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Mr. G.Vasudevan is in Trichy.
His views form the Sunday story today.

I very strongly believe that I draw strength from the immense Grace of the Lord Almighty and inspiration from my esteemed viewers and their responses. With 134 followers from more than 210 countries, very satisfying progress of the Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS is the overall view score has crossed ONE LAKH and FORTY SIX THOUSAND By the grace of Goddess of Learning and the enthusiasm of the viewers, today’s post is 1238th on the 1185th day life of the Blog!

In the meantime has come the News that this Blog has a place in the Asian-Pacific Book of Records on the ground that this is  the LONGEST RUNNING BLOG! Yes BLOGGING has blossomed into my PASSION!

Well, one of my  admiring viewers is Shri Vasudevan my erstwhile colleague in the Life Insurance Corporation of India and presently in Srirangam, Trichy, Tamilnadu.. He daily views the post and makes his comments regularly and here is a compendium of the same for the reading of my esteemed viewers as this week’s Sunday story. I hope you will enjoy reading. Part II I was posted on 8th April  2018.
World Turtle DAY is today!
Nice picture is shown at the top with the eyes signified!
Long life span and stubbornness are the specialities!
Its place in the religious work is also significant!
2. 22/5/18
International Biological Diversity Day is today!
The day concerns so many factors which affect our very existence!
SEAS, Forests, etc, etc, affect our daily lives in varying degrees!
The day enables us to think about the natural gifts granted by the GOD and to find ways for better utilisation!
3. 21/5/18
A great day indeed!
To think of those borter years!
To think of those days where no language is spoken!
Man also must have lived like animals, making sounds and noises with symbolic communication!
Now I think of myself communicating with POET NVS Sir, with a mobile set in my hand, that too, in a running bus!!!
4. 20/5/18
I am happy to note that the number of viewers have gone beyond 146000.
Congratulations Sir!

ARK Sir’s Sunday is today!
Nice conversational thoughts. Simple! Beautiful!
What’s Up message regarding ” I am Changing” is very interesting.
Tirupati is in AP. If it is here……………!?
Tasty communication!
A relaxed reading in the afternoon!
Thanks Sir!
6. 19/5/18
Forces help the countries to safeguard the borders. They also help to maintain peace!
Armed Forces should be respected as they voluntarily pledge their lives for one’s motherland!
National visit Relatives day!
Very nice to see and hear!
Special Revival Campaign is to day! A good happy day to revive our relationship and friendship!
Give and take policy!
A Tamil saying says ” கூடி நின்றால் கோடி வரும்”
A nice day to bring cheers and peers together!
8. 17/5/18.
World Hypertension day is today!
Blood pressure has become famous to celebrate it today!
Oh! Blood!
Different names to you, A, B, and O. You are positive and You are negative.
You become more to create more problems and less to make us weak.
Your duty is to run all over the body.
Make sure you run all over so as to ensure good functioning of all the parts.
Oh! I pray YOU to run normally in all of us. This is my request on this special day.
9. 16/5/18.
National Biographers day is today!
Yes. Sir, there are many flowers that blossom in the morning and wither in the evening. They could not be seen by anyone and therefore can not be praised.
You have said it in a beautiful poetic way : A man should spread his eyes, nose-ears and tongue to know, see and feel about.
Biographies can really teach children to acquire morales.
Biographies form the history!
10. 15/5/18.
International Families day is today!
Universal family, all the people are my brothers and sisters.
Joint family consists of one’s family members.
Individual family consists of one’s own family.
Micro family consists of a tiny family.
Harmonious relationship is essential for happiness.
Let us all ensure to live with our society with cheerfulness.

11. 14/5/18
Today’s thought is about GITANJALI_17!
Atlast into his hands! செந்தமிழில் ” கடைசியில் ௮வன் கைகளில்!”
Beautiful poem by Tagore!
Nice translation in Tamil, which is as pure as your thought.
I am waiting for Love! to handover myself to HIM!
By developing good habits, good thinking and good deeds, we can fully surrender to him.
Our mind becomes pure! No confused thoughts, talks and words!
No harm done to others!

A GREAT DAY OF THOUGHT! Mother is divine. No good mother or bad mother! Mother is Mother! Nicely said!
I could earn and learn KINDNESS AND AFFECTION from my mother! I learned Soft speaking from my mother! No day goes off without remembering my mother!
Dishes she prepared, the festivals we celebrated, Oil baths we took are ever in memory!
Noble people! Noble Society! Noble World! Yet there are Good people, bad people…. and SPINELESS…
all need peace and poise!!!
Spewing VENOM ON OTHERS! Dear NVS SIR, that is too much for you to feel! I feel hard and eyes water by reading these lines!
Though poetic in form, poetic words come out from inner feelings! NVS Sir ‘s Gayathri Manthra is given emphasis on this mothers day!
Your prayer is nice in advising us that our words, thoughts and deeds should not be the cause of others’ hatred, disharmony, jealousy and enmity!
Finally you stressed about UNITY which is very much vital for our society!
Your advice to take oath on this day is NOBLE and I wish to write it again because I will have a chance of reading it again ” On this holy day, I hereby promise on my honour that I am for Unity in the World!
GREAT THOUGHT on this day Sir,
This is one of the days which I can remember always because drops of water from the eyes fall on my little heart!
13. 13/5/18
A mother is revered for her sacrifice, uncompromising affection, love, right from her child’s cradle to her own tomb. Yes, a mother is an institution. No match to this position.
World fair trade day is today!
FAIRNESS – is well defined by you.. We need fairness in every deal.. in every talk, in every act and in all the actions.
Today makes us to think about fairness in World Trade! To encourage customers and sellers! As there are large number of sellers and a plenty of customers all round, it becomes necessary for FAIR TRADE.
Let us all greet all those involved in FAIR TRADE!
15. 11/5/18.
National Public Gardens day is today!
The photographs shown are beautiful public gardens. The eyes get coolness by into these! Thanks!
Public gardens give a good boost to aged, children and nowadays, meeting place of many.
There are walking paths in the gardens and amusement places for the children to play!
As there are trees, shadows give enough comfort to us.
Fresh air is available.
Let us make the best use of the public gardens.
I appreciate the increasing awareness created for making new gardens.
16. 10/5/18.
Mother Ocean Day is today!
Oceans make our skies blue!
Oceans occupy one fourth of our EARTH!
Earth gets balanced because of Oceans.
Oceans form the cause for rains. Without rains, it is very difficult to think about our existence!
Oceans help SHIPS to carry bigger loads compared to AIRWAYS.
They give food materials to many! Many Sea- living beings make their lives.
Oceans are homes to many!
We thank our DIVINE OCEANS on this day!
17. 9/5/18.
Donate a day’s wages day is today!
God has created everyone and mother EARTH shows no difference for the stay on its LAP!
Yet, some happen to be rich and some poor. Aging process can not be stopped! Physically handicapped also have to live!
It becomes a duty to the rich to take care of the needy.
ஏழையின் சிரிப்பில் இறைவனை காண – – இதுவே வழி.
Nice thought today!
CROSS, as you said, carries devotion!
Dunant Henry’s birth in 1863 brought this holy movement! Nice theme for this year ” Memorable smiles from around the world” !
Red Cross day helps to think over the needy people, in war, poor and the aged.
Long live Red Cross Moment!
I am happy to note that the number of viewers rose to 144000! Congratulations Sir!
It was a happy Sunday Sir to read your Special Sunday edition!
I am also happy and proud to share the news of the BREAKING NEWS ” ASIA PACIFIC RECORD” holder!
Very Happy Sir!
20. 5/5/18.
Cartoonists day is today!
Beautiful cartoon is displayed at top, by R K Lakshman, shows our Nehru Ji. Nice Show!
Nice Show of cartoons by Ms. Nivetha and her sister, Swetha! Greater skills are displayed!
Cartoons make us to think and laugh! Many cartoons are used to guide us in public places without causing confusion!
Cartoons tell the stories to our kids very intelligently!
Without cartoons, communication process is NOT complete.
Best wishes to all the cartoons all around!
international FireFighters day is today!
Fire is essential for living. Our body requires a constant temperature (98.4 F) to maintain health. The more is the temperature, fever becomes serious.
Fire is revered as GOD and Homam is performed even in the conduct of HINDU Marriages! Agni stands as a witness to the marriage!
Kumbakonam school fire and Srirangam marriage hall fire can not be easily forgotten! Fire is witnessed in Renganathan Street quite often! There are mountains vomiting fire always. Forest also emits fire!
Precautions are to be taken to safeguard men and materials!
A GREAT SALUTE to all the firefighters today!
World press freedom day is today!
Nice expression of yours:
Man is born free but ever in chains!
Press should not be lured by anything or anyone!
To maintain its dignity!
Democracy survives only if the voice of the people are heard!
Of course with self restraint and control!
YOUR WORD PRESS. COM is free to express your views on this world press freedom day!
Long live the FreEdom of press!
23. 2/5/18
Happy baby day is today!
குழந்தையும் தெய்வமும் மனத்தால் ஒன்று!
௭ந்த குழந்தையும் நல்ல குழந்தை தான், மண்ணில் பிறக்கையிலே!
As you rightly said babies are innocent and their smiles Godly. All babies are to be taken care of! They must grow healthier! They build a nice world in the future!
Let us all ensure our children grow better and better!
24. 1/5/18.
Happy May day to you!
There is NO MAY DAY to you and you don’t have a holiday even today! I find all thr working class of this world enjoy a holiday to day! You find joy in presenting a poem on this on this day
” மழையும் காற்றும் ௭ங்களுக்கு இல்லை! வியர்வை சிந்தியே உழைத்திடுவோம்”
Though computers are here to do everything, but to switch them on, men are required.
Without labour, there is no food to us.
We thank all of our labour force today!
Thanks Sir!
25. 30/4/18.
Save the Frogs day is today.
A nice Video showing the moving of a frog at the top.
A beautiful video is also shown to me, the intelligent eating of a frog. Very nice to watch!
Beautiful description of the frog by you, eyes, limbs, etc.
While you walk, they accompany. You can walk with confidence. The sounds of the frogs make your walk rhythmic.
They are used as food by many.
I should spend some time in watching the movements of frog! Luckily, I have seen in your video clips.
26. 29/4/18.
,Went through Sri. ARK ‘S part iii.
It was easily readable!
Very Simple! It shows his affectionate attachment with NVS Sir and ENVIUS THOUGHTS!
Nice to bring his thoughts and reviews on this Sunday!
27. 28/4/18
World Dance day is today!
Your thought finely describes the dance of LORD NATARAJA, the originator of Dance, Art and Culture!
Yes. Sir! He is GURU of all fine arts.
People, all over, show the happiness, by dance. Different categories of dances! GOD resides in dances and in arts!
Happy day to all the dancers!
I too danced during DHIVYA NAMA BHAJANA!
28. 27/4/18.
Happy to note that today is National Silence Day!
As rightly said by you, Speech is silver and silence Golden.
Silent makes my mind sharper and cleaner! It gives us enough time to speak aptly! I am not put into unnecessary troubles because of unwanted talks. I am able to speak fluently!
I am happy to note Valluvar’s saying here
” யாகாவராயினும் நாகாக்க, காவாக்கால் சோகாப்பர் சொல்லிழுக்குப் பட்டு!
How beautifully he said about speech!
I get more power in doing my work with more clarity!
Practicing silence for some time in a day is good for me.
29. 27/4/18
Sorry Sir! I don’t hesitate to take back my words, if my NVS Sir, says these words.
Your response has shown us how to behave humbly!
I am yet to learn a lot more from you sir. Thanks Sir for awakening my thoughts!

