As concluded in the last week, here is Part II which deals with the characters and their characteristics in Charles Dickens famous GREAT EXPECTATIONS and then general remarks on the topic.
Pip and his family]
Philip Pirrip, nicknamed Pip, an orphan and the protagonist and narrator of Great Expectations. In his childhood, Pip dreamed of becoming a blacksmith like his kind brother-in-law, Joe Gargery. At Satis House, about age 8, he meets and falls in love with Estella, and tells Biddy that he wants to become a gentleman. As a result of Magwitch’s anonymous patronage, Pip lives in London and becomes a gentleman. Pip assumes his benefactor is Miss Havisham; the discovery that his true benefactor is a convict shocks him.
Joe Gargery, Pip’s brother-in-law, and his first father figure. He is a blacksmith who is always kind to Pip and the only person with whom Pip is always honest. Joe is disappointed when Pip decides to leave his home to live in London to become a gentleman rather than be a blacksmith in business with Joe. He is a strong man who bears the shortcomings of those closest to him.
Mrs Joe Gargery, Pip’s hot-tempered adult sister, Georgiana Maria, called Mrs Joe, 20 years older than Pip. She brings him up after their parents’ death. She does the work of the household but too often loses her temper. Orlick, her husband’s journeyman, attacks her, and she is left disabled until her death.
Mr Pumblechook, Joe Gargery’s uncle, an officious bachelor and corn merchant. While not knowing how to deal with a growing boy, he tells Mrs Joe, as she is known, how noble she is to bring up Pip. As the person who first connected Pip to Miss Havisham, he claims to have been the original architect of Pip’s expectations. Pip dislikes Mr Pumblechook for his pompous, unfounded claims. When Pip stands up to him in a public place, after those expectations are dashed, Mr Pumblechook turns those listening to the conversation against Pip.
Miss Havisham and her family
Miss Havisham, a wealthy spinster who takes Pip on as a companion for herself and her adopted daughter, Estella. Havisham is a wealthy, eccentric woman who has worn her wedding dress and one shoe since the day that she was jilted at the altar by her fiancé. Her house is unchanged as well. She hates all men, and plots to wreak a twisted revenge by teaching Estella to torment and spurn men, including Pip, who loves her. Miss Havisham is later overcome with remorse for ruining both Estella’s and Pip’s chances for happiness. Shortly after confessing her plotting to Pip, she dies as the result of being badly burned when her dress accidentally catches fire.
Estella, Miss Havisham’s adopted daughter, whom Pip pursues. She is a beautiful girl and grows more beautiful after her schooling in France. Estella represents the life of wealth and culture for which Pip strives. Since Miss Havisham ruined Estella’s ability to love, Estella cannot return Pip’s passion. She warns Pip of this repeatedly, but he will not or cannot believe her. Estella does not know that she is the daughter of Molly, Jaggers’s housekeeper, and the convict Abel Magwitch, given up for adoption to Miss Havisham after her mother was arrested for murder. In marrying Bentley Drummle, she rebels against Miss Havisham’s plan to have her break a husband’s heart, as Drummle is not interested in Estella but simply in the Havisham fortune.
Matthew Pocket, Miss Havisham’s cousin. He is the patriarch of the Pocket family, but unlike her other relatives, he is not greedy for Havisham’s wealth. Matthew Pocket tutors young gentlemen, such as Bentley Drummle, Startop, Pip and his own son Herbert.
Herbert Pocket, the son of Matthew Pocket, who was invited like Pip to visit Miss Havisham, but she did not take to him. Pip first meets Herbert as a “pale young gentleman” who challenges Pip to a fistfight at Miss Havisham’s house when both are children. He later becomes Pip’s friend, tutoring him in the “gentlemanly” arts and sharing his rooms with Pip in London.
Cousin Raymond, a relative of Miss Havisham who is only interested in her money. He is married to Camilla.
Georgiana, a relative of Miss Havisham who is only interested in her money. She is one of the many relatives who hang around Miss Havisham “like flies” for her wealth.
Sarah Pocket, the sister of Matthew Pocket, relative of Miss Havisham. She is often at Satis House. She is described as “a dry, brown corrugated old woman, with a small face that might have been made out of walnut shells, and a large mouth like a cat’s without the whiskers.”
From Pip’s youth]
The Convict, who escapes from a prison ship, whom Pip treats kindly, and who in turn becomes Pip’s benefactor. His name is Abel Magwitch, but he uses the aliases “Provis” and “Mr Campbell” when he returns to England from exile in Australia. He is a lesser actor in crime with Compeyson, but gains a longer sentence in an apparent application of justice by social class.
Mr and Mrs Hubble, simple folk who think they are more important than they really are. They live in Pip’s village.
Mr Wopsle, clerk of the church in Pip’s village. He later gives up the church work and moves to London to pursue his ambition to be an actor, adopting the stage name “Mr Waldengarver.” He sees the other convict in the audience of one of his performances, attended also by Pip.
Biddy, Wopsle’s second cousin and near Pip’s age; she teaches in the evening school at her grandmother’s home in Pip’s village. Pip wants to learn more, so he asks her to teach him all she can. After helping Mrs Joe after the attack, Biddy opens her own school. A kind and intelligent but poor young woman, she is, like Pip and Estella, an orphan. She acts as Estella’s foil. Orlick was attracted to her, but she did not want his attentions. Pip ignores her affections for him as he pursues Estella. Recovering from his own illness after the failed attempt to get Magwitch out of England, Pip returns to claim Biddy as his bride, arriving in the village just after she marries Joe Gargery. Biddy and Joe later have two children, one named after Pip. In the ending to the novel discarded by Dickens but revived by students of the novel’s development, Estella mistakes the boy as Pip’s child.
Mr Jaggers and his circle.

Mr Wemmick and “The Aged P.”, illustration by Sol Eytinge Jr.
Mr Jaggers, prominent London lawyer who represents the interests of diverse clients, both criminal and civil. He represents Pip’s benefactor and Miss Havisham as well. By the end of the story, his law practice links many of the characters.
John Wemmick, Jaggers’ clerk, who is Pip’s chief go-between with Jaggers and looks after Pip in London. Wemmick lives with his father, “The Aged Parent”, in a small replica of a castle, complete with a drawbridge and moat, in Walworth.
Molly, Mr Jaggers’ maidservant whom Jaggers saved from the gallows for murder. She is revealed to be Magwitch’s estranged wife and Estella’s mother.
Compeyson (surname), a convict who escapes the prison ship after Magwitch, who beats him up ashore. He is Magwitch’s enemy. A professional swindler, he was engaged to marry Miss Havisham, but he was in league with Arthur Havisham to defraud Miss Havisham of part of her fortune. Later he sets up Magwitch to take the fall for another swindle. He works with the police when he learns Abel Magwitch is in London, fearing Magwitch after their first escapes years earlier. When the police boat encounters the one carrying Magwitch, the two grapple, and Compeyson drowns in the Thames.
Arthur Havisham, younger half brother of Miss Havisham, who plots with Compeyson to swindle her.
Dolge Orlick, journeyman blacksmith at Joe Gargery’s forge. Strong, rude and sullen, he is as churlish as Joe is gentle and kind. He ends up in a fistfight with Joe over Mrs Gargery’s taunting, and Joe easily defeats him. This sets in motion an escalating chain of events that leads him secretly to assault Mrs Gargery and to try to kill her brother Pip. The police ultimately arrest him for housebreaking.
Bentley Drummle, a coarse, unintelligent young man from a wealthy noble family. Pip meets him at Mr Pocket’s house, as Drummle is also to be trained in gentlemanly skills. Drummle is hostile to Pip and everyone else. He is a rival for Estella’s attentions and eventually marries her and is said to abuse her. He dies from an accident following his mistreatment of a horse.
Other characters.]
Clara Barley, a very poor girl living with her gout-ridden father. She marries Herbert Pocket near the novel’s end. She dislikes Pip at first because of his spendthrift ways. After she marries Herbert, they invite Pip to live with them.
Miss Skiffins occasionally visits Wemmick’s house and wears green gloves. She changes those green gloves for white ones when she marries Wemmick.
Startop, like Bentley Drummle, is Pip’s fellow student, but unlike Drummle, he is kind. He assists Pip and Herbert in their efforts to help Magwitch escape.
Development history

