In the great creation of the Lord Almighty birth and death
Inevitable! One more is GARBAGE that we accumulate
Day in and day out-at home and roads, schools and offices,
Star hotels or roadside eateries-omnipresent is heaps of garbage’s!

Rightly a GARBAGE FESTIVAL- unheard of- to reduce the Load
On Earth!  Twenty Fifth Feb. in Mylapore -heart of Chennai- park to goad
The best way to serve Mother Earth and Society in style!

Workshops on up-cycling, composting, recycling, Organic Food,
Alternatives to Plastics, connection to various recyclers good!
Re-Starting our old concept of going to a REPAIR shop
Get things Repaired and reused instead of just throwing out!


Image result for image to depict cleanliness is godliness


To our holy Motherland- India tht is Bharath
From the days of our ancestors to this day on this earth
“Cleanliness is deemed to be next to Godliness”-not new
Gandhiji said the toilet must be as clean us pooja room!

Never cleanliness was made a political issue
Indian society conscious of our philosophy
Not to give credence to the political propaganda
We continue to be conscious of cleanliness!

Cleanliness of the body and mind, neighborhood nice
Leads to healthy living making our lives joyful spice
Healthy mind in a healthy body age old adage
All to ensure cleanliness all over- as a package!

gandhiji cleanliness - Saferbrowser Yahoo Image Search Results




Image result for Images for the International Coastal Cleanup Day-17th September 2016.

Nature -the greatest manifestation of the Lord Almighty
Nature has blessed the world with long coasts as valuable bounty!
Long coastal lines all along in the world great security
It is for the world to keep it quite clean, very safe and tidy!

Thirty years ago was launched by the Ocean conservancy US
To cleanup of the coastal areas including all beaches
To create awareness on protecting the fragile environs
Along the coast and exhibit support for coastal habitats!

Volunteers in thousands from schools, colleges and the public keen
Are to collect garbage all over the coast lines and make them clean
Volunteers in any number can engage in this work noble
Fishers in the coast are happy to join the work-quite stable!

Image result for Images for the International Coastal Cleanup Day-17th September 2016.



Chapter 48 of Part II of ThirukkuraL – ASSESSING STRENGTH- திருக்குறள்- பொருட்பால்- 48வது அதிகாரம் -வலி அறிதல்- has been published in the Indian Periodical of 11th September. Kindly click any of the following links and again click “HERE IS VALLUVAR’S VOICE” to read the same. Kindly record your comment in the space provided  beneath the article itself so that your assessment can be enjoyed by other readers as well. One such you will find from Shri OK Sivanganam. Thanks. In the course of a day, this has been read by more than 50 Thirukkural enthusiasts.

In the same links, please read from the archives, the post on PERSON OF THE WEEK N V SUBBARAMAN – his interview on the Universal work-magnum opus of Saint Poet THIRUVALLUNAR’s THIRUKKURAL translated into English- which stands at the second most viewed post with more than 1600 views.


“ENVIUS THOUGHTS” commenced through  with the first posting  “MY TRYST WITH LIC” on 28th February 2015- on the completion of FOURTEEN years of my retired life. Quite new to blog and all, I just emailed the information to all the email ids of my known friends and also shared with my Face Book and Google friends.

To my greatest joy and surprise that post had 148 views – one of the highest for any day from 28/2/2015 till this day!!!

Not only views but also feed backs and comments thrilled me. To all of them of course I acknowledged and conveyed my heartful gratitude then and there. Of course there were several phone calls from my good friends who where in the know of my telephone number.

We know that we read a lot but then no time or mood to respond in black and white! That is a part of our nature.


Feed backs/comments and some of my replies are nearing 100 which I wanted to share with my great friends and hence here it is!

Feedback/comments help us to analyze our performance and provide a chance to improve and hence I eagerly look forward from all my well meaning readers.

As and when time and mind working in unison with the body, kindly read and respond.



Comment: It must be good because the writer is a poet and also a devoted proactive member of the large organization called LIC

Will read the whole presentation and then offer comments


2 Name: T S Venkata Ramani, Chennai

Very interesting and inspiring. Incidentally, only now I come to understand you have adorned full suit also some times.(Sorry if my comments take you “from the sublime to the ridiculous?”(Incidentally is the handsome (!!) young man standing by your side in the Salem, my humble self?)


