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For achieving success on earth, among other factors most important
Is GOVERNANCE- GOOD GOVERNANCE-at all levels-personal or of home
Or Office or Society, nation or education everywhere
Sans GOOD GOVERNANCE success can be only by luck or fortune!

Good governance needs high quality thoughts,words and deeds at all levels
Thinking, Planning, Budgeting, execution, finance, communication!
Twenty Fifth December yesterday was our Good Governance Day
We had good Governance right from independence in Nineteen Forty Eight.

Good Governance Day- the birth anniversary of former-Prime Minister
Atal Bihari Vajpayee. established in Two Thousand Fourteen to honor him
By fostering awareness among the people of accountability in government.
Unfortunately we see how observed at State and Central levels.

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National Mathematics Day

It is said that Mathematics is the mother of all Sciences!! True without Mathematics no arts or Science subject can develop and flourish. Hence it is in the fitness of things that National Mathematics day is observed and that is on December 22nd today. Envius Thoughts brings out a Sunday Story on this day for the information of all our esteemed viewers which is bound to provide some good inputs. Let us enjoy the post on this salubrious Sunday! This is on the 1786th Day of the Blog and 1720th post. Let us carry on.
National Mathematics Day is celebrated on 22 December every year to mark the birth anniversary of legendary Indian mathematician, Srinivasa Ramanujan and his contributions in the field of mathematics. Let us read more about National Mathematics Day, its history, significance and how is it observed.

As we know that since ancient times various scholars had made significant contributions to Mathematics including Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Mahavira, Bhaskara II, Srinivasa Ramanujan and others. At the very young age, Srinivasa Ramanujan showed the signs of an unfolding genius and his contributions regarding fractions, infinite series, number theory, mathematical analysis and so on set an example in mathematics.

On 22 December 2012, the former Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, paid tribute to Srinivasa Ramanujan at a function organised on the occasion of the 125th birth anniversary of the great mathematician Srinivasa Iyengar Ramanujan in Chennai. 22 December was declared as National Mathematics Day. Thus, on 22 December 2012, National Mathematics Day was celebrated across the country for the first time.
National Mathematics Day 2019: Significance

The main objective behind the celebration is to raise awareness among people about the importance of Mathematics for the development of humanity. We can’t ignore that several initiatives are taken to motivate, enthuse and inculcate a positive attitude towards learning Mathematics among the younger generation of the country. On this day, training is also provided to the Mathematics teachers and students through camps and highlights the development, production, and dissemination of teaching-learning materials for Mathematics and research in related areas.

List of famous Indian mathematicians from Ancient to Modern India
How is National Mathematics Day celebrated?
National Mathematics Day is celebrated in various schools, colleges, universities, and educational institutions in India. Even the International Society UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation) and India had agreed to work together to spread Mathematics learning and understanding. Along with this, various steps were taken to educate the students in mathematics and spread knowledge to the students and learners all over the world.
NASI (The National Academy of Science India) is the oldest science academy situated in Allahabad. To celebrate National Mathematics Day, NASI conducts a workshop in applications of Mathematics and Ramanujan. The workshop is attended by popular lecturers and experts in the field of Mathematics from across the nation. Speakers at the country and world level discuss Srinivasa Ramanujan’s contribution to mathematics.

The two days workshop on the topic ‘History of Indian Maths before 16th Century’ is also organised during 30-31 December, 2019 at the NASI headquarters at Prayagraj.

The theme of the workshop will be important talks/presentations followed by a thorough discussion on the contributions of Indian Mathematicians from the Vedic period to the medieval period which have been accepted by the whole mathematical world without controversy. Discussion in the workshop will cover the following topics:

– Indian Contribution during Vedic Period
– Indian Contribution during Classical period
– Indian Contribution during the medieval period.

All the states of India celebrate National Mathematics Day in different ways. Various competitions and mathematical quizzes are conducted at schools, colleges, and universities. Mathematics talent and students from all over India participate in these programs and workshops.
About Srinivasa Ramanujan and his contributions in Mathematics
Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22 December, 1887, Erode, India and died on 26 April, 1920 at Kumbakonam. His family was of the Brahmin caste and lived in poverty. At the age of 12, he had gained knowledge in Trigonometry and without anyone’s help, he had developed his own theorems and ideas.Just at the age of 15 he obtained a copy of George Shoobridge Carr’s Synopsis of Elementary Results in Pure and Applied Mathematics.

He had spent his childhood days in great difficulty in poverty. He used to borrow books and read books from friends in school. When he was young, he took up the job of clerk to meet the economic needs of the house, and when he gets the time he used to solve mathematics questions and worked on various types of theorems. Once, an Englishman saw those pages,he was impressed and took a personal interest. He sends Srinivasa Ramanujan to the Hardy, the Professor of Oxford University. He then recognized the talent hidden in him and thereafter he got fame worldwide.

His papers were published in the Journal of the Indian Mathematical society in 1911. He had compiled about 3900 results mainly identities and equations that too on his own without anyone’s assistance. Several results out of them are original and novel like the Ramanujan prime, The Ramanujan theta function, partition formulae and mock theta functions. These results further inspired several other research and opened new fields of work. He discovered his own theory of divergent series, worked out the Riemann series, the elliptic integrals, hypergeometric series and the functional equations of the zeta function. Number 1729 is known as the Hardy-Ramanujan number.

National Mathematics Day is observed on 22 December every year to spread awareness about the importance of mathematics and the contributions made by the scholar of mathematics Srinivasa Ramanujan. The government of India decided in 2012 to celebrate National Mathematics Day on 22 December on the birth anniversary of Srinivasa Ramanujan. Since then it was celebrated on 22 December every year.
The post’s aim was to provide some basic facts and we do hope the objective was achieved to some extent. We are sure that you have enjoyed reading this post.
This far is for this week’s Sunday story and tomorrow we shall meet as usual. Till then GOODBYE!


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ARK  honors NVS!

Blog crossed overall views of 2,28,000 on 20th instant. My good friend and former colleague Mr. A Ramakrishnan used to call on me at the end of every 25000 views and honor me with a shawl and here is a photo taken on the occasion. Speciality and uniqueness about him is he daily views the posts and presents his views on the posts through an audio which I used to enjoy.

GO FOR A RIDE DAY-22nd November.

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Let us not ride on others nor allow others to ride on us!
Today the twenty second of November is GO FOR A RIDE DAY!
Observed today all over the world! a day to get out into the world
And take a ride with our bike or car or our shoes. no need for a destination!

