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Major Dhyan Chand-hockey legend got three Olympic golds 1928-36

Our great and holy Motherland-India that is Bharath
Known for its overall progress and success in all fields great
Games and sports not excluded for us to feel proud of and be proud
National Sports Day was yesterday twenty ninth flying beyond cloud!

Great Olympic Champion, hockey legend Dhyan Chand born this day-
Rightly observed as National Sports day in his honor-great day!
From villages of India sports persons blossom many
Amass medals in the ongoing Meet so far more than fifty!

September 4th-ONAM FESTIVAL

Third biggest Religion HINDUISM indeed is great
All its festivals, principles and practices – a treat
Infusing oneness and unity, peace and poise in all
Trying to make the people joyous and happy quite tall!

Festivals an effective tool-many they are in all states
Today is ONAM-great festival of Kerala state
God’s own country-Festival of rice harvest, Rain Flowers
Prayer offered to Mahabali whose grace is showered!

Here is an ONAM special song in Malayalam

“Maveli nadu vaneedum kalam,
manusharellarum onnupole
amodhathode vasikkum kalam
kallavum illa chathiyumilla
ellolamilla polivachanam
kallapparayum cherunazhiyum
kallatharangal mattonnumilla
adhikal vyadhikalonnumilla
balamaranangal kelppanilla”

which can be broadly translated into

“When Maveli ruled the land,
All the people were equal.
And people were joyful and merry;
They were all free from harm.
There was neither anxiety nor sickness,
Deaths of children were unheard of,
There were no lies,
There was neither theft nor deceit,
And no one was false in speech either.
Measures and weights were right;
No one cheated or wronged his neighbor.
When Maveli ruled the land,
All the people formed one casteless race”


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Sports indeed is an index of a Nation’s culture
Shows very well the minds of people and their nature
Any cultured Nation dedicates a day for sports
National Sports Day is today in India –great!

Legendary Dhyan Chand- in the hocky field brought fame
Rightly his birth day is observed as National Sports day
Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna, Arjuna Award and
Dronacharya Award are presented this day with joy!

Tribute great is “Dhyan Chand Award”- highest for Life Time
Acheivers in the field of sports-for performers and
Promoters after retirement laudable indeed
Delhi National Stadium-renamed after Dhyan Chand !


Image result for Images of Rivers-ganges, Godavari etc.

Sacred River Godavari

Rivers –big or small- long or short- their tributaries
All sacred gifts of Almighty through its arm of nature
They indeed the source of life and living for all beings
Numerous are they deemed holy and revered as Gods!

Amazon, Mississippi, Nile, Yangtze, Ganges
Mekong, Danube, Columbia, Rhine, Orinoco
Volge and Thames- great and holy rivers of the world
People have to be grateful to the Almighty- Lord!

Thiruvalluvar the great Saint Poet of Tamilnadu rightly
Proclaims the world cannot thrive sans water boldly.
Where is agriculture, good crops, food and life of all
Our sacred rivers seven- sure source of life for all.

Image result for Images of Rivers-ganges,

Godavari Pushkaram

Image result for Images of River-Cauveri

Mother Cauveri River passing through Thanjavur


Onam Festival, Onam Festival in kerala

“Festival of Rain Flowers”- Rice Harvest Festival- ONAM is today
With “pookkolam’and lights “Hearty Welcome to King Mahabali this day”!
Today “Onakkodi”- we give gifts and new clothes are worn expressing joy
“Onam sadya” grand feasts with delicious dishes thirteen we enjoy!

“Vallamkali”-snake boat race- ‘chundan’, fire crackers enjoyed in ‘ONAM”
Procession of elephants decorated with gold ornaments,-beauty
“Kathakkali’ dance, music and art make the occasion joyous plenty
Festival beyond religions giving message of peace in society!

Vaman Vishnu idols installed at homes for worship all over the state
Tourism week is now-people aplenty- make human floods in spate
People of Kerala in all parts of the world spread culture all over
Happy time for people all to enjoy and memories green for ever!

Image result for images for ONAM FESTIVAL 2016.



Chapter 48 of Part II of ThirukkuraL – ASSESSING STRENGTH- திருக்குறள்- பொருட்பால்- 48வது அதிகாரம் -வலி அறிதல்- has been published in the Indian Periodical of 11th September. Kindly click any of the following links and again click “HERE IS VALLUVAR’S VOICE” to read the same. Kindly record your comment in the space provided  beneath the article itself so that your assessment can be enjoyed by other readers as well. One such you will find from Shri OK Sivanganam. Thanks. In the course of a day, this has been read by more than 50 Thirukkural enthusiasts.

In the same links, please read from the archives, the post on PERSON OF THE WEEK
N V SUBBARAMAN – his interview on the Universal work-magnum opus of Saint Poet THIRUVALLUNAR’s THIRUKKURAL translated into English- which stands at the second most viewed post with more than 1500 views.

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Nature beautiful

Men blind and have no appetite

And waste life in full!


Nature showers joy

Most ungrateful men destroy

Her love proves a toy!


Birds strike chord of peace

Love and live with nature well

Do we live with ease?


Sure woods are lovely

A great creation of God

Man kills brutally.


Nature binds us all

Until the ungrateful men

Push and make us fall!


Sandy beach God’s gift

All to enjoy and protect

None has right to drift!


Great lake beautiful

With vast expanse of water

Nature bountiful!


Yes, surging waves surge

In the lake – gift of nature

“Serve the world” they urge!


Cold breeze the waves bring

To all sans fear or favor

As water from spring!


Nature God’s great gift

Sure to  be nurtured by all

The world to move swift!

Beautiful view of OOTY LAKE- nature at its best!.




God’s own country endowed with natural beauty – great creation
Vast back waters, groves, mountainous terrain-golden recreation
Nature loving people from far and wide – magnetic attraction
Great Kerala- its people language, culture – pride of the nation!

Annual boat race- August second Saturday great festival
Named after the legend Jawaharlal Nehru- nature lover
In Punnamada lake near Alappuza a great carnival
For Kuttanad villagers- occasion, greeted as flower!

Named as “Nehru Trophy Boat Race” –“vallam kali”-Kerala’s day
The “Chundan vallams”-long snake boats sail in the waters-a great play
Competition rigorous- rowers over hundred show their skills
Sense of unity, alliance and sportsmanship displayed in full!

Folk dance, loud drum beats and songs very special for the occasion
Sixty third year-today’s race goes on sans break as a grand function
With increasing interest and participation all around
Great union with nature and to enjoy its beauty in pound!