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Ocean indeed is the Mother of the world who protects all
Spotlights the entire magnificence of the body of water tall
That makes our life possible on Earth! So many creatures live
In the ocean, one-quarter size of the earth is covered by ocean!

We all know how much ocean is important for civilization
Today rightly observed as “MOTHER OCEAN DAY”-for appreciation
Of keeping the ocean clean and neat and its coasts all along
To ensure sea breeze for health and happiness of the world -we belong!

Mother Ocean provides life and living for millions in the world
We owe it to ourselves to respect ocean- deemed MOTHER by all bold
In India-my holy Motherland we revere Mother as God-
Ocean as Mother! Let us enjoy this HOLY DAY!As Lord!

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Submarine Day – April 11, 2018

Today the Eleventh April two thousand eighteen
Deemed as SUBMARINE DAY” in the United States-keen
To think of the role played by the Submarines nice
To save the nations as a part of Navy- all over!

Submarine a large, crewed underwater vessel
Primarily used during world war one, used by navy
Also used in military, research, search-and tourism
And-rescue missions, undersea cable repairs, archaeology!

The submarine a variety of sandwich, long bread
Filled with meat and vegetable-it resembles
The shape of the underwater recollecting
The anniversary of first commissioned submarine!

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Oceans are the greatest gift of God for the living beings
Humans and animals, mountains, hills and dales, birds and all livings
Get  a lot from the oceans excellent expression of Nature
Sure to be kept neat and safe, clean and clear for the sake of future!

Greatest danger comes from the man who throws all the plastic trash
Into the sea polluting the whole ocean unsafe for all to dash
The hopes of the world simply but surely idiotic and unfair
The saner among the humans have to prevent this nonsense- quite fair!

Rivers and tanks, lakes and seas, wells and all water bodies deemed
As divine manifestation and have to be revered and respected
Sure not to be pollutes by any means -throwing the wastes
Plastics onwards and maintain the sanctity and purity of oceans.

WORLD OCEAN DAY is today the eighth of June every year
To bring in awareness among all for health and happiness clear
Tragedy is polluting with plastic mounds- to be given up sure
And maintain the pristine blue color of the sea-ever pure!



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There is no world without labor or labor class
Rightly this day dedicated to them – a mass
Every one in the world is a laborer sure
Rich or poor, literate or illiterate pure!

Unfortunate that this fact is not remembered
Let us hail the labor class of all size and shades
Develop attitude right and physique splendid
Give up habits and thoughts that mar the society morbid!

Local Government orders closure of all wine shops!!!!!???
What a pity and what an awful perception
Let us all belonging to the labor class thrive
And prosper with good health and habits, peace and joy!

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Nature -the greatest manifestation of the Lord Almighty
Nature has blessed the world with long coasts as valuable bounty!
Long coastal lines all along in the world great security
It is for the world to keep it quite clean, very safe and tidy!

Thirty years ago was launched by the Ocean conservancy US
To cleanup of the coastal areas including all beaches
To create awareness on protecting the fragile environs
Along the coast and exhibit support for coastal habitats!

Volunteers in thousands from schools, colleges and the public keen
Are to collect garbage all over the coast lines and make them clean
Volunteers in any number can engage in this work noble
Fishers in the coast are happy to join the work-quite stable!

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WORLD OCEAN DAY is today! (8/6)



“Healthy oceans, healthy planet”theme of the year sixteen

Three fourths of the earth has water all around-keep its sheen

In tact as our duty bounden on this day holy sure

On this great  WORLD OCEAN DAY for our survival quite pure!


Great creation of the Almighty for the use of all

None to have the hegemony over the God’s gift tall

Yet all have duty to protect the protector-ocean

Giver of health and wealth to all on earth with great passion!


Sagar -the sea- is deemed as God in India by all

Offering prayer on the days holy taking bath

Not a dumping yard for garbage and carcass remember

Greatest gift of God -as  an act of divine surrender!


Where is rain if oceans are not well protected by all

Where is food for human and animal beings sans sea

Where is transportation of men and goods sans sea route

All the reasons why on this day to resolve to protect sure!


Sunset over the Indian Ocean. Malpe Beach. Photo by: Sharadha NV

                             Photo by N V Sharadha 



“National Maritime Day” is today, an important day

Happy and proud citizens of India we are to pay

Our heartful wishes to all connected with navigation

An ancient history we have for a celebration!


History going back to hoary past we have this day since

Nineteen sixty four- for centuries we have trade and commerce

Vast coast to be guarded from alien intrusion by us

Coast guards doing a great and serious service tremendous!


Shores seven thousand five hundred kilometers long, dozens

Of Ports –major and minor- all over Bharath amazing

Enabling ninety percent of trade International fine

Moving through ships quite large- a wonderful maritime gold mine!