Just let us follow our nose!We can find our own  way to take part in
Go For a Ride Day,  vehicle plays no major role. We try fancy  like a sleigh,
A horse, a helicopter or a skateboard.  go through nature or take a city trip.
We go with our friends or on our own. journey is all that counts.

Go For A Ride Day encourages to get out into the world – hop on bike,
Into car, or simply get walking boots out of storage and go on a trip.
Not worry too much about where we are going, just enjoy the journey.
What with all cell phones and emails constantly intruding on our lives,
Everyone needs some time to just get away from it all and feel
We need every now and then. no better way than going for a ride!

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Theme for “World Consumer Rights Day” today is ‘Making digital
Marketplaces fairer’- chosen with the aim to promote digital
Marketplaces more accessible, safer and fairer for consumers
Across the globe- consumer satisfaction became consumer delight!

Days were there and continue at times -consumers taken for a ride
In cost and quality, measure and means. Dawned consumer right thoughts
In the Society- laws were made, consumers/customers made aware of rights
They enjoy. The world is changing fast and thoughts and actions quite right!

On line marketing, anything sitting in front of all powerful
COMPUTER-making use of internet facility from any part of the globe
Whatever we need, reaching our door steps in a couple of days,
Risk is always there with anything on earth- not an exemption here!





Cuts and pastes common in the computer world we know and do
At times right, at times wrong- wrong leading to plagiarism too!
Knowingly doing is an act criminal-goes unnoticed
Wrong is wrong and with one’s conscience he gets punished!

Cuts and wounds common with a razor and with a new blade
Causing blood to ooze and pain to follow suit awful-man made
Negligence cause many a time –carefulness may help quite sure
If one were to suffer he has to -that is God’s will very pure!

Cuts and wounds caused by the cruel words from the tongue
Atrocious and sinful act by the individuals –rogue.
Noble and kind people love all and serve all, hurt never
By thoughts, words and deeds –they make sure to help ever!


May 17-  World Telecommunication Day





Man in his stone age and earlier knew no communication
Yet went on their lives and living sans any hypertension
Ages moved fast and humans began to learn the art of talking
Culture, practices, art of life greatly developed galloping!

Fast delivered talk and conversation, telephones, telegrams
Easily hand delivered tapals though slow, steady-phonograms
To day we enjoy the fruits of science and technology quite quick
Facilitating contacts any where in the world any time-mirth!

‘WORLD COMMUNICATION DAY’ is today to thank all those concerned
Replying mails received from the farthest corner in no time – secured
Easiest to reply the emails- no paper, no pen, no cover,
No post box- yet I have no mind- pity we see in the society!



THE E magazine INDIAN PERIODICAL regularly publishes my articles in their weekly updates. For this Sunday’s  kindly click the second link, select my ARTICLE on BHARATHIYAR’s – OBEISANCE TO THE NATION read and make your kind comment on the space provided beneath the article which will benefit  other readers also.



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“Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind”.
“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages”.: William Shakespeare
“Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”:. Philip Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield
“Paradox of time” is the greatest of the paradoxes in the world!

There are innumerable thoughts and quotes on TIME and that shows the importance and significance of time that makes or mars a person.

Attendant term is PUNCTUALITY!

Very often I use to admire with reverence and respect at the Goddess of Time who governs the entire Universe.

Some time back I started a serial in Tamil titled “கால தேவதை”- “Goddess of Time” and its chapter 7 is to be pursued and I posted the same in my Face book. That explains the role time has been playing in my life since my birth to this day!

As I think of my life in the WONDERLAND OF BLOGGING, I pleasantly recollect my life of 614 days and 650th post this day!

I believe “Time flies over us, but leaves its shadow behind”.

As Shakespeare said “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages”.:

Yes, I am playing same role at different times and different roles at the same time! That indeed is a paradox which I enjoy! Out of that seven ages, where I stand is a puzzle to me.

“Know the true value of time; snatch, seize, and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination: never put off till tomorrow what you can do today”: Honestly I am trying to follow this advice of Chesterfield and only the Great Goddess of Time can and must testify how far I have succeeded.


In tune with the practice of ENVIUS THOUGHTS today being the 650th post, it is TALE OF THE BLOGGER PART XIII.

Anything that appears to be interesting to me since my 600th post, I would like to share with my esteemed viewers.

My last part of this series appeared on 11th September and today it is the next-Part XIII at the 650th post.

Posts have passed as quickly as days and there has not been any let up even once in these 50 days by the grace of Goddess of Learning and Goddess of Time.

Number of days taken for ONE THOUSAND Views, I deem as an index of the popularity of the Blog and here are some figures:

Sl. No.        Date.           Post No.              Total views

1                 11/9/16.    600th                    57762

2                 12/9/16.    601st.                             58000                  6 days

3                 18/9/16.     607th.                  59000                  6 days

4                 24/9/16.     613rd.                 60000                  6 days

5                 01/10/16.   620th.                  61000                  7 days

6                 07/10/16.   626th.                  62000                  6 days

7                 14/10/16.  633rd.                  63000                  7 days

8                 20/10/16.  640th.                  64000                  6 days

9                26/10/16. 646th.                65000                  6 days

10.             30/10/16. 650th.                  65632



UWAI-CREATOR DR. K Thiyagarajan

I made a reference in a few of my ENVIUS THOUGHTS about UNITED WRITERS ASSOCIATION OF INDIA having its Headquarters in Chennai ably organized and administered by Dr. Chevalier K Thiyagarajan engaged in social, literary and educational fields. He has been selected to receive a prestigious award in November and I have pleasure to share  a news item in the HINDU with my esteemed viewers:


Internationally renowned Population Expert and Founder of United Writers’ Association, Chennai, Chevalier Dr.K.Thiagarajan has been selected for conferment of BHARAT JOTHI EXCELLENCE Honour and Gold Medal by Bharatiya Samaj Vikas Academy,Mumbai during the Annual Convention on “Ëmpowerment of Teachers for Building Sustainable Global Society” during November,16 at Mumbai.

Always clamoring for consistent cultivation of human excellence and unleashing Human potential in all its myriad manifestation and armed with legendary negotiating skills, Dr.Thiagarajan in his vast panorama of literary horizon spanning for over three and half decades often orchestrates his literary sensibilities creating an conducive environment devoid of magnificence, extravagance and grandeur anchored as much as by rigor and variety in repertoire as by imagination and inventiveness in improvisation. Passion, Perfection and Practice – the subtle intangible buzz words were some of the words he keep mesmerizing so often with sweeping rapidity in all his lecture circuits and workshops.