3 Yes u r-GREAT T S VENKATARAMANI-The bosom friend of N V Subbaraman!

N V Subbaraman



Comment: Dear Subbaraman, your experience with such a large organization and your contribution which helped to make it a large organization make very interesting reading Hearty congratulations

Please edit the memoirs and shorten to three fourths or even half the length

Please drop the very last paragraph totally. You write what you are capable of. Don’t worry about others and their abilities. Remember you are a poet. How many other are?

God bless you


5 Clifford Martis
Bangalore, Feb 28

In these fast food days and whats App days

I saw Mr C Ramanathan in one of the photos Pl send your memoirs to friends like him

Do shorten it. The very first few paragraphs can be shortened

The last paragraph must go



6  ks_krpuram <>

Feb 28

Subbaraman,I spent full 30 MTS to read your memories and only word I can tell it is a flurry of words, emotions, simplicity, honest words and what not. Congrats. I too have an intention to write a similar write-up. Yours will be a model for me. You are simply my role model for a few things like believe in yourself and do your best for people around you. Thanks – Sridhar


7 ks_krpuram <>

Feb 28

Only a few days back I sorted all the photos and sorted them center wise of my postings and will jot down all important events at each of the place of posting then prepare. Matter of coincidence u have prepared first ( as always)


8  T.S.Swaminathan
Bangalore,Feb 28

Dear Shri. Subbaraman,

Kindly accept my best wishes on this memorable day. Do you know that this date is common to both of us!! Yes. I too retired on 28th February only. I do not know your date of birth in 1941. However, I was born in July 1939, but Feb 1939 was given in school records to help me appear for SSLC exam without any problem(I got double promotion from Class I to Class III and hence, studied for a year less) With this official date, I retired on 28th Feb 1997 (when I was just 57 years 7mths. the normal superannuation age being 58 at that time) This morning, I got up with the idea of my retirement date and when I saw your mail, I was surprised.

I will go through your write up leisurely. Best wishes once again.




9 Subbaraman NV
Chennai, Feb.28

to T.S.Swaminathan

Great! All the best for a happier and healthier, peaceful and prosperous retirement year!. As you read you will find a reference to the real and actual date of birth-under STINT AT OOTY!

My actual DOB is 31/07/1941 and the official is 17/02/1941. Our retirement age was revised to 60 and hence I enjoyed official life by two more years and 68 days more! Sixty eight days more- what is that? Please read and you will know!?!?!?

N V Subbaraman


10  s raja sekhar <>

Feb 28


Name: s raja sekhar


Comment: Dear Sir,

I am immensely impressed by your detailed account of your Tryst with LIC.

I wish that one day I will also pen down few lines like you about my journey in LIC that started at Bhilai Branch under Raipur Division in April 1983 as a Direct Recruit Officer of 12th Batch and will end in November 2018, unless the God willing otherwise.

Though I heard a lot about you from the LICians I am coming across from the Kadapa Division I felt very happy to get it vetted from your own account.

I am presently holding the position of Principal, ZTC, Hyderabad.

With regards,

S.Raja Sekhar

PS: Without any intention to hurt you I take liberty to point out two factual inaccuracies noticed by me in your write up.

  1. In page 39 of your write up the retirement year( original ) was mentioned as 2009 instead of 1999. b) Similarly in page 44 the last FY in your service was mentioned as 2001-02 whereas it should be 2000-01 as you retired in Feb 2001.


11 Subbaraman NV <>

Feb 28

to s.rajasekhar

Thanks. I am delighted.

Yes it should be 1999.

It is only 2001-2002 as I have referred to therein I unofficially continued till May 8th 2001- 68 days beyond the actual date of retirement at the request of the then ZM!?!?!?

Thanks again.

N V Subbaraman


12 BVChandrasekar, Trichy.
Feb 28

Comment: excellent lic autobiography. i was very much reminded of tenure service in lic in those days



Feb 28

Comment: Sir, I started reading your “memoir” with great enthusiasm. But could not finish it in one go. Hope I will be able to do that soon. It was certainly amusing and interesting.  I am glad that you had preserved so many photos even. Sitting in arm chair, savoring in the evening of one’s life of his own achievements,(!!!!) however small they may be, IS CERTAINLY A VERY PLEASANT EXPERIENCE. It gives some satisfaction that “YES…. I DID MY JOB WELL!!!”- Notwithstanding certain omissions and commissions here and there. I too attempted writing some time back my “musings” like these in Telugu. Let me see whether I can share these with the FB friends!!!!TCR.