30. 26/4/18
World Intellectual property day!
Powering change: women in innovation and creation…. is this year’s theme!
We enjoy everything because of innovation! Yes. The right to own that innovation also is inevitable!
Let us Salute all the INNOVATORS on this day!
Let the inventions grow and grow!
.World Malaria day is today!
Oh! Mosquito! Sorry, we don’t want to celebrate your birthday today! We want your complete absence from this earth!
I know a day will come where we find you NOWHERE!
Oh! Mosquito! Go to any of the planet and leave us soon.
Save our children!
We will not allow you to stay here by giving adequate shelter! We will not allow the water to stay in the places where you need shelter!
We will beat Mosquitos out sir!
Fashion comes only after full development. Has our country fully developed to go in for FASHIONS. In my opinion basic needs, water, shelter and clothes are not fully met in our country.
Now coming to FASHION day, customer is attracted in many ways. We also fall prey to these fashions.
Green Revolution, Industrial Revolution and all the revolutions took place in order to SURVIVE.
Fashions, as you stated, are. many. Especially dresses are the ones attracting us more.
Our hard earned money goes out just like the air in the balloon goes out. People don’t value their precious time and money. Fashions, in my opinion, should not spoil our character, at any cost!
Let us be aware of FASHIONS!
Thanks Sir!
33. 23/4/18.
English language day is today!
A fast growing Language in the world!
Having 26 letters, it is ruling the Entire world!
My interest in the Spoken English started growing when I was in 9 th Standard, and winning the First prize in the school in English language elocution competition! I delivered Nehru’s speech at UNO.
Each language has its own beauty! I enjoy speaking Tamil, Kannada, Hindi,
English and now Sanskrit!
What GREAT GIFTS from Goddess Saraswathi! Without Language growth, we could have not achieved this tremendous growth of this universe in all the fields!
The BRIDGE INTENSIVE COURSE of my PUC’s introduction is still ringing in my ears, the falling intonation and the rising intonation……
What a great tasty language!
Nice thought Sir!
34, 22/4/18.
Delightful Congratulations to you Sir for having scored 142000 views.
I have gone through the entire Story of Smt. Latha.
The reading makes me to read continuously without any break. It is all very interesting and LIVELY!
I am happy to note that she has attended the CPC Meet!
I find a plenty of appreciations to your ENVIUS THOUGHTS!
A great day, tomorrow, Earth day!
We live on this earth right from the YEAR 0001 to 2018.
This we know only after knowing the COUNT! We don’t know without counting how many long years have gone!
Our MOTHER EARTH , all along, carries us very patiently!
Oh Mother! How many children do you have?
I don’t even know the names of my Grandfather and Great Grand father!
With even one child at home, I find enormous difficulties. How do you tolerate ALL!?
Oh! Mother! My Great LOVE and Affection to you.
I am here to show my PURE LOVE to all my sisters and brothers!
36 21/4/18
.Nice to see the tale 24.
Very Happy to see the post 1200. Electric New posts are erected to give electricity to the places where electricity have NO. The new posts illuminate the places. People are very happy to see the lights. Likewise, as the posts increase, our minds get illuminated more and more! Again this tale becomes SATURDAY STORY!
Let the POSTS increase on day to day basis!
37. 19/4/18
Happy Congratulations Sir!
It is good that we celebrate this day as GARLIC DAY!
It has special significance of its own. This has made us to allot a day for celebration.
Plenty of uses of Garlic. Medicinal value of Garlic is very special to note!
Curing cancer!
Lowers cholesterol level,
Reverses the Blood pressure,
Rich in proteins,
Rich in minerals
And in addition to all these,
It had Rich Odour.
Today morning I celebrated it by eating three tiny prices of Garlic.
A great thought!
World Heritage day is today!
Man has made many wonders in this exciting world. There are many temples in our country which tell the rich heritage.
It is a really a wonder how man could create all the beautiful buildings inside the temples. Likewise Churches, Masjids are the famous buildings in the world which tell the intelligence of our people.
Tajmahal was built with a good taste in the mind and has become world famous.
There are many places of interest in the world one must see.
We can be happy with our RICH heritage but it is our duty to safeguard and maintain
39. 17/4/18.
Gitanjali_16 is simple and noteworthy. Easily understandable. Your simple English translation is much easier to understand.
Your Tamil translation is excellent. Your simple Tamil explanation is digestive.
Oh! You have given this rare life. I have to live with a noble purpose. Eyes and Ears are in good condition.
I accept you invitation. But show your GRACE before…..
40. 16/4/18.
You gave a thought on AVIATION!
You gave a thought on SUBMARINES!
Today you give a thought about this EARTH, which has RUDE COMMANDERS and VOICELESS PEOPLE.
God has created everyone equally. A man can’t boost himself of his birth or of his wealth.
A final word of yours is fine in capturing my mind. ” THANK GOD, ALL CAME TO AN END IN TOTALITY!
41. 15/4/18.
ARK Sir’ s day is today!
I know him as a TEAM HEAD of Internal Auditing TEAM of our LIC. I can not easily forget him because of his Kind and Co operative approach! His belief in GOD is BIG! This, I have seen, when he came for Auditing.
I am once again happy to know that he is also viewing ENVIUS THOUGHTS regularly and responding.
The views are simple, thought worthy, and affection – capturing!
The views show the deep affection to your thoughts!
While thanking ARK Sir, for his valuable viewing, I have a chance of recalling his togetherness with me.
42. 14/4/18
Thanks Sir for having your wishes on this auspicious day!
As you said Not only we celebrate this day but also by many people across. VISU and Baisaki are the known famous ones!
விளம்பி வருஷ கவிதை தந்த உங்களுக்கு நன்றிகள்!
௭ளிய நடையில் இனிய தமிழ்!
தமிழ் புத்தாண்டில் தமிழுக்கு அழகு செய்தீர்!
தமிழால் உங்களுக்கு ௮ழகு!
தமிழ்த் தாயின் ௮ன்பான ஆசிகள் ௨ங்களுக்கு!
௨ங்களின் ஆசிகள் வேண்டும் ௭ங்களுக்கே!
நன்றி ஐயா
Jalianwala Bagh day is today!
The great day to think about the sacrifices made for achieving our Freedom!
Year 1919 and April 13 can not be forgotten by each one of us.
As you correctly felt, they are ( The British) human beings, but their strategies are terrible!
No mercy.
Dyer ordered to shoot at the innocents!
Many wounded and dead!
What a terrible scene it should have been! To see an imaginary sight even, I am shocked and my entire body gets shock waves!
What should have been the condition of those who were trapped!
Winning the freedom was not that easy. It was a very hard journey!
Great Sacrifices!
We should realise the ABSOLUTE WORTH of the Frdeeom which was bought at midnight!!
As a mark of respect, it is our duty to safeguard our hard earned freedom and grow as a stronger UNITED INDIA!

44. 12/4/18
World Aviation day is today.
The day reminds us the year 1961!
The day reminds us Yuri Gagarin,
The reminds us that First man in the Space,
The day brings the memory of Soviet Union!
This day has brought torch light to all space activities!
How many countries!
How many Spacecrafts!
Research goes on and on.
Yesterday was SUBMARINES DAY.
Today is SPACE DAY!
45. 11/4/18.
Submarines Day is today!
Let us Salute the the Navy, all around the globe for safeguarding us from the dangers of the SEAS!
Under water vessel is a nice term used by you.
Sea food is so many in varieties. There are millions and millions depend on Submarines!
A great day of thought Sir.
Great is the version of GITANJALI_15!
Great is your simple English explanation!
Great is your SIMPLE SHINY TAMIL description!
Great is your SIMPLE DEFINITION in Tamil!
Great is your SUGGESTION to do our duties!
தேன் வந்து பாயுது. காதிலா- இல்லை- கண்களில் ஆனந்த கண்ணீர் ௮ல்லவா பாய்கிறது! இதயச்சுடா் பிரகாசிக்கிறது. மனக் கதவு திறக்கிறது!
Thanks Sir! for giving me a chance to respond!
47. 9/4/18.
Very Happy to note :
The views have crossed over 140000.
No of posts : 1187
No of days taken : 1136.
No of countries involved : 210.
Getting into newer and newer areas – CLEAR AND BOLD-
to create more and more BLOGS!
Learning CONFIDENCE from you,
48. 8/4/18.
Thanks Sir for having published my views as ” Sunday Story”
I am very fortunate Sir to have your NOBLE REVIEWS!
Seeking your Blessings Sir,
49. 7/4/18.
Great thought today!
World Health Day!
If health is lost, something is lost. Why to lose our health knowingly!
You have given excellent tips for maintaining good health.
Early to raise. Brisk walk.
Drinking plenty of water.
Eating to live. A good sleep.
Useful tips for keeping our health without any deterioration.
Let this day bring good health to all of us!.
50. 6/4/18.