Charles Dickens, c. 1860
As Dickens began writing Great Expectations, he undertook a series of hugely popular and remunerative reading tours. His domestic life had, however, disintegrated in the late 1850s and he had separated from his wife, Catherine Dickens, and was having a secret affair with the much younger Ellen Ternan. The introduction of the 1984 Penguin English Library edition suggests that the reluctance with which Ellen Ternan became his mistress is reflected in the icy teasing of Estella in Great Expectations.
In his Book of Memoranda, begun in 1855, Dickens wrote names for possible characters: Magwitch, Provis, Clarriker, Compey, Pumblechook, Orlick, Gargery, Wopsle, Skiffins, some of which became familiar in Great Expectations. There is also a reference to a “knowing man”, a possible sketch of Bentley Drummle. Another evokes a house full of “Toadies and Humbugs”, foreshadowing the visitors to Satis House in chapter 11. Margaret Cardwell discovered the “premonition” of Great Expectations from a 25 September 1855 letter from Dickens to W. H. Wills, in which Dickens speaks of recycling an “odd idea” from the Christmas special “A House to Let” and “the pivot round which my next book shall revolve.” The “odd idea” concerns an individual who “retires to an old lonely house…resolved to shut out the world and hold no communion with it.”
In an 8 August 1860 letter to Thomas Carlyle, Dickens reported his agitation whenever he prepared a new book. A month later, in a letter to John Forster, Dickens announced that he just had a new idea.[32]
Publication in All the Year Round]

Advertisement for Great Expectations in All the Year Round.
Dickens was pleased with the idea, calling it “such a very fine, new and grotesque idea” in a letter to Forster.[10] He planned to write “a little piece”, a “grotesque tragi-comic conception”, about a young hero who befriends an escaped convict, who then makes a fortune in Australia and anonymously bequeaths his property to the hero. In the end, the hero loses the money because it is forfeited to the Crown. In his biography of Dickens, Forster wrote that in the early idea “was the germ of Pip and Magwitch, which at first he intended to make the groundwork of a tale in the old twenty-number form.”[33] Dickens presented the relationship between Pip and Magwitch pivotal to Great Expectations but without Miss Havisham, Estella, or other characters he later created.
As the idea and Dickens’s ambition grew, he began writing. However, in September, the weekly All the Year Round saw its sales fall, and its flagship publication, A Day’s Ride by Charles Lever, lost favour with the public. Dickens “called a council of war”, and believed that to save the situation, “the one thing to be done was for [him] to strike in.”[34] The “very fine, new and grotesque idea” became the magazine’s new support: weeklies, five hundred pages, just over one year (1860–1861), thirty-six episodes, starting 1 December. The magazine continued to publish Lever’s novel until its completion on 23 March 1861,[35] but it became secondary to Great Expectations. Immediately, sales resumed, and critics responded positively, as exemplified by The Times’s praise: “Great Expectations is not, indeed, [Dickens’s] best work, but it is to be ranked among his happiest.”
Dickens, whose health was not the best, felt “The planning from week to week was unimaginably difficult” but persevered. He thought he had found “a good name”, decided to use the first person “throughout”, and thought the beginning was “excessively droll”: “I have put a child and a good-natured foolish man, in relations that seem to me very funny.” Four weekly episodes were “ground off the wheel” in October 1860, and apart from one reference to the “bondage” of his heavy task, the months passed without the anguished cries that usually accompanied the writing of his novels. He did not even use the Number Plans or Mems; he only had a few notes on the characters’ ages, the tide ranges for chapter 54, and the draft of an ending. In late December, Dickens wrote to Mary Boyle that “Great Expectations[is] a very great success and universally liked.”

Charles Dickens, Jr. (in 1874), possibly the model for Herbert Pocket
Dickens gave six readings from 14 March to 18 April 1861, and in May, Dickens took a few days’ holiday in Dover. On the eve of his departure, he took some friends and family members for a trip by boat from Blackwall to Southend-on-Sea. Ostensibly for pleasure, the mini-cruise was actually a working session for Dickens to examine banks of the river in preparation for the chapter devoted to Magwitch’s attempt to escape.[33] Dickens then revised Herbert Pocket’s appearance, no doubt, asserts Margaret Cardwell, to look more like his son Charley. On 11 June 1861, Dickens wrote to Macready that Great Expectations had been completed and on 15 June, asked the editor to prepare the novel for publication.
Revised ending]
Following comments by Edward Bulwer-Lytton that the ending was too sad, Dickens rewrote it prior to publication. The ending set aside by Dickens has Pip, still single, briefly see Estella in London; after becoming Bentley Drummle’s widow, she has remarried. It appealed to Dickens due to its originality: “[the] winding up will be away from all such things as they conventionally go.” Dickens revised the ending for publication so that Pip meets Estella in the ruins of Satis House, she a widow and he single. His changes at the conclusion of the novel did not quite end either with the final weekly part or the first bound edition, because Dickens further changed the last sentence in the amended 1868 version from “I could see the shadow of no parting from her.” to “I saw no shadow of another parting from her”. As Pip uses litotes, “no shadow of another parting”, it is ambiguous whether Pip and Estella marry or Pip remains single. Angus Calder, writing for an edition in the Penguin English Library, believed the less definite phrasing of the amended 1868 version perhaps hinted at a buried meaning: ‘…at this happy moment, I did not see the shadow of our subsequent parting looming over us.'[44]
In a letter to Forster, Dickens explained his decision to alter the draft ending: “You will be surprised to hear that I have changed the end of Great Expectations from and after Pip’s return to Joe’s … Bulwer, who has been, as I think you know, extraordinarily taken with the book, strongly urged it upon me, after reading the proofs, and supported his views with such good reasons that I have resolved to make the change. I have put in as pretty a little piece of writing as I could, and I have no doubt the story will be more acceptable through the alteration.”
This discussion between Dickens, Bulwer-Lytton and Forster has provided the basis for much discussion on Dickens’s underlying views for this famous novel. Earle Davis, in his 1963 study of Dickens, wrote that “it would be an inadequate moral point to deny Pip any reward after he had shown a growth of character,” and that “Eleven years might change Estella too.” John Forster felt that the original ending was “more consistent” and “more natural” but noted the new ending’s popularity.[50] George Gissing called that revision “a strange thing, indeed, to befall Dickens” and felt that Great Expectations would have been perfect had Dickens not altered the ending in deference to Bulwer-Lytton.
In contrast, John Hillis-Miller stated that Dickens’s personality was so assertive that Bulwer-Lytton had little influence, and welcomed the revision: “The mists of infatuation have cleared away, [Estella and Pip] can be joined.” Earl Davis notes that G.B. Shaw published the novel in 1937 for The Limited Editions Club with the first ending and that The Rhinehart Edition of 1979 presents both endings.
George Orwell wrote, “Psychologically the latter part of Great Expectations is about the best thing Dickens ever did,” but, like John Forster and several early 20th century writers, including George Bernard Shaw, felt that the original ending was more consistent with the draft, as well as the natural working out of the tale.[55] Modern literary criticism is split over the matter.
Publication history]
In periodicals]
Dickens and Wills co-owned All the Year Round, one 75%, the other 25%. Since Dickens was his own publisher, he did not require a contract for his own works.[56] Although intended for weekly publication, Great Expectations was divided into nine monthly sections, with new pagination for each. Harper’s Weekly published the novel from 24 November 1860 to 5 August 1861 in the US and All the Year Round published it from 1 December 1860 to 3 August 1861 in the UK. Harper’s paid £1,000 for publication rights. Dickens welcomed a contract with Tauchnitz 4 January 1861 for publication in English for the European continent.
Publications in Harper’s Weekly were accompanied by forty illustrations by John McLenan; however, this is the only Dickens work published in All the Year Round without illustrations.
Robert L Patten identifies four American editions in 1861 and sees the proliferation of publications in Europe and across the Atlantic as “extraordinary testimony” to Great Expectations’s popularity.[58] Chapman and Hall published the first edition in three volumes in 1861, five subsequent reprints between 6 July and 30 October, and a one-volume edition in 1862. The “bargain” edition was published in 1862, the Library Edition in 1864, and the Charles Dickens edition in 1868. To this list, Paul Schlicke adds “two meticulous scholarly editions”, one Clarendon Press published in 1993 with an introduction by Margaret Cardwell and another with an introduction by Edgar Rosenberg, published by Norton in 1999.[49] The novel was published with one ending, visible in the four on line editions listed in the External links at the end of this article. In some 20th century editions, the novel ends as originally published in 1867, and in an afterword, the ending Dickens did not publish, along with a brief story of how a friend persuaded him to a happier ending for Pip, is presented to the reader (for example, 1987 audio edition by Recorded Books.
In 1862, Marcus Stone, son of Dickens’s old friend, the painter Frank Stone, was invited to create eight woodcuts for the Library Edition. According to Paul Schlicke, these illustrations are mediocre yet were included in the Charles Dickens edition, and Stone created illustrations for Dickens’s subsequent novel, Our Mutual Friend. Later, Henry Mathew Brock also illustrated Great Expectations and a 1935 edition of A Christmas Carol, along with other artists, such as John McLenan, F. A. Fraser, and Harry Furniss.