A multi-disciplinary scholar articulating authentically in search of nuances in various realms of knowledge and rated as a strong campaigner for sustained social responsibility and considered as an epitome of inimitable and incredible humility and simplicity, Dr. Thiagarajan’s enunciation of philosophy of service in a coherent, disciplined and consistent manner (which is a true calling of his life) and legitimatizing them how to plan and execute the tasks and the profound interaction with a galaxy of top-notch leaders in variegated disciplines who exemplified as role-models bespeak of the abundant respect and warmth showered on him. Goals in life should always be fine-tuned with clear-cut objective trying to shoot a target at a shooting range bamboozling one’s capabilities whatever one is trying to accomplish.

Medley of talents:
An evangelist for ushering and radicalizing leadership qualities and indeed any amount of epithet – be it scholar of eminence, teacher, researcher with International exposure, holder of impeccable academic accolades, manager of academic Programmes nurturing high performance work environment, resounding organizer, Creative global thinker fits admirably this eminent journalist whose innate vision and Relentless quest for leveraging and infusing sustainable vigor into the frontier and demystifying areas of research to reach global standards has been always awe-inspiring as a dazzling diamond to the diadem of his scholarship and erudition. Churchill’s reverberating aphorisms fits more admirably this eminent scholar: “A much modest man who has nothing he needs except to be modest about”.

Currently he is piloting an intensive comparative study on competitiveness and Economic development of nations and the application of competitive principles to myriad social problems such as equitable and sustainable socio-economic development, judicious use of natural resources, cultural diversity, health care, conservation of environment and sustained corporate social responsibility.

I pray and wish many more laurels adorn him in the days to come as he richly deserves this and more.


It is nothing but Divine Grace that I happen to be a bilingual poet in English and Tamil and I have quite a few poetry works to my credit. On 13th and 14th of November, I have been invited to participate in an INTERNATIONAL MULTILINGUAL POETS MEET at Vijayawada and I give below an extract from the Invitation received in this regard for your kind information:

Advance Invitation to Poetic Prism 2016 – Anthology Launch & International Multilingual Poets’ Meet

Padmaja Iyengar <> AttachmentsAug 31

to me
Respected Poet N.V. Subbaraman,
On behalf of The Cultural Center of Vijayawada & Amaravati, we thank you for the valuable contribution of your poem/s to our International Multilingual Poetry Anthology Poetic Prism 2016. Very happy to share with you that as on date, this anthology has 495+ poems in 48 languages!

The launch of this prestigious Poetry Anthology Poetic Prism 2016 is slated for Sunday the 13th November, 2016 at Vijayawada, at the hands of Shri N. Chandrababu Naidu, the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh.

The Anthology Launch is followed by an International Multilingual Poets’ Meet on the 13th and 14th November, 2016. The Meet will conclude with Lunch at 1 pm on 14 Nov’16.

In this connection, it gives us immense pleasure to extend this advance invitation to you to the Anthology Launch and to the Multilingual Poets’ Meet as a Poet Delegate to read out your poem/s from Poetic Prism 2016.

Your hospitality at Vijayawada including your pick up from/drop at Airport/Railway Station/Bus Station, comfortable stay, etc. will be totally taken care of by us.
Kindly mail your acceptance of this advance invitation latest by 5 September, 2016.

You may also go ahead and book your journey tickets based on this advance Invitation. The formal invitation will be mailed to you sometime in October, 2016.

Once your tickets are booked, kindly inform us your itinerary as follows to enable us to plan your stay arrangements accordingly:

Date & Time of Arrival in Vijayawada :

Mode of Travel :

Flt no. & Airline name / Train no. & Train name /
Bus no. & Transport Company name :

Date & Time of Departure from Vijayawada :

Mode of Travel :

Flt no. & Airline name / Train no, & Train name/
Road transport no. & name :

Also kindly mail us a copy of your tickets if possible.

Kindly note that the accommodation (on twin-sharing basis) from our side is available to you from 12 noon, 12 Nov’16 to 6 pm,14 Nov’16.

Eagerly looking forward to your positive response asap.

Here’s a small sampling of the extensive media coverage (print and electronic) of ‘Poetic Prism 2015’ event and anthology:
(event coverage by media – a sampling)
(The Hindu – 30 Nov’16)
(When the previous edition of our anthology ‘ Poetic Prism 2015’ was declared a Record)

Best Always and Warm Regards


Padmaja Iyengar
Hon. Lit. Advisor
The Cultural Centre of Vijayawada & Amaravati

Phone : +91 9948269211
Attachments area

Look at the great gesture on the part of respected Poet Padmaja Iyengar and her team- they have extended an official invitation to the 17 year old budding poet Miss. S. Nivetha , my ward (who is familiar to my esteemed viewers of the Blog) and she is also flying to Vijayawada with me and returning on 14/11 after presenting her poem- published in the great ANTHOLOGY-AMRAVATI POETIC PRISM 2016.

Proceedings of the function and Meet will be one of my forthcoming SUNDAY STORIES- probably on 20/11 or 27/11/2016.


The great FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS has come and gone. I made the following post for the occasion:

“Thamasoma jyothir gamaya”- Vedic hymn-Let light give place to darkness
“Lead Kindly light amidst the encircling gloom”-a great English poet-smartness.
Here is the “FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS”- called Diwali, Deepavali-lights in rows
A great day of joy and mirth, peace and happiness-man in reverence bows!

A day of victory for the noble forces on evil ones-happy
A day of success for wisdom over ignorance- to enjoy proudly
A day of social calls on kith and kin exchanging greetings joyfully
A day of thanking the Almighty for all HIS grace and love piously!

On this day let us avail the ‘joy of giving’ to the poor and destitute
What all are possible to the orphans and old age people- to substitute
Their agony and grief with joy and happiness through our acts of kindness
Let this FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS bring in great light and brightness in all our lives!

Let us not pollute the minds of the poor with our extravaganza
Let us not pollute the atmosphere with noise and smoke everywhere –
Let us not scare the dumb cats and dogs, cows and crows with sound enormous
Let us enjoy the FESTIVAL with lighting the lamps dispelling darkness!