51. 24/5/18.

Happy brothers day!
Bonded with love and affection!
Not with the money and materials!
Mother’s love teaches us BINDINGS!
I think of the noble relationship among the brothers of LORD RAMA!
HE is an example, on this noble day!
Long live the affection among our brothers and sisters!
So with these views/reviews of Mr. Vasudevan this Sunday Story comes to a close.
Till we meet tomorrow may GOD BE WITH YOU!

Versatile Blogger with his Asia-Pacific Book of Records credentials


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,47,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 37th  view at 7.45  hours today viz Sunday  the twenty seventh MAY 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FORTY SEVEN THOUSAND (1,47,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1185th day and 1238th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty



Vivid viewer and ardent devotee of Mother ARK

Yes; here is one more thought on thoughts. This time it is another erstwhile learned colleague during 1975-1978 and 1992-1994 in Thanjavur Division my home Division where I entered my Alma mater in 1962- I was serving the great Life Insurance Corporation of India for more than four decades!.
Mr. A. Ramakrishnan known as Mr.ARK is now retired and is having a peaceful life in Chennai belongs to my native District of Thanjavur!. Mr ARK is one of my avid viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS for quite some time and deems sending a review almost every day as his duty and pleasure! Very frequently he sends his reviews through his audio clip running for a few minutes! I am unable to send the audio clips to my great viewers due to my deficient technical IT knowledge! All his clips are in Tamil. I am sure you will enjoy ARK’s thoughts/comments on ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
Mr ARK is one of my distinguished colleagues to enjoy Envius Thoughts and express–following in the golden chain- Mr. Rajiv of Mr. OKR Sivanganam of Perundurai, Mr. Uthayamurthi from Bangalore, – MR. Thota Chandrasekara Reddy from Kadapa, Mr. KVVS Prasad from Vishakapatnam, Mr. Ramamurthi Thupakala from Bangalore, Mr. Vasudevan Gopalan from Trichi. PartII was published   covering the comments of February 2018 and this week it is reviews made in the month of March

The video about Adhi Sankaracharya …nice o nice …
Thank u Sir.
Soliloquy.. Nna
இரங்கற் பா வா.
It is my property.
Just had deeparaathanai.
Can we take bath now
Was it beautiful.??
Ur ARK is blessed.
Blessed by a nice man
Blessed by a great man
Blessed by a nice and great man who does a lot
To the society at his young age of 25.
Blessed by s good Samaritan.
By a noble man who has the ability to mould an useless clay
Too to a ….
By a
As I am update..
I am going save only the latest.
All are submitted to my ..
Dear dear dear NVS sir.
He will have all .saved or saved in his memory.
That is enough.
Dear Sir
Today is the wedding day of my son Eashwaran.
I seek ur Blessings.
Very many happy returns of the day to Easwaran!
Sir.. Has to write.
My blessings to Eashwaran.
MY N V Subbaraman, an old man’s BLESSINGS to SHRI and Smt. EASWARAN.
Partly…true statement.
As u are ur ARK s ….
Ur blessings are
More powerful my son than his fathers Asis.
How is this.
It shows your love and respect for an undeserving person!!!!!Any how THANKS IN TONS.
ARK will be silent till.
3 pm today
Gitanjali.. Poem.11.
In this lonely dark corner…
Nice one Sir.
God is not in the temple.
He is in the works of poor,laboring
Noble hearted
And with a sense to serve all.
True Sir..
We can see Him..if we have all the above..
ARK waited up to 3pm for his 😡 to go and
😀. Comes.
It came …
Hence the view comes at once.
: Rightly you have pointed out the crux of the post. Thanks a lot.
Are u not angry on this poor ARK who sent this
Symbol 😡
98404 77552: I am not able to make out the Import of this symbol!!!!!!
It means ..koabam sir.
This is for smiling u know.
In Guindy .after a nice Darsanam
98404 77552: Ok.
3/3/2018] +91 98404 77552: ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,34,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 167th view at 23.23 hours yesterday viz Friday the 2nd March 2018 , total views of the BLOG crossed ONE LAKH AND THIRTY FOUR THOUSAND (1,34,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1099th day and 1149th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty
3/3/2018] +91 98404 77552: Good morning. “TALE OF A BLOGGER- 23″ is today in Envius Thoughts,(1150th post) in for your kind read and response. Thanks.
ARK: 🙏
Hearty congrats sir
For 134000.
But…nearing midnight.
ARK: 😀
+91 98404 77552: I slept after seeing that !!!!!!!!!!
ARK… What are u going today.
Let us see
ARK: 😀
+91 98404 77552: I await anxiously!!!! Whatever is possible welcome.
Neapolitan has said..
Impossible.. Is a word..
Which i like most

O. Sunday…
A lot of expectations… Is there.
O. ..ARK…
This will be an acid test to u.
Are u having any… Qualification… To put ur
How u are going to get
At least Four lines from
If dear NVS sir.
All the best daaa.ARK
From your dear NVS sir….
3/4/2018] ARK: In my fear …
Wrongly typed o.
3/4/2018] \+91 98404 77552: Sunday to me a retired person is as good as any other day. Young and vibrant ARK has reasons to enjoy the holiday; yet he has his own program for the day. Don’t embarrass him for writing on your Charless Dickens NVSR!

Vibrant ARK…
Don’t get excited..or tempted.
Aim to get at least 75 %.
If not 85 %…
.be careful….
ARK s audio comes.
3/5/2018] +91 98404 77552: Beautiful, new and innovative announcement-ARK-AIR- Great. Thanks.”ESTEEMED” appreciation. power of writing increases- some body long back accused me of BOASTING- sharing is caring-golden words appreciation-as it is 134364-Be at peace and ease. All the best!

Thank u Sir.
So nice of u.
ARK is boosted.
Detailed ..message follows
Or audio..may be.
.arks audio..
3/6/2018] ARK: 🙏
No i will not leave u.
Another audio comes today regarding this.
This Natchathraeyan want u to do one thing.
U have to
Pl expect my audio by 12 noon
Useless fellow ARK!!!!!Thappu or right a matter of perception of the individuals. Enna Periya recognition.. Sure I will deal with this in one of the tales to come. I am sorry ARK.
98404 77552: Compose and be at peace. There are more serious things to be worried about in life!!!
ARK: 😭…am i an useless fellow.
Nice reply sir.
Sorry yaaa.
No no.

Let me start…
Women’ s day.
Nice one sir.
Press for ..progress
Press for…freedom.
Nice Sir.
Male chauvinism….
It is really pity.
Once …this viewer .was a
Male chauvinist..
I admit.
Now only rectified….not fully …
Mother land
Mother tongue…
And not father land
And father tongue.

Nice o nice sir.
Barathi s songs.
நிமிர்ந்த …
Super Sir.


3/9/2018] +91 98404 77552: Thanks ARK. What is that NIMIRNTHA AANUM?

I quoted ur ..our Barathi sir.
Pennum.. Nagar..
Ur lines
Hearty congrats Sir.
Dear sir..
On a Friday..
My Ammas day.
My day.
98404 77552: Thanks ARK it is all HER grace.

What is this life….
Throat infection.
No full sound ..coming from yesterday afternoon.
Could not sing dongs to Amma yesterday!!
One audio ..pending.
Again ..ARK may accumulate ..
+91 98404 77552: Take care of your throat by taking hot milk with tamarind manjal powder.
Yesterday i took along with panangal kandu..
For me ..if anything comes it will trouble me for a week or so.
Also gargling.
+91 98404 77552: yes.
CISF rising day.
As usual
. a news.
From just battalions to
Wonder really.
Protection to airport.
Nuclear installation s
Nice sir.
Barbie dolls day
No knowledge at all about this.
Their significance ..not known by me.
Any how .
I think that the dolls have made some impact in the market.
Gitanjali 13…
The song i came to sing.
Nice sir.
The song can be sung nicely…
Gods Grace ..through ..
And modesty.
Gitanjali 12…
Innermost shrine at the end.
How to find God..
By leading a simple life.
Nice Sir
National safety day…
A news.
Themes for every year..
Another news to ARK.
True Sir..
The safety idea to be imparted to all.young and old.
Nice ending sir..
Efforts are needed to educate and bring in
Awareness pure.

98404 77552: So nice of you to have updated your review! I know how your reaction is going to be for today’s Sunday Story!!!!!!!!!!
Yes sir.
One is already ready. But don’t know how to start
How to end.
As this one is a new experience.
Why a..single line reply sir.
At least i expect one or two words in each one

+91 98404 77552: Any time is welcome. I enjoy both. It is a variety! Nice of u. to take me as a marketing man. CD’s great work is that. U will find only the chrecters nd their nature. Thanks ARK. .
ARK: .😀🙏

Fastest reply.
Thank u sir.
A call came.
So i am late
O pie.
O ..22/7
O…3.14. ur day!!!

It is a news.
Long live pie.
U have done wonders..
When i studied.
And to all even now.
+91 98404 77552: So after your college days U would have thought of “pie’ 22/7 only today!!!!!14/3 is “PIE DAY”
ARK: 👌👏🙏
Yes dear sir
Gitanjali 14.

