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Senior Citizens are not born as Senior Citizens ever-never
Today’s children are tomorrow’s senior citizens -after very long gap!
If one is blessed with a long life,he or she bound to be senior citizen
Lo! The youth think not and we see OLD AGE Homes filled fully all over!

August Twenty First today is Senior Citizens Day talked about
And observed and celebrated every year! United Nations General Assembly
Announced in Nineteen Ninety to bring issues to light about the issues
influencing older individuals, such as disintegration with age and abuses.

Moral, ethical and financial norms do expect the children who availed
All affection, care, concern and comforts of stay and studies
To take care of the elderly parents keeping with them and providing
All their needs till death in a peaceful and pleasant way!

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Parents are deemed to be Gods in various countries-rightly so
India will say  treat Mother, Father, Teacher, guests as Gods in that order
“Maathru Dhevo Bhava, Pithru Dhevo Bhava, Achaarya dhevo bhava
Athithi dhevo bhava”- America observes Parents Day on the
Fourth Sunday of July every year! Mother’s Day in May
Father’s Day in June and PARENTS DAY in July-quite appropriate!

National Parents’ Day honors all parents on the fourth Sunday in July.
We can bring all our parents together and show them  all at once.
Parents play a vital role in the lives of children. From the day we are born,
Parents are our protectors, teachers, providers and role models.

As families, they are the core of our communities.  On National Parents’ Day,
We honor all parents do every day to raise up their children in a world
that is constantly changing and challenging.
Family is the microcosmic rudimentary element that
Makes up the society structure. For this structure to remain firm,
The family unit needs to create a strong foundation.

This role is shouldered by responsible parents who do understand
Their imperative role in shaping their child’s life to grow up into
A responsible Citizen. At the same time, this day impresses upon
The younger generation that One day, they must also take on the serious
Responsibility of looking after the Needs of parents and older
Family members. No need for old age homes any longer!!!

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Animal abuse                                                                   Child abuse

Use, abuse, mis use, disuse -all the humans and animals do
Child abuse, animal abuse engage the attention of some
One or the other in the society! People crying sharp and loud
Against the child ABUSER we come across day in and day out!

Including PETA- People for Ethical Treatment of Animals
Are not as vociferous, lo, as those against Child Abusers
No age or sex is observed in those who abuse children cruel
Worse still is animal abuse- poor creations of the Almighty!

Animal abuse is as cruel as child abuse deserving
Punishment equal- as both are innocent-fail in understanding
Unable to express what they want to- inscrutable are God’s
Creation-Let us bring sense in those who abuse children and animals!

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(Written at the instance of Aparna Gayathri of Thanjavur.


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Children are deemed to be Gods in our Indian tradition and culture
June twelfth today we have to think of this day unfortunate by nature
Children to enjoy at home, school and society to toil in a factory
Atrocious that parents to send the children to earn for their food!

This year International Labour Organization celebrates
Hundred years of advancing social justice and promoting decent work.
Yet today, one hundred and fifty two million children are still child labourers.
Children work in all sectors, yet majority working in agriculture.

Society is to strive for allowing the children to study in schools
Food, clothing and books provided free as in Tamilnadu schools
At the initiative of great and noble leader Kamaraj
Parents be ashamed of taking food at the earning of children.

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Lovely child of either sex
Sure and certain gift of God
Consummation of conjugal life
Alchemy of sweet communion
Ultimate of human desire
Pleasant blessings of beloved nature!
Adding strength to the nation
Providing joy to the parents
Making asset right in latence!

To be nursed and nurtured well to an age
Food, shelter, education upto a stage
Rest and play, love and life to advantage
Infusing great and noble human bondage!


Scanning done, female foetus seen
Sans mercy terminated keen
Stage to see in school and play field
Shame to see in ponds and agri-field
In rain and Sun, mud and water
Sowing seeds, removing weeds in tatter
Picking rags on roads
Cutting stone in quarries
Serving water in hotels
Labouring hard in factories
Double the work of elders
Half the wages on hands!

Wretched life they lead
Kind hearted we bleed
Fragrant flowers they die
Sans fragrance they cry
Weep aloud in wilderness
Unheard goes in din and dust!

Child labour shame in life
Sure a blot on the world’s stage!

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Children Victims of Aggression–June 4 …


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”International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression”
Is today the Fourth June! Atrocious indeed- quite unfair position,
United Nations observance of fourth June every year.
Since Nineteen Eighty Two focusing on victims of Lebanon War!

Purpose expanded to “acknowledge the pain suffered by children
Throughout the world who are the victims of physical, mental and
Emotional abuse.Affirms the United Nation’s commitment
To protect the rights of children-future of any country!.

For the sins of elders unfair to put the innocent children to
Untold sufferings.United Nations have responsibility to
Protect them from all mishandlings – good now on the wane
Let us in our own way nurture positively children of the world!