Having witnessed the day that should have been a holy, sacred, serene, happy, joyous, solemn and social day, I am in deep distress at the degeneration of the day- a day of extreme extravaganza, nasty pomp, condemn-able wastage  of money, time, energy, health and so on. It is really an irony and despicable condition in the society that the haves never bother about the unfortunate have-nots. While there are millions of orphaned children yearning for a piece of bread and sweet in the roads,  orphanages and children’s homes, old and destitute people are suffering agony in the old age homes and streets,  here are affluent youth WASTING SIX THOUSAND rupees for a cracker that makes the people and animals deaf with high syllable sounds in a couple of minutes. What a degradation of our values, what a demonetization of our noble thoughts, what a degeneration of our principles! Who is responsible for such a sad state of affairs? Elders and parents teachers and religious heads who have miserably failed to inculcate values in our wards.

It is the future of my India that is Bharath is at stake. Let us do our bit to arrest this nasty developments in the society.


As the days progress, a sort of fear is gripping in me as to how long I will be able to continue my daily post in ENVIUS THOUGHTS!!!!!I know it is all the will of Goddess of Time and as long as she gives me the strength of mind and body, I can continue. Let us see how SHE WILLS IT.

Thanks for all your encouragement and support in my literary endeavors.

I do hope and confident of the “XIV part of Tale of A Blogger”-700th post on eighteenth December.

Image result for Images-ENVIUS THOUGHTS wordpress blog of N V SubbaramanImage result for Images-ENVIUS THOUGHTS wordpress blog of N V Subbaraman

Image result for Images-ENVIUS THOUGHTS wordpress blog of N V Subbaraman

    N.V.Subbaraman in his study- seriously at his blog work.Photo: Srivalli.

Image result for Images-ENVIUS THOUGHTS wordpress blog of N V Subbaraman

N V Subbaraman during his visit to Goa to participate in the Authors’ Guild of India conference in 2013. In the background is the famous Church in Goa.


Image result for Images-ENVIUS THOUGHTS wordpress blog of N V Subbaraman

The Blogger attending the International Writers’ Festival in Trivandrum on 27/28th December, 2014. 


Image result for Images of ENVIUS THOUGHTS-Wordpress Blog.Image result for Images of ENVIUS THOUGHTS-Wordpress Blog.



Numbers are wonderful and mysterious! Just let us think of this world WITHOUT NUMBERS. Simply not possible! It is said GREAT ZERO is Indian contribution to the world of Mathematics.

In Tamil Universal Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar in his magnum opus THIRUKKURAL describes the significance of NUMBERS and LETTERS thus:
எண்என்ப ஏனை எழுத்து என்ப இவ்விரண்டும்
கண்என்ப வாழும் உயிர்க்கு

Number and letter-
Science and art of life are eyes
That makes life better! (392)

எண்ணும் எழுத்தும் கண்ணெனத்தகும்

Number and letters are deemed to be eyes.

Though all numbers have a lot of significance, certain numbers have a special fascination for me out of which the number 3 and its multiples have a unique place! In a lighter vein I wrote some time back that I have my face shavings on all days in multiples of 3, unless otherwise that day happens to be a sacred day when shaving or hair dressing is prohibited!!!

The relevance of a discussion on number to this days Sunday story is that this is TALE OF A BLOGGER Part !2 – 600th post since the Blog was launched on 27/2/2015- Today is 565th day and the post is 600th!
Yes it is my 600th post and in tune with the tradition of ENVIUS THOUGHTS every FIFTIETH post will be TALE OF A BLOGGER and today’s is 12th- a multiple of 3   !!! And 600 again a multiple of 3!!!.

I am working on this post on 9/9/2016.
Date 9
Month 9
Year 2016-2+0+1+6= 9
When all the three are added, it is 27- 2+7=9
9 is a multiple of great 3!

Since the launch of the Blog In March 2015, today’s is the 81st Sunday story which number is again a multiple of 3!!!

In religion
Many world religions contain triple deities or concepts of trinity, including:
• the Hindu Trimurti
• the Hindu Tridevi
• the Three Jewels of Buddhism
• the Three Pure Ones of Taoism
• the Christian Holy Trinity
• the Triple Goddess of Wicca

This symbol a triad or trinity. It is a symbol of the unity of body, mind and spirit. The symbol is of universal significance – it is found throughout history and all over the world. It was popularized early in this century by the Russian-born artist, philosopher and scientist Nicholas Roerich. ( It can be interpreted in many different senses: spirit/mind/body in a circle of synthesis; past/present/future enclosed in the ring of eternity; art/science/religion bound in a circle of culture.
The oldest of Indian symbols, Chintamani, the sign of happiness, is composed of this symbol and it can be found in the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. It appears in the Three Treasures of Tibet; on the breast of the Christ in Memling’s famous painting; on the Madonna of Strasbourg; on the shields of the Crusaders and coat of arms of the Templars. It can be seen on the blades of the famous Caucasian swords called “Gurda” and on the swords of Japanese nobility.
It appears as a symbol in several philosophical systems. It can be discovered on the images of Gessar Khan and Rigden Djapo; on the “Tamga” of Timurlane and on the coat of arms of the Popes. It can be seen in the works of ancient Spanish painters and of Titian, and on the ancient ikon of St. Nicholas in Bari and that of St. Sergius and the Holy Trinity. It appears on the coat of arms of the city of Samarkand, on Ethiopian and Coptic antiquities, on the rocks of Mongolia, on Tibetan rings, on Buddhist banners, on the breast ornaments of all the Himalayan countries, and on the pottery of the Neolithic age.
The symbol of the triad or trinity has existed over immeasurable time and throughout the world. It can be understood as a key to the integrity and interdependence of all existence.
Symbolism and Significance of Number Six (Shashta) – Hindu Perspective

Om! Gam! Ganapathaye! Namaha!
Om! Sri Raghavendraya Namaha!
Om! Namo! Bhagavathe! Vaasudevaaya!
Om! Ham! Hanumathe! Sri Rama Doothaaya Namaha!

In Hinduism number six (6) has a unique significance; pronounced as Shan; Shat; Shad; Shasta; Shashtan; Shashti etc. correlated to key concepts and terminologies of Hindu philosophy. Some of them are;


Lord Subramanya popularly known as Shanmukha orShadaanana is symbolized as having six faces. It is believed that six faces represent the five senses and the mind. He is also known as Shan-maathura; as He was brought up by six mothers known as Kruttikas who suckled Him; hence, He is also known as Kaarthikeya.

Festivals associated with Shashti are Skandha Shashti in honour of Lord Subramanya. It is also known as Subramanya Shashti that occurs on the sixth day of bright fortnight in the lunar month of Maargasira maasam.