14 VGopalan, Thanjavur.

Feb 28

Name: VGopalan


Comment: Very interesting history of your career. You have seen many places, people and their attitude. Though I know your overall history, I am able to go deep into the minute details in your write-up. This is a good habit of keeping their own track record, either bad or good. It will be pleasant to recollect some of the past incidents, though they may not be pleasant during those days. I appreciate you for reproducing your past with interesting anecdotes. I feel, if some of the interesting events which took place are also mentioned with specific details. Overall write up is nice and interesting. All the best in your retired life!.


15 Subbaraman NV Feb 28th
to VGopalan

Thanks. But then giving everything …………………….if it hurts any one at this stage……………..Help ever, HURT never…………………………!?!?!?

Thanks aplenty.

N V Subbaraman


16 Gopalan Venkataraman , Thanjavur.

Feb 28

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire write-up, which gives us a vivid picture of your career, ups and downs (though there no downs) and your achievements, mending the ways of services to the public etc. Settling death claims within a short span of time is really an achievement to your credit. I know your personal interest in celebrating Insurance Week and you have mentioned about Villupaattu group in Thanjavur, in which I am also associated a bit (in writing the lyrics). Really I am not aware of your transfer to Rajasthan and the quick retransfer within a short span of time. During your first stint at Tanjore I know your sons, that too the junior one, who once walked all the way from Convent to LIC D.O. all alone. Bravo! I shall read it again and come out with some more observation. Thank you sir.


17 Subbaraman NV

Feb 28

to Gopalan

So nice of you. Please see that your love for me does not blind you!

N V Subbaraman


18 Ramnath N S , Bangalore.

Feb 28

to me, Lakshman

Wow that’s amazing!

He remembers kumar’s odyssey!!!

Sent from my iPhone


19 Subbaraman NV


Yes; that is that Gopal!.



Feb 28



21 G. Sridharan

Feb 28


Name: G. Sridharan, Chennai.

Comment: Excellent. You have purposefully avoided mentioning the names. Any reason?

My uncle was a teacher at Srinivasa Rao high school. Athmanatha Iyer of Bhavasami agraharam.

Time: February 28, 2015 at 5:26 pm

IP Address:


22 K R Ramani, Hyderabad.

Mar 1


Name: K R Ramani

Comment: In 1985 I was transferred to LIC Ooty Branch. I found several persons remembered N V Subbaraman with great admiration. It was 2 decades after his leaving that place. I visited Kadapa in 2011, 15 years after his leaving that place .People remembered him with great regard.

There is only one word to define both his personal and official life – EXEMPLARY.

Time: February 28, 2015 at 7:39 pm

IP Address:


23 Subbaraman NV

Mar 1

to Sridharan

Thanks for your feedback. Yes; it has a reason; some may get offended in which I am not at all interested.

Yes; Shri Athmanatha Iyer and I were colleagues; how is he? Kindly convey my enquiries and regards to him.

Thanks again.

N V Subbaraman


24 Subbaraman NV

to K, bcc: Ramnath, bcc: Lakshman

Thanks Ramani. I am grateful to you for the nice sentiments u have expressed..

N V Subbaraman


25 Sudershan Pal

Mar 1

Name: Sudershan Pal


Comment: Dear Shri NVS

I am a retired Banker and being from the same fraternity, go thru’ the LIC forum regularly. I found your story quite interesting – in fact, saw a STRANGE resemblance in cultures in the working experience of people from two different organizations – Could not stop myself from commenting.

Regards & wishes.

Time: March 1, 2015 at 7:34 am

IP Address:

Contact Form URL:


26 Subbaraman NV

Mar 1

to Sudershan, bcc: Ramnath, bcc: Lakshman

Thanks aplenty.

We are birds of the same feather!

N V Subbaraman


Mar 1




Time: March 1, 2015 at 8:30 am

IP Address:

Mar 1


Name: Latha raja


Comment: Chinayana,I never thought thaatha had any part to play in your LIC job. I also didn’t know that you at any time worked as a groundnut supervisor. Strange!

Time: March 1, 2015 at 10:38 am

IP Address:

Contact Form URL:


29 Subbaraman NV <>

Mar 1

to Latha

It is not groundnut supervisor, Latha, it is the surveying the produce of groundnut in Tamilnadu as an Economic Investigator of the Delhi Cloth and General Mills Co. Ltd. for TWENTY ONE DAYS on a consolidated payment of RUPEE SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY!!!!!!



30 M.Sundaram. <>

Mar 1

Name: M.Sundaram.