Those who are interested further will do well to read the entire novel which is bound to be quite interesting.

Coming back to our original thoughts on the caption of the Sunday Story, ideal thing is to resort to Lord Krishna’s Geethopadesa -“ACTION IS THY DUTY, FRUIT IS NOT THY CONCERN” I know it is pretty difficult to follow yet worth the trial, lest we only suffer!

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A real Role Model.
T shirts for RUN FOR INSURANCE from Tiruppur was arranged by me.
I was then SBM Tiruppur

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Quite interesting presentation of an involved career spanning a period of nearly four decades. I remember the association I was privileged to have with you in Thanjavur D.O. during late 1960 s,when,we were together in P.h.s. and you used to give the highest number of revival quotations and acted as a role model for others to follow. I cherish the association We had on subsequent occasions when you were heading Bikaneer and subsequently Cuddapah. divisions of L.I.C. and even after your retirement when you Visited Hyderabad as a Trainer of Bajaj AllianZ. Best wishes for a Long, healthy future.

3. N.V.Subbbaraman
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Yes; I vividly remember your leadership that shaped us. Thanks for your kind feed back. Shri VK and Shri SVR are always in my thoughts

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Thank you Esakkirajan. Quite green in my memory. Nice help you extended then was a source of strength to me. Thanks again

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Dear Sir, it was nice reading your autobiography relating to your experiences in LIC. I too had the good fortune of working with you (not under you…!! while you were MM at Salem and I was Sr.BM at Salem North) I was also receiving your copies of “Young Poet” and used to enjoy going thru’ the poems. I remember one of your advises that you gave me when I told you that I was transferred to Delhi in 2001, you told me… keep your head cool and your feet warm.
Sir, I wish you all happiness, joy, good health and prosperity in your life….
V. Balagopal

N. V. Subbaraman
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Thanks in millions Balagopal.

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194. Greenland 4
195. Faroe Islands 4
196. Turks & Caicos Islands 4
197. Andorra 3
198. Iceland 3
199. Luxembourg 3
200. Chad 3
201. Central African Republic 3
202. Slovakia 2
203. French Guiana 2
204. Equatorial Guinea 2
205. Vanuatu 1
206. Mayotte 1
207. São Tomé & Prìncipe 1
209. Comoros 1
210. Monaco 1
211. New Caledonia 1
212. Cook Islands 1
213. Kiribati 1

At the instance of my well meaning and long standing friend for decades Shri Clifford Martis of Bangalore I wanted to
“Find out

1 How many countries are there in the world

2 How many countries have visited my blog

3 What is the average

So how long will it take for my blog to cover all the countries?”

Taking help from my friends who are interested in such a study, I have made out this Sunday Story. May one more come fter some time on getting more inputs!

The result of my first step is given above- view wise countries visiting the Blog. Yes, it is more than 210 countries and the total views have crossed 1.31, 500.
As I want to ascertain the number of countries in the world- I get confused. My Google Guru’s help has not been of much avail!
Here is a list of countries in one way:
List of countries of the world
The independent country is not only self-governed nation with own authorities, this status needs the international diplomatic recognition of sovereignty. Thereby, we can say, that the total number of independent states in the world are 197, including fully recognized 193 members of the United Nations, 2 countries, Vatican City and Palestine, have the status of permanent observers in the UN. Another 2 states we include are Kosovo (recognized by 111 UN members) and Taiwan (recognized by 22 countries).
Alphabetical list of all countries in the world
• A
• Afghanistan
• Albania
• Algeria
• Andorra
• Angola
• Antigua and Barbuda
• Argentina
• Armenia
• Australia
• Austria
• Azerbaijan
• B
• Bahamas
• Bahrain
• Bangladesh
• Barbados
• Belarus
• Belgium
• Belize
• Benin
• Bhutan
• Bolivia
• Bosnia and Herzegovina
• Botswana
• Brazil
• Brunei
• Bulgaria
• Burkina Faso
• Burundi
• C
• Cabo Verde
• Cambodia
• Cameroon
• Canada
• Central African Republic (CAR)
• Chad
• Chile
• China
• Colombia
• Comoros
• Democratic Republic of the Congo
• Republic of the Congo
• Costa Rica
• Cote d’Ivoire
• Croatia
• Cuba
• Cyprus
• Czech Republic
• D
• Denmark
• Djibouti
• Dominica
• Dominican Republic
• E
• Ecuador
• Egypt
• El Salvador
• Equatorial Guinea
• Eritrea
• Estonia
• Ethiopia
• F
• Fiji
• Finland
• France
• G
• Gabon
• Gambia
• Georgia
• Germany
• Ghana
• Greece
• Grenada
• Guatemala
• Guinea
• Guinea-Bissau
• Guyana
• H
• Haiti
• Honduras
• Hungary
• I
• Iceland
• India
• Indonesia
• Iran
• Iraq
• Ireland
• Israel
• Italy
• J
• Jamaica
• Japan
• Jordan
• K
• Kazakhstan
• Kenya
• Kiribati
• Kosovo
• Kuwait
• Kyrgyzstan
• L
• Laos
• Latvia
• Lebanon
• Lesotho
• Liberia
• Libya
• Liechtenstein
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• M
• Macedonia (FYROM)
• Madagascar
• Malawi
• Malaysia
• Maldives
• Mali
• Malta
• Marshall Islands
• Mauritania
• Mauritius
• Mexico
• Micronesia
• Moldova
• Monaco
• Mongolia
• Montenegro
• Morocco
• Mozambique
• Myanmar (Burma)
• N
• Namibia
• Nauru
• Nepal
• Netherlands
• New Zealand
• Nicaragua
• Niger
• Nigeria
• North Korea
• Norway
• O
• Oman
• P
• Pakistan
• Palau
• Palestine
• Panama
• Papua New Guinea
• Paraguay
• Peru
• Philippines
• Poland
• Portugal
• Q
• Qatar
• R
• Romania
• Russia
• Rwanda
• S
• Saint Kitts and Nevis
• Saint Lucia
• Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
• Samoa
• San Marino
• Sao Tome and Principe
• Saudi Arabia
• Senegal
• Serbia
• Seychelles
• Sierra Leone
• Singapore
• Slovakia
• Slovenia
• Solomon Islands
• Somalia
• South Africa
• South Korea
• South Sudan
• Spain
• Sri Lanka
• Sudan
• Suriname
• Swaziland
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Syria
• T
• Taiwan
• Tajikistan
• Tanzania
• Thailand
• Timor-Leste
• Togo
• Tonga
• Trinidad and Tobago
• Tunisia
• Turkey
• Turkmenistan
• Tuvalu
• U
• Uganda
• Ukraine
• United Arab Emirates (UAE)
• United Kingdom (UK)
• United States of America (USA)
• Uruguay
• Uzbekistan
• V
• Vanuatu
• Vatican City (Holy See)
• Venezuela
• Vietnam
• Y
• Yemen
• Z
• Zambia
• Zimbabwe
Different classifications, definitions etc make it a little vague to arrive at the precise number of countries in the world and we can safely say that there are 217 countries listed above!
Another source says:

