar’s Tamil  poem in Telugu

Ramamurthi Thupakula Thank you very much for your usual quick tesponse. With regards .



Thanks. Kattabomman’s image inspires the noble thoughts. Sivaji portrayed the Veerapandyas image in a magnificent manner.



First accept our congrats Kavi Nilavu. Your pursuits always encourage being peaceful within and striving perfection always. With best regards. Happy 2017 !

I fully agree with Uthayamurthy. Pl lessen your exertions.

NV Subbaraman Thanks. I shall take care.



Enthusiasm eternal be the gift of New year. Thanks for the nice message as a basic trait.



Very apt title Pillaik Kadhal. Nicely presented feelings! Unique Bharathiyar.



Thanks for presenting a new angle on fathers role in shaping the literary talent of Bharathiar!



Love beyond definition. A nice photo of Bharathiyar couple!



Very nice memories and thoughts!. Photo at Kodiakanal impressive.



A fitting reply indeed!



Society in ease and peace! Very noble concept!. Thanks.



Rajaji namely took my memories to my childhood days of reading his stories on Ramayana in easy and lucid style. Added was the formation of Swatantra party. His unique style adds grace to Indian political scenario!



Sir, very nice message felt by everyone in your words. We wish only for fulfillment. Let us wait and whether miracle will dawn



Sir, many of us remember you only as N V Subbaraman only! No other name feels close to us than NVS.



Thank you for providing the glimpse of J C Bose which as students we used to admire from early school days. I am very much elated to have full view of Bose in presenting his theory!



The reported necessity of milk from birth to death is rightly projected in apt words by the poet. In olden majority of the people are fortunate to get original milk. Now we are forced to have it in the form of packets. Even then it is best source of food from cradle to grave.



Thirukkural is kuaral in the right sense. The principles enunciated are equally applicable to the modern era also. The importance of information through spies, the analysis and formation of awareness and deciding the right path by the present rulers are necessary.



A nice gesture! Whether you are a big lotus or small jasmine you are always a flower. Help ever, hurt never. You’re welcome!



Very balanced outlook coupled with scientific temper and faith . Welcome evolution day.



Help ever and hurt never is a nice principle to be followed even in go free world ride. Thanks



I appreciate your energy in spreading good mental vibrations! Especially your briefing minutes of poetic meet, Vijaywada and photos are very heartening.



A very nice message! Life is a mixture of good and bad. We have to accept the bad also and make it a good day. Poet Longfellow in his a psalm of life remarked not enjoyment not sorrow is our destined end or way but to find that each tomorrow find us farther than today. With regards!



I mistook occult art as a black art. Thank you for presenting the real meaning as spiritual enfoldment.



It is a very good fact that in Hindu tradition ohm shanti has to be repeated thrice denoting peace to all. Brahmakumaris start their daily routine with ohm santhi and greetings. The vibrations of from self purification result in purification of nature and world at large. Thank you once again for invoking divine thoughts.


ON CROSSING 68000 views.

We are friends. Poem aptly suits your blog. Like the number the views will be go on expanding. Only the sky is limit!



Very nice and kind message!. The first step is kindness to self. We are very harsh to self and suppress inner voice. Let us nourish it by being kind to consciousness and also spread the fragrance of kindness bestowed on us by the almighty!


Wish you a happy feast at Vijayawada!



Forget me not day is a good reminder. Thank you, sir, for bringing out the subtle similarity and difference existing. We forget sometimes the necessary and sometimes as a flash come unnecessary things. But for necessary let us write and have list of good things to remember. A very nice reminder!



You have rightly pointed out that chaos never dies. One thing is clear. The thoughts emerge from inside from our mind or comes from outside information. We have no control on outside information. But the way WE respond definitely can influence or regulate chaos outside. Let us strive towards that end.



Thank you very much for national young reader’s day. My granddaughter Sainiti , 6 yrs old at Richmond, Virginia, USA is a good reader and from the library brings six or seven books from the library. My father who presented me Chandamama at Adikrithika festival I still remember.



House wife or home maker only she our sister or mother or wife can add meaning without which house or home can’t exist. Thank you sir for reminding the significance of today.

It is rightly pointed out that working women also contribute in this regard.



