September 10-World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD)

Ksuicide prevention flyer

Shall we re- designate the day as COWARDS DAY! No mental or
Intellectual strength to face the problems in life leading to the thought
Of ending life through suicide!What a pity or atrociousness?
On this day let us infuse strength in those who lack and resort to death!

Close to Eight lack people die by suicide every year. a pity
For each suicide, there are more than twenty  suicide attempts.
Suicides and suicide attempts have a ripple effect that impacts
On families, friends, colleagues, communities and societies.
Suicides are preventable. Much can be done to prevent suicide
At individual, community and national levels.Let us all try and decide!

To overcome suicidal tendency, one must develop will power
Improve mental,moral and ethical strength to through prayer
Regular right from childhood. Parents, academic institutions and
Social service organizations have an impressive role to play!

10th September is 'World Suicide Prevention Day' - Newsum





ITHACA 647 Men, Maria Nivea Zagarella, Sicily


The resigned sea gives back
the dead,
excessive straw,
upon this earth.

Crazy and lost
the desperate adults
the innocent little ones
can do nothing,
their little hands
frozen by the cold night
that brings them death.

Murderous men
against their own flesh,
murderous against the earth
that breast fed them since birth.

The sea no longer has
enough straw baskets
to collect drop after drop,
woes and laments
of these drowning bodies

Maria Nivea Zagarella (Sicily)

“The Poetry of Maria Nivea Zagarella”, Bilingual Sicilian-English, Mineola, NY: Legas, 2017.

“The Poetry of Maria Nivea Zagarella”, Bilingual Sicilian-English, Mineola, NY: Legas, 2017.



Dr. N V Subbaraman, Chennai,9840477552


விலகிய கடல் இறந்தவற்றைத்
திரும்பத்தருகிறITHACA 647 Men, Maria Nivea Zagarella, Sicilyது
பயனற்ற எஞ்சியுள்ள கோரைப்புற்களை
மனமாறாட்டமுடைய, இழந்துவிட்ட
நம்பிக்கை இழந்த வயதானவ்ர்கள்
விவரம் தெரியாத  சிறுவர்கள்
ஒன்றும் செய்ய முடியாது
சில்லென்ற  குளிர் இரவினால் இறுகிய
அவர்களுடைய சிறு கைகள்
அவர்களுக்கு மரணத்தை கொண்டுவருகிறது!

கொலைகார மனிதர்கள்
அவரது உடலை எதிர்த்து
நிலத்தை எதிர்த்து கொலைசெய்கின்றனர்
பிறந்த நாளினின்று  மார்பகப் பால் கொடுத்தது
கடலினிடம் தேவையான கோரைப்புல் கூடைகள்
துளித்துளியாகச் சேகரிக்க
மூழ்கும் உடல்களின்
வேதனைகளையும்  அழுகைகளையும்

தீர்ந்து விட்டன!

கவிதை இயக்கம்

Maria Nivea Zagarella (Sicily)

“The Poetry of Maria Nivea Zagarella”, Bilingual Sicilian-English, Mineola, NY: Legas, 2017.



for those who, wherever, have to die lonely
Chilly the room
the white walls
audible only
the echo of loneliness.
Not a tender word anymore
no warm embrace
just the time,
a leaking tap,

None knocking at the door
nobody you expect,
no one, except death.


Since many months no rain
they suffer
but still they are green
because without hope
neither they can live
─ the trees.


Translation with the author by Stanley Barkan



Dr. N V Subbaraman

தனியான  விடைகொடுத்தல்

எங்கிருந்தாலும் தனியாக இறப்பவர்களுக்கு
அறையில் குளிர்
வெள்ளைச் சுவர்கள்
தனிமையின் எதிரொலியைக்
கேட்க மட்டுமே முடியும்
மீண்டும் கனிவான சொற்கள் இல்லை
வெது வெதுப்பான தழுவல் இல்லை
நேரம் மாத்திரம்,
கசியும் குழாய்
டிக் என ஒலிக்கிறது
யாரும் வீட்டுக் கதவைத் தட்டவில்லை
யாரையும் நீங்கள் எதிர்பார்க்க வில்லை
யாரும் இல்லை சாவைத்தவிற!