. UN Members: 193
UN Observer States: 2
States With Partial Recognition: 2
Inhabited Dependent Territories: 45
Uninhabited Territories: 6
Antarctica: 1
Total: 249
Whatever is correct number, it appears to be less than 300 and it gives me a sense of joy that ENVIUS THOUGHTS have reached 213 countries!!!
Some amazing facts about WORD PRESS:
1.Word Press Powers 26% of the Web
The most recent stats are showing that since March 2016, WordPress is actually powering 26.4% of the Web, and it’s on the rise. It is still by far the most used CMS, with 59.4% market share. Also interestingly on a daily basis there are over 500 sites being created on Word Press.
2. WordPress.com Posts and Comments Are in the Millions
Here’s an incredible fact: together, more than 660 million posts were published on WordPress.com in 2015, and made more than 655 million comments.
On a simple calculation that is on average 1,808,219 posts per day! A lot of people have a lot to say. If we say that the shortest recommended post is 300 words, and so we take the average number of daily posts and times that by the shortest recommended word count that is 542,465,753 words per day!

3. 44,225 Word Press Plugins with 1,253,649,315 Total Downloads
With over 44 thousand different plugins, it’s never been easier to find the plugin we are looking for. With this many we can fully customize and change our Word Press site – anything is possible.
56 Translations of Word Press
There were 40 translations of Word Press. Now, with the ever growing WordPress community and the WordPress Global Translation Day, WordPress is available in 56 languages. This is just scratching the surface, so if we are multilingual and a WordPress fan, we can get involved and keep these translations up to date.

4. WordPress Search in Google Gets 603,000,000 Results
If we type in WordPress into Google we will get a whooping 603,000,000 results in less than one second. If we dig a little deeper and type in the keyword WordPress into Google Keyword Planner, we will see worldwide there are 10,000 average monthly searches.

I am able to realize that I and my blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS are just a speck and less than a drop of water in a vast ocean!
Yet as an Individual connected with WORD PRESS as one of its bloggers, I am proud and wish to go faster, deeper and louder!
I pray the Lord Almighty Goddess of Learning to give me strength of mind and body enough to pursue my Blog to the last day of my life-probably for the next 23 years –to hit the ‘centuryth’ age of life!








Today is a holyday –Makara Sankaranthi Day- Pongal Day- very auspicious day! Thanks giving Day to the Lord Sun for having blessed the agriculturists with plenty of produce filling the coffers of paddy and other cereals and grains.
This is a very significant day in my personal life in as much as it was on this auspicious day Makara Sankaranthi Day- 14th January 1961- FIFTY SEVEN years ago I gave up taking coffee or tea as a final year student of my degree course in Alagappa College, Karaikudi in response to the advice of the great Saint Jagath Guru Shri Chandra sekarendra Saraswathy of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam – recognized as a MAHA PERIYAVA! I have elaborately written about this important event of my life under the caption GOOD BYE TO COFFEE in this Blog (kindly go to the archives. This article of my personal experience had the fortune of finding a space in the Centenary Souvenir brought out on the holy occasion of Mahapaeriyava’s hundredth birth day.
Well on such a day, my 22nd Tale has fallen due. Yes, this is my 1100 th post on the 1052nd day of the Blog.
As is the practice we shall look into the progress of overall views if Envius Thoughts since the last Tale 21 on 26th November 2017:
26/11/2017 982nd day- 1050th post- 1,17,004
02/12/2017 1009th day 1056th post- 1,18,000
08/12/2017 1015 th day 1062nd post – 1,19,000
16/12/2017 1023rd day 1070th post- 1,20,000
23/12/2017 1030th day 1077th post 1,21,000
30/12/2017 1037th day 1084th post 1,22,000
05/01/2018 1043rd day 1090th post 1,23,000
11/01/2018 1049th day 1097th post 1,24,000.

The top three in terms of number views date wise:

I      299 Views   27th January 2017   Topic: Universe- A Chariot on the Move Part 25

II    247 Views   20th August 2016   Topic: Radiant Renuka Recalled.

III   230 Views   12th January 2018  Topic: National Youth Day

We go on writing as our pleasant duty and God gives the fruit in the form of views from my avowed and esteemed viewers from almost all over the globe!
As a recap since TALE 21 on 26-11-2017,
Year 2017 bid a good bye and we whole heartedly extended a warm welcome to TWENTY EIGHTEEN!
Numbers 32, 64, 108 and 1008 has special significance in India and the 1008th day of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS was on FIRST DECEMBER 2017 which proved to be a VERY GREAT DAY in my life! Yes; that day brought me a PLACE IN THE INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS for the FEAT ACHIEVED

Record holder N V Subbaraman with his trophy and certificate.

This I owe to the grace of my God of Learning and my esteemed Viewers support. Kindly read my post titled ENVIUS THOUGHTS ENTERS THE INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS from the archives of https://nvsr.wordpress.com.
The Lord Almighty has blessed us with this human life to LOVE ALL, SERVE ALL and HELP EVER HURT NEVER. To the extent possible we must achieve something that should be remembered by our posterity; that will indeed be the fulfillment of ones birthl I used to contemplate often whether we are leaving something to the world.

