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Yes today it is 2150th post-and hence the TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 43!

Numerically a LOVELY DAY TWENTY TWENTY TWENTY!  20- 2020!
Tale 42 appeared on that lovely day!
2070 days are over since the Blog was launched on 25th February 2015  and today is 2071st day and the post is 2150th without any break. God has been kind enough to bless with physical, mental and intellectual strength to continue this passion sans any break. This is the SUNDAY STORY!
The blog’s esteemed viewers appear to be reasonably satisfied with the contents and presentation as is seen from the following increasing number of views gradually but steadily:
20/08/2020  2033rd Day 2100th post 2,60,859 views
21/08/2020  2034th day 2102nd post  2,61,000 views.
26/08/2020  2039th day 2108th post   2,62,000 views.
29/08/2020  2042nd day 2112th post  2,63,000 views
29/08/2020  2042nd day 2112th post  2,65,000 views
02/09/2020  2046th day  2117th post  2,66.000 views
07/09/2020  2051st day  2123rd post  2,67,000 views
11/09/2020  2055th day   2127th post    2,68,000 views.
17/09/2020  2061st day    2135th post   2,69,000  views
23/09/2020    2067th day  2144th post   2,70,000  views.
Well, during the period covered by the last fifty posts, flood of water has flown under Ganges!
The whole world continues to be flooded with CORONA VIRUS and it is several days we see the people walking or biking on the roads! It is estimated by the scientists that the total weight of the CORONA VIRUS in the ENTIRE WORLD is JUST ONE GRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
On the personal literary front very happy developments have taken place which I would like to share with you all.
Thanks to CORONA all the Meets, Discussions and so on are all gone online wirh the help of all powerful ZOOM!
Twice or thrice in a week all meet and discuss  through Zoom!
Birds of the same feather flock together is a well known  statement of course of fact!
In that way, I got a great friend in Mr.Germain  and all my ITHAKA posts are prompted by him!.
Kindly have a read at his latest communication.
Dear friend,
I have bad news, Athena, my most beloved of all dogs I ever had, didn’t eat anymore, didn’t move, was suffering. So we took him took the veterinarian who checked his blood. His rains are totally destroyed. He had maximum 2 weeks more to live. What a terrible choice, unwilling to let the beloved animal suffer but having to decide to let him pass away immediately.
Before he slept he gave me his leg, as he used to do to show me his friendship.  Nietzsche called his dog “Mensch”, human, but if all humans would be as human as Athena was,
there would be less killings, less wars, more…humanity.
As you know the Poem of the Week is already translated weekly in Hindi, Tamil, Bangla. The good news is that Udayan Thakker, poet of Ithaca 651, promised to translate in the future the Ithaca poems in Gujarati.
Enclosed the new poem. Thank you in advance for your translation and publication in English and Tamil.
Best regards

See weekly the Poem of the Week
Excellent poetry from all over the world
in English, Spanish, Dutch and in Arabic, Bangla, Bulgarian, Chinese, Farsi, Filipino, French, German,
Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Icelandic, Irish (Gaelic), Italian,  Japanese, Kurdish, Malay, Polish, Portuguese,
Romanian, Russian, Sicilian, Tamil, Turkish… http://www.point-editions.com.

Amrutlal *

With green ink, sometimes with red,
Amrutlal would very carefully, in neat handwriting,
write down his poems
in a leather-bound diary.
Sometimes he had a nightmare
that he died of the plague,
that his poems were never published
not even found.

But Amrutlal lived a long life.
(He was my friend.)
During his lifetime,

he saw the birth of his Collected Poems.
But he also saw them
age and die.

Udayan Thakker, India

Translation Udayan Thakker – Stanley Barkan



Person of the Week: N V Subbaraman – Indian Periodical

Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai, 9840477552


பச்சை மையினால், சில நேரங்களில் சிகப்பு

அம்ருத்லால் கவனமாக , அழகான கையெழுத்தில்
அவருடைய கவிதைகளை எழுதுவார்
ஒரு அழகாக பைண்டான டயரியில் நாள் குறிப்பேட்டில்
சிலநேரங்களில் கொடுங்கனவு வரும்
அவர் ப்ளேக் -கொள்ளை நோயால் இறந்ததாக.

அவருடைய கவிதைகள் என்றுமே பிரசுரிக்கப்படாமலே

எங்கு இருக்கிறது என்பது கூடத்தெரியாமல்.
ஆனால் அம்ருத்லால் நீண்ட வாழ்க்கை வாழ்ந்தார்

(அவர் எனது நண்பர்)
அவரது வாழ்நாட்களில்
அவரது கவிதைத் தொகுப்பு பிறந்ததைக் கண்டார்

அவைகளும் யது ஆகி இறந்ததையும்

.Udayan Thakker, India

Translation Udayan Thakker – Stanley Barkan

Translation Udayan Thakker – Stanley Barkan

* Name of a person.


Translation Udayan Thakker – Stanley Barkan

* Name of a person.

This tale happily deals with my colony and the wonderful manner in which the colony’s welfare is managed by the honorary office bearers of the JEEVAN BIMA NAGAR FLAT OWNERS WELFARE ASSOCIATION-duly elected by the members in a democratic fashion.

LIC buys first issuance of longest maturity bonds - The Economic Times

Life Insurance Corporation of India-my Alma mater- where I learnt the art and science of life and living is indeed a leading primary Public Sector Undertaking!

Though Only providing  life insurance to the people of this great country India that is Bharath –our Motherland it does take some additional activities like providing flats to the policyholders in different cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta  and so on.

That way, Chennai has a lovely Jeevan Bima Nagar with 944 flats in 59 Blocks, a beautiful office complex for the Jeevan Bima Nagar Flat Owners Welfare Association, Community Hall, number of play grounds for children, women youth and so on.

A very vast area with hundreds of trees making it look as if we are in an ideal village with green wood trees amidst a great modern city!. People from North and South, East and West are residing here  in Single, Double and triple bedroom flats  with peace and harmony, taken care of by a well-run JBNFOWA  a duly elected by the Flat owners/residents . Present office bearers are a set of loyal, dedicated, devoted and dutiful team.

If it has been developed by a private builder, more than 100 Blocks would have come up- leaving no open space for a healthy living!

It is not a “GATED COMMUNITY” in a strict sense- of course within four compound walls with FIVE gates!

JBN one of our five gates- we are a gated community!!

Various amenities are available:

“Apart from security personnel guarding the entrance round the clock, gated communities boast of amenities such as club houses, swimming pools, community halls, play grounds, sports club, etc.  One will have power back-up and parking facilities if they are a member. A more premium gated community will have on the premises restaurants, cafes, shopping complexes, children’s play area, spa, clinics, etc. An even more premium gated community would offer you valet parking, private swimming pools and personal elevators, among others.”

We have lot of space for morning and evening walks including a long .  8 WALK- ordinary one and pebbled another. Kids World, Youth World, Women World , Indoor Stadium Basket ball court and so on.

Pebbled 8 walk in our Youth World

Swings for the  children in Youth World

Nonetheless we are enjoying a nice life- in fact I am one of the first batch alloties of the Flats. The colony was born in around 1993.

I recollect and reproduce here what I said on the occasion of the Silver Jubilee  of the Colony and our great Association JBNFOWA:

வெள்ளி விழா ஆண்டு மலர்ந்ததடா !


வெள்ளி விழா ஆண்டு மலர்ந்ததம்மா
வெள்ளி விழா மலர் பூத்ததம்மா
எங்கள் நகரம் பொலிந்ததம்மா
எங்கும் மகிழ்ச்சி நிறைந்ததம்மா!               4
ஜீவன் பீமா நகரிது
பாரதவிலாச நகரிது!
வடக்கும் தெற்கும்
கிழக்கும் மேற்கும்                       8
சேர்ந்து வாழும் நகரிது!
ஜீவன் மிகுந்த நகரிது
பீமா செய்த நகரிது
ஜீவன் பீமா நகரிது!                       12

நல்ல சங்கம் நமது சங்கம்
நலச்சங்கம் பெயர் படைத்தது
நயமான பாதை காட்டுது!!