Comment: I am very happy to go through the details. I need your email id and phone Nos. so that I can keep in touch with you. After a very long time I could see lot of details from your articles.

With Regards,



Time: March 1, 2015 at 11:54 am

IP Address:

Contact Form URL:


31 Subbaraman NV <>

Mar 1

to M.Sundaram.

Thanks aplenty Sundaram. How r u and where are u now?

I am in 12/1045, Jeevan Bima Nagar, Chennai 600101.

Ph: 044/26544950  / 9840477552.

Thanks again.

N V Subbaraman


32 V.Krishnan commented on My Tryst with Life Insurance Corporation of India


INTRODUCTION By no means is this to be taken as completely autobiographical; this is purely some random thoughts on my almost …


Quite interesting presentation of an involved career spanning a period of nearly four decades! I remember the association I was privileged to have with you in Thanjavur D.O. during late 1960s. When we were together in P.h.s. and you used to give the highest number of revival quotations and acted as a role model for others to follow. I cherish the association we had on subsequent occasions when you were heading Bikaneer and subsequently  Cuddapah divisions of L.I.C. And even after your retirement when you visited Hyderabad as a Trainer of Bajaj alliance. Best Wishes for a Long, healthy future!



33 Harihara Subramanian commented on a link you shared.

Harihara Subramanian

March 2 at 9:28am

NVS! We were quite envious of Shri Subbaraman’s energy, alacrity, and knowledge and willing to take responsibilities–He was a person with tejas and well-kept physique, due to his Yoga practices and clean habits and thoughts! I always feel fortunate to have been in association with him, when he was in Madurai. A prolific writer and a poet, he continues his activities, even after retirement. He never appears to be aging. May God be with him in all his activities!


34  Kothanda Raman <>

Mar 4


Thank you, dear friend!  Your creativity, at your age, amazes me. v.r.k raman

Sent from Windows Mail


From: Subbaraman NV

Sent: ‎Tuesday‎, ‎March‎ ‎3‎, ‎2015 ‎6‎:‎48‎ ‎PM

To: Kothanda Raman

All the best in US!

N V Subbaraman

On Tue, Mar 3, 2015 at 8:30 PM, Kothanda Raman <> wrote:

In sugar land, texas, u.s.a



35 Ganesh.K <>

Mar 4

Name: Ganesh.K


Comment: Sir, Pranams to you….delightful anecdotes on your varied experiences…I recall you inform me that ZM wanted you to continue working as “Honorary” Secy Mktg, even after retirement…you spoke to me on this. I was MM Salem then; also recall the time you could spend with me when you visited Thanjavur on 2000-01…When I visited kadapa, I recall our association when I read the scroll of SDM of Kadapa!!!  Many memories keep flooding….Regards to you & all your family members… (Your son – is he still with Eco Times?)….Ganesh

Time: March 4, 2015 at 10:34 am

IP Address:

Contact Form URL:


36 Lakshman Subbaraman <>

Mar 8

to me, Ramnath

My friends vidhyapriya’s comments…



Sent from my iPad

Begin forwarded message:

From: Vidhyapriya <>

Date: March 8, 2015 at 11:20:30 AM EDT

To: Lakshman Subbaraman <>

Cc: Sruthi Srinivasan <>

Subject: Re: My dad’s tryst with LIC with some pics

Very interesting and inspiring read, Lakshman! Your dad is such a great writer. I don’t think it is common to see a person being so loyal to their Institution -40 years with twelve transfers. Wow… I remember that we used to tease for changing your native city periodically, depending on the person you were talking to..  Like, you belong to say kadappa, Ooty, Thanjavur to name a few. Now I know you were not joking :

It was nice to see the old pictures too! Thanks for sharing! Hope you dad is doing well. Please convey my namaskarams to him.


37 a.kempanath <>

Mar 11

Name: a.kempanath


Comment: A real tryst with LIC

a peep into a glorious selfless and inspiring service to LIC.

I had the opportunity to be with you and benefit a lot to improve myself.

Time: March 11, 2015 at 12:33 pm

IP Address:

Contact Form URL:


38 V. Balagopal commented on My Tryst with Life Insurance Corporation of India

INTRODUCTION By no means is this to be taken as completely autobiographical; this is purely some random thoughts on my almost …

Dear Sir, it was nice reading your autobiography relating to your experiences in LIC. I too had the good fortune of working with you (not under you…!! while you were MM at Salem and I was Sr.BM at Salem North, a great(!?!?!?) branch, I am sure you will agree with me…!!!)