Lord Vishnu is free from all imperfections; possessor of auspicious, best and unlimited number of attributes (Sarvalakshanalakshanyah); six of which viz. jnaana, bala, aishvarya, viirya, shakti, and tejas are known as Shadguna; six good qualities of excellence. In Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stothram; in the very first sloka we find Lord Vishnu described as Vashatkarah; the one who possesses divine and auspicious qualities like; comprehensive control over everything (sovereignty); all capabilities to do and undo anything and everything; all accomplishments (Yashass); bountiful riches and prosperity, all knowledge in full form; and total dispassionateness (non attachment);


Ari means enemy; Shad-Varga means six factions. Kaama (lust, craze, desire), Krodha (anger, hatred), Lobha (greed, miserliness, narrow minded), Moha (delusory emotional attachment), Mada or Ahankara (pride, stubborn mindedness), Maatsarya (envy, jealousy, show or vanity, and pride) are the Arishadvargas. Also known as Shadripu (six enemies); they are the internal enemies which are negative passions of mankind, responsible for all kinds of difficult experiences in our lives.

These negative characters prevent mankind from realizing the ultimate reality. When these negative passions overrule, egoism gets manifested which is the biggest enemy of humans. A man with egoism becomes self centered and ignorant of his surroundings.

Shoka (sorrow); Moha (temptation); Jara (old age); Mrityu (death); Kshudha (hunger); and Pipaasa (thirst) are known asShad-Urmi; six waves of excitement (emotional and physical feelings) of the Shad-ripu.

In Sri Vishnu Sahasranama stothram sloka # 88 we find Lord Vishnu being described as Shatrujit – Shatrutapanah; that means He is the destroyer of all evil forces who can conquer any army; who is a terror and who can create panic in the enemy camp. Such Lord Vishnu is not only a slayer of external enemies; He is also a destroyer of internal enemies’ viz. the Arishadvargas. He is an Ari (Shatru) to Arishadvargas.

Shad-anganyaasa – Kara-nyaasa

Nyaasa literally means symbol or location. In the concept of Nyasa; putting or investing parts of the body and hands with manthras is; to purify (cleansing up) the body; to attain power to perform a manthra japa. It is a preparatory stage for any manthra saadhana. We usually find and perform Nyaasa during Sandhyavandana before performing Gaayathri japa. In Karanyaasa; six different parts of the palm and fingers are touched and in Shad-anganyasa where we touch six different parts of the body. This ritual is done so that the whole body of the meditator becomes charged with divine power and it has a scientific background.


Six types of duties prescribed for a Brahmin are: learning and studying of Vedas; preaching (teaching) of Vedas; giving charity; accepting charity; performing sacrifices (homa/yagna); offering sacrifice (homa/yagna);

In Bhagavadgita 18th chapter (Moksha Sanyasa Yoga) sloka # 42 Lord Sri Krishna says that; serenity (shama), self-restraint (dama), austerity (thapas), purity (shoucham), forbearance (kshaanti); uprightness/straightforwardness (aarjavam), are the six qualities (duties) a Brahman should nurture; that portrait him as a complete Brahmana besides knowledge, wisdom and faith in the Divinity.


Siksha, Kalpa, Vyaakarana, Nirukta, Chandassu, and Jyotisha are the six types of learning known as Vedaangaas.


Six Hindu schools of philosophy are; Saamkhya, Yoga, Nyaaya, Vaiseshika, Mimaamsa and Vedaantha

Shat (Six) Sakha Karthas of Kali Yuga

As per the legends; in Kali Yuga six Kings will create new eras (Sakhas) which will be named after them. They are,

Yudhistira Sakha (Dharmaraja): His calendar started in the year 3102 BC continued for 3044 years.

Vikrama Sakha: His calendar started in 57 BC continued for 135 years

Salivahana Sakha (current period): His calendar started in 78 AD and will continue for 18000 years.

Vijayabhinandana Sakha (future coming): His calendar will start in 18078 AD and will continue for 10000 years.

Nagarjuna Sakha (future coming): His calendar will start in 28078 AD and will continue for 4, 00,000 years.

Kalki Sakha (future coming): His calendar will start at the end of Kali Yuga 4, 28,078 AD and will run for 821 years when the Kali Yuga will come to an end.

Shad-Ruthus (six seasons)

A Hindu Lunar year is divided into six seasons of two months each known as Ruthus viz. Vasantha Ruthu followed by Greeshma; Varsha; Sharad; Hemantha; and Sisira Ruthu.

Chaithra & Vaisakha – Vasantha Ruthu
Jyeshta & Aaashaada – Greeshma Ruthu
Sraavana & Bhaadrapada – Varsha Ruthu
Aaswayuja & Kartheeka – Sharad Ruthu
Maargasira & Pushya – Hemantha Ruthu
Maagha & Phaalguna – Sisira Ruthu

Shad-Ruchi (six tastes)

Sweet, sour, salt, pungent, astringent, and bitter are the six tastes or flavours known as shadruchi or Shadrasas. On the Hindu New year day (Ugaadi) there is a tradition in South India of eating a sauce made with a combination of six ingredients that gives six different tastes (Shadruchi). These ingredients are Neem flowers, raw mango, jaggery, new tamarind, dry/green chillies, and salt. In some places people use sugar cane instead of jaggery and pepper instead of chillies. It is popularly called as Ugadi Pachhadi in Telugu, Bevu-Bella in Kannada. The philosophy behind eating this sauce with six tastes is to say that life is not a bed of roses it is a mixture of sadness, happiness, anger, fear, disgust, and surprise which has to be accepted together with equanimity.

Kapila Shashti

If there is a coincidence of Bhaadrapada Maasam, Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight), Sun in the constellation of Hastha and Moon in the constellation of Rohini, Shashti thithi, Sunday and Vyatheepaatha Yoga, that day is known as Kapila Shashti. Any charity, worship, homa, sacred bath, pithru tharpana etc. performed on this day is said to be highly meritorious.

Shat-Thila karma:

Usage of Thil seeds (Sesame) in six ways during Uttaraayana Parvakaala is known as Shat-Thila Karma. It is said that, on this day one should use Thil (Sesame) seeds in six ways viz…Thila Snana, Thila Deepa, Thila Homa, Thila tharpana, Thila Dana and Thila Bhakshana.