There is no heading.
There is no heading …because ..
It speaks about desires.
When it is more …the problems are more
The sufferings are more.
Budha correct told.
ஆசையே…. துன்பங்கட்கு ..காரணம்.
So only gud path the way to see God.
Nice sir..
My prayer ..comes to my find for which my son use to ask and laugh..
Appa u are praying in English.
Those lines..
Amma knows ..
What to do
When to do
And how to do things.
Correctly told
Comes to my mind.
+91 98404 77552: Thanks. It is all HER blessings and grace! Tagore has reflected his thoughts so nicely. Hence the NOBEL PRIZE for Gitanjali got rightly!
The balance left out is only one .
Part 2..
How i will pass in the test.
Thank u Sir.. For talking to me ….then and there .
+91 98404 77552: Part 2 nothing serious except the various charecters and their characteristics. Conclusion!!
ARK: 😀😀
Ur poor ARK has to read
And then take hints and then …speak to sir
+91 98404 77552: for the poorer Subbaraman to enjoy!!!??
Yes .u are poorer ..
U have given a lot of ur experience s to others..and they are always are useful to others.
U gave ..
Because u have/u had a lot.
U gave a lot..and thus became poorer.
😀Yeppadi unga ARK?
+91 98404 77552: By giving MONEY one becomes POORER but by sharing KNOWLEDGE one becomes richer and more knowledgeable! Eppadi unga NVS!?
U got ur sir daaa.
He himself has admitted that he is not poorer.
He is always rich..
Ark used it only to trap j Sir.
To trap u sir
ARK …neeee oaru.
அதிக பிரசங்கி.
: No comments sir…
+91 98404 77552: ARK yethaan. Good decision. morattuk katturai. appatiyaethan eduththukkaNum. How do you find?periya kuttaa chinna kuttaa? vaal puriya vEndaam. accept paNNikkarAvA paNNikkarA! Received a good response from many. Sollungo. idhavida enna adhikamaa therinjukkaNum? ark rombave nallaa purinjukittirukkeenga? mudicchchttaenae!!vaazga.
3/14/2018 😀👌👏🙏.
ARK u are lucky.
Nice comments from sir
3/14/2018] +91 98404 77552: Thanks.
Again read ur expert comments.
It tells the following.
U are rich.
Many people…liked it and commented.
All these days English novel read by ARK.
Unlucky fellow ur ARK.
He would have shared more.had he read the novel earlier.
Small kuttu only.
My habit from childhood
U have typed Tamil in English ..that too nice
So i fully covered ur comments.
+91 98404 77552: Great. at times my Tamil fonts strike work!!!!!!!!!!
ARK: Still ur ARK has one more doubt.
I want to know..
If u typed all that matters in the novel….
How u typed.
Then if u cut and pasted..
How it is possible.
I am wondering as i am a
Zero in this aspect.
+91 98404 77552: U R right ! It is all IT wonder. CUT AND PASTE from what I read!!!!!!!!!!!
ARK: 👌
Einstein… Birthday.
Again a news to ARK.
Nice sir.
Because of his relativity theory..
Our lives are made easy and
Yes sir.
Teachers and parents have to play a major role in shaping people like Einstein.
ARK: World consumer rights day
15 TH march.
Again ..a news 😀
True that consumer awareness is more today.
The various legal remedies.
Nice sir.
On line marketing.
U have rightly said…
Risk is always there.
One point i want to mention is that ..persons in the consumer forum
Need to be trained about the rules and regular of various organizations.
It is a pity ..that LIC loses many cases…on this point.
So. ARK. Is happy .
Updated aaaam
+91 98404 77552: Well done ARK.. Any thing new is welcome from the point of view of Improving our knowledge which is power. Yes it is very essential that Forum members must have impeccable knowledge to dispense right judgement. U r fortunate. I am struggling to find out the matter for every day posting!!!!!!
U are struggling..
Joke of the day.
U have a lot Sir.
U can make ..even
The கட்டுத்தறி … To sing
+91 98404 77552: Thanks for the misplaced confidence on your NVS
Today i recd one.
It was nice .
I need not send to u anything as u are a encyclopedia.
Recently a good friend of mine turned 60. I asked him what is changing. He sent me the following lines.
Days slip into weeks,
Weeks turn into months and
Months transform into years.
Calendars are changing and so am I.

Yes, I am changing.
After loving my parents, my siblings, my spouse, my children, my friends, now I have started loving myself.

Yes, I am changing.
I just realized that I am not “Atlas” & the world does not rest on my shoulders.

Yes, I am changing.
I now stopped bargaining with poor vegetables & fruits vendors. After all, a few rupees more is not going to burn a hole in my pocket but it might help the poor fellow save for his daughter’s school fees.

Yes, I am changing.
I pay the autowala / cabbie & walk away without waiting for the change. The extra money might bring a smile on his face. After all he is toiling much harder for a living than me.

Yes, I am changing.
I stopped telling the elderly that they have already narrated that story many times. After all, the story makes them walk down the memory lane and relive the past.

Yes, I am changing.
I have learn not to correct people even when I know they are wrong. After all, the onus of making everyone perfect is not on me. Peace is more precious than perfection.

Yes, I am changing.
I give compliments freely & generously. After all its a mood enhancer not only for the recipient, but also for me.

Yes, I am changing.
I have learnt not to bother about a crease on my shirt or a spot on my skirt. After all, personality speaks louder than appearances.

Yes, I am changing.
I walk away from people who don’t value me. After all, they might not know my worth, but I do.

Yes, I am changing.
I remain cool when someone plays dirty politics to outrun me in the rat race. After all, I am not a rat and neither am I in any race.

Yes, I am changing.
I am learning not to be embarrassed by my emotions. After all, it’s my emotions that make me human.

Yes, I am changing.
I have learnt that its better to drop the ego than to break a relationship. After all, my ego will keep me aloof whereas with relationships I will never be alone.

Yes, I am changing.
I demand for whatever is due to me. After all, accepting injustice is almost as bad as doing injustice.

Yes, I am changing. I’ve learnt to live each day as if it were the last. After all, it might be the last .

Yes, I am changing.
I am doing what makes me happy. After all, I am responsible for my happiness, and I owe it to me.
[17:01, 3/15/2018] ARK: Siva Siva.
Misplaced aaa.
What ?
+91 98404 77552: Great is your friend’s message. I also received a similar message. O a careful ‘
Self analysis I have found that I have not changed even a bit in any respect. I am 77, I do not think I can at any Time!!????
ARK: 👌👏🙏😀
ARK: Tell ur correct age sir .
It is 25
ARK: It will become 26 only in
Once in three years one
Year will increase.
+91 98404 77552: Ok. Even then for the next 75 years I may not change as your friend has changed.
ARK: 😀🙏


+91 98404 77552: ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,36,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 70th view at 09.15 hours today viz Friday the 16th March 2018 , total views of the BLOG crossed ONE LAKH AND THIRTY SIX THOUSAND (1,36,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1113th day and 1163rd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty
ARK: 😀👌👏🙏.
Hearty congrats Sir.
+91 98404 77552: Thanks ARK
+91 98404 77552: 12வது அழைப்பு, கவிஞர் சுப்பராமனுக்கு

இருமொழியில் கவிசெய்யும்
இளங்கவியார்? சுப்பராமன்!
முருகனைதம் உளத்தில்யார்
முதல்வைத்தார்? சுப்பராமன்!
விருத்தரிவர் அனுபவத்தில்!
வெவ்வேறு பொருள்பற்றி
விருப்போடு படித்தவற்றை
விருந்தாக அளிப்பதிலே!

இரமணரின் வாக்கமுதை
எளிதாக எடுத்துரைப்பார்!
இரவனவன் சூக்குமமாம்
எண்ணிறந்த விந்தைசொல்வார்!
வரகவியின் குயில்பாட்டை
வளமாக மொழிபெயர்ப்பார்!
பொருமைபடு எண்ணங்கள்
புத்தகமாய்த் தொகுத்தளிப்பார்

வியத்தகுவாம் பலபரப்பில்
விளையாடும் வித்தகரே!
அயர்வில்லா உழைப்பாலே
அற்புதங்கள் விளைப்பவரே!
செயங்கொள்ளும் சித்திரப்பா
செய்தரங்கை சிறப்புறுத்த
நயந்தும்மை அழைக்கின்றேன்,
நவகவிகள் படைத்தளிக்க!

வருக! சுப்பராமன் அவர்களே!
ARK: 🙏
+91 98404 77552: Thanks ARK. My CHITHRAK KAVI yet to be posted!
ARK: 😀
Waiting for sastri.
Hence urgently i posted it.
: Nice words.
ARK: Nice praise
Which u deserve

+91 98404 77552: Cassette vadhyar is ready for me. Meet after Tharpanam.
So here after u should not put at any cost..
Poor NVS.. Etc etc.
U are always rich.
U impart knowledge.
U induce ..all
ARK: Sastri came .so i cut.
ARK: U induce all to think.
U induce all to think gud matters
U induce all to allocate the precious time. For gud matters at least some minutes a day.
U are acting like a catalyst.
Without expecting anything.
+91 98404 77552: Thanks ARK -I am afraid I may get cold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ARK: What a noble man
What a noble soul u are.
At the age of 25.
With an office age 75 plus.
May u continue ur
Sacred work for at least
For another 50 years .
Up to ur age 75.
My heart speaks
That is all
+91 98404 77552: It is all HIS grace and your wishes. Thanks.
ARK: No cold .
For gold person.
ARK: Ugadi Subhakanchalu…
Happy Ugadi.
Nice one Sir.
Reason …in all the states .
Gods Grace is in plenty
As they pray God sincerely.
I use to greet my Telugu friends only with the above words after my posting in do 2 chennai as ao MKTG.
I can recollect ..their not .when i call them and tell the words.
Religions many …bug brotherhood permanent.
Nice ending sir.
I use to tell often .
Luckily Lord BALAJI is in Andra.
If Tirupathi ..Is in Tamil nadu .
Just imagine..
The position .
The sacredness would have gone by the rulers.
ARK: Recollect ..their happiness.
3/17/2018 ARK: But
Vaccination day.
A news again.
But thanks WHO for the
Efforts and awareness.
Really a worst disease.
I use to shed tears like many..whenever i see
People ..particularly children affected by polio.
It is to be eradicated complete ly.
U have mentioned about many vaccines.
I recollect ….my childhood days
We lost out mother at her 27 TH age..
I was 6 then .
My mother fief due Tk tetanus.
After child birth.
Medical facilities are …
Huge now.
Thanks to all.
ARK: Lost our
Died due to
U are getting ready for Sunday feast.
All the best ARK.
Nice..I am sure this Sunday should be a nice one by Ammas Grace
Yugadhi Subhakanchalu.
+91 98404 77552: Yes, it should be. Thanks.
3/18/2018] +91 98404 77552: Dear all,
With UGADI greetings to all!
Good morning. This week’s Sunday Story in ENVIUS THOUGHTS (1165th post) in is “GOLDEN JUBILEE ISSUE!” for your kind read and response.. Thanks.