சேலத்தில் இருக்கையிலே-               16
ஜீவன் பீமா நகர் பிறந்தது
நன்முறையில் வாழப் பாதை தெரிந்தது
அந்த நாள் முதல் இந்த நாள் வரை
வந்த நட்பு வளர்ந்தது                     20
தந்த நட்பு இனிய மணம் தந்தது!;
நலச் சங்கம் அமைத்து நம்மை
நலமுறவே காத்தனர்
என்னவெல்லாம் செய்யவேண்டுமென      24
எண்ணி எண்ணிப் பார்த்தனர்
வேண்டியதைச் செய்தனர்!
பாடுபட்ட அனைவரையும்
பாராட்டி மகிழ்கிறோம்.                   28
பட்டபாட்டை நன்றியோடு
எண்ணி, எண்ணிப் பார்க்கிறோம்!
வாழ்க என மனமோடு
வாழ்த்தி மகிழ்வோம்!                    32
வெள்ளி விழா ஆண்டினிலே
தங்கக் கிரீடம் சூட்டிடுவோம்!
வெள்ளிவிழா மலரிதனை
வேங்கடவனுக்குச் சூட்டிடுவோம்!          36


Various needs of the residents are carefully taken care of the Jeevan Bima Nagar Flat Owners Welfare Association meticulously. We know all the office bearers are volunteers and duly elected by the members and they spend quite a lot of their time and energy for the welfare of the Colony!



JBN office bearers with some of the staff members

Thus we end this week’s Sunday story covering several aspects. Our

esteemed viewers would have found the content and presentation  quite interesting.  We shall meet as usual tomorrow morning. Till then BYE!


P s. This Sunday Story is at the prompt of two of our esteemed viewers Mr Suresh Mathew and Sriram  and I take this  opportunity to thank them. Photos courtesy Mr. Boominathan. I am grateful to him.



ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses  significant  2,71,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 125th  view at 13.45 hrs. today,  VIZ Sunday,  the 27th September  2020, ( 27/09/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the significant  figure   TWO LAC AND SEVENTY ONE THOUSAND (2, 71, 000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 2071st day and 2150th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.







There is an Isle of Light
I will take you there
It has never known iron bars
Come with me to the Isle of Light

There is no government there
The seas rule and the ocean winds
Seasons change at the word of poets
Come with me to the Isle of Light.

Gabriel Rosenstock, Ireland



Envius Thoughts – by NV Subbaraman -“NVSR's ENVIUS THOUGHTS “for greater catholicity and nobility.

Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai, India, 9840477552


ஒரு வெளிச்சத்தீவு இருக்கிறது

அங்கே உங்களை அழைத்துச் செல்வேன்

இரும்புக் கோல்களை என்றுமே அறியாதது

வெளிச்சத்தீவிற்கு என்னுடன் வாருங்கள்!


அங்கே அரசாங்கம் கிடையாது

கடல்கள் அரசாளுகின்றன, சமுத்திரம் காற்றைத்தருகின்றது

கவிஞர்கள் சொற்கள் கேட்டு காலங்கள் மாறுகின்றன

என்னுடன் வாருங்கள் வெளிச்சத் தீவிற்கு!

ஐரிஷ் மொழியில் ஆக்கம்

கேப்ரியல் ரோஸென் ஸ்டாக், அயர்லாந்து.


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses   2,68,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the demlo number 253rd  view at 14 hrs. today,  VIZ Friday,  the 11th September  2020, (11/09/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the NICE figure   TWO LAC AND SIXTY EIGHT THOUSAND (2, 68, 000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 2055th day and 2128th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.


Good evening. My friend GERMAIN says: “Today is my birthday but what can I do better than make people happy with poetry because: Poetry is my message…
The new poem is from our latest Ithaca member, translating into Irish. He is an internationally well-known poet and translated and published in Ireland my poetry book “In the Stream of Time, Meditations in the Himalayas”.
He dedicated the poem to an Indian poet who apparently – your age – is imprisoned and has corona virus.
Best regards
Third post of the day wishing GERMAIN very many happy returns of the day it is ” 649- THE ISLE OF LIGHT! ” is in Envius Thoughts in https://nvsr.wordpress.com/ for your kind read and response. Thanks.


This week’s Sunday story in Envius Thoughts carries the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewers and commentators like Shri OKR Sivagnanam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy this Part 28 –TWENTY EIGHT . Here we have covered his Reviews up to date from 27/03/2020.

K R Sivagnanam commented on TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 42  25/08/2020

TWO THOUSAND and HUNDRETH  POST! 2100th Post Yes, today it is 2100th post-and hence the TALE OF A BLOGGER Part …

An informative feed!

An enjoyable read!

Stories to abound!

Endeavor to succeed!

Infinite be the end!


August Indonesian Independence Day 17th August

Your post today on Indonesian Independence Day – nice to read it!

People are crazy of pelf and power – through dishonest means – it transcends boundaries with one country wanting to annex the nation adjacent to it!

It’s obnoxious and to be eschewed!

The world around, many countries had to fight for their freedom, and Indonesia being one, won it from the Dutch!

Happy Independence Day to the Indonesians!

O K R Sivagnanam commented on TALE OF A BLOGGER 40 :03/06/2020

TALE 40 is an inspiring write-up!

Kudos to you, for posting 2000 posts in 1948 days – a non-stop performance from day 1 you launched your blog!

You’ve proved, given the undaunting will power and unconquerable passion, there is nothing that cannot be done!

Being a disciplinarian to the core, you’ve made it possible, and you’ll continue to do so exceedingly well, making us fortunate to have your thoughts for healthy consumption on a daily basis – can we go without food for our body -and for our thought as well?

Can corona escape your attention?
And so we have it too from your blog!

Viewers around the world are behind you – must be anxious to view yours – may be many in the very early morning itself – as it is your wont to post them exactly at four in the morning when, of course, in our time zone, people will be in sound sleep mode!

Best wishes to you…..


A nice Sunday Story with a great update of your BLOG for the ready reference of the viewers!

I don’t want you to entertain negative thoughts about the ENVIUS THOUGHTS – your own child, and the “APPLE OF YOUR EYE”, as you rightly call it!

You are properly nourishing and nurturing it, and there is no need for you to add wings to your “misplaced imagination!”

It’s going beautiful, and its continuity is all that we aspire for – legitimately at that!

May you go ahead with the innate spirit to make the blog as INSPIRING and INFORMATIVE, as it used to be!

Why should you worry at all, with “the triumvirs” always residing within you, lighting the way all through?


O K R Sivagnanam commented on 27th March- World Theater Day 27/03/2020

World Theater Day post – a good read!

Life can never be enjoyable without deviation from the routine we adopt in our everyday life!

Theater – the initial form of entertainment that caters to the lovers of performances – on the stage!

A great way to depict the culture of the land to the audience in rapt attention!

A tool that conveys the intended messages to the viewers, and through them, to other members of the family and friends, who appened to miss the opportunity, for one reason or the other!

And evolution has now brought us small screen and mobile too to feed us where we are, without having to go far and enjoy!

SORRY I could not fully justify this Sunday story as Very Very unusually  I had several commitments mental and physical. I do hope you would have enjoyed the views of the viewer Sri O K Sivagnanam. We shall meet as usual tomorrow morning with a post. Till then Goodbye!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses   2,65,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with more than 2400  views testerday,  VIZ Saturday,  the 29th August  2020, (29/08/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the NICE figure   TWO LAC AND SIXTY FIVE THOUSAND
(2, 65, 000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 2042nd day and 2112th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.


A Blogger's Prayer -MY PRAYER. – Envius Thoughts



2100th Post

Yes, today it is 2100th post-and hence the TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 42!

Today is not a Sunday but  it is  2100th post. It is Thursday 20th August.  Any how I am the monarch of all I survey as for as the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is concerned! I am the writer, Editor, a viewer –thank God I am not the only viewer- more than 2 lakhs and 60000 viewers are there! PLEASE LOOK FOR THIS SUNDAY STORY also  on 23rd August.
Numerically a LOVELY DAY TWENTY TWENTY TWENTY!  20- 2020!
Tale 41 appeared on 7th July 2020 – a land mark number!