Shanmukhi Rudraaksha:

In the Rudraaksha concept, six faced Rudraaksha is known as Shanmukhi Rudraaksha that is said to represent Lord Shanmukha (Subramanya). It is believed to bestow upon the wearer; good health, courage, learning, wisdom, knowledge and save from the worldly trauma.

Hindu astrology & Number Six

Number six has a unique place in Hindu astrology; known asShashtama bhava (sixth house); which is known as Shatru, roga and Runa bhaava in an astrological chart. It signifies mainly about enemies, diseases and debts. At the same time it is also the house of fortune (bhaagyasthaana) to the 10th house (Karma Sthaana). Virgo (Kanyaa Raasi) is the natural sixth house in the zodiac where Mercury (Budha) is the sign lord. Among the divisional charts, division number six known as Shashthaamsa(D-6); division number sixty known as Shashttyamsa (D-60); Shadvarga a combination of six divisions [Raasi (D-1), Hora (D-2), Drekkaana (D-3), Navaamsa (D-9), Dwaadasaamsa (D-12), and Thrimsamsa (D-30)] are all associated with number six. All these divisional charts are employed in making predictions.

In electional astrology number six is associated with Friday the sixth day of the week whose day lord is Venus and the sixth lunar day (thithi) is Shashti whose presiding deity is Kumara Swamy (Lord Subramanya) and sixth star is Ardra whose ruling planet is Rahu and presiding deity is Lord Shiva.

Astro-Numerology & #6

Venus is the ruling planet of number six. Those born with number six as their birth number are considered as very fortunate in their life. They get unexpected help and guidance from unknown sources. They have a magnetic personality and are able to attract others. They are joyful, amusing, warm, positive and loyal to their family. They believe in “slow and steady wins the race”. At the same time they have a tendency to brood over their past, extravagant, and are after materialistic gains and artistic pursuits.

Sixth Sense

Number six also point to our sixth sense which is otherwise known as intuition. We perceive the gross or seen world through the five physical senses (i.e. smell, taste, sight, touch and sound), our mind (our feelings), and our intellect (decision making capacity). When it comes to the unseen world or the subtle world, we perceive it through the five subtle senses, the subtle mind and the subtle intellect – more popularly known as our sixth sense. When the sixth sense is developed or activated, it helps us to experience the subtle world or subtle dimension. This experience of the subtle world is also known as a ‘spiritual experience’.

A thing is called manifest when we can perceive it through one or the other sense organs. That which is beyond all sense organs is called un-manifest. Yoga is a technique whereby the mind and intellect could be consciously brought to a steadiness and poise. For more information on Sixth Sense please click on the following link…

In the concept of Ugaadi (Hindu New Year); we have a 60 year cycle starting from Prabhava and ending with Akshaya. In monthly ceremonies performed to the deceased; the sixth one is known as Shanmaasikam. In Hindu sampradaya especially in South India, there is a tradition of performing a vedic ritual known as Shashti-Poorthi or Shashti-abdhapoorthi; on a married person attaining the age of 60 and having wife alive. It is some sort of a re-marriage, a social and religious function.Shatpadi means a poem having six lines. Six techniques of yogain Yoga Shaastra are Praanaayaama; Japa; Pratyaahaara; Dhyaana; Dhaarana; and Samaadhi.

Six sided figure Hexagon is known as Shadkona. It is said that Vajraayudha; the weapon of Lord Indra has six angles. Number six (6) is the second triangular number and first perfect number which is equal to the sum of all its divisors (1+2+3=6). In the concept of time element, a day of 24 hours is divided into 60 Ghatis comprising of 24 minutes each; with each minute havingsixty seconds and each hour having sixty minutes.
Significance of 9

According to Indian mythology, there are 4 Yugas Satya yuga – consists of 172,800 years (1+7+2+8 = 18 == (1+8 = 9)TretaYug consists of 1296000 years (1+2+9+6 = 18 = (1+8 = 9)DwaparYug consists of 864000 years (8+4+6) = 18 = (1+8 = 9) Kaliyug consists of 432000 years (4+3+2) = 9
• “Nava grahas” – Nine planets in Hindu mythology.
• Navratri – lasts nine days.
• There are 9 Purans, 108 MahaPuran (Upnishads).Mahabharat has 18 chapters (batter lasted for 18 days), Geeta has 18 chapters, Bhagavat has 108000 Shloks (verses)

I believe I should stop with this on the significance of the numbers 3,6,9 etc.

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Today is 11th September-memorial day of the National Poet MAHAKAVI SUBRAMANIYA BHARATHIYAR fro Tamilnadu whom I consider as one of my EVER-LIVING GUIDES along with the author of the magnum opus THIRUVALLUVAR born more than 2300 years ago and our FATHER OF THE NATION MAHATMA GANDHI- who hold my hands once I leave home and get back to my home safe, sound and secured.
Paying rich tributes to Bharathiyar, his ardent admirer BHARATHI DASAN would say:
பாரதியார் உலக கவி!-அகத்தில் அன்பும்
பரந்துயர்ந்த அறிவினிலே ஒளியும் வாய்ந்தோர்!
ஓரூருக் கொரு நட்டுக் குரிய தான
ஓட்டைச் சாண்நினைப் புடையர் அல்லர், மற்றும்
வீரர் அவர்!- மக்களிலே மேல் கீழ் என்று
விள்ளுவதைக் கிள்ளி விட வேண்டும் என்போர்!
சீருயர்ந்த கவிஞரிடம் எதிர்பார்க்கின்ற
செம்மை நலம் எல்லாமும் அவர் பாற் கண்டோம்!

Image result for Image of Bharathiyar

 Great National poet Subrahmaniya Bharathiyar. who attained immortality on 11/9/21                                                                       

In English:
Bharathiyar is universal poet! – love in heart,
Blessed with illumining universal knowledge a part,
Never confined to a small circle of place
Narrow and hollow mindedness never he had a trace.
Courageous person he was!- discrimination in humans
Never to be allowed was his thought- a super human
All great qualities of head and heart we expect in a poet
Repository of all is he quiet!