After having read all souls day I am reminded of the poem. A psalm of life by Longfellow. Dust thou art to dust returnest was not spoken of the soul. Not enjoyment not sorrow is our destined end or way but to find hat each tomorrow find is farther than today. Thanks for sublime thoughts.


ON CROSSING 66000 views.

Really great sir. Congrats.


On Envius Thoughts

Very nice to have your views of sitting at computer desk, standing in front of Goa church, and in Trivandrum!. You are maintaining same cheerful attitude with same physique. I have a good opportunity as if I I am in front of you. With respects for your persistent activity.



Life is complex. It is a mixture of joy and sorrow. You have provided us a nice message not to make extravaganza or pollute but to bring real light. Thank you sir for the nice greetings!.



I admire your journey from Einstein to Hawkins and your conclusion regarding extension and extinction of universal change is worth emulating. Hats off to you!.



In cosmos our earth is a small particle. In earth our India is small. In this India we are small particles indeed. We have to come outside our ego shell and derive inspiration from higher power.. Nice message.



Salute to your assessment capability of mixing science and philosophy of universe. I feel much elated and forced to read again and again.



Rightly pointed out by you as day of white cane day is a day of confidence and strong will to overcome the physical hazards.



The day of Saraswathi pooja as pointed out by you quoting Bharathiyar invokes skill and wisdom. On the day of of mental health let us draw energy from Goddess wisdom and maintain health of self and our brethren in this complex world



Cooperate with the inevitable is easy to appreciate. but difficult to implement. I pray the supreme power to endow with the ability to bear the onslaught of time.


Thank you very much for reminding regarding Hindi Diwas. India with multiple dialects is strengthened by link language as Hindi. There is no doubt while English is window of the world; Hindi is bondage between Indian languages. Mother tongue can’t be ignored at the same time. We can understand any Indian language if we observe keenly. Iam happy to be reminded of HINDI DAY



Let us invite the flower festival of Kerala sisters and brothers. A nice relief and fresh fragrance of life!.



We are all aware of the need. It is indeed sad to show interest not as much as required in knowing how of first aid or being provided by organizations. Anyhow on our part laxity should be dispensed



Sir, your words none can predict the exact day of exit and cancer a great puzzle to the medical world points out the grave reality of being alert and spread awareness to the extent possible.



Forgive and forget is not only noble but also good for physical and mental wellbeing. If we hold on a particular abuse or ill-treatment for a longer time we will suffer



True to the spirit of meaning and content in Thirukkural I am fortunate to have your translation of the great poet’s lucid analogy of true friendship which stands the test of modern psychology



A great thought of the poet conveyed in apt English for the benefit of us. Thanks. The poet concluded in an effective manner drawing our attention to the element of fear and to the need of heart within God overhead.



The monument of human arrogance at its highest



It is of very nice to know from you regarding swami Chinmayananda. During my college days i was attracted by mainly his vocabulary and fluency in English apart from the relevance of Geetha. His chart of oet,pft and bmi of atma is ever simple and clear summarizing the aptness of Indian philosophy.



This is real recognition of what you are sir. Regarding your thought pattern pertaining to Thirukkral and Subramanya Bharthiar I cannot resist temptation of bringing reminiscence of Sivaji playing the image of Bharathiar in song sindhu nadhi mennisai. Hearty congratulations for the entering into 76 yrs .



Irrespective of age, whether we are seventy or seventeen we must be consistently trying to be role models of achieving perfection. A practical message indeed!



We are particles and rays in the great chariot on the move. As atma of viswatma let us share and contribute in our own humble way. Ohm shanthi.



Sivaji Ganesan personified Chatrapati Shivaji . Particularly I cannot forget the movies of Shivaji- Bhimsingh combination. Thangapathakam I saw at Chittor twice. Once myself and again with my sister and brother in law! Particularly the songs “nalla dhoru kudumbam” and “twinkle, twinkle little star” were very much delightful for both eyes and heart.



An admirable message to involve in spiritual sadhana!. Ohm shanthi!.


Worthy thought of Prasad’s on noble and Envius Thoughts.



Now I am having a clear idea regarding the significance of Ramadan. Once again acknowledging your enlightening analysis I thank you..