2032 days are over since the Blog was launched on 25th February 2015  and today is 2033rd day and the post is 2100th without any break. God has been kind enough to bless with physical, mental and intellectual strength to continue this passion sans any break. This Tale has become a Thursday STORY instead of  SUNDAY STORY!

The blog’s esteemed viewers appear to be reasonably satisfied with the contents and presentation as is seen from the following increasing number of views gradually but steadily:

20/08/2020  2033rd Day 2100th post
16/08/2020  2029th day 2096th post  2,60,000 views.
11/08/2020  2024th day 2091st post   2,59,000 views.
06/08/2020  2019th day  2085th post  2,58,000 views
02/08/2020  2015th day  2079th post  2,57,000 views
27/07/2020  2009th day   2072nd post  2,56.000 views
23/07/2020  2005th day  2068th post  2,55,000 views
Well, during the period covered by the last fifty posts, flood of water has flown under Ganges!
The whole world continues to be flooded with CORONA VIRUS and it is several days we see the people walking or biking on the roads! It is estimated by the scientists that the total weight of the CORONA VIRUS in the ENTIRE WORLD is JUST ONE GRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the personal literary front very happy developments have taken place which I would like to share with you all.
Thanks to CORONA all the Meets, Discussions and so on are all gone online wirh the help of all powerful ZOOM!
Twice or thrice in a week all meet and discuss  through Zoom!
Normally Guntur International Poetry Festival for a couple of days take place in GUNTUR Andhra Pradesh conducted by Dr. Prof. Gopichand and his wife Dr. Prof. Nagasuseela.
This year it was GIPF13 online.

Here are the certificates for us who attended on line:



Our poems in English were translated by Chinese Magazine Rendition of International Poetry which I give below:

Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai,9840477552


GMIS 2017 Day 1: Sustainable Strategies Today To Secure A ...

It is indeed a matter of abundant pleasure and delight to see our English poems attracted the attention of Chinese literary lovers who decided to translate our English poems and publish the same in their magazine “RENDITION OF INTERNATIONAL POETRY” and convey the same to us!!!

I take the opportunity to thank my great C A friend from Erode who is now in Hosur who gets my English poems  translated to Chinese- transliterations from his colleague who is frequenting Shengai!

English Version

N V Subbaraman

Prosperous Tomorrow

And till this day’s
Pain and pangs
Sufferings and sorrows
Falls and failures
Poverty and penury
I do see a
Silver lining
Bright tomorrow
Absolutely bright
Based purely on
Efforts and efficacy
Of hopes and prayer!
A bright and prosperous tomorrow
Seen through my inward eyes
And its melodies
Heard through my inward ears!

Chinese Simplified Version




Transliteration Version (Pinyin)

[yìn dù] N·V·sū bā lā màn

fán róng de míng tiān


jīn tiān de

hé zhú dào jīn tiān de

téng tòng yǔ tòng kǔ

mó nàn yǔ bēi shāng

cuò zhé yǔ shī bài

qīng pín hé qióng kùn zhōng

wǒ què shí kàn dào le

yī xiàn xī wàng

měi hǎo de míng tiān

jué duì de guāng míng

wán quán dì jī yú

nǔ lì hé fèn dòu

qī pàn ba! qí dǎo ba!

míng tiān

yī gè guāng míng fán róng de míng tiān

tòu guò wǒ nèi xīn de yǎn jīng

tā de xuán lǜ

cóng wǒ de nèi’ěr chuán lái!

English Version>


S. Nivetha with a Thailand Poet and N V Subbaraman at Vijayavada in 2018

(India] S. Nivetha


A Real Friend

A real friend is one who walks in
When the rest of the world walks out;
Yeah…the one who will stay
Even after parent’s death not allowing go astray;
Every girl has a great friend and
Every girl’s friendship comes to an end;
Every boy has a nice friend and
Every boy’s friendship does extend;
Friend makes us happier and stronger;
Friendship is divine and superior!
True friend shapes our positive thinking
Takes us sure to the goal winning!
Friends are our strength in file
Always helps to lead a peaceful life!

About the author:

Ms. S. Nivetha , National Book of Records for Children Holder for being the youngest poet to be invited as a poet delegate to a Poets Meet in 2016, is a student of final year BCA in a leading women’s College in Chennai. She is a good cartoonist and in writing prose and verse. She has been widely anthologized.

Walter Winchell - A real friend is one who walks in when...

About the translator:

A master of English Linguistics & Literature, Qi Fengyan was born in Kangping, Liaoning province. She is a member of Chinese Poetry Society and a director of Bai Juyi Poetry Research Society. Some of her poems, essays and literature review articles have been published on journals and newspapers such as Grain in Ear, Yangtze River, Sea Swallow, Liaohe River, Selected Essays (original edition), Chinese Literature, Yangcheng Evening News, Short Stories, People’s Daily (overseas edition), Heilongjiang Daily, Entrepreneur Daily, Jiangnan Times and West China Metropolis Daily. She is Guest Editor of Rendition of International Poetry. She is the chief translator of the International Bilingual Publication Project of Chinese Poetry and the Chinese Children’s Poetry Project. She is also the chief translator of the Chinese Poem. She has won the Second Prize of the 2018 China Prose Annual Conference and the 2019 Western Prose Association Critic A

Chinese Simplified Version

印度 S 妮维雅
















(齐凤艳 译)









。《国际诗歌翻译》客座总编。 “中国诗系国际双语出版工程”和“中华千童诗工程”首席翻译,《中国汉诗》


Transliteration Version (Pinyin)

[yìn dù] S·nī wéi yǎ

yī gè zhēn zhèng de péng yǒu

zhēn zhèng de péng yǒu huì lái dào nǐ shēn biān

dāng shì jiè shàng qí tā de rén dōu zǒu kāi de shí hòu

shì de, tā shì nàgè huì liú xià lái de rén

jí shǐ zài fù mǔ qù shì hòu yě bù yǔn xǔ wù rù qí tú

Měi gè nǚ hái dōu yǒu yī gè hǎo péng yǒu

Měi gè nǚ hái de yǒu yì dū huì jié shù

Měi gè nán hái dōu yǒu yī gè hǎo péng yǒu

Měi gè nán hái de yǒu yì dōu chí jiǔ

Péng yǒu ràng wǒ men gèng kuài lè, gèng jiān qiáng

Ō, shén shèng ér chóng gāo de yǒu yì!

Zhēn zhèng de péng yǒu sù zào wǒ men jī jí de sī wéi

Yǐn lǐng wǒ men xìn xīn shí zú de zǒu xiàng mù dì de!

Péng yǒu shì wǒ men de lì liàng

Shí kè bang zhù wǒ men guò shàng píng jìng de sheng huó!

(Qífèngyàn yì)

Zuò zhě jiǎn jiè:


S·nī wéi yǎ nǚ shì bèi shōu rù “guó jiā er tóng jì lù”, tā shì bèi yāo cān jiā 2016 nián shī rén dà huì de zuì nián qīng de shī rén dài biǎo. Tā shì qīn nài yī suǒ ding jiān nǚ zǐ xué yuàn shāng yè yǔ mào yì guǎn lǐ zhuān yè de dà sì xué shēng. Tā shì yī wèi yōu xiù de màn huà jiā, tā hái shàn cháng sǎn wén hè shī gē xiě zuò. Tā de zuò pǐn bèi guǎng fàn shōu jí zài gè zhǒng xuǎn běn.