பல மாதங்களாக மழை இல்லை
அவைகள் வருந்துகின்றன
இருப்பினும்  அவை பச்சையாக உள்ளன
ஏனெனில் நம்பிக்கை இன்றி
வாழவும் முடியாது.
─ மரங்கள்..


ஆங்கில ஆக்கம் இயக்கியவருடன் , ஸ்டான்லி பார்கன்.


August 6th- HIROSHIMA DAY.

Hiroshima Day 2020 — Pace e Bene Nonviolence Service

Several days in the history of the world remain green in all
And one such is today the SIXTH AUGUST! On this day in Nineteen Forty
Five most atrocious  the U.S. atomic bomb attack on the people of
Hiroshima  and the second attack on the city of Nagasaki on August ninth
Killed and wounded hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting men, women,
And children in a horrible blast of fire and radiation, and deadly fallout.

In years that followed, those who survived—the hibakusha—suffered from
Trauma of the experience and from the long-term effects of their exposure
To radiation from the weapons.  United States need not have dropped bombs
To avoid  invasion of Japan and bring an end to World War Two..
President Harry Truman  chose to authorize the use of the atomic bombs in Part to further the U.S. government’s postwar geostrategic aims.!

Hiroshima Day 2020 - Important Date, History of Hiroshima Day ...


ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses   2,58,000 views.

I am glad to share with you that with the 78th  view at 12.15 hrs  today viz Thursday,  the 6th August  2020, (06/08/2020) , total views of the BLOG  crossed  the NICE figure   TWO LAC AND FIFTY EIGHT THOUSAND
(2, 58, 000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 2019th day and 2084th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.


George Orwell Quote: “We shall meet in the place where there is no ...



We shall meet after the end of world, you told me

உலகத்தின் இறுதிக்குப் பிறகு நாம் சந்திப்போம், நீங்கள் என்னிடம் கூறினீர்கள்
When we’ll be just you and me, sunrise and sunset.

அப்பொழுது நாம் சாதாரண நீங்களும் நானுமாக இருப்போம்
கதிரவன் உதயம்  மறைதல் போல.
We shall meet after the end of the world, precisely

உலகின் இறுதிக்குப் பிறகு நாம் சந்திப்போம், சரியாக
When we’ll be just we two, abyss clamoring abysses.

ஆழமான  பள்ளம், ஆழமான பள்ளங்கள் என ஆரவாரம் செய்யும்
We shall meet when all things will pass through fire

எல்லாமும்  நெருப்பின் ஊடே கடந்தபின் நாம் சந்திப்போம்
And we’ll be ashes or we’ll be no more

நாம் கருகிச் சாம்பலாகி, இருக்கவே மாட்டோம்
We shall meet again when everything makes sense

நாம் மீண்டும் சந்திப்போம், எல்லாமே புரியும்
Without understanding why I was what I was.

நான் எதற்கு, நான் என்ன என்பதை அறிந்து கொள்ளாமலேயே!



முனைவர் என் வி சுப்பராமன், சென்னை, 9840477552

உலகத்தின் இறுதிக்குப் பிறகு நாம் சந்திப்போம், நீங்கள் என்னிடம் கூறினீர்கள்
அப்பொழுது நாம் சாதாரண நீங்களும் நானுமாக இருப்போம்
கதிரவன் உதயம்  மறைதல் போல.
உலகின் இறுதிக்குப் பிறகு நாம் சந்திப்போம், சரியாக
அப்பொழுது நாம் இருவரும்  இருவராக இருப்போம்
ஆழமான  பள்ளம், ஆழமான பள்ளங்கள் என ஆரவாரம் செய்யும்
எல்லாமும்  நெருப்பின் ஊடே கடந்தபின் நாம் சந்திப்போம்
நாம் கருகிச் சாம்பலாகி, இருக்கவே மாட்டோம்
நாம் மீண்டும் சந்திப்போம், எல்லாமே புரியும்
நான் எதற்கு, நான் என்ன என்பதை அறிந்து கொள்ளாமலேயே!



Rajiv Gandhi Memorial Day May 21st

File image of former Indian prime minister Rajiv Gandhi. (image: Getty Images)

Tamilnadu one of the very cultured and disciplined States of
India that is Bharath-our home land got blurred in an indelible
Manner by assassinating Rajiv Gandhi on this soil- unfortunate.
Twenty first May tomorrow his twenty eighth memorial day.

