International Day for Biological Diversity!

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Biodiversity concerns “Sustainable agriculture”
“Desertification” Land degradation”drought; “Right to water”
“Sanitation” health , energy;  technology Innovation,
“Knowledge-sharing” capacity-building;”Urban resilience”
And adaptation;  Climate change””Disaster risk reduction”
Oceans and seas; forests;  “Food security” and all!

International day for Biological Diversity
Day is today-the twenty second May -United nation
Sponsored day- to think, discuss take care of the issues
Concerning the world as such! Let us and take care!

“Celebrating twenty Five years of Action for Biodiversity”
The theme of the current year Twenty Eighteen-universally
Let us keep in mind and celebrate with all spirit in action!

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World Red Cross Day

Cross indeed is the symbol of sacrifice as Jesus was pinned!
Carrying the cross is difficult unless one is devoted
Dedicated and of duty conscience, loyal and noble
So are the RED CROSS, BLUE CROSS and others serving the society!

”WORLD RED CROSS DAY is today the eighth of May a holy day!
With theme for the year “Memorable smiles from around the world”!
Red cross movement tries and works to bring smiles in all the sufferings
Young or old, rich or poor, man or woman- lettered or unlettered!

We wish the members of the organization all well and success
In their noble mission of serving the needy in moments
Critical! Birthday of Dunant Henri who made the Red Cross
Committee of the International in Eighteen Sixty Three!
World Red Cross Day to provide the suffering people
From Food Shortage, Natural Calamities, War, Epidemic diseases!

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I am glad to share with you that with the 57th  view at 10.15  hours yesterday viz Monday  the Seventh, MAY 2018 , total views of the BLOG  crossed ONE LAKH  AND FORTY FOUR THOUSAND (1,44,000) from more than 210 countries  around the world on the 1165th day and 1218th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue. Thanks aplenty


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Fire is essential for all in the world for life and living
Irrespective of climate, region or religion- for leading
A life of comfort! In Hinduism in fact revered as God
Propitiated in ‘homa’ for all occasions as Lord!

The same fire can cause calamity of the worst order at times
Home or office, factories or forests -FIRE GOD ferocious
Fire fighters plunge into action sacrificing lives many a time
Rightly said better to PREVENT FIRE instead of FIRE FIGHTING later!

INTERNATIONAL FIRE FIGHTERS DAY is today the fourth of May
To highlight the sacred job fire fighting force is engaged in
All over the world!Let us all learn to respect FIRE GOD and handle
In a way that fire fighters are not thrown to the challenge of fighting!

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Central Industrial Security Force Rising day is today
Having born on this day in the year Nineteen Sixty nine
Render service yeomen for the security of Industry
Of different hue and color, sizes and shapes very fine!

Started with just battalions three it has a strength – very great
Mainly to take care of the Public Sector Undertakings-neat!
One lakh forty eight thousand and three hundred seventy one
Personnel today all powerful all embracing force –hearts won!

Now it is premier multi-skilled security agency
Of the country, providing security cover plenty
To nuclear installations, space establishments, airports,
Seaports, power plants, buildings and heritage monuments!.


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“National Safety Day was yesterday” to make conscious efforts
By all to minimize accidents- if not avoid in total – to bear fruits
Let every one take the pledge:”I solemnly affirm that I Rededicate
Myself to the cause of safety, health and protection of environment”.

Theme of the National Safety Day/Week in each year varies:
2017 “Keep Everyone Safe”.
2016 “Make Safety Movement for achieving the goal of no harm”.
2015 “Develop a Secure culture for better Chain Supply”.
2014 “Handle Pressure at Workplace and Control of Hazards with Safety, and It takes us all”.
2013 “For ensuring Safety and Healthy Workplace by working together”.
2012 “Ensuring Safe and Healthy Environment for working which is a fundamental Human Right”.
2011 “Maintain and Establish Preventative measures for Security and Culture of the Health”.

Safety indeed is the natural instinct of all living beings
Alas!all are of course victims some time or other; we are seeing
Of accidents at home or roads, factories and offices misfortune
“Safety, Health and Environment (SHE)” movement serious brings fortune!

Many times we fall victims due to our own awful negligence
Equally horrible it is when due to our own ignorance
Young or old, man or woman, humans or animals all fall victims sure
Efforts are needed to educate and bring in awareness pure!



This is India where things are visualized
In a perspective different and unique=immortalized
The world is one-all the human beings are kith and kin”
Indian philosophy for thousands of years- a spin!!

Lo! International Refugees Day is eighteenth December
People becoming immigrants and refugees world over
In their own homeland at times very unfortunate
Driven by powerful economic, social and political forces.

World Refugee Day, international observance
Dedicated to raising awareness of the people to
The situation of refugees throughout the world.
They flee their homes due to war, conflict and persecution!



A Sanskrit prayer reads:
“Swasthip prajaabyaha paripaalayanthaam
Nyaayaena maargaeNa mahee maheesaaha
Go brahmaNaabyaha subha masthu nithyam
Loka samastha sukino bavanthu,
Sarvae janaaha sukhino bavanthu!E”
The last two lines offering prayer:
“May the whole world be at peace and joy
May the entire people be at peace and joy!”
All the prayers end invoking God for peace:
“Ohm Shanthi! Ohm Shanthi! Ohm Shanthi”
“ Ohm peace! Ohm Peace! Ohm Peace!”

Today is International Day of Peace-theme of the year
“Together for Peace, Respect, Safety and Dignity for all”
A noble occasion for all in the world to work united
To achieve the theme throughout the world and all times.

Let us honour the spirit of being TOGETHER,
A global initiative to promote respect, safety
And dignity for everyone forced to flee their homes
In search of a better life- a great day to work for success!