Yì zhě jiǎn jiè:

Qí fèng yàn, liáo níng kāng píng rén. Yīng yǔ yǔ yán wén xué shuò shì. Zhōng guó shī gē xué huì huì yuán, bái jū yì shī gē yán jiū huì lǐ shì. Yǒu shī gē, sǎn wén , wén yì píng lùn fā biǎo zài “máng zhòng”“yang zǐ jiāng” shī kān “hǎi yàn”“liáo h锓sǎn wén xuǎn kān”(yuan chuàng bǎn)“zhōng huá wén xu锓yang chéng wǎn bào”“jīng duǎn xiǎo shuō”“rén mín rì bào” hǎi wài bǎn “hēi long jiāng rì bào”“qǐ yè jiā rì bào”“jiāng nán shí bào”“huá xī dūs hì bào” děng .“Guó jì shī gē fān yì” kè zuò zǒng biān. “Zhōng guó shī xì guó jì shuāng yǔ chū bǎn gong chéng” hé “zhōng huá qiān tóng shī gong chéng” shǒu xí fān yì,“zhōng guó hàn shī” shǒu xí fān yì. Huò dé 2018 nián zhōng guó sǎn wén nián huì èr děng jiǎng,2019 nián xī bù sǎn wén xué huì píng lùn jiǎng. Chū bǎn hé yì zuò pǐn liǎng bù.

On my part, at the instance of one  great personality devoted to world literature, GERMIN, I am translating several of various languages in the world to Tamil via English. An example is here:


dreamy image
of a cypress in meditation,
feathery touch
of fingers and breaths
heavenly sounds
and in your eyes,
in your teardrop,
I want to discover
the inconceivable
and cryptic
initiation of time.

Manolis Aligizakis (Crete)

Translated by the author –

“Lovers-2”, painting by Leonid Afremov, https//afremov.com


Translated by

Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai, India 9840477552

குழுவிற்கு அறிமுகம்

சைப்ரஸ் தியானத்தில்
கனவு உருவம்
விரல்களையும் மூச்சையும்
இறகு தீண்டுதலை

சொர்க்கத்தின் இனிய ஒலிகள்
உனது கண்களில்
உன் கண்ணீர் துளியில்
நினைக்க முடியாத,
குழுவிற்கு காலத்தின்  அறிமுகத்தை
காண, கண்டுபிடிக்க

Manolis Aligizakis (Crete)

Translated by the

With this we end this Tale and we shall meet tomorrow with yet another post! Till then GOOD BYE!






I am a little- why? – more than a little proud of my Blog which has an overall view score of more than 2,50,000 from ,more than 200 countries! I wanted to know about the top Blogs in the world and here is the top ten as Sunday Story this week. I am sure our esteemed viewers will find quite interesting!

10 Literary Blogs –Something every one Should Read

By Daniel Lefferts

Jan. 5, 2014

The new literary generation is here, and it’s bored — bored with the New Yorker, bored with the New York Times, bored with the New York Review of Books.

We need new literary sustenance. We want writing by people who understand the tremendous attentional effort it requires to read more than three sentences of anything. We want a literary La La Land that gives us gifs and James Joyce in the same breath. Screw it — we want gifs of James Joyce.

While I look for those, take a look at these: The best — funniest, crassest, headiest, least boring, most addictive — literary blogs for 20-something readers and writers.

  1. ‘Los Angeles Review of Books’

The Los Angeles Review of Books launched in the spring of 2012 as an answer (if only in name) to the well-established New York Review of Books and other stuffy, East Coast-based literary heavyweights like it. LARB immediately proved itself to be a fresher, younger, and more fun alternative. Aside from its sleek visuals (the homepage is, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful on the web), the online-only publication boasts a wide range of reviews, essays, and interviews covering literature, film, art, and pop culture.

Though the writing can at times stray in the direction of the bloodlessly academic, the material is, for the most part, just the sort that the literary internet needs — original, lengthy, and demanding criticism that deserves our attention (however little of it there is).

  1. ‘The Awl’

The Awl isn’t exclusively a literary blog, but the snarling wit and critical acumen displayed in its reviews and essays — on everything from Communist architecture to the brain-breaking fiction of Jorge Luis Borges — will appeal to the young, hip, and wordy.

  1. ‘Html Giant’

That insufferable person in your college English class who claimed to have read Infinite Jest in two weeks and articulated everything in terms of “temporality” and “spatiality” is probably a frequent visitor of HTML Giant. The unabashedly theory-headed website deserves a visit from you, too. After all, wasn’t there something strangely alluring about that kid in your class? And don’t temporality and spatiality, after all, mean things — arguably important things? Everyone who cares about literature needs a cerebral fix now and then. HTML Giant is the place to reliably get it.

  1. Electric Literature’s ‘The Outlet’

The Outlet, the blog of Electric Literature, combines straightforward reporting on book world happenings with links to exciting literary content elsewhere on the web. Think A Publisher’s Weekly for the Bushwick set.

  1. ‘Hazlitt’

There probably isn’t a single piece of writing on Hazlitt, a literary blog run by Random House of Canada that I wouldn’t read or recommend. Their editorial trademark is the pithy, inviting, cleanly-written blog post about a thing — a show, a book, a person — that you hadn’t heard of before but now suddenly care about. It’s also got some of the most intelligent writing you’ll read about the Rob Ford scandal.

  1. ‘The New Inquiry’

The New Inquiry is among the weirder literary websites out there. It’s a room filled with a lot of random mismatched furniture, some of it tasteful, some if it cheap, not all of it comfortable, most of it interesting to look at. But there seems to be a method to this madness. Only in this cluttered space could you find a postmodern reading of Big Data, a “flash interview” with Harryette Mullen, and an odd item about the concept of “good” and “bad” years by Teju Cole, all on the same homepage. TNI: a case study in what happens when literary minds meet the unlimited real estate of the internet.

  1. ‘The Paris Review Daily’

The migration of literary culture from the printed page to the internet has been famously awkward, half-hearted, disaster-prone, and delayed. But The Paris Review has entered the digital age with all the grace and good humor you’d expect from the publication that’s practically ruled international literary discourse since it was first founded in 1953. Its Daily is the finest example of this — a stream of nerdy, nutty, tastefully profane blog posts consisting of everything from interviews with heavyweights such as Norwegian sensation Karl Ove Knausgaard to bite-size literary trivia.

  1. ‘Guernica’

Guernica is a magazine about literature, art, and culture with a stated political bent. It’s one of the headier and more serious literary magazines for millennial-generation readers, but the content is always urgent and contemporary. Its attention to international conflict and other global matters makes it especially noteworthy.

  1. ‘3:AM Magazine’

3:AM has everything — fiction, flash fiction, poetry, interviews, criticism — but its sensibility is consistent throughout: blunt, funny, angrily academic. Their tagline says it best: “Whatever it is, we’re against it.”

  1. ‘Five Chapters’

“Literary blog” is a debatable term, connoting for some a place where you can read writing about writing and for others a place where you can read the writing itself. If you fall into the latter category and just want a place to get good fiction, particularly by younger authors, you can’t go wrong with Five Chapters. Every week, Monday through Friday, the site posts a new short story in five serial installments. The work is consistently excellent, and the experience of reading day to day — hello, cliffhangers! — makes for good Dickens-era fun.


I do believe it is quite illuminating! We shall meet tomorrow as usual and till then GOOD BYE!

.10 Literary Blogs Every 20-Something Should Read



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Last line ending…. regarding lift . Even though it is true generally an article should end optimistically…..say his music lives even now🙏

Conservation of ocean environment is need of hour and fishes have to live safe.
your crisp thought fully conveying the intended message is full success.

Is it tumor or tomour
sir… article has both words

Ok sir, thanks. some discussion has to happen on your daily Post.

Decided to forward your daily vision to my friends groups. Soon it will reach 300,000 from 240000
Sir really your posts are crisp, awesome only.

Thank you sir, take this opportunity in informing u that myself inspired on your regular cycling. Thanks to NVS ji for sharing photo in recent article.

Some of Mr Desai’s music are mega hits even now.
Some music lives forever, even though the composer is no more.
It is amazing on part of NVS sir to pay rich tributes to this composer Mr Desai .
All the songs mentioned by NVS sir is in you tube and we can fully justify it is “Creative Composer”.

Mr NVS has graciously accepted my suggestion to end the article in a positive way.
Hats off to him.  could find Mr NVS has no ego and willing to improvise immediately.
This is very rare humble quality and my respect to NVS sir has compounded manifold now.

Someone told intermittent fasting can reduce the tumour

Can you include Sriram in your post? He is strongly promoting your post…As you have personalized me , CVK , please personalize him in your post

2.SECOND S SARAVANAN of Thiruvarur.

