24th October-United Nations Day.

United Nations Day

Twenty Fourth October-United Nations Day
Indeed great for the countries in the world this day
United Nations Organization founded
In Nineteen Forty Five-is seventy three today!

This day is to focus on the values this organization
Spells the principles of humanity, unity, and world peace.
After the two world wars and the cold war to salvage with ease,
Humanity from the scourge of war and wrath of destruction!

My mind goes to this day in Nineteen Sixty, as a final year
Student of Alagappa College, Karaikudi called by All India
Radio, Trichy for a quiz program on United Nations
Organization and out of seven marks we scored three was mine!

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“United we stand, Divided we fall” -words of wisdom
Manthra not only for the individuals-kingdom
On the earth to follow earnest and honest by all
To keep the world and humanity in peace quite tall!

Founded several decades ago- in different names
And forms took present shape with nations one hundred and nine
As member states to keep the world united and peaceful!

With various wings of the Organization all needs
Essential are taken care of in ways possible
Duty of the society and the world to nurse and nurture
For eternity with HIS grace for the welfare of future!


May 24 – Commonwealth Day.

The great Common wealth day is today to cherish

Nice wealth indeed of the common man to nourish

All the nations under its roof sure to flourish

Member countries work for success- not to perish!


Queen Elizabeth’s birth day – the May twenty fourth

Though now celebrated on different days- put forth

With this year’s nice theme “INCLUSIVE COMMON WEALTH”

BY countries fifty three- came together since birth!


Commonwealth games youngsters look forward to witness

Once in every four years- next two thousand eighteen

To show their mettle in the field of games and sports

We wish Commonwealth countries all wealth and success!



COMMON WEALTH DAY is today! (14/3/16)

“Common Wealth Nations”- common wealth of the world civilized

An association of  voluntary nations prized

Of fifty three nations – independent and sovereign

None exercise power over another-great campaign!


Common values they have-  promotion of democracy,

Human rights,good governance,individual  liberty

The rule of law,  egalitarianism, free trade

Multilateral-ism, and world peace -well made!


The Commonwealth Games held once every four years

Promoting good will, peace and friendship among all members.

Sports cementing force of all people-religion and culture

May this holy day  pave the way for  noble future!