International Families Day May 15th.

No man is an island by himself-he is a part of his family,
His family part of the society. society is part of the world
Naturally one has to follow the norms-noble norms of the family
Society and the world to make living pleasant and harmonious!

International Day Of Families is today the fifteenth May
Highlighting importance of families – basic units of society.
United Nations General Assembly announced fifteenth of May be
Observed as such reflecting importance that the international
Community attaches to families as basic units of society
And its concern regarding their situation around the world!

Unfortunate joint family system yielded place to individual
Family -shrunk in size to nucleus family with parents and one or two
Offsprings! May be the need of the times to reduce the stress and strain
Of a big family! If peace and pleasure are ensured we agree-and God bless!

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God created human beings and human beings created
Relationships with HIS GRACE and Blessings! Of all well created
Brother-Sister relationship indeed is noble and nice-pure
May second today is Brothers and Sisters Day – to cherish sure!

Siblings play role unique in their lives simulating company of parents
And the influence and assistance of friends.siblings grow up together,
Have wide exposure to one another, like other members of the immediate family.
A sibling relationships reflect the cohesiveness of the family.

Ideal is to treat all womenfolk as sisters by men and all
Menfolk as brothers by women- that takes vcare of nobility!
No abuses, no hardship, no police-nothing untoward in Society!
Swami Vivekananda endeared to all by his”Sisters and Brothers of America”!

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28th February- Kasthurba Gandhi Day

Our Homeland India that is Bharath firmly believes in family bonds
Brother and sister or parents and children or husband and wife-strongly bonded
With love and affection, respect and regards-more with husband-wife relationship
A divine bond it is considered to sail in the ocean of life with strong ship!

One such divine couple- husband and wife pair was Mahatmaji and his spouse Kastur Bha
Kasturbai “Kasturba” Mohandas Gandhi born Kasturbai Makhanji Kapadia
An Indian political activist and the wife of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi.
In association with her husband, she was involved in the Indian independence
Movement in British-ruled India. Adar-sh couple were they who need to be emulated
Today is Kasthurba’s memorial day and we salute her on this day!

Kasturbai Gandhi

RAKHI DAY August26th.


Great India that is Bharath -our homeland indeed sacred
And religious to the crore-great unity in diversity
People of different culture and languages sweet bread
To the liking and taste of all regions and religions-sanctity!

Among the Hindu Festivals Raksha bandan is one -last Sunday
‘Raksha Bandhan’ means ‘bond of protection’. symbolizing love
And bond between siblings-sister ties a sacred thread ‘Rakhi’
On the wrist of her brother and prays for his long life.

Brother promises to be with her for lifelong.Giving gifts
And sweets and delicacies prepared at home.
Celebrated on August twenty sixth with all fun and fair.
If every one treats other girl and boy at young ages
No child abuse-by youngsters and elders at schools
And Gardens-Let the spirit pervade all through the year!

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Great Indian Saint Vivekananda got into
The worlds attention through his Chicago address great
With the commencing words “Brothers and sisters”
Of America and spread the greatness of our Motherland!

There is no relationship in the world as good
And noble as that of brother-sister- understood
All over for long! NATIONAL BROTHERS DAY is today
The twenty fourth of May-a day to cherish with joy!

In our childhood we have our own likes and dislikes
Fighting with each other for things big and small- unworthy
All these only strengthen the bond of relationship
That lasts all our lifetime with love and affection!

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India that is my Bharath is called Motherland
We revere HER as BHARATHA MATHA- sacred Mother
Who takes care of all her children East and West, North and South
Every day never wanting to see them suffer!

Alas, what a pity not a day passess sans
A report on atrocities and violence
Against women-child, or in teens, adult or old
By parents, teachers and others- young and old
In offices and outside, in the moving vehicles
In gardens and homes, parks and schools= be condemned.

Is today. Ax Gandhiji said-that day is the independence day
“When women in India is able to walk alone
Safe in the midnight “. When are we to see that golden day?

May I5- International Family Day

What a fall from the noble concept of joint family-dove
Turned to be a nucleus family today bereft of love
For elders-parents, grand parents, uncles and aunts, cousins great
The golden days of yore are gone! Small family today’s treat!

The loss of family values, depreciation of nice
Institution of marriage and all made FAMILY DAY a spice!
To celebrate happiness, love, loyalty and devotion
Let us all join and pray for peace and harmony in the nation!

Family day let us hold is for undying values sure
Love, loyalty and that it is great happiness to all pure.
I stand not for me alone and I am for all- all through life
Million families make the mighty world with joy and light!.


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