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“Dishes sans salt deserves to be thrown into the dustbin”
”உப்பில்லாப் பண்டம் குப்பையிலே” goes the Tamil saying!
Saltless or salt less eatable satisfy not the taste buds
If salt is more than what is needed also deserves discard!

Twenty ninth of August today is MORE HERBS, LESS SALT DAY!
Put away the saltshaker and season your meals with herbs instead.
More Herbs, Less Salt Day.  Substituting herbs for salt can increase
The flavor and health benefits in our meals.Use turmeric, fresh ginger
And fresh garlic for added flavor and anti-inflammatory benefits.
Fans of savory flavors can add onions and garlic for a bit of kick.
Season your tomatoes,  and green beans oregano.
Plus, fresh herbs can make your meal look and smell more appealing.

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ENVIUS THOUGHTS crosses 2,09,000 views.
I am glad to share with you that with the 20th view at 04.00 hrs today viz Thursday  the Twenty Ninth August 2019, (29/08/2019) total views of the BLOG crossed    TWO LAKHS AND NINE THOUSAND (2,09,000) from more than 219 countries around the world on the 1667th day and 1705th post, thanks to your support and encouragement. Kindly continue.





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Wonderful day it is for the likes of me prohibited to EAT WHAT I WANT
Reasons several- may be health mainly- but keeping quiet sans eating I can’t!
Today May Eleventh a nice day “EAT WHAT YOU WANT DAY” very gratifying
Let me think more and enjoy the day-collecting what all I want-satisfying!

National Day celebrated with enthusiasm in the United States
Having breakfast for dinner-freedom to choose, have fluffy stack
Of pancakes with a side of bacon before bedtime stomach will be happy
Break the routine no tiffin box to be carried-lunch at a hotel-costly!

Enjoying the company and the break from the usual idli, dosa, curd bath
Getting kids involved- on this day let the kids decide what will be the menu
Creating opportunity for them to help out with the meal to likes of all
No counting calories and restricting from consuming foods-sans sense of guilt.

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January 4th.National Spaghetti Day

Man living to eat and eating to live-what is right and what not
Know not I! Yet eating has its joyful effect in me is great
Certain things for quite a long time and some very, very recent
So long as the eatables are tasty and healthy -quite decent!

It may look a funny day but has a meaning-fourth January
National Spaghetty Day- celebrates the dish served commonly
With sauce, meat balls and Parmesan cheese. People all over the world
Celebrate by feeding their families their favorite version of it bold.

Let us grab a fork and enjoy a steaming plateful on this day.
Spaghetti all the way back to the century, as the noodles do.
Pasta was invented in Asia thousands of years ago and
made it to Italy during the Arabian conquest of Sicily
Pasta, means “paste” popular commodity among the poor
It became a dish popular enough for the middle class dear.

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December 1st-WORLD AIDS DAY


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“Health is wealth” golden words of the olden days valid for ever
If wealth is lost nothing is lost; if health is lost something is lost
Equally great words of wisdom society to constantly note
Alas! Society seems not taking it seriously and rots!

Young or old men or women, rich or poor’ educated or not
All fall sick and suffer at one time or other-unfortunate!
Many are our own making- not taking very seriously
And pay very heavy price for our carelessness unwisely.

December first-World Aids Day-cause of concern all over world
Thirtieth anniversary of World AIDS Day is this day. Since then
AIDS response has made significant progress and today millions
Live with aids lead healthy and productive lives. and
One challenge remaining is knowledge of its status.
Many not aware that they have AIDS-“Know the STATUS”

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November 1st WORLD VEGAN DAY

Family cooking a vegetarian meal.

The world knows well the PLEA FOR VEGETARIANISM
Advocated by Mahatma Gandhi as an expression
Of compassion and love for animals-yet another
Creation of the Lord almighty!- The Omnipotent!

Compassion Towards Animals-noble mission
Of veganism- refrain from using anything made
From animals- meat, eggs, milk, and honey avoid products
That use animal labor! What a great mission vegans have!

November first World Vegan Day is today-no animal
Racing or fighting be allowed! Non-violence, compassion
Towards all of nature’s creatures- heart of their philosophy.
All such activities are exploitative and cruel
Vegans, feel it is an issue of ethics and health.
Plant-Based Diet-advocated and practiced-
Their diet high in fiber and low in cholesterol reduce risk of
Heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.!

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In the great creation of Lord Almighty -my beloved God,
Roof and crown of creation being man with his healthy body
Each part having its own duties and responsibilities
For peace and harmony within the man’s healthy life and living!

Blood flow through the body- to every inch important factor.
World Hypertension Day is today seventeenth May-
To raise our awareness about the hypertension, preventive
Measures and complications! Noble and great intention and a theme!

The theme for the year: “Know Your Numbers with a goal of increasing
High blood pressure awareness in all populations around the world”.
Equally important to decrease the high blood pressure and keep
In admissible range-through yoga and diet not with tablets!

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National Garlic Day 19th April

National Garlic Day photo

In God’s wonderful creation, great are vegetables
Of different types all serving a purpose admirable
Grown by the people, growing on its own seasonal pure
All have tastes and possess medicinal values quite sure!

Today is NATIONAL GARLIC DAY-nineteenth April nice!
NATURE’S WONDER DRUG-has medicinal properties- a spice
For treatment and prevention of cancer, extends our life
Lowers cholesterol levels, reverses high blood pressure-wise!

Capable of resisting common cold and fatigue.
As vegetable rich in protein, vitamins A, B one and C
Contains calcium, magnesium and iron, amino acids
Pity many dislike its flavor and desist taking!\

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