Like Siamese twins peace and love are inseparable. Let us say to ourselves every day i am a soul peaceful and lovable.



sir, we are from nature only. Not only in human nature even in environment we are making inroads and are ruining slowly undermining our original potential. Nice heartiest concern.


On Thyagaraja Aradhana.

Telugu poet in Tamilnadu! A real tribute to the noble divine content and the greatness of Tamil culture!

I am sure you would have enjoyed Shri Ramamurthi’s views on ENVIUS THOUGHTS. I thank him and my esteemed viewers.


Image result for Images of N V Subbaraman in Envius Thoughts in wordpress.













Image result for Images of N V Subbaraman-nvsr wordpressImage result for Images of N V Subbaraman-nvsr wordpress

“Time and tide waits for none”- rightly said! Moving finger writes and having writ moves on. It seems as though ENVIUS THOUGHTS in was launched just yesterday! As my esteemed viewers know the blog carries a post every day without exception from 28 th February 2015 and every fiftieth post will be the TALE OF A BLOGGER and today 18th December 2016 carries 700th post and hence it is TALE OF A BLOGGER PART 14!  It is 642nd day and that implies that on a few days more than one post is made!

I attribute this to the grace of the Almighty and the affection of my esteemed viewers from more than 200 countries as otherwise total views would not have crossed SEVENTY TWO THOUSAND.

Part1  Post No.        Date                       Total Views
Part 09 (450) 16/4/16                              37577
Part 10 (500) 05/6/16.                             43375
Part 11(550) 24/7/16.                              49983
Part12 (600) 11/9/16.                              57730
Part13 (650) 30/10/16         .                  65513
Part 14 (700)18/12/16.                           72400

Time taken for every thousand views since the last TALE on 30/10/16:

65000   crossed on 26/10/16     646th view.  6days- 6 views
66000                      .01/11/16     652nd                6days- 6views
67000                      07/11/16      658th        6 days-6views
68000                     13/11/16.    664th           6days-6views
69000                    20/11/16.     671st.         7days-7views
70000                  26/11/16.      677th          6days-6views
71000                  04/12/16,      685th           8days-8views
72000                 12/12/16.              693rd.                8days-8views.
During the period between Part 13 and part 14, besides my Monday-Saturday posts, Sunday Stories have carried Viewers View on Envius Thoughts Part XI and Visitor’s Voice Part IV.
were published to the joy of viewers and especially of Mr. OKR Sivagnanam who is at present with his daughter in US and Mr. Rajeev Jha of Bilaspur.


“Those Indeed were  the Days in Life” Part I and Part II and “IN THE POETS’WORLD on the Banks of River Krishna”, were all published in this  Blog bringing out the pleasant memories  of our  (mine and of my ward S. Nivetha) experiences as Poet Delegates in the “International Multilingual Poets Meet” held on 13th and 14th November at Vijayawada, the capital of newly formed Andhra Pradesh where the All India Record making Anthology “AMARAVATI PRISM 2016” of  527 poems in 53 languages was unveiled by the Hon.’ble Chief Minister of AP. The anthology was curated by   the Cultural Center of Vijayawada and Amaravati, Department of Language and Culture, Government of Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh Tourism Development Department and Granules. The event was excellently organized by MALAXMI under the great guidance of respected Poet Madam Padmaja Iyengar, Vijayawada.  These three posts may please be referred to in the archives of the ENVIUS THOUGHTS November-December, if any of my esteemed viewers could not find time to read earlier.

17 year old,  class XII student from a leading school in Chennai Miss. Nivetha was the youngest poet  delegate  presenting her English poem titled “FRIENDSHIP-VALUES AND VIRTUES” in the Meet and was the cynosure of all eyes of more than 120 delegates from India and abroad.

Some of the related photos are given in this post too.

Wide media coverage- pre and post Meet- were given and a detailed reference has been made in my posts referred to above.


Image result for Images Vardah-the cyclone in Chennai

The week gone by, left a trail of sufferings and sorrows, loss of properties and persons, uprooted trees numbering more than 70000, disrupting the life and making Chennai and many parts of Tamilnadu still by the cyclone “vardah” and heavy rains.
Here is a poem in Tamil and its English version that was triggered by the sufferings:

ஏன் இந்தக் கோபம்?