I was also receiving your copies of “Young Poet” and used to enjoy going thru’ the poems.

I remember one of that you gave me when I told you that I was transferred to Delhi in 2001, you told me… keep your head cool and your feet warm.

Sir, I wish you all happiness, joy, good health and prosperity in your life….

  1. Balagopal


39 B R SETHI <>

Mar 12



Comment: Thanks for sharing your story. You have narrated it as it happened. Liked it.

Time: March 12, 2015 at 3:30 pm

IP Address:

Contact Form URL:



40 Clifford Martis <>

Mar 13




Kindly find out how the paragraph can be deleted and do delete it


41 Raman Pk <>

Mar 13


Dear NVS Sir,

Nice to see your write up in my “in-box” today! I was overwhelmed by nostalgia. Hats off to your sharp

memory and painstaking efforts to preserve the old and rare photographs! Last week I met Mr. VKM

(Ooty Krishnamurthy) and we were talking about you. Pleasant surprise that he is seen with you in your Ooty photograph (in full suit)! Pease keep writing and keep us inspired.




42 Subbaraman NV <>

Mar 13

to Raman

So nice of you, Raman! Thanks aplenty.  Those were indeed happy days. Thanks again

N V Subbaraman


43 Venkata Ramani <>

Mar 16


How do you know padmanabhan sivasubramanyam-who is my brother and a journalist?


44 From: Subbaraman NV []

Sent: 16 March 2015 09:42

Subbaraman NV <>

Mar 16

to Venkataramani

He is in my mailing list. How can I omit a great scholar and writer?


45 Subir Kumar Mazumder <>

Mar 16

Name: Subir Kumar Mazumder


Comment: Read with rapt attention “My Tryst with Life Insurance Corporation of India”.  Reading every line took me to the days of the early seventies when one young man of 23 years, born and brought up in the city of Kolkata, had to relocate himself to the tiny township of Sindri (270 kms away) for joining LIC as an Assistant leaving his parents, friends, and the much loved city.

Time: March 16, 2015 at 3:03 pm

IP Address:

Contact Form URL:


46 Theresa <>

Mar 6

Name: Theresa


Comment: Sir, Thanks for your autobiography. It is emotional and beautiful. It flows with beautiful and necessary precision of language. I am doing an MBA project on Work life balance in LIC. Your article would be of greater source to me. Ayya, MIKKA NANDRI …Thank You

Time: March 6, 2015 at 6:04 pm

IP Address:

Contact Form URL:


47 K S Unny <>

Mar 7


Name: K S Unny


Comment: Read with great interest, as our periods of service in LIC almost coincide. Nevertheless experiences differ. I still remember how I missed all the automatic promotions in spite of becoming an AFFI in 1965 and FFII in 1969.

It was good going through your experiences with the LIC. The period I worked under you at the Avanashi Road Branch of Coimbatore are still very fondly remembered.

Though there was much heartbreak during the period of service, the most vivid one being the stagnation at the ADM’s cadre for 9 years, I now look back to the past with fond memories. I lead a contended and happy retired life with peace and tranquility. And your write up helped me rewind and unwind.

I am very happy for you and wish you and your family all the good things in life. My wishes to you also for a good health, happiness and peace!

God bless.

48 Subbaraman NV <>

Mar 7

to Theresa

All the best in your project!. In case you need any help, please don’t hesitate to ask. Where r u doing the project?

I am in Chennai-044/26544950 / 9840477552

Thanks for your inspiring feedback.

N V Subbaraman


49 Subbaraman NV <>

Mar 7

to K, bcc: Ramnath, bcc: Lakshman

Dear Mr. Unni,

I am indeed delighted at your response. Thanks in millions.

Where r u now?

I am in Chennai-04/26544950 / 9840477552

With regards.

N V Subbaraman


50 theresa damian <>

Mar 18

Res Sir,

Thank You for your kind response.

Sorry for the delay.

I haven’t checked the mail for a while

Nice, to know of your goodness.

Sure, I will seek your goodness.


I am in Chennai doing my study in Mother Teresa Women’s university.

Your autobiography is inspiring.

I also learnt from your profile that you are a profound writer. I read few of those.Feel that you write more.

Thank You Sir

With Respect and prayers


51 Subbaraman NV <>

Mar 18

to Theresa

God be with you and guide you in all your activities. You are welcome at all times. Just now I completed a treatise on Insurance in Tamil titled “ஆயிரம் பொன்” It is aimed to be a guide to the students of Insurance, practitioners of Insurance and knowledge seeking public.