Importance of clean oceans
for happy living of fishes is insisted well. The picture is very apt to convey the message.

The blog about the great music legend Sri.Vasant Desai is very fine.

In yesterday’s blog the necessity of clean food was explained in depth.
Today’s blog on brain tumor is highly informative.
Both are very useful sir.

Adverse effects of wearing mask are well explained sir.
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Today’s blog on world Environment Day insists the importance of trees to protect our environment. Yes, let us save our nature, protect our environment.
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The way in which you have presented the benefits of cycling is fantastic.
Riding a bicycle always gives a lot of pleasure
This blog made me recall  the first day to join LIC, riding my rusted bicycle 25 years back.
Picture of Master Om riding a bicycle is very stylish.

A good information about Telengana formation sir.

Yet another nice presentation on Parents Day.
The line ” No old age home for parents surely” and the words selfless  commitments and lifelong sacrifices are highly noteworthy.

Autobiography of tobacco and the translation are fine.
It is interesting to know that you have made around  a dozen of smokers into permanent nonsmokers.
Yesterday’s article about a wonderful creature otter was somewhat new.

Tips to avoid dehydration are useful. Good blog on heat awareness Day.

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Number of days crossed is 1947 again a memorable number for every Indian.

The daily blogs give many new ideas and interesting information. They are very useful as well.

I pray the Almighty for giving   you physical strength and health for crossing 4000, 6000, 8000…blogs.

A fine blog on Sri Guru Arjundev Ji sir!.

History of Maharana Pratap is explained well.

Fine blog.
Awaiting 2000th blog eagerly.
“Kanneer Anjali” in Tamil along with the translation has touched my heart.
Good blog.

Glad to know that the Number of posts  is nearing 2000.

Facts about Himalayas are narrated nicely. Let us salute the brave Indian woman Bachendri Pal for her achievement.

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Specialty of the number 66 is well explained sir.
Another nice article!!

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Yes sir, it is an indelible blur to our state. A good article on Rajiv Gandhi.

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Yes, let us watch eagerly what the future holds for India.Good article sir.

Today’s blog contains an elaborate explanation about the Gandhian principles Ahimsa, Nonviolence and Truth. It is really wonderful sir.

Having been troupe leader for  5 years is great. This blog reveals many useful ideas about NCC .

The shield for your literary work is fine.

Writings about International Day of Families is good.

You have expressed your deep concern over the degeneration of joint family system in our country. Yes sir, if the system flourishes   again, many problems the society is facing today will diminish.

Congratulations for crossing 2.45 lakhs views sir.

Yes, today’s blog is something different and somewhat interesting as well.
Today’s blog on “frog jumping day” is fine.
Song of the frog – video is very interesting to watch.

Yes, indeed the service of nurses to the world is very great and very much appreciable.

Very nice blog sir

Yes. Science and Technology play a very vital role in the development of humanity.
You have recalled the Pokhran nuclear test under the leadership of Dr.Abdul Kalam.
The article is very good sir.

Tamil poem about Amma is very nice.
This Sunday’s special blog about mothers’ day shows many interesting ideas about the origin and history of mothers’ day. Superb!!

.Very useful blog about Red Cross sir.

I got some new messages about Swami Chinmayananda from today’s article sir.

The article about Tagore is wonderful.

I am glad to know that Envius Thoughts has crossed 2,44,000 viewers all over the world.

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The article about Karl Marx and communism is fine.

A very good blog about the Scout Movement. It has recollected my memories in my school days when I was in the scout movement sir.

Sunday’s special story is something special.
Among other things it is well explained how peace and harmony can be achieved.
The writing about SOKA GAKKAI is fine sir.

I got some useful and new information from today’s article “Vasavi Jayanthi” Thank you for your wishes.
May this May relieve the humanity from the sufferings and sorrows.
Serving for 4 decades that too in an organization like ours is great!

It is rightly mentioned that welfare of the working class is the welfare of the society and world.
Nice article sir!!
Fine article about Honesty!!
In the early morning I had a darshan of lord Shiva performing dance (Natarajar).
Useful information are there. Marvelous.

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World Oceans Day !’Fish speaks’, super sir! Picture is very nice!

Food safety for health and happiness! The theme of our life, well sir!
Meaningful information sir!

Rightly said. Thank you sir. Man can prevent diseases without wearing mask!

Encouraging words sir!
Let us try to live without mask!

Highly informative and educative sir!
Very polite to advice !

Amazing sir!
Telengana Formation Day!
Nice sir!

Very Nice !

This Global Day is an auspicious day for the parents
And an advisable day for the children!
I am proud because I am also a parent, having a Global Day for me sir!
Have a peaceful and healthy time on this auspicious day sir!
Information !
Tobacco’s Satirical
words and amazing translation!
Super sir!

Rare animal! And a day for it!  Amazing sir!
Yes sir Surya Bahvan should be with mercy,  not to scorch us!
Salute to Nehruji!
The Tale of the Blogger 40 is very interesting!
Your inspiration through your messages without any break is very very appreciable and admirable sir!
May God bless you with physical as well as mental strength to continue your service hundred years more to invoke every dawn with your valuable messages
Salute to Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji!

I understand the history of Great Maharana Pratap in short and got inspired to learn more about him only because of you sir!

You have introduced an appreciable personality
With a wonderful citation about him,  a translation which exposes your talent sir!
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Very proud of that First Woman sir!

Very interesting sir!
For both posts your prayer is for the welfare of the living beings!

2 46 000 views of the blog!


By giving valuable messages which are highly informative and educative and sometimes environmental,  medical, religious and historical important your blog stands with social importance!

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Our day starts with your words Envius Thoughts, sir!

Have a peaceful and happy day!

Informative sir!
Scientific facts!
Useful information sir!
Thank you
Written in your diary!
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Very nice about your prayer for the working community sir!
Now only I understand about Shanthi Matha. Thank you sir!
Sure sir. If you wish I will send sir with your blessings!
Nobody can hurt me without my permission’
Super quote sir!
Unsung Heroes!
Very Aptly mentioned sir!
Today is their day!
Yes sir,Care for our environment is the need of the hour sir!
Very Good information, sir. Thank you!
Nice sir!
I could see the respected blogger along with his books, his wealth!
Your thoughts with advice super sir!
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A day for youth service!
Started the day with your valuable thought!

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Wonderful poem and information on unbridled tongue sir!

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Well founded blog and brings the entire globe Into the 12 x 10 room!
Achievement sir!
Continue sir!
Unknown fact on QUINGMING festival sir!
Informative sir.
Unknown facts on BOOK CLOSING !

Wonderful !! A day for idly! Wow!!!

My favourite dish is idly!

Happy idly day!

In my house they had planned to prepare uppuma.

I insisted them to prepare iddly referring your message sir!

Thank you very much!

Wonder wonder on learning to live

Wonderful sir!

I have saluted the holy and the martyred souls of our nation on this day, sir!
Your quotes regarding water, the elixir is precious sir!

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Now only I know that there is a day for poetry!
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2000th Post

Yes, today it is 2000th post-and hence the TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 40!

Today is not a Sunday but  it is  2000th post. It is Wednesday 27th May.  Any how I am the monarch of all I survey as for as the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is concerned! I am the writer, Editor, a viewer –thank God I am not the only viewer- more than 2 lakhs viewers are there! PLEASE LOOK FOR THIS SUNDAY STORY also  on 31st May.

1947 days are over since the Blog was launched on 25th February 2015  and today is 1948th day and the post is 2000th without any break. God has been kind enough to bless with physical, mental and intellectual strength to continue this passion sans any break. This Tale has become a Wednesday STORY instead of  SUNDAY STORY!

The blog’s esteemed viewers appear to be reasonably satisfied with the contents and presentation as is seen from the following increasing number of views gradually but steadily though slight depression will be there on a few days.

20/05/2020 1941st day 1992nd post        2,46,000 views

14/05/2020 1935th day 1983rd post      2,45,000 views

06/05/2020 1927th day 1972nd post       2,44,000 views

26/04/2020  1917th day 1961st post      2,43,000 views

16/04/2020   1907th day   1949th post     2,42,000 views.