காற்றே உனக்கு ஏனிந்தக் கோபம்-பேய்க்
காற்றே உனக்கு ஏனிந்த வேகம்?
தூற்றுவார் தமைக் கண்டு உள்ளம் தான் நொந்தாயோ-உனைப்
போற்றுவார் இல்லையென உள்ளம்தான் வெந்தாயோ?
ஆற்றாமை என்கின்ற பேய்ப்பிடியில் விழுந்தாயோ
கொல்லாமை9 என்கின்ற நல்வாக்கு மறந்தாயோ?
பெரு மரங்கள் சாய்வதையே கண்குளிரப் பார்த்தாயோ/
பல உயிர்கள் மாய்வதையே கருத்ததனில் கொண்டாயோ?

தண்ணீரே உனக்கு ஏனிந்தக் கோபம் எம்
கண்ணீரைக் காண்[பதற்கே ஏனிந்தத் தாபம்?
வண்ணமுற வாழ்வதையே காணச்சகியாயோ-யாம்
விண்ணதிர அழுவதிலேபெருமகிழ்வு கொள்வாயோ?

ஆயிரம்பேர் குடிசைதனை அடித்துச் சென்றாயே – பல
ஆயிரம்பேர் உணவதனைப் பறித்துத் தின்றாயே!
நல்லோர்கள் பல்லோரை அடித்துக் கொன்றாயே
எல்லோர் வீட்டினையும் மகிழ்விழக்கச் செய்தாயே.

இயற்கைதனை வென்று விட்டோம் என்ற எம்
செருக்கதனை அறுத்திடவே வந்தாயோ?
இறையதனை மறந்துவிட்ட மக்களுக்கு- இறை
அறிவதனை தந்திடவே வந்தாயோ?

எல்லாம் எம்மால் முடியும் என்ற எம்
பொல்லா மமதைதனை நீக்கிடவே வந்தாயோ
நல்லோராய் எல்லோரும் வாழ்ந்திடவே எல்லோர்க்கும்
நல்வழியைக் காட்டுதற்கு வேண்டுமென்றே வந்தாயோ?

In English:


Oh! Wind, why this anger-ghostly
Wind why this speed so fast, nasty?
Were you annoyed with those who curse you
Were you disgusted that none to praise you?

Have you fallen into the ghostly grip of ‘inability?’
Have you forgotten the wisdom of non-killing?-stability.
Did you enjoy the uprooting of big trees to your heart’s content,
Did you intend to see the death of the hundreds to soul’s intent?

Oh! Water, why this anger for years
Why this passion to watch our tears?
Can’t you put up with our joyous living
Find pleasure in seeing our wild wailing?
You washed away the huts of thousands
Snatched away the food of millions.
Slaughtered scores of the souls noble
Denied the happiness of homes-unstable!

Did you come to root out our ego
That we have conquered nature long ago?
Did you come to inject the thoughts of the Almighty
Which has been forgotten by many not slightly?

Did you come to wipe out our awful feeling
That we are capable of moving the earth-never reeling?
Did you come to transform the people
And show them the path of life virtuous- not to topple?
Yes; such nature’s fury is just to correct the erring society. If the humanity ignores, it has to meet with greater perils not in distant future.

Image result for Images Vardah-the cyclone in Chennai

Image result for Images Vardah-the cyclone in Chennai

Image result for Images Vardah-the cyclone in Chennai

People looking at an uprooted tree during a heavy storm caused by Cyclone Vardah in Chennai


Man comes across several occasions absolutely un- anticipated – God as if to test the tenacity of the individuals creates! One such-may appear to be silly or childish to many is this “post vardah Blog Maintenance”. My esteemed viewers might have observed my passion for this and in fact I have many an occasion expressed that this Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS maintenance is one of the three things in the world that I cherish and nourish.  Probably that is the secret behind SEVEN HUNDRETH POST today in SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY SECOND DAY – without a break even for a day since 28th February 2015. There arose a challenge to me post Vardah- the deafening cyclone, and shattering rains- of course it is a different matter that the rains have not helped in any way the worsening water storage for the coming summer in 2017!

No electric power plunging the city in devastating darkness continuously for hours on several nights and very poor lights during the day time. No telephone-no internet and hence no communication-OMG!