Thanks for your mail and with best wishes.

N V Subbaraman


52 Subbaraman NV <>

Mar 18

to Theresa

I am eager to know about your progress in your research work. I hope u r getting necessary and needed guidance from him /her. What exactly is the theme? It is just out of curiosity. If u don’t mind sharing pl. do. No embarrassment, I believe. All the best!


53 Jayasimhan Tmm

Congratulations. I went through a few paragraphs. I will read through. But one question – why was that left hand shake as jack of all trades!!!!

February 28 at 6:12am · Like


54 Subbaraman N.V.

Great! On the one hand probably he was giving the prize and probably forced to give left hand shake! What a keen observation by Shri TMMJ!

February 28 at 6:23am ·


55 Jayasimhan Tmm

Sir kadapa episode is wonderful

February 28 at 6:52am ·


56 Subbaraman N.V.

Yes; u r from KDP!?!?!?

February 28 at 6:56am ·


57 Venkata Ramani Please see my comments in NVSR.WORDPRESS>COM

February 28 at 7:03am · Like

58 Subbaraman N. V.

Seen; replied; thanks.

February 28 at 7:06am · Like


59 Esakki Rajan

படித்து முடித்தேன்….

அழஅழகான வர்ணனை.

அருமையான அனுபவம் .

துரோகங்களை துயிலுறித்துக்காட்டாமல் கோடிட்டு காட்டிய பாங்கு. உங்கள் பெருந்தன்மையை



கடப்பா RUN FOR LIFE INSURANCE டீ சர்ட் திருப்பூரிலிருந்து என் ஏற்பாட்டில் தான் அனுப்பிவைக்கப்பட்டது. பெருமைப்படுகிறேன்.நான் அப்போது திருப்பூர் கிளை மேலாளர் .

February 28 at 9:20am ·

60 Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks aplenty Esakkirajan. I very well remember your help to me on that occasion.

February 28 at 9:30am ·


61 Banda Gangaraju

I follow your memoirs as I worked during the same decades as you

February 28 at 10:18am ·


62Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks Gangarajugaru.

February 28 at 10:24am ·


63 Shrinivas Sathya Susarla

Sir though I left LIC my memories about lic is thick. Reading your blog my stint at lic flashed. Like the way u wrote the memoir without mentioning the names of the officers at the same time expressing ur feelings. The touching point ed personnel …… sir u mentioned stopped coffee tea.. at the behest of Kanchi Parmacharya. May I request you to share your experiences with Paramacharya

February 28 at 1:55pm · Edited · Like


64 Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks. Pl. c another posting on the topic “BYE TO COFFEE”

February 28 at 1:58pm ·


65 Subbaraman N.V.

My dear SSS, 044/26544950 / 9840477552

February 28 at 2:02pm ·

66 Venkatraman Chandrakesan

Dear Mr. NVS, excellent memory of yr 40 years lic life. By yr write up, i am very much reminded of those happy days of working along with yr good self.

February 28 at 3:26pm ·


67Subbaraman N.V.

I equally cherish those happy times. Thanks.

February 28 at 3:43pm · Like


68 Subramanian Ruppa Sundarrao

Excellent memory. I really feel that it is to be printed and given to all the employees now to improve the service still better and to face any challenges. Thank you, RESPECTED SIR.


February 28 at 4:33pm ·


69 Chandrasekhara Reddy Thota


February 28 at 4:43pm ·


70 Subbaraman N.V.

Kindly recollect and repost for my benefit.

February 28 at 4:44pm ·


71 Chandrasekhara Reddy Thota


February 28 at 4:54pm ·


72 Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks. It indicates your love for me. That is all.TCS Reddy

February 28 at 5:01pm ·


73Rajagopal Krishnamurthy:

Awesome mama. It is nice that came across a good person like you in my life.

February 28 at 5:21pm ·



74Subbaraman N.V.

I feel elated. Thanks. All the best for you!.



February 28 at 4:54pm ·


76 Subbaraman N. V.

Thanks. It indicates your love for me. That is all.TCS Reddy

February 28 at 5:01pm ·


77 Subbaraman N.V.

I feel elated. Thanks. All the best for you!

February 28 at 5:24pm ·


78 Purushothamrao Rao

Very interesting. I would like to request you to see that this is published in some of our house magazines so that it would help the present generation of our erstwhile organization. With best wishes

February 28 at 9:25pm ·


  1. Subbaraman N.V.

Thank you Shri PRRao.