3/20/2018] +91 98404 77552: Good morning. “WORLD SPARROWS DAY IS TODAY!” with a video in Envius Thoughts today in for your kind view, happy hearing of Bharathi’s song by famous singer Unnikrishnan and response. Thanks.
ARK: A little bit…
Some inconveniences.

ARK: World forestry day.
Nice Sir.
A news to me
Yes ..
Forest is our lovable one in life.
But not protected and preserved.
Nowadays ..only all wrong actions are going on there.
The reason…no true
And govt.
I recollect the life of
Veerappan who was the king in the forest.
Knowing the nook and corner.
At the same time Robert frost also comes..
Woods are lovely..
Dark and deep.

+91 98404 77552: Miles before I go to sleep and miles before I go to sleep- the li as so much dear to Jawaharlal Nehruji.
3/21/2018] +91 98404 77552: Thanks ARK.Lovely review. Yes Veerappan was there a d still Veerappans are here in towns and cities in the form of politicians!!!!!!?,???
ARK: Nice Sir.
Going from today.
My wife is not OK .
Due to severe right hand pain.
From Saturday .suffering.
Forced to take ten days leave.
First time in march in this 35 years of service .
Daily going for physio.
10 to 1 .
Hectic ..i am

+91 98404 77552: I see what A fool is NVSR my knowing this important and nice information all these days. What is her name and Branch 23?
+91 98404 77552: ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,37,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 225th view at 16.00 hours today viz Wednesday the 21st March 2018 , total views of the BLOG crossed ONE LAKH AND THIRTY SEVEN THOUSAND (1,37,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1118th day and 1168th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty
ARK: Hearty congrats my dear Sir.
137000 came very fast ..i think.
Nice o nice
That too in a day time
[17:01, 3/21/2018] ARK: Yes ..
Ur ARK is a fool .
I admit.
I have already told this.
So i did not mention her name today
She is R.ushaarani.

+91 98404 77552: ARK is tradition bound. I was In Madurai and Erode in those two years.
ARK: 🙏

ARK: World poetry day
Nice one sir.
The day..
As usual news to ARK.
The lines ..are true
And nice too.
Simple in life and living but noble in thoughts.
Living all..serving all
Help ever ..
Hurt never.
Your…strong .
And powerful words.
Young poet wishes..
Nice ending.
Who is that sir.
That poet aged 25.
But a poet..
His age is 10.
+91 98404 77552: YOUNG POET is an e magazine edited by me. Great appreciation of my power words. Thanks AKR. From Physio clinic saddens me. May God bless Mrs. ARK.
ARK: Thank u my dear Sir for ur immediate comments.
Ur ARK can tell
That Is all he can.
+91 98404 77552: Electronic magazine-only ONLINE and not PRINT
ARK: 🙏

+91 98404 77552: Thanks.A good recall.Brown color eggs!Mannargudi days.What about hearing the Bharathi song?Yes, people have to take care. Tanks on the East and west!Thanks.
ARK: Thank u sir for ur comments.
Regarding Barathi s song on .
Pl forgive me.
It was nice.
It is new to ur ARK.
This மரமண்டை ..
Reading ..for the first time.
+91 98404 77552: Noted what Maramandai can do!!!!!!

ARK: 😀

ARK: Viewers ..view..
+91 98404 77552: Eagerly await.
ARK: 🙏
ARK: But ur ark will take time
+91 98404 77552: Be at peace and ease.
ARK: 🙏
+91 98404 77552: ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,38,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 49th view at 7.40 hours today viz Tuesday the 27th March 2018 , total views of the BLOG crossed ONE LAKH AND THIRTY EIGHT THOUSAND (1,38,000) from more than 210 countries around the world on the 1124th day and 1175th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty
ARK: 👌👏
Hearty congrats Sir.
Just now only saw
ARK: World theatre s day.
Nice news.
But in this busy world.
They are being forgotten
By the maximum people.
As u said sir..
Drama should be sir.
We should see often..we can forget us…during the
Time spent.
I want to mention ..the noble and nice work of
Modern theatre
Manohar and his drama.
I have heard that he gave all his sets free .

For the same to be

ARK: 26.3.18.
O பசலைக் கீரை.
How r u.
Is it urs day.
Gud gud.
A happy birthday… To u i can tell.
U are cheap.
U are good for health.
U are tasty.
Ur kootu…
I love.
Ur flowers ..that rose …
I love too much.
I have grown u.
I have seen ur seeds.
I have collected them and used again and again.
ARK: Thank u pasalai keerai for ur help to the man kind.
ARK: Saturday.
World t.b day

A killer disease.
Now some what controlled.
As an affected person.once in my twenties…
I recollect.
Xray often.
Fever daily for an hour in night then sweating.
Fever will go.
Penidure LA 6 lacs injections for six months.
A red tablet from R B company.
Name forgotten.
Awareness… Should be there even now.
ARK: 23.3.1961….wef.
World meteorology.. Day.
A nice day indeed.
Once i heard that field as a tough one and with a bright future.
At once comes to our memory Mr Ramanan.
Who predicted the rains for us for more than 35 years.

+91 98404 77552: What do u mean ? U had TB in ur younger days. My God take care of my ARK.
ARK: Yes sir..
Now problem.
ARK: What is ur comments about others.
ARK: As i am late ..
No comments aaa.
+91 98404 77552: Sorry I have read all with interest. Very much analytical; I am not yet ready for next Sunday story for which less than 80 hours are there!
ARK: 🙏
+91 98404 77552: Thanks.
ARK: I think that i am having only one pending. Now that is Sunday audio.
Am i right sir
3/28/2018 ARK: Plus..todays
ARK: 28/3.1943.
Death day of dheerar SATHYAMOORHY.
Mentor of Kamarajar.
Nice one Sir.
Thirumaiyam was lucky to have that noble son
Now ..
Who is there sir…
To be example .
To be followed the
Who are going to save the nation.
All are corrupt.
One greater than the other.
God alone can save the future.
+91 98404 77552: Don’t lose hope. Let us be n example to our own children and neighbors!
+91 98404 77552: U R uptodate! My second son who is here was inquiring about your next audio!
ARK: Canada.???😀
+91 98404 77552: Bangalore
ARK: O.o
Who prepared ..this for u.

U have to get pass mark
At least.
One from ur dear sir
And the other from ur
Dear sirs ..dear son
Who has come from
ARK: U got the audio.. Yesterday night sir. ???
+91 98404 77552: Yes. some days are omitted. I don’t go beyond 1500 to 2000 words. Lest it may be boring to the viewers. i am glad u enjoy OKRS language. .Thanks a lot.
Is it…
Very simple.. Expert comments.
What ur son told sir??
+91 98404 77552: He was listening to it with great interest and admired your sincerity.
ARK.. To be pardoned.
Please send today’s …
I have wrongly deleted Sir.
I was reading mahavir JAYANTHI.

So much for this Sunday Story! We shall meet tomorrow and till then bye!

Blogger N V Subbaraman-Asia book of Record Holder with his credentials.


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,46,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 84th  view at 14.30  hours today viz Sunday  the twentieth, MAY 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FORTY SIX THOUSAND (1,46,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1178th day and 1231st post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty


Image result for Images for International Mothers day 2018
INTERNATIONAL MOTHER’S’ DAY is today the second Sunday of May-the 13th May! Mother is Divine incarnate!
She is the cause of my LIFE and LIVING!

There is no GOOD MOTHER or BAD MOTHER- she is great and noble!But for HER no people, no society and ultimately no world! Equal is the role of a father which fact cannot be refuted! YET MOTHER IS MOTHER! Most shocking that several mothers are left in the old age homes and orphanages; cruel on the part of the individual responsible.

My mother has taught me the values of life I have to follow all through in my life – which I honestly preach and practice.
On this day several thoughts pass over our minds and here is a SUN DAY STORY in ENVIUS THOUGHTS! I am sure my esteemed viewers from all over the globe will be with me on the points that have been made out below:

In the great creation of God- my Lord Almighty-
There are
Yet time and circumstances mould the people:
Good, bad, indifferent, saintly, noble, divine, egoistic, atrocious, spineless, strong, weak!
All need peace and poise, health and happiness, joy and pleasure!
Knowingly or unknowingly,
Innocently or deliberately,
Consciously or unconsciously
I become
Friend of some
Foe of some
Liked by some
Disliked by some
Loved by some
Hated by some!

By words and deeds
I spew venom on others
Use, disuse and misuse
Goodness and folly
Wisdom and foolishness
Love and hatred
Kindness and cruelty!

My God
I defeat the very purpose of my birth
Your kind creation!
Mend my ways and end my misdeeds!
Let me
I know no religion
I know no Bible
No Quran,
NO Dhammapada,
NO Vedas!
All I should know on earth
All I should follow in life
Is to

Let NOT my
Be the cause of others
Sufferings-mental or physical, financial or intellectual, spiritual or evil!

Let my thoughts, words and deeds
Under any circumstances be
Noble and fair, good and pleasing
Bound to breed
In my neighborhood
Society and world at large
I am sure as an individual one can shine and so will be his
Home and society!

Let us on this day take up an oath that I will on all counts work for the UNITY of all-their  peace and joy, friendship and harmony! UNITY IS STRENGTH-DISUNITY IS WEAKNESS-  is not a set of  simple and hollow words but pregnant with meaning! No cost is too much for UNITY in the society. In maintaining UNITY each and every one has a role- no matter big or small, man or woman, lettered or unlettered, professional or unemployed- all have  equal contribution-ULTIMATE GOAL is not individual’s pride or ego , it is COMMON GOOD AND HAPPINESS of all!