Well, during the period covered by the last fifty posts, flood of water has flown under Ganges!

The whole world continues to be flooded with CORONA VIRUS and it is several days we see the people walking or biking on the roads! It is estimated by the scientists that the total weight of the CORONA VIRUS in the ENTIRE WORLD is JUST ONE GRAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what I wrote a small note to my friends in Chennai and some outsiders:

May walk
May not walk
On the road!
May bike
May not bike
On the road!
But I
Go on
Watching from my balcony
A few who do,
Dogs running here and there barking,
Crows flying in the blue sky
Jumping from branch of
One tree to another.
Tree branches swinging,
This side and that side
Because of wind,
Or because of swinging wind blows?”

Yes today’s CONCERN, WORRY, botheration, thoughts, talks writings  and so on are about that monster virus all over the world called CORONA supposed to have originated from our neighbor CHINA. All are locked in and are under punishment of “STAY AT HOME”! No schools, no colleges, no offices, no factories, no trains, no flights, no transportation, no temples, no churches, no mosques, no Gurudwaras, no eating houses- big or small , palace like hotels or roadside eateries! People depending on daily wages for their food go and stand in queues waiting for the supply of food by generous and philanthropic minded people, institutions and organizations as they do not earn anything to have food these days! No schools, colleges, examinations till June end!

DISTANCING- individual and social is claimed to be one of the effective ways of combating the evil not suffered in the known history of mankind in the recent or distant past.   No face masks, no gloves, no sanitizers!!!!  As of now up to twenty seventh MAY no getting out of home – likely to be extended again and again!

Here is a tribute to this Blogger – deserving or undeserving?????????

Feedback from Mathew Eapen, American blogger’s society member based at New York…

*Dr NVS is the only blogger we have seen in the history of blogging-Doing with out any returns…We have seen many bloggers doing for monitory benefits through advertisement..

His personal blogs are truly great… Earlier the Ginger one has gone viral in bloggers group.. Really a unique blog👍🏼

Now CVK @66…Though I have not seen CVK, I have a clear and vivid picture about him… Great man with a social orientation…Need to appreciate such people..If many CVKs are born , world will be a better place to live*

Rich tribute paid by New York blogger Mathew Eapen, I accept with all humility and thank him for his love and kindness. I only pray God that I continue with greater quality of content and presentation.

I do hope that this Wednesday TALE OF THE BLOGGER Part 40 would have been interesting. Next Sunday Story topic as it is left to the imagination of our esteemed viewers ! Till then Bye!










This week’s Sunday story in Envius Thoughts carries the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnanam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India, which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivagnanam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sharing with a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy this Part 27 –TWENTY SEVEN . Here we have covered his Reviews up to date from February First..
Learn to Live – Your post today is timely to remind us of the need to muster enough strength to face the uncertainties presented by the deadly CORONAVIRUS, sweeping the world!
That strength is nothing but our steadfast preparedness to stay indoors, putting a challenge to the virus possessed of an ego – it won’t visit us unless we go after it and invite it!
The authorities are finding it tough to make the man stay at home – of course we are all social beings ever in search of people put there to interact with!
Whatever has come follows a pattern already designed by the “power”, and we have to put up with it and emerge safe and unaffected!
What we have to do in a given situation will come on its own, may be by intuition, and we act accordingly to make any adverse impact at bay!
For, to live is to learn, and abide by the lessons learnt!
An awareness on the World Tuberculosis Day!
Diseases many that take away the precious human lives!
Prevention is one effective method that may keep us protected from an illness, and save us from their negative effects!
Tuberculosis, playing foul with our respiratory system, is rather an uncontrolled disease, despite various medications that is intended to take care of different stages it presents itself!
Not following the advice of doctors mainly play against strict control of the disease!
In India alone, we are facing one thousand deaths a day due to Tuberculosis, we are told!
A costly affair indeed, that calls for concerted efforts from all the stakeholders – first to reduce the cases, and then gradually to eradicate it altogether!
Easier said than done, but essential to avoid its occurrence, taking into account human fatalities and the resultant economic loss the nations suffer!

March on……March – a good read!
A hectic month for all those connected with business!
A month that spells “BUSY”,driving one non-stop- not only to achieve the targets, but surpass it even to keep the head tall!
A month that generates enthusiasm of the highest order, not to be generally found in all other months!
Negativity is there, in that any untoward happenings may spoil the plan altogether, as is the case now, with the deadly coronovirus threatening us not to venture out as a precautionary measure to keep us safe and uninfected!