One of the things that come to my mind and gives a sense of satisfaction is my translation of the great Saint Composer Shri Sathguru Thyagaraja’s Pancha Rathna Keerthanas –FIVE GEMS OF COMPOSITIONS- to Tamil from the original Telugu at the instance of a great scholar and devotee of Maha periyava Translation by itself has not much of significance unless otherwise it is rendered by a competent group of musicians. and in this case it was a group from Madurai comprising Smt. Ranganayaki Sachidanandam- vocal, Shri Sachidanandam- violin- and Dr. K Thiyagarajan-Mridangam. The CD was brought out by an organization named THISRADWANI. 



.When a leading Tamil monthly magazine KALAIMAGAL made a review of the translation brought out in the form of a CD by a leading musical troupe of Madurai- Smt. Ranganayaki Sachithanandam vocal, Shri Sachidanandam violin and Dr. K Thyagarajan Mridhangam- There was a wave of demand for the CD from many countries where the Tamil magazine is read –it was in February 2013.
When Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam former President of India – a great lover of Karnatic music heard the CD and called on the artists in Madurai to hear the songs rendered in person which was reported by me in my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHFS , another wave of demand arose.
Newspaper like the HINDU is a powerful medium and on 15th December they commended the translation, a third wave was in and continues till now. Spate of phone calls enquiring about the translation and requesting for the CDs continues and I am still attending to promptly! Significance about this translation is despite the appeal of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in the year 1963 while inaugurating the Thyagabramma aradhana for translating the Telugu keerthanas into different Indian languages for the people all over can understand and appreciate the musical outpourings of the Saint Composer musician, no attempts were made and this translation of mine is very first. I take it as God’s will and grace.
Come December-January-Chennai Music Season is on! Karnatic musicians and music lovers from all over the world flock to Chennai!
I had a good opportunity to visit two of the programmes- one Chennaiyil Thituvaiyaru at Kamarajar Arangam and the other Mylaopre Fine Arts Society in their auditorium. In the earlier one I was honored for my translation of Thyagayya’s Pancha Rathna Keerthanas.


Latest news is that one of the karnatic music lovers from US who has come to India wanted to take about 25 CDs to enable him to distribute the same among the music schools in US to enable them to make their students sing

Thus comes to an end this TALE OF A BLOGGER Part 22 with my hearty thanks to the Almighty, WORDPRESS and my valuable and esteemed viewers from all over the globe. Latest viewer is from Northern Mariana Islands!!!!!
We shall meet on Monday. Thanks.



One of the greatest creations of the Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore is GITANJALI.
With a view to giving the same to the esteemed viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS a small beginning is made today by posting the first poem in English, its translation for the benefit of Tamil knowing all over the world and a brief meaning of the celestial song in Tamil and English. Envius Thoughts looks forward for the support by viewing and responding. Thanks.

In English
Thou hast made me endless, such is thy pleasure.
This frail vessel thou emptiest again and again and fillest it ever with fresh life.
This little flute of a reed thou hast carried over hills and dales and hast breathed through it melodies eternally new.
At the immortal touch of thy hands my little heart loses its limits in joy and gives birth to utterance ineffable.
Thy infinite gifts come to me only on these very small hands of mine. Ages pass and still thou pourest and still there is room to fill.

In Tamil

கீதாஞ்சலியில் முதல் பாடல்
நிறப்பிட இருக்கும் இன்னும் இடம்!
அந்தமற்றவன் ஆக்கியே என்னை
அதிலோர் இன்பம் அடைந்தாய் நீ!
இந்தஉடலெனும் குடத்தை இனிதாய்
நிறப்பினாய் காலிசெய்தாய்
காலிசெய்தாய் நிறப்பினாய்!
வந்த வளமான வாழ்க்கை அது
இன்பமான வாழ்க்கை;
மீண்டும் வந்த வாழ்க்கை
தந்த அந்த வாழ்விலே
உந்தன்குழல் ஓசைதனை
ரசித்தேன்; சுவைத்தேன் முழுவதுமே!
மலையிலும் மடுவிலும்
காலம் காலம் கேட்டிடும்
பாசமுள்ள உன்மூச்சாய்!
அழிவிலாஉன்கைப் பரிசம்
அழகாய்ப் பட்டது என் மேலே!
இதயம் மலர்ந்தது மகிழ்ச்சியினால்!

பழியிலாஎன் வார்த்தைகளை
பிறக்க வைக்கும் உன் பரிசம்;
அழிக்க இயலா எண்ணத்தால்!

அளக்கமுடியா உன்பரிசில் அமுதாய்
கொட்டுது என் கைகளிலே!
மறக்க முடியா காலங்கள்
மறைந்தே போகும் விரைவினிலே
நிறப்பிட இருக்கும் இன்னும் இடம்
நிறைந்தே இருக்கும் எந்நாளும்!

Brief interpretation in Tamil.meaning

இந்த உலகமும், உலகத்தில் மனித வாழ்க்கையும் இறைவன் அளித்த வரம். மனித வாழ்வு ஒரு தொடர்கதை. பிறப்பும் இறப்பும் இயற்கையின் நியதி. இறைவன் அளித்த இவ்வாழ்வை நல்லமுறையில் அமைத்துக் கொள்வதும், நடத்திக் கொள்வதும், அனுபவிப்பதும், அவன் அருளால் நமக்குக் கிடைப்பன. நல்லமுறையில் வாழ முயன்று அவன் ஆசியினால் உலகம் பயனுற வாழ்ந்திடுவோம். இயற்கையையும், இயற்கை படைத்த இவ்வுலகினையும், உலக வாழ்க்கையினையும் நல்ல முறையில், தூய வழியில் அனுபவிப்போம்


This world and the human life in the world are the boons bestowed by God.Human life is a continuous serial.Birth and death are laws of nature. It is with HIS grace that we design our life, conduct the same and enjoy. Making honest efforts to lead a life to be of service to the society. Let us enjoy nature and its gift to the world our life in a pure and noble manner.



Image result for Images and pictures on the Blog ENVIUS THOUGFHTS in WORDPRESS

Mr. OKR Sivaganam in his native temple

Here is the Part 16 of the VIEWER’S VIEW ON ENVIUS THOUGHTS where we have been giving the views of our regular viewer and commentator Shri OKR Sivagnam who was my colleague in the great Public Sector Undertaking – Life Insurance Corporation of India,  which I proudly served for four decades and more. Shri Sivanganam is regular in viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS and sending a review thereon on a day today basis. It is a matter of delight that he is as enthusiastic in viewing and reviewing as I am in posting! -religiously meticulous! Kindly read and enjoy. Here we have covered his Reviews in the current year.
An additional aspect is he goes through my very early postings in 2015 till he came in contact with ENVIUS THOUGHTS and makes reviews to the delight of my esteemed viewers.
Part 15  covered up to 5/11/17. Further Here it is up to date.
Nice to go through your post on POETS and POETRY!
Beautiful definitions of ‘ Poet ‘ and ‘ Poetry ‘ you have meticulously collected and shared!
And endless it goes to reveal their nature and clarifications under classifications varied and many!
The medium of poetry extends a great scope for the poet to sprinkle what his/ her mind concludes after much introspection, deliberation and stirring that happens within!
Of course there is the experience of poets rendering verses without the application of what is called thinking process, but with an instant flowing of ideas resulting in high-quality poetry extempore!
Who says you’re a mediocre poet?
Even the sun at times may not be able to make its rays visible to the human eyes, thanks to the intervening clouds!
But it’s not the case with the poems you present- at the stroke of 5 AM everyday, it reaches your followers, attracting instant feedback from some of them!

You’ve nicely covered the poetic conferences in great detail, thereby revealing your intense passion for literature, both Tamil and English!