MOTHER’S DAY pledge can be: ON THIS HOLY DAY I HEREBY PROMISE ON MY HONOR THAT I AM FOR UNITY IN THE WORLD and I will contribute positively for MAINTENANCE in whichever part of the Globe I am in”. –



Image result for Images for International Mothers day 2018

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,45,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 139th  view at 23.00  hours today viz Sunday  the thirteenth, MAY 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FORTY FIVE THOUSAND (1,45,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1171st day and 1224th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty


Asia Pacific Record Holder N V Subbaraman with his trophy, certificate and badges.

“That low man seeks a little thing to do
Sees it and does it
This high man with a grand thing to pursue
Dies ere he knows it.
The low man goes on adding one to one
Hits his hundred is soon hit
The high man aiming at a million
Misses an Unit
That has the world here should he need the next
Lest the world mind him
On the Earth the broken arc in the heaven a perfect round!”
Yes that is Robert Browning’s message to the society through his famous GRAMMARIAN’S FUNERAL- message -AIM HIGH- Aiming High is surely the first step to success, the second I add, confidence and self confidence, the third step efforts and great efforts.
While this is the western philosophy of ‘aiming low and high’ and finding ‘the broken arc on the earth and a perfect round in the heaven’, Indian philosophy will urge upon me to do my duty and leave the rest to God!” KARMANYEVA AADHIKAARASTHAE, MAA PALESHU KADHAACHANA” -Action is thy duty and fruit is not thy concern!
My esteemed readers may be wondering why this philosophical beginning for today’s SUNDAY STORY in Envius Thoughts!

I have expressed in several of my postings in this blog several times that one of my most valuable possessions in MY LIFE is MY BLOG!!!
What that was started as an experiment 1164 days ago that is on 25th February 2015 has been going strong without a day’s break and I do take legitimate pride in keeping up the same assiduously.
Well today is 1164th day and 1216th post!
Most unexpectedly and quite pleasantly I could occupy the INDIAN BOOK OF RECORDS and their citation reads like this:

N V Subbaraman,(born on February 17, 1941) of Chennai blogged MOST 1055 English Poems and articles regularly in 1008 days without fail since his blog was launched on February 28, 2015. -Envius Thoughts garnering more than 1,17,750 views from more than 210 nations as on December 1, 2017.”

I have been carrying on with my Blog work whether I am well or ill, happy or unhappy, with a peaceful mind or disturbed one- keeping the focus on every day’s post! Today it is ,as already referred to, 1164th day and 1216th post!

I was indeed delighted to learn from the WORLD RECORDS UNIVERSITY that the BLOG HAS ENTERED INTO THE “ASIA-PACIFIC BOOK OF RECORD” and their CERTIFICATE reads as below:
——————————————————————————— ASIA

Longest Running Blog.

“ENVIUS THOUGHTS” published at is “Longest Running Blog’ as on April 20, 2018. N V Subbaraman, born on February 17, 1941 from Chennai, Tamilnadu, India, is blogging “Envius Thoughts” by updating content in form of poems and prose, since February 25, 2015. He posted 1200 blogs in 1150 days without failure, even for a single day. View score of blog is over 1, 41 lacs across 210 countries globally as on date.

GRRF Chief Editor
APR?EM/1002 Asia Pacific Records

An ordinary human being I am , indeed delighted at this extraordinary honor I could receive for my blogging activity.
That the world is observing knowing or unknowing, seen or unseen I am receiving compliments from scores through Facebook, mail , phone calls etc. I am grateful to all my good friends and the grace of God, the Almighty who has showered HIS grace on me but for which nothing is possible.
At this, I have to share with you my joy at the response of one Israeli poet- who is a multilingual poet-  in Hebrew, English and Spanish- Ph D and MA in English teaching at Jerusalem has expressed his joy at my getting into the Asian Book of Records through the following English poem:
Dear Subbaraman NV
Certainly it is something very, very special!
May God give you much blessing and success in all your activities and efforts to make this a better world!
Hayim Abramson, Bet El, Israel

I am grateful to Dr. Hayim Amson. Bel Et.
The pleasure is in the work itself.
Leopold_von_Ranke”>Leopold von Ranke (Manilius
Praised by the blogger
Praised be the blogger who reached over a million
He is the one who maintain and fills daily suspense
A modern hero in the computer´s dominion
one theme threads into another, oh! so intense.
A legacy to a better humanity
He pokes for justice against the tyrant´s coup
raises hope´s banner to improve reality
and advocates for this and that group more than one scoop.
In openness he is unique, to a wide readership
He educates forth to the four corners with urbanity
as captain and leader in the Asian Pacific ship
elevates all countries to a higher notch of humanity.
May God grant him much health
Worthy is the nation that nurtures such a son
to enjoy and share of his work´s wealth,
that we as citizen of the world have all won.
In honor of NV Subbaraman Indian Book of Records Holder for his BLOG Activity
and now the Asia Pacific Book of Records holder.


N V Subbaraman,

Visit the blog:


World Records University is generously offering me Hon. Doctorate!

Well, thus comes to an end this week’s Sunday story.
For success in life ist step is High and noble aim, second is confidence-self confidence and the third is Efforts-great Efforts. I am trying to be a successful person in life loving ll, serving ll in my own way, helping ever and hurting never. On the earth the broken arc and in the heaven a Perfect Round!

We shall meet tomorrow as usual and till then Good bye!

Blogger when he was in service- in his Kadapa cabin.



Vivid viewer and ardent devotee of Mother ARK

Yes; here is one more thought on thoughts. This time it is another erstwhile learned colleague during 1975-1978 and 1992-1994 in Thanjavur Division my home Division where I entered my Alma mater in 1962- I was serving the great Life Insurance Corporation of India for more than four decades!.
Mr. A. Ramakrishnan known as Mr.ARK is now retired and is having a peaceful life in Chennai belongs to my native District of Thanjavur!. Mr ARK is one of my avid viewers of ENVIUS THOUGHTS for quite some time and deems sending a review almost every day as his duty and pleasure! Very frequently he sends his reviews through his audio clip running for a few minutes! I am unable to send the audio clips to my great viewers due to my deficient technical IT knowledge! All his clips are in Tamil. I am sure you will enjoy ARK’s thoughts/comments on ENVIUS THOUGHTS.
Mr ARK is one of my distinguished colleagues to enjoy Envius Thoughts and express–following in the golden chain- Mr. Rajiv of Mr. OKR Sivanganam of Perundurai, Mr. Uthayamurthi from Bangalore, – MR. Thota Chandrasekara Reddy from Kadapa, Mr. KVVS Prasad from Vishakapatnam, Mr. Ramamurthi Thupakala from Bangalore, Mr. Vasudevan Gopalan from Trichi. Part I was published 15th April  covering the comments of JANUARY 2018 and this week it is reviews made in the month of February.

2/4/2018 ARK:
GENTLE REMINDER.. With the blessings of our MAHA PERIYAVA, inviting all the divine members to participate in Sahasra Gayathri Japam that will be performed in the absolute & divine presence of our Periyava in HIS Sannidhi in Sri Ramani’s Function Hall (Opposite to Nanganallur Anjaneyar Temple) on SUNDAY (04/Feb) @ 8.30 am .Participants are requested to kindly come in our traditional attire (along with Pancha pathram).While gents perform Gayathri Japam,LADIES will perform Lalitha Sahasarnamam Parayanam. PERIYAVA SARANAM!!!
On the way to

Some ..
Unavoidable .
I have to update soon.

Death in space.
What a bold lady was kalpana chawla.
One of the seven
Astra nets who lost their
But who are in our memory with love and respect.
Yes…as u rightly said sir.
Her life will inspire many young men and women..
World wet lands day
It is a news to me Sir.
Thank u for that.
Yes..we all have to seriously think protect the wet lands and not convert them as plots or flats.
Gitanjali poem 6
Nice sir.
Pluck this little flower.
Sacrificing nice .
Sacrificing for others very nice.
Sacrificing for the society..
Very very nice.
It is surely .. A life for God
For the society..
A nice life indeed.
One VVIP of myself ..comes before me when I type this.
He is a lad of age 20
His vast experiences is 56 years plus.
He is busy like a bee.
He makes people to think.
To participate
To deliver. is ..
It is
It is …my dear NVS sir.
Thank you sir.
A lad
Dear sir..
The left out one is . today’s encounter.
It is audio time.
It will come tomorrow.
Gud night sir
My paethi was with fever for the past four days.
So i was to take care of her.
I was little busy.
2/4/2018 The time is 10.16.
Why u are still awake Sir.
My paethi is better now.
Should go to school after 5 days.
I await ur comments for my yesterday s post
And a reply for my worry at 22.17 pm

Sami national day.
As usual it is a news to me sir.
Just reading the first lines ..i thought…
This is for what sami.?
( god)
Norway and Sweden people ..really deserves
Congrats.for their.
Involvement and dedication.
Nice reference to புறநானூறு.
Readers digest ..
It is also a news sir to ur ARK.
I have heard ..that those who read the book are
பெரிய ஆள்.
Great persons.
With more knowledge.
It is a news that the edition for india and pak
Came only in 1954.
We ..owe a lot to u Sir..
Because u make us to be aware of impt.
U only can provide them.
Thank u.
I feel Sir..
That ur comments on my
Views only can make MD happy.
A lot is pending from u Sir.
Make me
dear sir..
I purposefully…
Omitted one point.
Dear Sir.
Ur ARK is waiting for ur comments on
Yesterday s matters..
Including the audio.
Did u hear it.?
Why sorry.
U have not wasted my time.
It is a nice ..message to read and read.
Paethi has started going to school by Ammas Grace.
One request..
I want ur comments on my views.. At least in a single line.
I am sure that u will accede to my request o
First Vanakkam to u only sir.
But seeing ur comments for which i was longing and waiting till yesterday.. I forgot every thing.

Pl remember that ur ARK
Is nakshathraeyan.