It’s for us to maintain the tempo right from the day one, and be on a top gear when MARCH announces its arrival!
May the end of this MARCH be good in all respects to the entire world!
Nice to read your post on International Day of Happiness on 20th March!
One may achieve anything in life, and be the centre of attraction, gaining accolades from one and all!
May we adopt HAPPYTALISM as a way of life, and spread its fragrance, wherever we are!
If the achiever finds no time or no reason to enjoy happy occasions, they stand to lose everything they might have gained in the course of their journey of life!
Your post today on Bhagath Singh’s Martyr Day, focusing on his revolutionary ways in the freedom movement!
He died very much young, and left his mark as a courageous fighter!
May his spirit inspire the young minds to achieve something great – to be of significance to the nation!
Nice to read your post on World Poetry Day!
For many, like you, all days are Days of Poetry!
Poetic breath fills their lungs and they fill the atmosphere for others to inhale afresh!
The subtle nature of a poem adds beauty to its content and construction, and a poet lives through it eternally!
Glory to the poets who take away the monotony of everyday life by their lavish spread of poetic air!
A nice post on the World Water Day, with special quotes, using water!
It’s ironic indeed that despite plentiful water available, many go without a drop of it to quench their thirst, not to speak of other needs of water!
Judicious use is the key in our hands to better handle it!
Having something of it left behind is better than being with nothing to turn to – applies equally to water!
Nature is repaying what we in fact have inflicted it with our senseless attitude!
A better understanding even at this stage will help us tide over the problem – of water – effectively!
You were referring to the dwindling scores to your blog posts, but you will agree, not each day passes off in a like manner, and the following day may rise with a lovely shine, promising everything good and favourable!
So, apprehension or misapprehension on your part is quite misplaced and unwarranted!
May a day of hope follow!
Saint Patrick’s Day – a nice read!
We have been taught to rejoice in giving rather than getting!
A principle of equality we have learnt from the great thinkers from around the world from time immemorial!
Let us minimize the space between Plenty and Poverty, and reach a point where both of them merge together to lose their individual identity!
Peace then is sure to bloom!
Nice to read your post on Life and Time!
Life and Time indeed our best teachers, and may we hold on to them and get benefited!
“Waste not time to not waste this precious life” is how we can justify our noble birth here!
At no point of life should we be a burden to others, and inversely may we offer our shoulders to the needy in as many possible ways as we can!
Every second that ticks away reminds us that TIME IS RUNNING OUT, and before it’s too late, let us make use of it to leave behind our noteworthy footsteps on the sands of time, never to be washed away by the thing called DEATH!
It’s our life and our time- live and use them to the fullest potential!
Nice Sunday Story with selective quotes on Solitude!
There’s nothing in this world to give respite to our disppoitments and worries other than loneliness!
It’s a timely balm that takes away pain and suffering instantly!
It’s a self-proclaimed tool that helps in deep introspection leading to the correct option in genuinely finding out a way to answer the questions raised in the mind!
It’s for the solace that one turns to solitude, and not to part ways with our dear and near ones as a means of escape from the reality of life!
Used properly, solitude is the best bet against the hustle and bustle of everyday life!
Nice to read on Nazareth Ali!
It’s an irony that even the saints are not spared in the cruel hands of evil-minded and beastly humans!
Do they think, the saviours of mankind are against their designs perpetrated on the innocent lives?
Their contention is totally wrong, but on the other hand, saints and seers come to this world to bring an atmosphere of peace and happiness to prevail!
Nice to read your post on Yogananda Guru!
We are an integral part of this materialistic world, but it doesn’t mean that we can go overboard with this, and view everything from the material angle!
The balancing act is to limit its influence in our everyday life, and not allow it to hold us hostage!
The tool that comes in between to rescue us from its evil nature is spirituality that the gurus like Yogananda are set out to propagate amongst the ignorant!
Nice to read your post on World Wildlife Day!
Every creation on the earth is with a purpose, and must coexist with one another to keep the environment balanced!
Large-scale deforestation efforts on the part of humankind for economic reasons led to shrinkage in forest cover, resulting in encroachment of animal kingdom.
And in search of food, animals turn to our habits, making man-animal conflict a regular feature with no end in sight for its redressal!
So too with plants and trees- that grow in the forest-getting destructed by ulterior motives of man whose main concern is to fulfill their selfish interests!
It’s high time people realised the long term effects of dwindling forest area, and an awareness created for sustaining nature without disturbing the wildlife!
Nice to read your Sunday Story, carrying the Part 2 “On Prayer”and appending therewith my feedback to Part 1!
Thank you very much.
The contents are very good and they seek our attention to the goodwill they generate!
Yes,faith, and “utmost good faith” at that serves as the foundation for the prayers we make!
A prayer is one that involves genuine appeal for the benefit of humanity, and it’s not a tool in the hands of those selfish individuals who want to have their evil expectations fulfilled at the cost of others’ interests!
Your inclusion of”A Writer’s Prayer, and “A Blogger’s Prayer”, revealing the responsibility of a writer in general to bring nice messages, of course with a liberty of sort,to the reader’s doorsteps!
Your “Sportsman’s Prayer”,depicts the real spirit of a sportsman/woman who is never expected to spread the despicable HATE!
And your “Birthday Prayer”, goes to convey the purpose we have to execute for which we have been made a part of this universe!
Help Ever, Hurt Never, Love All, and Serve All – nice phrases you have employed for the peace and prosperity of society!
We get what we aspire for, provided the path we choose troubles none!
Congrats for the Arivukathhir Award you are conferred!
A nice post on Kachiyappar Day!
The Hindu religious text, Kandhapuranam on Lord Muruga, is a great contribution to Tamil Literature!
The saints were immensely aware of the efficacy of language in promoting not only their religious ideas, but culture as well obtaining during their period of history!
Remembering them on the day they were born is in a way refreshing the past, having the unsuspecting relevance to the present and future!
Your post on Arch David is a nice read!
All should be well – this is the guiding principle all religions profess!
A conveyance that takes us to the place we want to reach!
The choice is ours to prefer one to the other!
It’s all our inclination to embrace and abide by a certain “faith!”
Here, there’s no need for any external force to exert on us, and direct against our mindset!
For, all roads safely take us to the final destination to make us happy and content!
Kasturiba Memorial Day – a nice read for the day!
The “Team Freedom Movement,”was behind the memorable success, with
M K Gandhi in the forefront!
The fruits of their labour we’re enjoying, and it’s incumbent on us to appreciate the value of democracy by solemnly adhering to its principles!
What we’re sowing today will one day be gigantic for the generations to come to witness, wonder, and feel proud about!
Let us be thankful to our great leaders who made us breathe a fresh air and relieve us of “suffocation!”
A nice gesture with all your blessings to those students appearing for the ensuing Board Examinations!
Yes, examinations will haunt us, if we entertain fear for its arrival!
A nice clue you gave – preparation from day one – this in fact will show the ghost the door, and allow the Almighty to enter and shower the fortunes of success!
All the best to the examinees to come out with flying colours!
A nice post on Ash Wednesday!
Belief and faith play an important life in the life of mortals, who one day or the other leaves this earth forever!
The mortal nature of humans has a lesson to share with us that our short sojourn here should be utilised for the good of humanity, and not unceremoniously wasted!
The Ash Wednesday is to remind the followers, on the importance of repentance for the sins, knowingly or unknowingly committed, by putting on their foreheads the mark of a “cross” with the palm ashes by the priest!
The process symbolises the “dusty” nature of the humans, sooner or later to lick the dust, and become dusty ashes in the end!
In short, this ritual is but a warning intended for the sinners to mend their wayward behaviour!
A nice post on World Scouts Day with a nice photo of yours in the scouts dress!
Scouts – a great movement, across the globe in the service of society!
An opportunity at the young age to face life with confidence!
A discipline-builder that instills patriotism in the minds of the cadre!
May patriotism prevail over nationalism, and the world may prosper in the face of obstacles that come its way!
INVISIBLE WIND – comes alive through your words!
Just because it’s invisible, can we underestimate its power?
An invincible power that equates with that of the Almighty!
A power that operates from behind, but its effect is discernable!
Our very sustenance is a question mark, without the indelible ‘mark’ of the wind in its many forms!
If it’s calm and reasonable, it’s soothing for all, and if it tends to go violent, there’s no escape from its total destruction!
Nice of reading your post on Central Excise Day!
Without revenue, the affairs of a nation cannot be conducted in the manner expected of it!
The Central Board of Excise and Custom, day in and day out, through the tireless work of the personnel, put in their efforts in not only mobilising what is due to the government exchequer, but also in the process, in booking those who go anti-national, and meting out the due punishment for deciance and non-compliance!
May the stakeholders act responsibly for the good of the nation!
A nice Sunday Story on PRAYER!
A prayer by the cancer patient, and the other one by the carpenter- both are revealing!
Nice description of your life journey with prayer occupying the central role!
And about your prayer for the ENVIUS THOUGHTS to spread its wings far and wide, it’s quite normal for a person with a great vision in mind!
Last, but not the least, your prayer not for yourself, but for the prosperity of the whole world, is simply great!
Rough and Gentle,”at the same time – very nice attributes of waves that rise and fall, powered by the wind!
We’re taught against building castles on the sand due to waves of reality in wait attacking in no time!
It’s favourable when the waves bring to the shores what’s lying beneath the ocean!
Are we not supposed to accept with equanimity, when the same waves engulf the beautiful pebbles on the beach to take them back to the ocean?
Of course, there’s every chance that we’ll get back something more attractive than the ones we lost to the furious waves!
Fear of waves won’t allow one to venture into the ocean, and they inevitably let go of an opportunity to exhibit their prowess!
And likewise, for fear of failure we lack the will to climb and set foot on a new horizon!
Waves act in accordance with the pull and push of the nature, and so we must, against the odds to succeed in life!
A nice tribute to Ramakrishna paramhansa on his birthday!
The problems humanity is facing today are many that man seeks redressal through the spiritual path!
The enlightened sages and philosophers guide us to travel inwardly and meet with solutions baffled them long!
We are part of a fast-paced living, that has its unbeaten stress level, making us vulnerable to intolerance which is being addressed to by the sages like Paramahamsa!
Mission in his name continues to serve the spiritual needs of humanity, and provides a meaningful life to those who were drifted away from the accepted norms of life by choice or chance!
A nice post on JK!
His views on education should have an impact on the society, considering the holistic approach he had to the subject!
An individual should be his own making, and not to be influenced by external factors!
The idea of “education” should change from being just the tool of a “means of living,” to one of complete transformation of societal members!
The society has the responsibility to not enforce a particular pattern on the individuals to live away the life, and allowing us to righteously move along the directions our minds had to dictate!
In short, we remain what we are, and from there to evolve humane, and be of service to humanity!
nice post on Anandamayi Ma in your IS series!
Saints and Seers are a class of its own, who always had that distinction of spreading peace, joy, and happiness among the people!
Unparalleled mission is their universal language, which is understandable by one and all!
May we take their cream, and marinate our food of life for ourselves and others as well!
So with this we end this Sunday Story. We shall meet tomorrow as usual through https//nvsr.wordpress.com. Till then good bye!

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OMNIPOTENT CORONA has its own impact on Sevalaya’s sources!!

The Institution is run on the donations received by the well wishers and philanthropists from all over the world. But one will agree no amount is too much for the services being extended in more and more domains, there is a constant need for flow of funds and the intending donors may help the TEMPLE OF SERVICE to the extent possible.