To the extent possible, I will schedule my posts for a few days ahead and that stood by my Blog up to 15th. Whenever I am in dire straits in this area, my second son-a journalist by profession in Bangaluru will come to my rescue. When a phone connection is available, I will dictate my 12/16 lines poems over phone he will straightaway take it to my Blog through his computer! As of now, at 6.05 hours on 16th I do not know   how this post will appear as the Blog’s 700th post on 642nd day. It is said that God Almighty opens another door when one is shut! May be my net connectivity is restored in another44 hours or somewhere in my neighborhood so that I can take this in my pen drive and post it from available system/connection!!!!!

Thanks my dear and esteemed viewers and this much is for this Tale and we shall meet through the THOUGHTS regularly. Kindly lend your inspiring support by regularly viewing and responding! GOOD Bye till then.



A part of the Cultural program-“Mahishasuramardini”.

In the wonderful creation of the Almighty, things move on as per HIS scheme in every one’s life. Those who believe, it is something predetermined-say DESTINY- whether HE made it, I make it , CIRCUMSTANCES make it! A successful man in his life goes according to it, but by his constant efforts and earnest endeavors makes the best use and makes his positive contribution to his home, society and the world.


Well my mentor from his heavenly abode MAHAKAVI SUBRAMANIYA BHARATHIYAR wrote several decades ago:

“நமக்குத் தொழில் கவிதை, நாட்டிற் குழைத்தல்
இமைப்பொழுதுஞ் சோரா திருத்தல்-உமைக்கினிய
மைந்தன் கணநாதன் நங்குடியை வாழ்விப்பான்
சிந்தையே இம்மூன்றும் செய்.”

While rendered in English:

“We build the lofty rhyme; our country we serve;
We idle not even for a second;
The son dear to Uma will cause our line
To prosper; dear soul, these three do perform.”

Yes; “the builders of rhyme” –POETS serve the world without idling away their time even for a second!

Those indeed were the days in life! Two days – Thirteenth and Fourteenth of November were the days in the life of poets-multilingual poets-from all over my India-that is Bharath and abroad who assembled on the serene and silent banks of the holy river KRISHNA in Vijayawada, the capital of recently formed Andhra Pradesh on the sacred day of Karthika poornima and karthika somavara  – auspicious full moon day of the month of Karthika and the Monday of the month- in October-November- were never to be got days to enjoy again!


One of the speakers in the Meet. 


Personally to me it all started on the day in April 2016 when I received the e-invitation from respected poet Mrs. Padmaja Iyengar Hon. Lit. Advisor, the Cultural Center of Vijayawada & Amaravati soliciting my poems in multiple languages for their proposed Anthology “Poetic Prism 2016”-and the name was subsequently changed to “Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016-“ . I sent my poems in English and Tamil. Instantly they were accepted.

After a few days enthused by the acceptance of mine, my ward S. Nivetha  a 17 year girl studying in XII standard in a leading school in Chennai  requested me to send her poem too. It was in English and when I sent it Madam was  delighted and   immediately acknowledged and told it will find a place in the PRISM making  Nivetha feel as if she has won a Nobel award!.


Madam Padmaja Iyengar talking to one of the Chief Guests of the Meet.


Time passes on as quickly as it blossoms. It looks as if yesterday the start of the ‘PRISM 2016’ and now it is a week since the unique record breaking ANTHOLOGY was unveiled taking the poets to the wonderland of Poetry- and to make everyone who attended feel that THOSE INDEED WERE THE DAYS IN LIFE!


Second and third communications were received in quick succession from the Honorary Literary Adviser to the CULTURAL CENTER OF VIJAYAWADA & AMARAVATI- Malaxmi Group’s CSR arm,  is one of the organizers of the event explaining in detail the proposed INTERNATIONAL MULTI LINGUAL POETS MEET in which the great Anthology- entered into the Indian Book of Records  one to be launched by Sri Nara Chandrababu Naidu, Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, on 13th and 14th of November at Vijayawada.

It was indeed great literary gesture on the part of Madam Padmaja Iyengar to have convinced the Committee on the need to invite the young poet Miss. S Nivetha just 17 year old XII standard student of a leading school in Chennai which made her jump with joy to the skies.

With the generous permission of the school, to be away for three days, air tickets were booked and the countdown began increasing the appetite to attend the unique meet and to her the maiden and golden opportunity of attending an International event!