Long live your involvement in literary activities!


Your Forbidden Fruit today takes me to the story of Adam and Eve in The Old Testament!
Anything forbidden tends to tempt us to do that, come what may!
The moment we catch hold of the truth, we realise the foly!
But then it’s too late to set right the wrong!

Adam and Eve were very happily living in the Garden of Eden, as ordained by the God!
The moment they transgressed the God’s dictate, suggesting not to partake of the forbidden fruit of a particular tree (of Good and Evil), they were sent out of the Garden to fend for themselves!
The temptation by the Satan to do so landed Adam and Eve in trouble!

Likewise, the on-set of diabetic condition while forbiding one to avoid sugary substances in particular, at the same time induces them to take them indulgently, finally landing them in many ailments to suffer!

Here, the level of awareness and knowledge is not to blame, but our unwillingness and casual approach that remains the villain all the time!

Not knowing by itself may not be an offence, but wantonly doing what is forbidden is definitely unforgivable, rendering us the loser in the process

Great indeed is the recipe to Speak Sweet!

We’re under the wrong impression that being materially sound can guarantee peace of mind and prosperity!
Material possessions can at best satisfy our temporary needs, and once they are met, some other needs waiting in the queue require our attention for fulfilling them!
This is endless, and goes on till our exit!

But, using mild words with smile decorating the face, will enrich our own life, and send positive vibes to others who receive this treatment!

It’s very much divine, and hence the need to cultivate this habit, and practice irrespective of what we gain or lose in return!

Following the method provided by Thiruvallur will make one’s life total and most resourceful!

Your translation in the strict Haiku style renders nice what the Saint had to say on the subject!

A nice tribute to the mathematics wizard, Ramanujam in your post on Hardy Defeated!

We take pride at the contributions he made in the field of Mathematics!
Had he lived long we would have many more mathematical concepts introduced in the subject!

Mathematicians are fanatics of NUMBERS, and they must be passionate about precision in all aspects of life!
They are not casual in the sense that they are after concrete evidence to prove the ideas put forth before them!
To them, ‘ CERTAINTY ‘ is what matters most!
They may not subscribe to compromises, and concentration and perseverance come in handy naturally to attempt and prove or disprove a preposition under consideration!

Alternatives before them are many that it’s possible to choose the best among them for application and get benefited!

We come across child prodigies in mathematics in our midst today, and the teachers should make all-out efforts to bring the hidden talents to the fore!


First Newspaper Crossword Puzzle is nice to read!
Vocabulary strengthens communication skills!
Merely knowing words aplenty is known as PASSIVE VOCABULARY, and it may not serve all the purposes intended to be served by any language!

Frequent application of the words learnt context-wise alters our otherwise passive vocabulary to the status of ACTIVE VOCABULARY!

And it is this type of storehouse of words that facilitates one to solve puzzles effectively!

This passion of an individual makes the person delve deep into the anatomy of words or phrases found in the puzzle, and guess the right answer, taking his strong memory in aid throughout!

Let us develop this skill and enjoy adding more and more to our word-power!


Nice to see your post on Goa, Daman, and Diu!
Nations out of greed for superiority, want to annexe portions of land owned by countries surrounded by them, extend their boundaries, and loot the resources available there!
As such, the government of the day, sans control of the administration, has no routine role to play with the authority merely remaining a spectator to the activities resorted to by the alien nation!
People lose their liberty, and may not be able to act independently- a situation where they are unfortunately ill-treated in their own motherland!
And there’s no limit to the elated feelings of the people, when they happily revert back to the control of their own administration, beginning to breathe an air of freedom!


Your post today on International Refugees Day must be a reminder to the countries responsible for creating situations very much unfavourable for the citizens to continue their life!
The common man no doubt contributes to the greatness of a nation in one way or the other!
Just as drops of water go to make the vast ocean, so does the individual’s part in the creation of a state standing on a high pedestal in all aspects of its position in the comity of nations!
To make it a reality is the responsibility of the authorities of the day in control of administration!
Failure to do so drives its people to flee their own country after safety to other countries for the very survival!

It’s but humane for a country to treat the refugees as if their own people, and render all possible help to lead a decent life till such time their motherland invites them back, and ensure their continuity!


A nice post on Rajendranath Lahiri, the freedom fighter!

The major factor responsible for the attainment of our independence was the selfless contributions from the likes of Lahiri, of course under the able and tactic leadership of M K Gandhi!

There’s a feeling among the citizens that the hard-won freedom is repeatedly put to misuse by the majority of the politicians for whom their self-interests are above everything else!
People’s concern never bothers the rulers, who are very much insensitive to the sufferings of others, and lethargic in redressing the legitimate grievances!

Let the spirit of independence we had during our freedom struggle come back with a bang, and duly take care of people’s interests!


It’s great indeed that INDIA BOOK OF RECORDS recognised and honoured you and your ENVIUS THOUGHTS!

Many a time, we do certain things casually without planning as to continue them seriously, and it so happens that it becomes a habit and we make it routine in our life!
And I presume that your TRYST WITH LIC is one such post that made you a successful blogger, posting non-stop since then!

The talents residing within one remain unknown and unrecognised for long, and it is our initiative that brings them in the open, and nurtures the same with efforts!

What we must do is to search and search to locate the skills that otherwise lie dormant, and put to use for producing results new and different!



Your Forbidden Fruit today takes me to the story of Adam and Eve in The Old Testament!

Anything forbidden tends to tempt us to do that, come what may!
The moment we catch hold of the truth, we realise the foly!
But then it’s too late to set right the wrong!

Adam and Eve were very happily living in the Garden of Eden, as ordained by the God!
The moment they transgressed the God’s dictate, suggesting not to partake of the forbidden fruit of a particular tree (of Good and Evil), they were sent out of the Garden to fend for themselves!
The temptation by the Satan to do so landed Adam and Eve in trouble!

Likewise, the on-set of diabetic condition while forbiding one to avoid sugary substances in particular, at the same time induces them to take them indulgently, finally landing them in many ailments to suffer!

Here, the level of awareness and knowledge is not to blame, but our unwillingness and casual approach that remains the villain all the time!

Not knowing by itself may not be an offence, but wantonly doing what is forbidden is definitely unforgivable, rendering us the loser in the process!


Universe on the Move- a nice Post!

We do not know the chartered path the Universe moves!
Light and heat are inseparable aspects of the universe!
We cannot determine the fate of the universe, for it’s a riddle that prevents us from resorting to any conclusion out of guesswork!
Of course, any riddle is capable of producing the stuff that makes different viewpoints a possibility!


Whatsapp Hatsoff- nicely written!

Everyone of us is having a lot of friends, no doubt!
When seen in person accidentally, we exchange our pleasantries and renew our relationships!
The days when we have had our relationships reinforced through letters are almost gone!
If need be, we have the tools like telephones and mobile devices as a convenient method to communicate and share information!

But, if there’s one device within another, it’s the thing called WHATSAPP that facilitates large scale information- sharing with as many people as possible- the only thing we require to do is keep the contact list a longer one!
Anything and everything under the vast sky is within our reach- we get the notifications instantly!

It’s connecting us strongly that one anticipates its arrival so anxiously as to not only devour it tastefully, but share it with our own group of intimate friends for their indulgence!

We may not share our wealth with others who are really in need, but when it comes to sharing what we get through WHATSAPP, we become so magnanimous that nothing is reserved for ourselves, but completely transferred to all the names that have the memory in our handset!



Nice to go through your post on POETS and POETRY!