Here is one important development which I consider to be one of the most significant experiences in my literary career.
There is a quality literary e journal by name INDIAN PERIODICAL edited by an eminent person by name Sidharth Sehgal. It has run for more than a couple of years. Besides publishing an interview with me on 31st July 2016, they have been publishing my articles titled “HERE IS VALLUVAR’S VOICE” where every week one chapter (ஒரு அதிகாரம்) of ThirukkuraL –WEALTH- அறத்துப்பால்-. So far Chapters 39 to 46 have been published (weekly updating) and all of them are available in their Archives from the beginning. It is a matter of satisfaction that this feature has been viewed from all over the globe and more than 750 views have taken place and quite a few comments have come out. I am just quoting below: You can click the following link and read as and when time permits:
1) Person of the Week at Indian Periodical

Glad to share with you all my dear viewers that this interview has been viewed by more than 1300 readers since it was posted on 31/7/16 and occupies the second slot in the most viewed articles in the Indian Periodical established in April 2004.It has got 46 comments beneath the article itself. You may also please register your response. Thanks for your support.
(2) Link for my article on THIRUKKURAL “HERE IS VOICE OF VALLUVAR” and please register your comment below the post itself.

List of Contents

The comments that were received on THIRUKKURAL and PERSON OF THE WEEK are reproduced below:
1. O K R Sivagnanam
on August 28, 2016 at 3:22 pm
Commandments of Thiruvalluvar on “Keeping Away from Mean Friends” and its English translation by Shri N V Subbaraman are for us to follow and ensure great rewards like:
A well-meaning Behavior,
A pristine Knowledge,
Good Opinions,
True Wisdom,
Nobility in Thought and Deed,
A noble Self and Progeny,
Greatness of Name and Fame,
Joy even in Next Birth, and
How Good or Bad We are!
What else do we need to have in our life?

on August 28, 2016 at 3:56 pm
It is the good company like your good self that we had elevated us officially and mentally(பெரியாரைத்துணைக்கோடலின் செயல் விளைவுத்திறன் ). Translation and content creation are wonderful.

1. K R Ramani
on July 31, 2016 at 8:12 pm
` The wise people have everything on earth even though they have nothing in fact; fools have practically nothing even if they have all ` . Man is keen to acquire so many possessions in life but it is WISDOM that man should strive most to acquire and possess. Study of Tirukural helps man to acquire WISDOM. Subbaraman helps the non Tamilians to study Tirukural through his translation. It is a laudable service.

2. N V Subbaraman
on August 2, 2016 at 12:27 am
Here is a message by way of feedback on HERE IS VOICE OF VALLUVAR received from Dr. Veda Viswanathan from the University of Maryland, USA.
Mr. Subbaraman:
It is indeed a great pleasure to know of your existence and the noble work that you have been doing in spreading the value of Thirukkural. I have enjoyed reading both the links that you have sent and will be sending your Kural translation to my children as and when I get them so that they do not lose out.
Needless to say that I am very impressed by the literary flavor and pray to the Almighty that you enjoy a long and cherished life in your endeavors.
With kind regards,
Veda Viswanathan, MD, FRCP(Lon), FACP, FACG, AGAF
Chief of Gastroenterology
University of Maryland Upper Cheasapeake Health Systems
Director, Harford Endoscopy Center
Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology
University of Maryland School of Medicine

on July 24, 2016 at 5:09 am
It is highly gratifying that Mr NVS is spreading the great pearls of Thiruvalluvar among the Non- Tamil people too by his translation. May his service continue forever.

2. H.K. Chaudhary.
on July 25, 2016 at 11:57 am
Excellent translation for one who does not understand Tamil! The importance of good listening comes through the couplets clearly. After reading the comments the translation becomes more understandable. It is a great introduction to the renowned poet. Looking forward to more such translations from sh. Subbaraman.

3. R.Arumugam
on July 25, 2016 at 12:21 pm
திரு சுப்பராமன் அவர்களின் திருக்குறள் மொழிபெயர்ப்பு அருமை, எளிமை. உங்களின் தமிழ்த்தொண்டிற்கு தலைவணங்கி வாழ்த்துகிறேன். இரா.ஆறுமுகம், மதுரை.

4. Elizabeth Kurian “Mona”
on July 25, 2016 at 12:57 pm
The inspiring words of Thiruvallavur- so simple yet so profound and universal are reaching readers across the world thanks to the translations and blogs of Mr.NVS. All best wishes in this noble labor of love.

5. R.Arumugam
on July 25, 2016 at 2:29 pm
I wholeheartedly appreciate Thiru N.V.Subbaraman Sir, for his noble service to Tamil by his translation of Thirukkural. It is brief, simple and meaningful. May his service continue! R.Arumugam, Madurai

6. Bala
on July 26, 2016 at 8:43 am
A direct, simple and lucid work on a subject not handled frequently. Bala

7. N V Subbaraman
on July 27, 2016 at 10:16 am
Thanks for the responses of HK choudhary, Elezabeth Mona,R. Arumugam, Bala.
In Indian Periodical you will find 4 parts so far. Thirukkural parts 39, 40, 41and 42 அதிகாரங்கள். -பொருட்பால். With the support of Sri Sidharth Sehgal, Editor of Indian Periodical, and the God’s grace I hope to complete all the 108 parts (39 to 108) week by week. 38 parts of VIRTUE you can read in my ENVIUS THOUGHTS in
Thanks again for your inspiring responses.

8. O K R Sivagnanam
on August 5, 2016 at 6:16 pm
Importance of listening to the wise and the noble well brought out by Shri.NVS as found in Thirukkural!
It’s a great virtue by itself, and makes one humble and modest.
Even illiterates stand to gain through the words of wisdom sprinkled by the wise.
One becomes learned and glorious, and falters not among the foolish.
Listening is so important that food for thought takes precedence to food for the stomach.
Our ears and hearing faculty lose their value if we are not true listeners.
As listening is capable of being a rescuer to face problems and challenges, listening is an attribute well followed in our own interest.
The translation by Shri.NVS caters well to the needs of those not well versed in Tamil.
May his literary service benefit the humanity!

1. Ramnath
on July 17, 2016 at 4:22 am
Insightful. Very relevant for these days. Beautifully translated.

on July 17, 2016 at 11:28 am
ஐயா, மொழி பெயர்த்தல் என்பது மூலத்தை எழுதுதலின் கடினமானது. மூலத்தின் மொழியாகும், நடை என்ற வட்டத்தில் அடங்கிவிடாது, மூல ஆசானாக தன்னை வடிவெடுத்து, அவரது எண்ண அலைகளோடு இணைந்து(sync) அவர் சொல்ல வந்த கருத்து இம்மியும் பிறழாமல் செய்ய வேண்டிய வித்தை. இந்த விந்தையின் ஊடே, மொழி பெயர்ப்பு செய்யப்படும் மொழி இலக்கணம், சொல்லாதிக்கம், எதுகை, மோனை என அனைத்து நுணுக்க வேலைப்பாடுகளும் இம்மியும் பிறழாத precision உடன் செய்ய வேண்டிய கலை. எடுத்துக்காட்டாக காண்டேகர் புதினங்களை கா.ஶ்ரீ.ஶ்ரீ. மொழி பெயர்ப்புகளில் இவ்வித்தையைக் காணலாம். இந்த விந்தையை உங்களிடம் காண்கிறோம். வாழ்க வளமுடன்.

on July 17, 2016 at 11:30 am
மன்னிக்க. மூலத்தின் மொழியழகும் எனப் படிக்கவும்.

on July 17, 2016 at 12:53 pm
Hearty congrats Mr NV Subbaraman on your treatise on Valluvam- beautifully translated.