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Hearty WELCOME to JUNE forms the content for this week’s Sunday Story in Envius Thoughts! Children and elders were enjoying a nice vacation in the last two months! School holidays mean children can enjoy a larger sleep, no need to get up early, prepare themselves for the school/college, get up as they liker, have frood as they wish, play as they feel in the hot sun notwithstanding! Naturally when the children are not in a hurry, parents too feel a little leisurely! Visiting friends and relatives, kith and kin, local and away-in fact a great time in a year to enjoy- no matter Sun is at his worst in May! Parks and play grounds, private and public full of activities all through the summer vacation! Cool drink shops- ever the people in que- requesting cold Apple juice, Banana milk shake, carrot juice, grape juice, ice cream of any flavor, jack fruit juice, keerani juice,lemon juice, mango milk shake, mulaampaza juice, orange juice, pomo juice,rose milk, sweet lemon juice, water melon juice and what not!
Coconut water, sugar cane juice and palmyra tree gifted NUNGU will do enormous good to our health during summer.

Sommer coming happily water scarcity scaring at the society! Very hard to believe that a tanker of water normally available for Rs 800 or so, shot up to 3000 rupees-horrible indeed! When the Government says there is no water for supplying, where do these thousands of private water tankers get water uninterruptedly- a million dollar question! Government’s apathy, insensitivity, in efficiency?????????????????????.
Summer season travel horrible again-notwithstanding extra fleet of buses, long distance bus standing travel! In spite of advanced train bookings, non availability for those who have to make urgent journeys! People standing in the toilets in the second class compartment! Not imaginasry but the actual experience of this blogger!!!

When children go out for play under the hot sun, on the one side parents feel relieved that the children are not making life horrible sitting at home- on the other worried that playing in hot sun may affect the health of the children!
But look at the pitiable condition of the sweepers, cleaners -street beautifiers who have to work in hot sun or otherwise! There are similarly placed workers everywhere.
There is a period called AGNI NATCHATHIRAM -this year it was from May 3rd to 29thy during which period sun rays will be at the worst and no fan, Ac etc can be of much help!When the sea breeze sets in the coastal areas, evenings may a little pleasant. I use to enjoy for a few minutes intermittently when I go for my morning walk between three and four and evening 5 and 6 in our Youth World in Jeevan Bima Nagar , Chennai where I live.

This June has a special significance for all of us-  the residents of JEEVAN BIMA NAGAR which is celebrating SILVER JUBILEE on 15th and 16th in a magnificent manner- bringing out the talents within the colony and from outside to provide wholesome joy to the inmates of the colony.

A rare and happy occasion for all of us especially the seniors like me as  we can enjoy GOLDEN JUBILEE only from our HEAVENLY ABODE!
I recollect my Haiku poems on SUMMER which I give below though a repeat of long back:

Among the seasons Four
Summer has its own charm
Here are some Haiku nice
Enjoy/suffer along with summer!

Summer and winter
Part of Nature – God made sure
Accept with heart pure!
Summer is pleasant
To write “Mid summer night’s dream”
Sky throws a crescent!
Summer and winter
Brings out the great truth of life
Hot and cold glitter!
Sure the world needs both
Hot summer and cold winter
Ensure peoples’ growth!
Hot summer brings joy
To my children, the schools close
Nice time to enjoy!
Summer has glory
For all of us to enjoy
Can make a story!
Summer is pleasant
To all those who have a mind
To taste the crescent!
Summer can be cold
As cold as Himalayas
Mind to be quite bold!
Great summer showers
Bring mice relief, joy and cheers
Nature’s strong powers!
Summer gets flowers
Exotic and excellent
People in great cheers!

Summer knows no discrimination. It is equally harsh for all-big or small, rich or poor, men or women, employed or unemployed, well read or ill read!
Well June has just arrived bringing cheers and responsibilities, activities and attendant duties. Monsoon is expected to arrive shortly. Schools and colleges are to be opened for yet another onset of academic year. Payment of heavy fees, purchase of loads of books and notebooks for children. For my entire studies from Class one to University course, I would not have spent a lakh! Today a school nearby is collecting a couple of lakhs of rupees for PRE KG/LKG.! Is it education has become so costly and quality proportionately increased! Parents paying capacity increased!
I remember in late fifties I walked 16 miles a day for to-fro college in Karaikudi for want of 2+2 = 4 annas for college bus! Today boys and girls of elementary and high school classes go by school bus for a school that is just 500 meters from home in my colony! Naturally we find 4th or 6th standard boys and girls awkwardly OBESE!
One thing I have to admit is that the present day students in all ages are much more intelligent and better general knowledgeable than what I was at that stage!
Well wishing a happy and successful new academic year, we end this sunday story at this stage. Till we meet tomorrow as usual may GOD BE WITH YOU!

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