world Red-Cross day May 8th.

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An organization born to love all and serve all at times of need
At all times of emergency-day or night, cold or hot,any time right.
That is WORLD RED CROSS DAY-today the Eighth of May all over the world
Let us salute the selfless volunteers of the societies – great and bold!
A noble set of people are there involving in this wonderful service
The world indeed are grateful to them for their timely attention!

World Red Cross societies and Red Crescent Societies largest network
Of humanitarians in the world offering relief to disaster affected.
Celebrating the World Red Cross Day in more than one hundred and seventy
And more countries-the strongest force of the world having unpaid assistants
including ninety seven million members and enrolled volunteers- all around
The world for helping two hundred and thirty three million people every year!.

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Most precious things in the world -creation of the Almighty
Are human and animal beings and their BLOOD-mighty!
None can survive sans blood – pure and strong in the body
In distress, transfusion of blood on time saves lives many!

Blood knows no religion- no caste, creed or color
Donor on time is a God incarnation- fine power
World Health Organization rightly honors the donors
On June Fourteenth this day observed the world over in respect!

The theme of the year “BLOOD CONNECTS US ALL” irrespective
Of age and position, poverty or wealth, man or woman-objective
To save the life with timely donation! Let us resolve
On this day holy to prepare and help, problems to dissolve!

True Blood is thicker than water-very rightly said
And that indeed cementing the noble relationship -proud
Blood donors have their norms own to follow while donating
Both the donor and the receiver-while receiving!

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Lack of blood pure, sufficient and circulation normal
Leads to one’s inevitable end and exit- cruel
Can be of any reason-malnutrition, accident
Fortunate it is one can help the other donating!

World Blood Donor Day is today the fourteenth of June
For those in dire need for survival it is a bright moon
Group tallying, donor available indeed a great boon
May be exiting life of the person revived quite soon!

Person strong enough in body and mind, hygene and health
Loses not much by blood donation but adds his wealth
Wealth of good deed deriving the blessings of the Lord
On this great day let us resolve to help and please God!


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