He was the servant of that person.. Who was the yajamaanan of arichandra…Kasi raja.
His duty was to collect the dues from all.
He will not leave anybody.

+91 98404 77552: Thanks for the description.
What is ur opinion ..about ur ARK.. In this context

But..I used to get ur comments at any cost am a .
Yes Sir.. U are update..except one.
U told the other day that u will talk to me.
Many days ..have passed.
Some days back also..u
Sent a message that u will call me in the course of the day.
I was disappointed… But
Still waiting.

The reason..i am a nakshathraeyan.

Hearty congrats…(FOR CROSSING 1,30,000)
My dear sir.

It is in the day.
Very nice.
It is on a Friday
My day..
Ammas day

Thomas Alva Edison.
A nice one from u sir.
A great inventor.
Phonograph camera and
Electric light bulb.
Unable to even imagine present day life without all the three.
I reme one thing.
I read once that in his country ..they showed respect to Edison
Switching of the lights for five minutes.
…the power of his invention.
Great sir.
Gitanjali…poem 8.
Nice sir.
The importance of a simple life.
டாம்பீகம் ..
நம்மை ..
இறவனிடம் இருந்தும்..
உலகத்திலிருந்து ம் .
ஒதுக்கி விடும்.

Nice words sir.
Gitanjali poem 7.
My vanity dies.
Very nice sir.
போலி வாழ்க்கை ..வேண்டாம்.
..அவன்..அருளாலே ..

I have to read
And read.
And then write and then to send
Great sir.
U are great.
May Goddess Saraswathi Devi. Bless u
Bless ur family.
Bless ur dearer and nearer ones.
Now i am in ZO to remit
Mediclaim premium.
For the past one week
I am suffering from
Kidney stone pain.
To meet urologist today Eve.
Hence i am lagging in my review.
2/14/2018 🙏
Pain then and there.
Gitanjali 9.
Offered by sacred love.
.nice one Sir.
God is in our mind.
We have to feel him.
Accept what He gives.
And live happily.
When i met many blind persons singing songs…for their livelihood yesterday in a van….
I forgot my kidney pain.
I felt i was vv lucky than those persons.
Canada flag day.
Nice Sir.
Another nice news.
249 nations…
U have given the measurement s too.
131000 viewers.
Nice sir.
Mahasivarathri. Day.
Shiva’s day.
Making a man noble and good to the society…
Nice lines sir
For what daaa.ARK.
For today’s…
Just i had s glance..
The last line tells.
But the ..balance..??
It will be there ..even when this ARK.. Will be in a photo.

Hearty congrats sir.(FOR CROSSING 1,32,000 VIEWS)
Siva siva.
Never it will be like .
After that kidney stone pain. .which is better but
Always there then and there.
Yesterday saw eye dr usual check up.
I wanted to send my part of least for four days
But i was vv late.
Then i wanted to inform u .this night .
I am on my way to manthraalaya….my first o first Trip… Which i was longing for years.
I am in train .
Will reach by 11 am aaam.
Return on Saturday morning.
So. .by Amma s Grace .
This Sunday night ur ARK
Will be ..updated.
Till then
In avoidable delay ..may
Kindly condone and pardon my dear sir.
For ARK ..
Even grapes will not sour.
When it is like
Amirtham …that too the Amirtham which tastes
Sweet and more sweet only …will become sour to ur ARK…
My dear sir.
International mother language day.
A news to me.
Nice one sir
Languages in total
The expression in mother
Language is really nice sir.
Ur ark…
In car ..from panchamugi
Shivaji s birthday.
A nice birthday which can’t be forgotten.
What a brave person was he.
What a clever person was he.
What a God fearing person was he.
Once i read an article about him how he treated
The wife .
The beautiful wife of a
Mogul king who he won..

…he called him as sister
And sent her again safely..
Nice article Sir.
Ramakrishna parama hamsa was born.
The date is s news as usual to ur ARK.
Maha purusha ..
Nice name.
Indeed it is a surprise that the RK.mission is doing many many noble
Services. Without any ..
Tom Tom.
My parents put that noble man’s name ..i was lucky.
Ad on date i am called by many as s
நல்ல மனிதன்.

Ur ark can’t forget R k mission.
I studied PUC in Vivekananda’s college during 1971..1972

I came with some lic people.
They came in a group.
Our group 35 from CHENNAI.
Total 250 or so from Tamilnadu.
They are coming here in the above name
This is 14 TH year aamm.
They celebrate the birthday of Ragavendra.every year aam.
They sang pancha Rathna.
I thought thought
And thought of u.
I wanted to pray st Nava.brindavan..
Yet to wait.
We covered Lakshmi temple.panchamugi.
And appanna house place.
Pacheeli. …or so
Companion with ..
Gitanjali poem 10 today.
I will cover all .i
Have to.
Nice lines Sir.
It tells ur motto .
Without ego.
Noble life.
Help all hurt never.
God will be with u.
True sir.
When we move with.. Downtrodden …
We will not have ego at all.
A person with ego will not turn to that side.
நல்லவராக வாழ்ந்து…
Ur las
four lines are superb Sir.
I will try to ..follow…
Waiting for food.
So this food …is taken by me.
This is a rich food ..i feel.
World thinking day.
A news to me sir.
Paden Powell birthday.
A day for girls scout.
Nice sir.
We can think of the discipline ..
Educated in the young er days.
Nice sir.

2/23/2018 +91
98404 77552: Thanks AKR. I have taken food at Manthralayam as mahan’s Prasad many a time.

When i am in arrears
Expecting ur expert comments on my views one by one is three much i feel.
But ur ARK… .
What to do.

Reached safely home by 3.45 am Sir.
A maiden trip
Unforgettable one.
By His Grace.
Amma s Blessings

Please bless me that i should have Darsanam at
Nava brindavan soon.
My wife told that they will
Arrange got that this time.
But when we started. ..she told.. That it was not possible.
So ..i started with some
Worries only.
Buy when i had Darsanam at panchamugi
Appanaa s house
And kallur Lakshmi temple
And gurus paadugai in a house.
I was greatly.
So it blessings needed.
For the Nava brindavan.



Ur blessings…

Daey ARK.. Happy thaanaey .
U will have that Darsanam soon.
U got blessings from ur
NVS sir.

Specific …will have
Great effect.

One omission..
🙏 ur ARK
Happy birthday to ur
Fourth …
Ur dearest son.
May Amma Bless ur son
To grow well and have
60/60 and sathaabishegam too.


Hearty congrats Sir.
….my dear Sir.

Mylapore garbage festival.

It is a news Sir.
But a nice news be held in nageswara RAO park.
9 to 5 pm.
The lines..

People to
Nice lines sir.
The best way to serve mother earth.and showing in style.
U have mentioned about work shops.
Nice dir.
..that photo..
குப்பை மேடு…..

Dear sir ..u have to be very very careful with ur ARK.
Natchathraeyan .
He will write his happiness in many lines and if it is so ..he will ask ur expert comments on it.
U are lucky that ..ARK closes that views.


Thank u a lot sir.
For ur immediate reply.

Dear sir ..u have to be very very careful with ur ARK.
Natchathraeyan .
He will write his happiness in many lines and if it is so ..he will ask ur expert comments on it.
U are lucky that ..ARK closes that views.


Thank u a lot sir.
For ur immediate reply.

CV Raman effect.
Nice one Sir.
The date …a news as usual to ur ark.
We all are lucky that we have many great people
Who were born in India and ..make out country proud.

27 TH Feb .
International polar day.
A nice video yo begin with sir.
…how they are playing.
There are no humans.
500 kg
15 to 20 years life.

Nice Sir.
To end with the nice question and a nice answer in the form of s poem.

Dear Sir… Before sending the views..
I send my views on ur message.
About Periyavaa.
It is a shock.
He was the one who started Jan kalyan.
He was the one who mingled with all
He was the one who faced many controversies.
He was the one who faced case…
False case.
It is s pity ..we lost Him.
I feel somewhat relaxed that i had his Darsanam last month.

50 TH year of aurovil .
Nice Sir.
The details of water …from various a news to me sir.
A calm place.
But people say …it is a separate world.
Where many wrong doings.
Narcotics…. Etc are there.
I don’t. Know it is true or false.
But …
A nice place to visit.

Daey.ARK… U are late.
Vv late .
But is nice ..that u see and write.
OK vaa sir.
Self motivation to ARK.
Valentine s day.
A nice news.
A true news.
…in the love and lust for flesh and bones.
Nice lines sir.
For the past say five years or so.
The younger generation is exceeding the limits on the day..
Telling the day the reason.
The individuals and God alone knows …what is happening.

..healing jailors daughter..
Sending her a rose…before
His death..
Valentine…. U are really great …even today.

Nightingale of India d birthday.
Her name ..indelible…..
Nice Sir.
My memory goes back and now i am murmuring..
Lightly o lightly. We bear her along….
Naidus….palanquin bearers.
Which i read in 9 TH or 10 TH std..

Thank u sir

Darwin’s birthday.
Nice one Sir
The evolution theory

How we came like this..
Those photos…
Super sir

Some what disturbed due to Periyavaa s…..
Got up went to sleep late only.
I am glad that u have gone through my views and given ur nice..
Expert comments.
So …only two are pending.
Today’s and the audio ..
On சாவே.. உனக்கு..

Ur ARK kku meaning purilla.
But…I can guess.
Seeing Sankara t.v live relay.
Waiting to have Darsanam of brindavan. Saw ur kavithai yesterday and replied.
But ..
One thing.
A person ..ARK ..who has not talked having this much of feelings.

Then I can imagine ur feelings .u are a person WHO knows Him.

We have seen the ARK on Envius Thoughts Part i covering the second month of TWO THOUSAND EIGHTEEN. Part III hopefully will cover the next month or /and more. till we meet tomorrow may GOD BE WITH YOU-GOODBYE!



