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Fourth estate of the Nation Journalists and their journalism
Great role to play for the peace and knowledge, and popular-ism
For the society to know the happenings in the world -unbiassed
Informed and responsible society is formed by the journalists!

Commercialism not to be their goal but providing sure
Knowledge and wisdom among the readers -bounden duty pure!
Print media and online, of late- daily, weekly and monthly
Hour by hour too is the duty of the journalists through radio/T V !

Sport journalists a category by themselves-have onerous work
WORLD SPORTS JOURNALIST DAY was yester day-July second
Sports and sports persons- made or marred by journalists positive
Or negative! Rural or urban to prosper reporting be positive!

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The world changes-attitude changes-all things change
Changes are a must- nature’s way sure no damage!

Happy recollections of the past from teenage
When I played cricket in a dried up tank in a -big village
With a stone as stump and a wooden plank as bat
To the day I see the boys playing on a mat
Spirit remains all the same with the great test cap
Countries unheard of on the top of the world map!

Anxiety, disappointment, joy, thrill on lap
Of young or old, executives or all his staff
Boy or girl all glued to a television screen.

Alas! Through century old game of luck
Could we achieve unity of mankind and pluck
Gentle flower of universal brotherhood
No-spectators, others often running a muck!

Gone are the days of grand and joy full whites and red
Dignified attires of Pataudi and his clan
Brilliant strength to stand rigors of five day test
Gone! Fans keeping fingers crossed on the day of rest!

One dayers, day-night, green and blue day’s order
Today a day to remember- great June seventh
In nineteen seventy five-the first world cup cricket
Inaugurated-West Indies won-Australia Runners up!

Images from the first world cup cricket 1975 க்கான பட முடிவு




Oh! Cricket, you are God to many sports enthusiasts
Cricket fans all over the world behave uniformly
No doubt it is a game of intelligence, requiring
Physical stamina enormous for active playing!

Cricket second Most Popular Sport behind soccer.
Started hundreds of years ago during the sixteenth
Century. produced Some Greatest Cricketers
Game taking different forms and shapes to suit the viewers!

In the fastfood days, Five day test match giving place to one
Day matches yielding place to twenty-twenty very quick one!
First One day Cricket started on this day Seventy one
Between Australia and England-Australia won!

Shane Warne, Brian Lara, Muthiah Muralitharan,
Jacque Kallis, Imran Khan, Vivian Richard, Gary Sobers,
Sachin Tendulkar, Sir Don Bradman, Rahul Dravid,
Adam Gilchrist, Kumar Sangakara,Rickey Ponting
Great cricketers of the world! To be appreciated not adorned!

One of the flourishing business Cricket-the society says
True just as Education has become rightly said-it pays!
Yet cricket is cricket great entertainment -people waste
Their time precious- homes to schools, schools to offices!



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