Beautiful definitions of ‘ Poet ‘ and ‘ Poetry ‘ you have meticulously collected and shared!
And endless it goes to reveal their nature and clarifications under classifications varied and many!
The medium of poetry extends a great scope for the poet to sprinkle what his/ her mind concludes after much introspection, deliberation and stirring that happens within!
Of course there is the experience of poets rendering verses without the application of what is called thinking process, but with an instant flowing of ideas resulting in high-quality poetry extempore!

Who says you’re a mediocre poet?
Even the sun at times may not be able to make its rays visible to the human eyes, thanks to the intervening clouds!
But it’s not the case with the poems you present- at the stroke of 5 AM everyday, it reaches your followers, attracting instant feedback from some of them!

You’ve nicely covered the poetic conferences in great detail, thereby revealing your intense passion for literature, both Tamil and English!

Long live your involvement in literary activities!


Your post on Kalaivanar Krishnan today, a nice tribute to the comedian in the yesteryears!

Laughter is the best medicine, and we humans prove ourselves different from other living beings!
Our forgetfulness in this respect will make us grim and lifeless, and we become the cause in spreading melancholy wherever we are!

Listening to the performance of comedians like Kalaivanar not only make us react with bursts of laughter, but set forth our imagination to fly high and kindle, driving us to learn a point or two, that is of application in everyday life!

Bereft of humour, our life is barren, and will never be able to contribute to the feel-good atmosphere that is important for executing our tasks, whatever they be!


our post on Casuarina Tree in the series
‘ Friend of Tree ‘ is not merely a casual conversation, but a clear account on the nature and benefits of the tree to the society in various ways!

It’s not a dialogue with no purpose to serve, but one sending the concrete message to the public that no creation in the scheme of the Almighty is without a purpose behind it!

In the course of your nice encounter with the Casuarina Tree, you’ve successfully elicited the information that is of use to the humanity, in stead of just allowing it to remain standstill and present a mere spectacle to the casual


Nice to learn your ENVIUS THOUGHTS jumping to the score of 117000!



Nice to read your post on World Hello Day!

Strangers too become friends if we say hello to them!
Conversely, we lose relationships if we continuously ignore even our close acquaintances!

Saying hello costs nothing, and it’s a way to keep friendship intact, and an investment rightly made to keep hatred at bay!

Failure to recognise people leaves us in a lonely island, where we wander aimlessly with nothing in sight to keep us at ease and peace!
This paves the way to lead our life happily without having to waste our energy on negative aspects involved in dealing with others around us!

Let us wear smile in our face, and drive away enmity from the scene!


Your post on Indira Gandhi is a nice read!

She was the Iron Lady of India with exemplary courage shown in times of need!

Apart from love and affection, parents need to rear their children to stand on their own legs, and be in a position to independently take decisions and act accordingly!

Indira Gandhi was fortunate in this respect, and his father Jawaharlal Nehru did his best in instilling in her the right virtues right from childhood!
And leadership qualities that she developed over the years led her to mantle the Prime- ministership in India!
She had the full control over the various ministries that made her effective in steering the nation towards self-reliance!

A nice example for the women to emulate her, and boldly face the challenges ahead!


Nice to go through your Spiritual Retreats!

It’s the journey one undertakes in search of truth, away from the mundane activities drowned in!

If we analyse the material part of our life, we’ll know the level of dejection we are in!

What actually is called success in life?
Is it material attainment to our satisfaction?
We’re not content with our existing possessions, and ever after new acquisitions to satisfy our ego!

When we are fortunate to be with all that our mind longs for, we do not stop with that, but rather, plan to own something else, whether we need it or not!

The list goes endless, and our level of satisfaction doesn’t reach the maximum, one can aim for!

Thus we find it difficult to arrive at the meaning of life, and exactly from there starts our journey of spirituality to search for and attain what we’re supposed to get, and fulfill the real goal of life!


A nice account of Prism 2017 as this week’s Sunday Story, with nice profiles of some of the electrifying poets including yourself and Miss. Nivetha!

A reflection of the poetic prowess of the conglomeration of the participating multilingual poets!

A meaningful poem from you on Forests that signify everything to all living beings!

And your Tamil poem on சுமைதாங்கி well articulates the necessity of being strong and sturdy physically to be of use to oneself and others!

The poem written by the young Nivetha too is nice that truly reflects the power of the all-powerful SUN without which the lives of plants, animals, and human beings on this earth cannot be imagined!

You’ve really made this Sunday also an enjoyable one as is your wont during all of the Sundays gone by!


A nice post on your friend, the sprawling Banyan Tree in Kadri!

A Banyan tree is normally known for spreading its branches across a wider area, and your friend here occupies a large land of 8 acres, catering to the oxygen needs of people on a grand scale!
Likewise, you cover subjects varied, making the deeper meaning discernable by the viewers!
Being the biggest tree in the world, it has found its rightful place in the Guinness Book of Records!
And there’s a belief among the childless couples that they would beget children by visiting the temple under the tree!
And religious beliefs are not subject to questioning based on logic and reasoning!


A nice post on Children’s Day, commemorating the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru who was fond of children!

Children are a gift to the family, and their nice brought-up makes them faithful citizens of tomorrow, having a concern for their parents and the Motherland!

What we sow in them today is going to be reaped at the appropriate time in future!
Discipline instilled is bound to bear the fruits in the form of benevolence towards the society of which they are inseparable and significant constituents!

The way we nurture our children through our love and affection determines where they stand in society, and their effective usefulness for the cause of others!
Uncared for children are bound to go wayward, and become menacing to the peaceful atmosphere!

Let us cultivate good habits in children, and make them ever prepared to go in the right direction, notwithstanding temptations on the wait, playing foul with worst consequences!


A nice post on Madam Curie!

The one who earned Nobel Prize twice-
one for Physics sharing with two others, including her husband Pierre, and the other for Chemistry!

She developed the theory of radioactivity that was extensively used in treatment of war personnel during the World War two!

It’s an irony that her dedication and continued exposure to x-rays snatched her valuable life!

But her contributions remain eternal for the benefit of society!


A nice post on Abraham Lincoln!

You have appended a beautiful quote by Lincoln!
Yes, one’s success in life depends to a great extent on the faith placed by others, and proceeding to act accordingly, and justify it in all ways possible!

A saviour of slaves, Lincoln rooted out slavery in the US!
A great spokesperson of democracy he was that Lincoln was instrumental in spreading the democratic principles among the world nations!

Say who the ruler is, and you can judge the nature of governance available to the people!

People need a government that delivers, keeping the cause of their welfare above everything else!


Thank you very much for the Viewer’s View carrying my comments on your ENVIUS THOUGHTS!

I thank Shri. Ramamurthi for his grand appreciation, and I must humbly admit that I am just giving the views got dictated by my limited awareness on the subject dealt with by you, and nothing more than that from my side!

On the contrary, what is coming out of you is very much original, and you must be burning the midnight oil to bring your creations for our consumption!

The efforts put in by you have majestically carried your ENVIUS THOUGHTS this far, and will no doubt carry further successfully!

Hats off for the good-going!


Your post on Friend of Birds reveals your skill in communicating with the birds as effectively as with our fellow humans!

However twist the questions are from the loving birds, you answer them effortlessly and convincingly!

However hard they try to ‘catch’ you, you handle them with nicety, and come out unaffected, thanks to the mutual understanding developed with much care and attention!

Long live your FRIENDSHIP with BIRDS!


Nice to go through your post on All Souls’ Day!