February 28 at 11:29pm ·


  1. Chandrasekaran Chandrasekaran

Congrats, wish u to contribute your experience and blessings to all LICians for many more years with good health

March 1 at 3:33am ·


81 Subbaraman Nagapatnam Viswanathan Love is blind. Thanks Balu.

March 1 at 5:35am ·


  1. Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks Chandrasekaran

March 1 at 5:36am · Like


  1. Sankar Rao

Our memories are always with you and are still very fresh and green-. in our hearts of Kadapa Division. We. Wish. A. Healthy. Long. Life. Sankar. G. S.  Kadapa.

March 1 at 8:33am ·


  1. Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks a lot Shankar Rao. I have named it a golden period for me.

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Thanks, Yenadi Setty.

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  1. Cheenu Srinivasan

My pranams to my mentor who lived for simplicity, integrity and helpful approach to complicated issues.

March 2 at 9:58am ·


89 Subbaraman N.V.

‘lived for’ or’ living for’…………………………..!?!?!? Thanks aplenty.

March 2 at 11:06am ·


90 Cheenu Srinivasan Sorry sir! It should read “lives for ”

March 2 at 1:25pm ·


91 Subbaraman N.V.

Sorry Cs, I made it just in a lighter vein. I know well that neither I lived nor am living with simplicity, integrity helpful approach etc.!Thanks again.

March 2 at 1:46pm ·


92 Venu Gopal

A true account of yourselves. Well done!

March 4 at 9:39am ·


93 Subbaraman N.V.

Thanks aplenty Venugopal.

March 4 at 10:07am ·


94 Ramana Rapthadu

Still remembering those days at Cuddapah

March 7 at 10:32pm ·

95Subbaraman N.V.

Yes; very much. Those days are unforgettable indeed! Thanks for your response

March 8 at 5:28am ·


96  Balasubramanaian Srikanteswaran


really great

with respects


February 28 at 11:29pm ·


97  Subbaraman N.V.

Love is blind. Thanks Balu.

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                                   LIC-Great – Envius Thoughts

         Removing the bushes-as apart of the Campaign- Senior Divisional Manager,                                                 Kadapa , N V Subbaraman in action








The author cleaning the garden as a part of KEEP THE CAMPUS CLEAN CAMPAIGN in KADAPA in 1997

During my college studies in the late fifties in Alagappa College, Karaikudi, Tamilnadu there was a great, respectable English Lecturer who used to say “AN ENGLISHMAN can write VOLUMES and VOLUMES on a BROOM STICK”! These words are still green in my fading memory!

In those days I used to wonder at the possibility of writing volumes on a broom stick-not a very significant material in a man’s life. Writing volumes on an insignificant thing……………….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????

But then with age advancing, experience swelling I began to feel that writing “pages” if not “volumes” for an Indian, writing English, cannot be much difficult. He writes and it is for the readers to accept or reject the language and contents, style and subject!

In Indian ethos, CLEANLINESS is next to GODLINESS and it is Indian’s priority whether it is personal or domestic, official or societal and none need to teach us the value of cleanliness. That the Governments spend in crores for maintaining cleanliness in the country for decades is a proof positive for its earnestness.

A sweeper’s main instrument for carrying his duties is the BROOM STICK and it is to him a God sent helper.  Yet a sweeper feels and prays thus in my ENVIUS THOUGHTS:


Oh! My Lord! The benevolent Creator!

Grateful I am for making me a sweeper

To make our homes, the roads and city cleaner

Give me the mind to do my duties clear!


Easy it is to clean the roads and homes sure

Before let me sweep my mind with dirt that stinks

Bless me with the art of making men’s minds pure

It is too much to ask of Thee, King of Kings?


My broom stick is too weak to do that I know

Thee and Thee alone can make it strong and show

We can cleanse our minds too with Thy grace and love

Help me play my part with the mind of a dove!


Cleanliness of the home and mind important

For the men to be free and noble constant

Let me sweep, sweep well honestly with fervor

Seeking all Thy blessings, support and favor!


Mind and body clean and noble sure dear

To Thee, and the world we know very clear

Yet we are not able to make wholly pure

Bless me Lord, to succeed in my effort to cure!

A lady sweeper on her duty with her tool.