5. Swaminathan
on July 18, 2016 at 10:13 am
அன்று: வள்ளுவன் தன்னை உலகினுக்கே தந்து வான்புகழ் கொண்டது தமிழ்நாடு
இன்று: அதே வள்ளுவனை உலகினுக்குக் காட்டி வான்புகழ் கொள்கிறார் திரு. சுப்பராமன் அவர்கள்.
அவர் வாழ்க. அவரது பணி வெல்க.

6. K.V.S.Prasad
on July 20, 2016 at 1:54 am
The differences and limitations and strengths of the unlearned and the learned are well brought by Sri NVSubbaraman in his translation of Tamil poet Thiruvalluar’s Thirukkural titled as Valluar’s voice. Hearty congratulations to Sri Subbaraman

1. Dr M G Bhaskar
on August 22, 2016 at 2:21 am
The Quintessence of Valluvar’s sense !

2. K.V.V.S.Prasad
on August 22, 2016 at 3:03 am
Pearls of wisdom worldly and precious not countered by passage of time, indeed more shining as time passes! Great morning Sir and congrats Sir

3. K.K. middha
on August 22, 2016 at 5:15 am
Take your own time to find a good friend but take centuries to give up a Noble friend.

4. P.G.Vijairengam
on August 22, 2016 at 9:11 am
A very nice & wonderful translation and very aptly
described the importance of having good friends and elders around us. No exaggeration. It is 100% true, in today’s life it is much more essential to have elders view and good and learned friendship.
Thank you ji.

5. O K R Sivagnanam
on August 22, 2016 at 3:52 pm
The English rendition by Shri.NVS of Valluvar’s words of wisdom on usefulness of a noble friendship is clear and crisp.
Great you become;
Strength you embrace ; and
Future sufferings you know beforehand –
all these are a definite possibility, once you choose a friend wiser and nobler than yourself!
To be competent, and successful, with no foes around to trouble him, a ruler invariably needs the blessings of a true and wise friend who is never hesitant on pointing fingers at him whenever a mistake is committed!
The contention that our action of showing the door to one single true friend is more harmful than having any number of enemies with us is suffice to learn the positive impact of good friendship!
” A friend in need is a friend indeed “and only such a companion can make our life joyous and peaceful!!!

6. Elizabeth Kurian “Mona”
on August 23, 2016 at 4:46 am
Inspiring thoughts on friendship expressed by the great Valluvar conveyed beautifully by NVS. A fitting tribute indeed!

7. G.Krishna Prasad
on August 23, 2016 at 6:51 am
Though I can speak, read and and to some extent write Tamil, my mother tongue, the likes of me away from TN have no schooling in Tamil , so deprived of in depth knowledge of this World’s greatest work on Ethics by Thiruvalluvar, and this void is filled to a great extent by Shri NVS. Velukkudi Krishnan Swami whose discourses I follow quotes profusely from Thirukkural-I also enjoy James Vasanthan’s Quiz show on Vijay TV “Oru Varthai, Orulaksham” where proficiency in Thirukkural plays a prominent part.

8. Thupakula ramamurthi
on August 24, 2016 at 4:06 pm
True to the spirit of meaning and content in Thirukkural, I am fortunate to have your translation of the great poet’s verses in lucid analogy of true friendship. This amply suits modern psychology.
Number views and comments thereon give me a sense of joy and satisfaction. After all that in fact sustains an ordinary creator/writer like me.
This much is for the TALE OF A BLOGGER PART XII.In this series we shall meet again at TALE OF A BLOGGER PART XIII probably  on October 30th God willing.
Thank you.

Image result for Images of ENVIUS THOUGHTS-Wordpress Blog.


Three of the important websites maintained by Shri AKR

In the making of God’s wonderful creation of the world
Birth and death of the living beings not unnatural-told
Experience incontrovertible . Alas!Death turns cruel
Adding to the grief and miseries of all providing fuel!

Deaths aplenty there are – unsung, unwept and unhonoured each day
Deaths in hundreds bring extreme grief uncontrollable on one’s way
“The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ,
Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit
Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line,
Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.”

Though well known unable to control tears and grief on his death
A shock rude to come out of may take all the years till next birth;
Friend and philosopher, scholar he was qualified Engineer
Young Poet,, Brahmin Today-web administrator!

In the process of reconstructing YOUNG POET he had his mind
Quite innovative to attract young poets all over the world
Was the page he did first and the rest to follow when? God to answer.

Literary world availed his yeoman service for years
Left orphaned we are in the world-in God’s lap he sleeps sans fears.
Literary figure-multi faceted personality
God to help AKR’s family and friends for eternity!

The great A K Rajagopalan Mechanical Engineer, a good singer,scholar in English and Tamil with remarkable memory,  Web administrator of many sites-unique YOUNG POET, MAZHALAIGAL.COM, BRAHMIN TODAY- passed away in Coimbatore on 18/8/16 at the  age of just 63-leaving behind sorrowing wife, an Engineer son, a graduate daughter and a host of orphaned friends and well wishers (Seen on the right)




Great God created man, indeed-the roof and crown of creation
Given him the brain power to do good,to his satisfaction
Blessed him with the power of speech, sight and action and creation
All to benefit the society-to love all with perfection!

Think, Write, speak through all the media-print and electronic sure
One such is blogging and blogging through WORD PRESS-a gateway quite pure
Number of views from all over the world and feedback provide joy
To the Blogger and makes him express his grateful thanks and enjoy!

On the joyful five hundred and twelfth day of ‘ENVIUS THOUGHTS’ the Blog
Five hundred and fiftieth post on twenty fourth July joy agog
Crossed FIFTY THOUSAND, thanks to the grace of Almighty and viewers
To whom my immense THANKS and gratitude expressed with great cheers!