In the meantime I had a few telephonic interactions with Madam Padmaja on the arrangements on a mass scale being made.

At last 12th November was born and we left Chennai on time and reached Vijayawada on time to be received by an SMS that “I am Sai Kiran waiting for you at the Airport entrance”. Delighted we were to meet Mr. Sai Kiran an MBA student in The Forbes College of Business Management! Then of course we came across a couple of dozens of MBA students who volunteered,  attending to every need of the delegates-whether in the hotel room or restaurant, Bus or at the Venue till we left for the airport on 14th after the mega Meet was over.

Mr. Saikiran received us with a smiling face and took us to the waiting AC car and dropped us in the Hotel Mid-City- a hotel of three star- status on the MG Road. As earlier programmed both of us were accommodated in the same room.  Lunch we had and went out for shopping in the evening. Night dinner was over and Nivetha had her rehearsals of her proposed maiden presentation in such a unique International Meet next day. I had mine!!!!!?????



Reputed Poet from Thailand presenting her poem.

The day of delight dawned, heralding a treasure trove of joy and happiness, pride and peace, sense of achievement and satisfaction to all the poet delegates from abroad and all over India-that is my Bharath.  After a delicious breakfast in the hotel restaurant, a nice luxurious AC bus ferried all of us to the venue of the Meet –about ten kilometers from the hotel- the Conference hall of APTDC Hotel, Haritha Bermpark on the Banks of Holy River Krishna.

There were about 150 poet delegates from different parts of the world and different languages true to the nomenclature “INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUAL POETS MEET”.

On our taking the seats, in nature-friendly jute bag carrying a print of


Poetic Prism 2016

International Multilingual Poets Meet


with a copy of the Guinness recording Anthology,  a beautiful shawl, note book, pen , an attractively designed Identity Badge,  was handed over to each of the delegate by the volunteering MBA students of Forbes Business School and a detailed program sheet.

With the opening remarks by Honorary Literary Adviser to the Cultural Center of Vijayawada & Amaravati and a renowned Poet Smt. Padmaja Iyengar, Smt. Gadde Anuradha, Krishna district Zilla Parishad Chairperson- the Chief Guest’s inaugural address, poetry reading sessions started.


First to present his poem was the 83 year old senior most poet Shri Raja Raman Ramachandran and the last one to present was the youngest poet Sow. S. Nivetha!

In between about seventy poets presented their poems in various regional languages. Unique and surprising method of inviting the poets for presentation was adopted! A bowl containing slips of all the attending poets with the language and page number in the Anthology was kept ready on the table. Every poet after presentation will take out a slip from the bowl, open and invite the next poet for rendering! It was very interesting and everyone was anxiously awaiting the invitation- some disappointed and some delighted! Ultimately all those present could delight the audience with their poem.

I presented my poem in Tamil titled ”குழந்தை உள்ளம் இறைவன் இல்லம்” (CHILD’S MIND IS GOD’S HOME) and Nivetha her English poem titled “FRINDSHIP- Values and Virtues”. Rich encomiums were paid to her presentation by the MC and very many others in the lobby.

Everyone was introduced and comment was made at the end of reading very appropriately by the Master of the Ceremony, Madam Iyengar.

At the appropriate intervals, we had our delicious and sumptuous Andhra lunch and snacks in tea breaks.

After a while, short and sweet speeches were delivered by the dignitaries of Vijayawada- Municipal Corporation Mayor, Corporation Commissioner, President of CCVA, APTDC EO and others.


At the end of the first day a scintillating, enchanting and ennobling cultural program was held with young artists performing Kuchupudi, kathakali and bharatha natyam dances. “Mahishasura mardhini” was indeed a classic one!

After dinner, we returned to our rooms with nourishing thoughts and cherishing first day program.


Next day 14th was equally great. The program started with poetry reading session.

Hon’ble Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu launched the International Multilingual Poets Anthology “Amaravati Poetic Prism 2016 “ and   made a remarkable speech hailing the efforts behind the unique Anthology and the Meet. He traced the great literary and glorious history of Vijayawada. Senior poets from different states were honored at the hands of the CM.