Image result for Images of N V Subbaraman of Envius Thoughts

ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 1,43,000  views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 88th  view at 14.00  hours today viz Sunday  the twenty ninth APRIL 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FORTY THREE THOUSAND (1,43,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1157th day and 1209th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty


Prof. Latha Prem Sakhya in action from Cochin- an excellent viewer of ENVIUS THOUGHTS

Yes; here is one more thought on thoughts. This time it is another learned English Professor (retired) and settled in Kerala and a great and popular Poet. She is Mrs. Latha Prem Sakya. We came to know of each other post return to her home after the Chennai Poets Circle Meet held in Chennai in January 2018. A highly learned and scholar- teaches English even today regularly. It is my luck that we got into intellectual friendship! I always love and respect Language Teachers more than Subject teachers. Madam Latha is an English teacher and that had drawn its own respect from me. I know I do not have a good flow in any language but I wonder how my life would have been great had I been a language teacher rather than a senior official in the Life Insurance Corporation of India for four decades and more!!!!

She started visiting my Blog ENVIUS THOUGHTS in and began to respond. My experience so far was that only my erstwhile colleagues in Life Insurance corporation of India used to regularly respond to my posts and for the first time a Professor of English (though retired now) so regularly- almost daily since the end of January reads and reviews! This Sunday Story is a compendium of her responses -crisp and clear- and I am sure my esteemed viewers will find it quite interesting.
Sir I am Latha Prem Sakhya one of the poets’ who attended CPC .
I felt very happy when I came across my name and my poems in your blog Envious.
Sir I don’t know how to thank you but your magnanimity and graciousness in writing about it in your blog , your empathy for a fellow poet who was hurt – all will be enshrined in my heart forever. Thank you dear Sir with lots of love and prayers.
Thank you Sir. May God bless you to do your great work.(For Envius Thoughts crossing 1,28,000 views.)
Read it Sir your passion for Mahatma stand out. A good read.
Thank you for the share Sir
Monitoring WhatsApp is not at all possible. There is end to end encryption. Only with physical access to our phone, someone can monitor it.
Words of appreciation, words of consolation. Liked it sir.
I agree totally with you Sir.
Tnk u . Your blog is a source of knowledge garnering. God bless you.
Good morning sir. Read the verse.Thank you for the share. With my amma.
Have a blessed day.
Friends this is a video of the poems I read under the auspices of Poetry Chain in the Mathrubhumi international Literary fest held in Kerala.
NVSR:: “Butterflies of Hope ” Nice poem and well delivered. Hearty congrats. May God bless u.
Latha:: Thank you Sir for all your wishes. I cherish them
Yes I read it and touchingly revealing. I regret that I didn’t talk to you at CP C. I was so wounded by of not including my poems in the Efflorescence after I sent it , I was licking my wound and trying to find solace with in myself, that I could not reach out to any one and so missed a gem of a human being like you sir.
NVSR:: Thanks. I am beholden to you. Your contribution to the poetry world cannot be underestimated or minimized. At times it happens. Please do not be brooding over it. God adequately compensates. All the best. Thanks for your comment on my post.
Latha: Thank you Sir .I am out of it now.🌞
NVSR:That is the right spirit. May God bless u.
Good morning sir. Thank you for writing on READERS DIGEST. It was one of my favourite magazines for a very long time. 🌞
Every day something new for me!
NVSR: Thanks. we learn something more day by day. Have a great day.
. Charles Dickens- One of my favourites authors.
.Read the poem Gitanjali and the interpretation. It was really enlightening.
Congrats Sir-for having crossed 1,30,000 views.
Good read on Edison. The greatest gift to our world.
Good morning Sir. Hv a great day.
Didn’t get time to sit and read anything,
on the go.Shall comment on the two soon.
NVSR: Thanks. be at peace. Have a great week ahead!
Good one sir especially your supplement. Thank you Sir
Liked the write up on Our Nightingale.
HAPPY Shiva Rathiri
Happy valentines Day
Thank u for your write up.
On both Sir.
Lovely Gitanjali verse sir and your interpretation make it more simple to understand.
That is indeed a creative and thoughtful festival for the welfare of mother earth.
t was a good post on Polar bear. The history of envious blog really surprised me how meticulous and diligent you are . Congratulations.
I wish I could be like that.
I too have a blog but no one reads it I think.
Pls tell me the the ways to promote it sir.
Please visit it when you have time
The blog address is
Thank you Sir for the illuminating information on Auroville
A verse in Gitanjali I love sir . Thank u for the share.
: Congrats sir God bless you and keep you in his infinite 🌞care
Sir pls visit my blog once a week and make your suggestions and post comments as you are an expert in blogging.🌞
Expectations and Disappointments Today’s posting was really interesting.
International Women’s day Good read sir thank you.
I returned now only after watching a one man performance of Caligulla a play by Albert Camu .
And it was wonderful – a friend of mine Dr Sujeesh was the performer cum teacher who interpreted the play in one of the colleges near by.
It was a rare experience.
Then sir thanks for the Barbie Doll narrative.
I was born the same year
I had such a longing for it,I couldn’t afford an original when I was a child
But the craze remained and once after my daughter’s marriage, my son asked me what I wanted wn he returned from his sail. I told him I wanted only an original Barbie doll and he got it for me. I treasure it.
I don’t know why I tell you all this.
Hope you won’t mind sir.
Have a blessed evening🌹🌞
NVSR Nice you had seen the performance.In our childhood we miss many things. God compensates adequately later. Enjoy the doll. It provides joy at all times.
Yes sir I am happy you understand me.
CISF Raising day Informative narration.
Please sir address me as Latha only.
Will read and reply later on lots of work…
NVSR: Ok Latha at least by age I can address you as Latha. Is it fine Madam!!!!!!!
Yes Sir and you have made me happy. Have to prepare lunch my daughter Appu is coming
NVSR:: When and how do I taste it Latha?
Latha: May be when you come to kerala. When the next Poets meet in kochi
NVSR Thanks. I imagine quite a lot. I have tasted your food prepared for Appu today itself ! Nice and delicious!!!!!!!!
Latha: Thank u sir ,you are a vegetarian aren’t u ?
NVSR: VERY VERY much! There was a time when I used to travel quite a lot by Car, train and flights. Today I am practically confined to home and my routine like morning walk, temple visit and BLOG work-that takes my THOUGHTS to more than 200 countries . At times I visit LITERARY meets local.
Latha: I think these activities keep you going and living in an imaginary world.
Sir if I come to Chennai CPC again, I shall bring some sweets which I make that is a deal.
I just finished part 2 of Great Expectations. I had totally forgotten the story. It helped me to get back the content. Thank you sir.🌞
NVSR: So nice of you. I await sweet sweets when you make a visit to Chennai next. Thanks aplenty in advance.
Latha: Done. welcome sir
Thank u Sir for pi day “pie”
A good read on Einstein Sir.

: Sir will u please send me the link to yours and Nivetha’s poems?🌞 I searched but I am not getting it.
: Site url will do
An informative piece on consumer rights Sir.
How do you manage to find the day and pen about it is amazing.
“Vaccine and save the children” – A good read.
: Having 2 toddlers aged 4 and 3 these vaccinations loom large in our lives.🌞🌹
Happy Ugadhi day Sir.
I learn so much from your posts sir

Sir we returned just now from my daughter Appu’ s home.
The first thing I did was charge my mobile and read yours and Nivetha’s poems.

I loved all ur flower haiku written in 5-7-5 pattern and they are marvellous.
Nivetha is a promising poet and will go a long way. My best wishes to Nivetha.
God bless both of u Sir.
The First Space Walker It was a good read.
I love sparrows and it was a good read supplemented by Bharathiyar poem.
Thank you for the good read on world forest day and poetry day.
Congrats Sir. 🌞🌹(for having crossed 1,37,000 views).
Another of your wonderful early morning poems awakening us to the importance of the day. Reading your blog day after day tells me how important that particular day is to the world, to the point of living and enjoying the day with a new awareness.

World Meteorological Day thank you Sir.
Good information.
Spinach day fine! It’s really amazing how things we take for granted are now zoomimg to importance and it makes one realize it is time we paid enough of attention to things that keep mankind going.
Thank you for the poem .
Theatre day was a good read.
Thank u sir, a new information for me – Sathya murthy.
Read every page today from Mahaveer to Jesus Christ. My Pranaam to you Sir for your widespread interest and your gift for expressing them.
Was very very busy with family and friends and preparation for Easter celebrations.
Advanced Easter Greetings sir.
Loved your writing on Good friday and Jesus Christ.
National Read A Road Map Day
Yes Something we have taken for granted. If you had not written about it I would never have thought about i. Thank you Sir.
You are one person who taught me to be thankful for everything big and small.
Good one sir encouraging one to walk.
Makes me nostalgic and talking.🌞
There were days when we walked 2 to 3 kms to catch a bus to college.
Days when I used to pray, standing packed tight in a bus “Oh Lord at least when I start working , give me a home near my work place so that I need not travel daily in a bus. And God did hear my prayer I went for 30 years walking to my work place and back.

Thank you for good reads today .
I can wish my school friend who is in the ISRO in the team that launches rockets.
NVSR: That is great. convey my best wishes to them please.Thanks.
Latha.. Sweet of you🌞😍🌹
: Thanks latha, today early morning we had a successful launch of PSLV. Now satellite performance to be confirmed.
🌞 Reply from my friend
NVSR: That is nice. Let us pray for the best. that is hat an old man can do from a distance!Thanks.
Latha: What?
: That is what I need Sir your prayers and blessings.🌞
The snake song comes straight from your heart and I loved it. Strangely it had a soothing effect on me.
I am but frightened of snakes but can accomodate them if they keep their distance.
Any way I have you as my friend who understands that is enough
Yes Jallianwala bagh is an unforgettable incident in the history of our freedom struggle.
Your write up makes me think of all those noble souls who sacrificed their lives for the freedom we enjoy as well as misuse.
Reinventing my garden – got a new gardener so was busy from Morning

So this way this Sunday story is coming to an end. I am sure the great viewers of Enviuds Thoughts would have fond an English Professor’s THOUGHTS quite interesting. Till we meet tomorrow may GOD BE WITH YOU! GOOD BYE!


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