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Milk indeed is the food for all irrespective of age and sex
God in HIS own wisdom gifted humanity the nectar from HIS
Yet another creation-animals- cows and all others feeding
Their young ones with milk nectar from the heaven ideal food for all!

National Milk day is today recalling its value,
No adulteration, no extra hydration, thank you
Producers for your sacred service to the Society
On this holy day the people salute you with piety!

When Mahatma refused to take cow’s milk on his own point
Doctors cornered him by asking him to take goat’s milk!


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November 23rd.-National Adoption Day

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Society owes it to the society not to keep any child as an orphan
No orphanage, no foster care, no child begging-all children in loving care
Natural parents or adopted parents(!?)- an ideal society
To aim at and achieve every where all over the world! positively!

Twenty Third November today is National Adoption Day
The day raises awareness of tens of thousands of children
In foster care. Each year on the Saturday before Thanksgiving,
The day focuses on children waiting for permanent, loving families.

National Adoption Day helps the dreams of many children and families
Come true. many courts and communities came together to finalize
Thousands of adoptions of children from foster care. They celebrate
As dreams become a reality. Though very much  practiced in other countries
We can also think seriously and adopt the children in the orphanages
And new lives to the deserted and the parents help in this noble task.

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CHACHA NEHRU DAY-November 14th

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PANDIT Nehru a jewel among the pundits of Kashmir and highly educated
Prime Minister Nehru the top among the Prime Ministers of the world
Politician Nehru the most honest among the politicians of the world
CHACHA NEHRU most affectionate among the chachas to the children !

Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent Lord Almighty gifted
Jawaharlal Nehru to our homeland great India that is Bharat
Through traditionally a great family on this day Fourteenth
November Eighteen Hundred Eighty Nine – indeed a blessed year!

Nehru loved roses immense and so the children – kept rose in his packet
And children in his heart! Children loved him in turn and hence his birth day
Is not Nehru Birth Day but CHILDRENS DAY! dedicated to the children’s welfare
Let us on this day recollect his great services to India and the children!

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I am glad to share with you that with the 139th view at 12.30 hrs today viz Thursday   the Fourteenth November 2019, (14/11/2019) , total views of the BLOG (Dunce blog) crossed    TWO LAKHS AND TWENTY  THREE THOUSAND (2,23,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1749th day and 1782nd post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.

YOUNG READERS DAY-November 12th.

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Reading indeed is a must for every one for a successful life.
Reading what, when, and how?- questions natural to be addressed by all!
Reading trashes never helps at any stage at any place.at any time.
Reading what that builds up nobility and provides knowledge fine!

Today the twelfth of November is YOUNG READERS DAY- a day to cherish
To start practicing reading at young age! sure to be a nice habit!
Young Readers Day was co-founded in nineteen eighty nine by Pizza Hut
And the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress great move!

This blogger has a bad habit of reading nothing extra in life!
Upto college-study the books needed, while in office the manuals
And circulars to administer the office!!! None after retirement!
Only reading from age seven to seventy nine is THE HINDU-news paper!

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Open Wells Cry Out- Oh! My dear people blame us not for your failure
Faithfully we have been serving since we were born supplying water
Unfortunate Sujit Wilson had to rest in peace in our lap
As you were not careful to hold the child by his hands as he left home.

Parents to ensure some elderly person goes with the child out.
Poor young child knows not what is safe and what is unsafe while straying out
When two tragedies have struck, the world blames us as if we are the culprits
Unwary children can get hurt by a raging fire, and a straying animal!

The lesson to be learnt is the elders to be careful in handling
Their beloved children beforehand and not blaming others later
Keep us open or closed, one can fall and die-destiny plays its role.
Yet, in us lies intelligence and wisdom to be careful and cautious.

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Hisar-Haryana child in the well accident

WORLD POLIO DAY-24th October

Global Polio Eradication Initiative works all across the globe to ensure no child is paralysed by polio ever again. (Munish Byala/ HT File Photo)

World Polio Day was on October twenty fourth yesterday
To raise awareness for the “eradication of polio”
And also to honour the efforts of thousands of employees of
World Health Organization and other organisations committed.

Occasion also commemorates birth of American medical researcher
And virologist Jonas Salk, who discovered and developed one of
The first successful poliomyelitis or polio vaccines.
Theme for World Polio Day last year was ‘End Polio Now’.

Polio a highly infectious viral disease, mainly affects the young
Children. no cure, can be prevented through immunization
Polio vaccine given multiple times, always protects a child for life.
Strategy to eradicate polio is preventing infection by immunising
Every child until transmission stops and the world is polio-free.

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Very rightly said cleanliness is next to Godliness to be followed
By all for a healthier life which many do not take serious enough
One important aspect is keeping hands washed and thus clean at all times
More for children to be trained right from their young days for their healthy future!

Global Hand Washing Day is today the  fifteenth October all over
.This year, the Global Handwashing Day theme focuses on the links
Between Handwashing and food – including food hygiene and nutrition.
Important to keep food safe, prevent diseases and help children grow strong.

Quite essential to teach and train the children in all possible ways
Equally applicable to elders who are not very much in that habit
Ultimately purpose is to maintain cleanliness by all means
For a life of health and happiness, peace and poise, joy and strength!

‘Hand washing’ has other meanings too! Washing away one’s responsibility
Not to bother about the other who is supposed to be taken care of
“Hands must be washed to keep it clean” clean from corruption of any sort
For the society to be clean -free from ignoble thoughts, words and deeds!


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