Born on August Twentieth nineteen forty four, born in Bombay,
To Feroz Gandhi and Indira Gandhi. the seventh Prime Minister
Of India, serving for six years.  he was named after his
Maternal Grandmother Kamala Nehru, wife of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.
She refers to Goddess Lakshmi and Rajiv means Lotus.

He remained apolitical till his brother Sanjay Gandhi’s death
In nineteen eighty. At forty Rajiv Gandhi became the youngest
Prime Minister of India. sworn-in on October thirty first eighty four
Same day his mother got assassinated by her own bodyguards.

Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated on this day  Twenty nine years ago
In  public meeting campaigning in Tamil Nadu’s Sriperumbudur
For a Lok Sabha Congress candidate.
Posthumously awarded India’s highest civilian award,
Bharat Rathna In nineteen ninety one.

Assassination of Rajiv Gandhi - Wikipedia

Sriperumpudur-where Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated

March 24, World Tuberculosis Day

Image result for world tuberculosis day 2020 theme

Unique in the creation of Omnipotent, Omnipresent,
Omniscient-the All knowing, All powerful, All present God
Of all living beings to be in peace and prosperity, joy and health
But alas! along HE has created the means of death- good and bad!

Deceases innumerable including today’s CORONA
All over the world- intelligent man unable to contain!
Tuberculosis, Cancer and what not to make one suffer and die!
Twenty Fourth March today is World Tuberculosis Day!

World Tuberculosis Day, designed to build public awareness
About the global epidemic of tuberculosis  and efforts
To eliminate the disease. In Two Thousand Twelve,Eight
Million people fell ill and more than a million died.

Habits play a crucial role in creation and elimination
Smoking is injurious to health! That injury is possible
Tuberculosis! Naturally to be given up by all!
Let us all Live healthily and happily with healthy habits!

.Image result for world tuberculosis day 2020



Image result for national pollution control day"

Pollution indeed is Omnipresent and Omnipotent all over the world
In forms identical, causing havoc unbearable every where-be told
To all making them to beware of its ill effects and take measures to end
December second today is National Pollution Control Day -ways to mend!

Noise pollution, smoke pollution, petrol and diesel-leading to air pollution
Affecting walkers on road, travelling by any mode on ground -sans solution.
This day is very peculiar- National Pollution Control Day in India
To give the honor and memorialize thousands of human beings who lost
Their existence due to the Bhopal gas calamity. tragedy happened in
The night of second December in nineteen eighty four- unintentional
Discharge of poisonous chemical Methyl Isocyanate and other chemicals
Released from the Union Carbide Chemical Plant in Bopal unfortunate.

Image result for national pollution control day"



Image result for Images of Sujit Wilson in the open well"

Open Wells Cry Out- Oh! My dear people blame us not for your failure
Faithfully we have been serving since we were born supplying water
Unfortunate Sujit Wilson had to rest in peace in our lap
As you were not careful to hold the child by his hands as he left home.

Parents to ensure some elderly person goes with the child out.
Poor young child knows not what is safe and what is unsafe while straying out
When two tragedies have struck, the world blames us as if we are the culprits
Unwary children can get hurt by a raging fire, and a straying animal!

The lesson to be learnt is the elders to be careful in handling
Their beloved children beforehand and not blaming others later
Keep us open or closed, one can fall and die-destiny plays its role.
Yet, in us lies intelligence and wisdom to be careful and cautious.

Image result for Images of Haryana child in the open well"

Hisar-Haryana child in the well accident

November 7: National Cancer Awareness Day.

Image result for national cancer awareness day 2019"

In the noble creation of the Omniscient Lord Almighty
All should live in health and happiness, peace and plenty.
Yet diseases and illnesses are aplenty affecting all
Living beings with no exemption!cancer is one of the worst tall!

How and why, when and where- cancer- defies even the top oncologists!
November Seventh today is National Cancer Awareness Day!
Today is observed all over as National Cancer Awareness Day.
To go into combative mode against this disease,!

There are Three million cases of cancer in the country
With more than a million new cases arising every year.
Two-thirds of cancer cases  diagnosed at  advanced stage,
Reducing chances of survival. Unfortunate my wife a victim!

Image result for national cancer awareness day 2019"