Closing remarks were made by Dr. E Sivanagi Reddy, Chief Executive Officer, CCVA.

An attractively designed Certificate was handed over to each participant..


We took leave of our great poet friends

After lunch, the delegates were free to get back to their Headquarters. Accordingly we were dropped in the Airport by car and we reached Chennai by night.

In one of her communications Madam Padmaja wrote:

“While you are required to bear your travelling expenses, your hospitality, at Vijayawada including your pick up from/drop at Airport/Railway Station/Bus station, comfortable stay etc. will be totally taken care of by us”. Yes, true to these words everything was taken care of by the Organizers and great literary loving Corporates and Government Departments.

A mega event like this requires a lot of sponsorship and it was with  a sense  of great joy and pride the Malaxmi, Andhra Pradesh Tourism Department, Department of Language and Culture, AP Government and the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation joined in this great Literary yagna.  We the delegates are extremely happy and grateful for all of them.


Having been in telephonic conversation frequently with Madam Padmaja Iyengar, the main brain behind the Anthology, I know the volume of efforts she has put in with her team in bringing out this unique Anthology.  As planned and anticipated, there cannot be a second opinion on its likely entry into the India Book of Records! Physical get up, quality of paper and print, beauty of design and so on are par excellent besides the contents.

Similarly one could not have expected till it was conceived and delivered that an anthology in 53 languages and more than 525 poems are humanly possible.  I am not ashamed to admit and acknowledge that I cannot even list out so many languages of the world! Look at some details about the Anthology.

Sl. No.      Language                         No. of Poems

  1. Telugu                                                   54
  2.  Arabic                                                   01
  3. Assamese                                             14
  4.  Bengali                                               18
  5. Bhojpuri                                              04
  6. Bodo                                                    01
  7.  Danish                                              01
  8.  Dogri                                               03
  9. Dzonkha                                           01
  10. Esperanto                                        01
  11. French                                              04
  12. German                                           04
  13. Gojri                                                01
  14.  Gunjala Gondi                             01
  15. Gujarati                                        09
  1. Hebrew                                           02
  2. Hindi                                              50
  3. Italian.                                           03
  4. Japanese.                                        01                                  .
  5. Kannada.                                      15.
  6. Kashmiri                                        04
  7. Kodava Takk                                   01
  8. Konkani                                          02
  9.  Koya                                               01
  10. Maithili                                       05
  11. Malayalam                                   17
  12. Mandarin                                   01
  13. Mapuzugun                               01
  14. Marathi.                                   08
  15. Mizo                                          02
  16. Nepali.                                     01
  17. Odia.                                        10
  18. Pahari                                      02
  19. Persian.                                   01
  20. Portugese.                               01
  21. Punjabi.                                09
  22. Rajasthani.                         01
  23. Romani                      01
  24. Romanian                 01
  25. Sankethi.                   01
  26. Sanskrit.                    04
  27. Sindhi.                      01
  28.  Spanish.                04
  29.   Tagalog                  01
  30. Tamil.                     18
  31.  Thai                       01
  32.   Tulu                       02
  33. Turkish                 01
  34. Urdu                    21
  35. Uzbeck                02
  36. Vietnamese      . 01
  37. Zapotec              01
  38. English                    202
  39.  Total                                                 527


Being Multilingual Poets Meet most –almost all barring possibly a couple of poets-have submitted poems in more than one language.


Several poets have given their poems in their language and have themselves translated into English.

Shri Raamesh Gowri Raghavan of Mumbai has contributed poems in 11 languages and thus stands number ONE in this respect.

English, Esperanto, French, German, Hindi, Kannada, Kodava Takk, Mandarin, Marathi, Tamil and Urdu.

Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam contributed poems in six languages viz. English, Telugu, Sanskrit, French, German and Hindi,


It was indeed a veritable literary feast both in the Meet and the Anthology.


Carrying PLEASNT MEMORIES of both, we reached our home and the thoughts go on ringing the joyful tune of the two days spent in the Meet.


Nivetha –youngest Poet who attended the Meet as a Poet Delegate was the cynosure of all eyes and became darling of the other poet delegates. Here she is seen with respected poet  Dr. Bibha Kumari of Delhi University as published in her Face Book on 17th November. .


(More photos and videos will appear in the forthcoming Sunday story)



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