  1. Donation Payment Mode: There are various payment options.  This can be had from their website:  Within India:  http://sevalaya.org/support/

For donors abroad                                                          :   http://sevalaya.org/support/abroad-donation/

Naturally one is tempted to do something for a great organization like SEVALAYA the TEMPLE OF SERVICE. I end this Sunday story with an appeal as made by Mahakavi Bharathiyar, already posted in the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com  in ten parts under the title “ ON THE PRETTY PETALS OF THE WHITE LOTUS!  வெள்ளைத் தாமரை! and that is quite relevant now in the matters referred in the write up.

In Tamil:

“நிதி மிகுந்தவர் பொற்குவை தாரீர்;
நிதிகு றைந்தவர் காசுகள் தாரீர்;
அதுவு மற்றவர் வாய்ச்சொல் அருளீர்!
ஆண்மை யாளர் உழைப்பினை நல்கீர்!
மதுரத் தேன்மொழி மாதர்க ளெல்லாம்
வாணி பூசைக் குரியன் பேசீர்!
எதுவும் நல்கியிங் கெவ்வகை யானும்
இப்பெருந் தொழில் நாட்டுவம் வாரீர்!

While rendered in English:

“With the wholesome wealth donate in gold
Less fortunate give money enough
Those without these, oral support you give
Those with health strong, offer efforts great
Women with voice melodious
Sing in praise of Mother!
In every way and every means
Engage in this service pretty!
Dwells the Mother of knowledge and power
On the pretty petals of lovely lotus!”.

I appeal to my ESTEEMED VIEWERS to HELP!


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses LANDMARK 2,40,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 32nd view at 07.20 hrs today viz Sunday   the 29th  March 2020, (29/03/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the landmark  figure   TWO LAC AND FORTY THOUSAND (2, 40, 000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1889th day and 1926th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.



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Dear all
With Sunday greetings!
Good morning. Wishing a sweet Sunday, this week’s Sunday story is “ON PRAYER Part II” (1894th post) in Envius Thoughts is https://nvsr.wordpress.com for your kind read and response. Thanks.
Following posts were made in the week just passed by::
1. 29/02/2020 1860th day 1893rd post First Sunday Arch David March 1st
2. 28//02/2020 1859th day 1892nd post Kasturiba Memorial Day 28th February .
3. 27/02/2020 1858th day 1891st post Examinations-Ghost or God!
4 26/02/2020 1857th day 1890th post Ash Wednesday Day 26th February
5 25/02/2020 1856th day 1889th post Invisible Wind
6 24/02/2020 1855th day 1888th post Central Excise Day
7. 23/02/2020 1854th day 1887th post 22nd February World Scout Day.
I am grateful to you for your viewing this Blog regularly with more than 2,37,400 views as of today and request you to kindly continue to support by viewing.…
N V Subbaraman
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Yes, what is the magic of TIME! Goddess of Time is very powerful and SHE expects everyone on earth to handle time effectively and efficiently. On the one hand we find the people not knowing what to do with that ”TIME” and on the other hand we do come across people praying the GODDESS OF TIME why she has done only twenty four hours a day and why not it be 48? May be man designed yet……….

I am probably neither here nor there! That I used to get up at 5 in the morning till I completed my college course in 1961, and at 4 till I was in the service of my Alma mater great premier public sector organization Life Insurance Corporation of India where I learnt the art of life and living and now post retirement I get up at 3 yet I am unable to complete my routine with peace!!!

Time and tide waits for none it is said; but tide waits for full moon to blossom to show its beauty in depth!”

Time goes on and on, on and on for eternity! Eternity to eternity! It looks February twenty fifth two thousand and fifteen was just yesterday- but it was 1766 days ago! ENVIUS THOUGHTS took birth on that great day with its FIRST POST “MY TRYST WITH LIC” and today on 1st December 2019, it is EIGHTEEN Hundredth post! Post for a TALE- “TALE OF A BLOGGER 36”! (36X50=1800)

As any other writer, I write for my satisfaction. When they are found to be useful to the viewers through my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in https://nvsr.wordpress.com, I am indeed delighted and am motivated to proceed further and further, farther and farther! One measurement of my viewers is obviously the overall number of views.  I do constantly think of how the Blog can be made more interesting.

I am a little sensitive to the daily number of this Blog’s view and overall as I feel it is the measure of viewers’ estimate of the quality of the Blog.  This is 36th TALE OF THE BLOGGER!

Let us have a look at the overall views since the last Tale 35.

01/12/2019   1766th day   1800th post     2,25,616
26/11/2019   1761st day   1794th post     2,25,000
20/11/2019   1755th day   1788th post   2,24,000
14/11/2019   1749th day   1782nd post   2,23,000
08/11/2019   1743rd day  1 776th post   2,22,000
05/11/2019   1740th day  1773rd  post   2,21,000
01/11/2019   1736thday   1769th post    2,20,000
27/10/2019   1731st day    1764th post    2,19,000
20/10/2019   1724th day    1756th post    2,18,000
13/10/2019   1717th day   1750th post    2,16,876

A landmark achievement was crossing the overall views of TWO LAKS AND TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND on 26th November 2019!

It has always been a great matter of awe and delight, inspiration and wonder! I mean the astrological/astronomical knowledge of our learned saints and seers, yogis and predictors of the future. That is getting strengthened as days pass bye. Astrology is a great art and science – not superstitious beliefs of a few.

Planets govern the world and they move from house to house from time to time. That way October 30th was “GURU PEYARCHI DAY” that is Transit of GURU-Bruhaspati- from one house to another. That morning in the temple the priest was mentioning that the person having SWATHI star (I am a SWATHI starred person) may have to face minor problems! It took its own stride. One may not believe what I experienced in that very evening! I am a type of person rushing to help others asked or unasked, known or unknown, young or old! Lady from the third floor was going out and she had come to the road. Her son threw a bag at her request from their flat. In the normal course it should have fallen on the ground and she would have picked up and proceeded with her work. In my over enthusiasm to help her, I wanted to catch that bag as it was falling and in the process I hit against the iron gate and got hurt in my head, shoulders and back-thank God not very serious!!!I was writhing in pain for a few hours after applying some ointment!! Then I decided to visit a 1000 year old temple-guru kshethram- in walking distance from my flat- every Thurs day and I continue. It was 4th
a couple of days back!  Several thousands of years ago they calculated that the planet will transit on that day and predicted the possible effect on persons born in different stars!    That is why India, my holy Motherland is very great in all spheres on earth.

On 14th November-Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday being observed in deference to his wishes as Children’s day. We in our colony observed with great fun and respect- a lot of children enthusiastically participating displaying their talents in various activities.

Great MUSIC SEASON commences today in Chennai. Scintillating Music festivals many in each locality- attract lot of music lovers from the whole of India and many countries abroad! A month long season indeed is great for the participating musicians -young and old, men and women-and music lovers of all ages.Music is divine and divinity can be felt, seen and heard in Chennai through out this month.

Image result for Photos of Music Season in Chennai"

A music performancc on at Chennai Music Academy

Image result for Photos of Music Season in Chennai"

A section of the audience enjoying the divine performance

I am always proud of my esteemed viewers. One Shri Shankar from Pondicherry is one of the regulars and he suggested the post like “November 29th-Sirappuli Nayanar IS 36* Day” in respect of other Tamil Saint poets Nayanmars 63 in number and it will be a big task. Anyhow I may start the series in a planned manner in due course. I am indeed grateful to him.


Image result for Photos of 63 nayanmars in Shiva temples"

Statues of 63 nayanmars installed in all major Shiva temples.

December first is today promising a great closing of the year for me! On
7th I am presiding over a Tamil Poets’ Meet, on 11th I am presenting my Tamil poem on Bharathiyar, on 13th I am presenting my Tamil Poem and getting an award, on 15th I am presenting my Tamil poem on Barathiyar, on 29th I am getting an award for my poem on Barathiyar. One English Poets Meet in Nellore for Flamingo Festival for which date is yet to be fixed.

Thus goes  my life told to my esteemed viewers through this TALE OF A BLOGGER 36. We shall meet as usual tomorrow and till then GOOD BYE!

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