All religions have faith as the basis for the belief system in place adopted and practiced in their respective functioning!
It goes without saying that it is not subject to questioning, no matter logic or reasoning behind it!

Festivities are marked by celebrations and joy!

But remembrance of departed souls is an occasion for showing our reverence as a mark of respect to them!

It’s time to offer food to the poor, and through them it’s sought to be offered to the souls that left for their heavenly abode!

Let us observe these days for the good things to follow!


Nice to view your post on States were Born!

We’re a united India, thanks to Patel, the Iron Man of India!

Bifurcation of the whole into different states might be based on the language spoken by the people of the respective state!
But, decentralisation did the magic- administration rendered proper and fast without having to look to the Central guidance for anything and everything!

The process gave birth to new political parties regional in nature- it was definitely a dig on the unity of the nation leading to partisan agenda specific to the individual states concerned!

Better it’s to revere the policy of Unity in Diversity, and don’t give room for divisive politics that spoil the mission of the entire country!

With this we end the Sunday Story this week. We shall meet tomorrow. Till then GOD BE WITH YOU!











A little more than two decades ago, while I was in service with the premier Public Sector Organization –LIFE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF INDIA- there was an occasion to stay in Taj hotel at Mumbai along with my colleague Shri Akbar Ali.

As we went for our lunch we were attracted by a special menu-BANANA FLOWER USLI- and as we ordered and the dish came we were shocked to find a 50gram side dish known as the title of this story shown above at a cost of Rs250?-!!!!

Almost twice a month we do this called வாழைப்பூ உசிலி- (vaazaippoo usili) in our home may be the family requirement of 400 grams at a cost less than rs.25!!!!!!!!!!!

Having ordered we could not return and we took it with a pinch of salt as it was not even one tenth of the taste our people prepare at home!

We know that banana is one of the best vegetables created by the Lord Almighty for the benefit of all living beings- humans and animals. Every part of a plantain tree- banana tree- is of great use in one way or the other.

Its Roots, stem, leaves, banana ripe or otherwise, flower- every part is of use to the people. How nice if only every part of every individual human being is of  positive use, help and service to every other individual. The society will be enjoying peace and harmony, poise and prosperity, health and happiness!

Let us have a look at the plantain.

  Health benefits

Heart health

Bananas are good for our heart. They are packed with potassium, a mineral electrolyte that keeps electricity flowing throughout our body, which is required to keep our heart beating. Bananas’ high potassium and low sodium content may also help protect our cardiovascular system against high blood pressure.

A 2017 animal study conducted by researchers found that the potassium in bananas is also linked to arterial effectiveness; the more potassium we have, the less likely our arteries are to harden. In the study, mice with lower-potassium diet had harder arteries than mice consuming a normal amount of potassium. Arterial stiffness in humans is linked to heart disease.

Depression and mood

Bananas can be helpful in overcoming depression “due to high levels of tryptophan, which the body converts to serotonin, the mood-elevating brain neurotransmitter,”  vitamin B6 can help our sleep well, and magnesium helps to relax muscles. Additionally, the tryptophan in bananas is well known for its sleep-inducing properties.

Digestion and weight loss

Bananas are high in fiber, which can help keep us regular. One banana can provide nearly 10 percent of our daily fiber requirement. Vitamin B6 can also help protect against type 2 diabetesand aid in weight loss. In general, bananas are a great weight loss food because they taste sweet and are filling, which helps curb cravings.

Bananas are particularly high in resistant starch, a form of dietary fiber in bananas may support gut health and control blood sugar. Resistant starch increases the production of short chain fatty acids in the gut, which are necessary to gut health.


For replenishing energy and electrolytes, bananas can be more effective than sports drinks. One looked at male athletes competing in long-distance cycling races. They compared athletes refueling with Gatorade every 15 minutes to athletes refueling with a banana and water. The athletes’ performance times and body physiology were the same in both cases. But the banana’s serotonin and dopamine improved the athletes’ antioxidant capacity and helped with oxidative stress, improving performance overall.


Carrots may get all the glory for helping our eyes, but bananas do their share as well. The fruits contain significant amount of vitamin A, which is essential for protecting our eyes, maintaining normal vision and improving vision at night. Vitamin A contains compounds that preserve the membranes around our eyes and are an element in the proteins that bring light to our corneas. Like other fruits, bananas can help prevent macular degeneration, an incurable condition, which blurs central vision.


Calcium in bananas is helpful in keeping bones strong.Bananas contain an abundance of fructooligosaccharides. These are non digestive carbohydrates that encourage digestive-friendly probotics and enhance the body’s ability to absorb calcium.


Some evidence suggests that moderate consumption of bananas may be protective against kidney cancer. Women who ate more than 75 servings of fruits and vegetables cut their risk of kidney cancer by 40 percent, and that bananas were especially effective. Women eating four to six bananas a week halved their risk of developing kidney cancer.

Bananas may be helpful in preventing kidney cancer because of their high levels of antioxidant phenolic compounds.


The potassium in bananas is correlated with women giving birth to baby boys. A study looked at 740 women and saw that those who consumed high levels of potassium prior to conception were more likely to have a boy that those who did not.

Bananas may also help prevent gestational diabetes. Lack of sleep during pregnancy can contribute to gestational diabetes.. But the magnesium and tryptophan in bananas can help ensure a good night’s rest.

Banana peels: edible or poisonous?


It turns out that the biggest risk from a banana peel might really be slipping on it. Banana peels are not poisonous. In fact, they’re edible, and packed with nutrients. “Banana peel is eaten in many parts of the world. “It contains high amounts of vitamin B6 and B12, as well as magnesium and potassium. It also contains some fiber and protein.”

It is important to carefully wash a banana peel before eating it due to the pesticides that may be sprayed in banana groves.

Banana peels are usually served cooked, boiled or fried, though they can be eaten raw or put in a blender with other fruits. They are not as sweet as banana flesh. Riper peels will be sweeter than unripe ones.

Other banana facts

Bananas may have been the world’s first cultivated fruit. The banana plant is classified as an arborescent (tree-like) perennial herb, and the banana itself is considered a berry. A bunch of bananas is called a hand; a single banana is a finger.

There are almost 1,000 varieties of bananas,  Nearly all the bananas sold in stores are cloned from just one variety,

Botanically, there is no difference between plantains and bananas. But in general use, “banana” refers to the sweeter form of the fruit, which is often eaten uncooked, while “plantain” refers to a starchier fruit that is often cooked before eating.

                               (Technical information from Google Guru)



Tamil Nadu is to become the number one area in the world in banana production beating Ecuador and Indonesia if post-harvest losses were cut down and more marketing efforts were taken.

Areas in Tamil Nadu where banana is prominently cultivated are Theni, Trichy, Erode, Thoothukudi, Coimbatore, Kanyakumari, Thanjavur and Dindigul. The varieties cultivated include Grand Naine, Virupakshi, Sirumalai, Rasthali, poovan and Red Banana. Most of the bananas produced here go to the Gulf countries.


Raw banana is used for preparing different side dishes – in Tamil parlance- poriyal, koottu, varuval and so on!

Similarly the stem- known as vaazhaith thaNdu- is used for pachadi, porial and koottu. When its juice is taken regularly, no question of stones in kidney, urinary track etc.

Nendhram variety from Kerala – raw or ripe- is known for making chips all over the country!

Coming back to our banana flower usli, here we find the banana flower ready to be cooked. Last Sunday we had at home that triggered my thoughts and the result is today’s Sunday story that was presented above.