Yes; that is a sweeper’s prayer and  I do not know whether this prayer will be granted in full by the benevolent God! But let us go on with our broom stick, hoping for a great day when the whole world will  have people with clean and noble mind and the whole human society will enjoy peace and poise, health and happiness, plenty and prosperity!

I hear a distant voice: ” Oh, man! In which age you are?The days of the broom sticks are gone and today is the day of VACUUM CLEANER!”. Does not matter , purpose of both are identical and the technological favor only helps one to do it with greater ease and felicity! Cleaning continues to be the goal and objective!

Today’s vacuum cleaner- yesterday’s broom stick!!!!

Born as human beings we are all of us- President to the pauper, Principal to the sweeper, CEO to a chaprasi,  Scientist to a cleaner- every one should have at one time or other in our life,  made use of a BROOM STICK- or a VACUUM CLEANER!

BROOM STICK has its own history! Let us have a look at it.

A broom is a cleaning tool consisting of usually stiff fibers (often made of materials such as plastic, hair, or corn husks) attached to, and roughly parallel to, a cylindrical handle, the broomstick. It is thus a variety of brush with a long handle. It is commonly used in combination with a dustpan.

In many Asian countries, however, brooms are not always made of stiff fibers, as there is often a distinction between a “hard broom” and a “soft broom”. Soft brooms are made for sweeping the walls of cob webs and spiders, and are very important for that reason. Hard brooms are made for the harder job of actually sweeping dirt of side walks.

Any word in any language has its own etymology and here is that of a BROOM:

The word “broom” is derived from the name of certain thorny shrubs (Genista and others) used for sweeping. The name of the shrubs began to be used for the household implement in Late Middle English and gradually replaced the earlier besom during the Early Modern English period. The song Buy Broom Buzzems (by William Purvis 1752–1832) still refers to the “broom besom” as one type of besom (i.e. “a besom made from broom”)

Flat brooms, made of broom corn, were invented by Shakers in the 19th century with the invention of the broom vice.A smaller whisk broom or brush is sometimes called a duster.

It has its own manufacturing history in different parts of the world and I reserve  this aspect for a thesis  to get my Doctoral research degree!

BROOM STICK has a vast history behind it and have a look at it from European angle:

The broom stick was an important fixture in ancient homes through out Europe. Most homes were made of wood, straw and dirt floors. The only way to keep a home clean was to sweep out the old. This concept is even documented in the Bible.In Isaiah 14:23 (KJV translation) I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, saith the LORD of hosts.In Luke 15:8 “The Parable of the Lost Coin”: “Or suppose a woman has ten silver coins and loses one. Does she not light a lamp, sweep the house and search carefully until she finds it?”

One of the earliest forms of the broom is known as the Besom Broom. They were made of twigs tied to a handle. The bristles can be made of various materials such as straw, herbs, or twigs.

The shaft is round to represent the branch of a tree. This associates the broom with the Tree of Life which was an important symbol in ancient pagan Europe. Traditionally a Besom broom is made from hazel wood and the bristles are birch twigs. These brooms were often found just inside a dwelling hanging with bristles up to ward off evil spirits, negative energies and to protect the home and all who dwell within it. It could also be found hanging over a door with the bristles facing in the direction of opening of the door. They were relatively inefficient as a cleaning implement and needed constant repair or recreation. Today Besom Brooms are still crafted and sold at garden centers as an outdoor broom. You can also find decorated and scented versions (ie: cinnamon besom brooms) in craft stores for indoor decorations. The brooms relation to sweeping away negative energies and use for protection makes it a wonderful tool for magical practices and rituals. Consequently it wasn’t a big leap for European pagans to use the broom as a tool.

There is a lot of delicious thoughts on  “HOW DID WITCHES COME TO RIDE BROOMSTICKS?”

The popular icon of a witch is an ugly old woman riding across the sky on her magic broomstick and wearing a pointed hat. But as with all mythologies there is an element of truth behind the image. Witches did ride brooms, after a fashion, the brooms were magic, in a way, and the pointed hat was the mildest of the punishments inflicted on them for their activities! Look at the witch below!!!


A typical witch-an old ugly lady with a broom stick and pointed hat flying in the sky!!

Look at the broomsticks made from coconut tree leaves widely used in Tamilnadu, India.

When an Englishman can write VOLUMES and VOLUMES on a BROOM STICK, I was eager to write at least a 1000 words! I have successfully accomplished my goal! It is for my esteemed viewers to judge the quality of this write .



Photo by Nivetha.

The author with a traditional coconut leave- stems made Broom stick in his home!